June 19th 2:16pm

Some Saturday Cakes

Amazin’ Amie has been shooting for a Show magazine spin-off called ShowCase which we’re hearing is dedicated to all things snow bunny thick. Pop the hood for more behind the scene shots

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June 19th 11:45am

Janelle Monae Is So InStyle

Janelle Monae is creeping her way to the top and getting some shine she certainly deserves. After signing with Bad Boy, no one thought she would really find her own lane but apparently something is going right over there… ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! Pop the Top for Janelle’s Pic in InStyle

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June 19th 11:38am

Cry Me A River: T-Pain Says Everyone Should Stop Making Albums Unless You’re Susan Boyle!!!

T-Pain has mix and mastered his latest album “Revolver” but has decided not to release it. In a recent interview with MTV News, T-Pain states that everyone should stop making music because no one is selling albums… Sounds Like T-Pain Is Trying to Start a Boycott!!!

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June 19th 11:37am

Madame Noire: 8 Rules For Being Friends With Benefits

You were friends. Then you decided to ‘get busy’. Then you both decide to remain friends and continue to get busy. No one is obligated to sleep over. No one has to call the next day to check in. Both of you can even date other people. On the surface it makes sense to enjoy…

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June 19th 11:36am

The Dream Does Damage Control… Plus New Photos Of Christina And Violet

The Dream is doin’ his best to maintain that his marriage isn’t in any trouble. Pop the hood for his take on the “Caught Creepin’” pictures, why he doesn’t really help Christina with the baby and why Ciara only has one more shot to get it right. We’ve also got new photos of C.Mili and…

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June 19th 10:53am

Either Eminem Is Extremely Desperate To Sell Albums Or Hanging With Elton John Has Made Him SEN-SI-TIVE!!!

Eminem’s latest album “Relapse” didn’t do as well as his other ones so, now he’s getting it in anyway he can for “Recovery”. A lot of people feel as if they can’t really connect with Eminem anymore because he’s such a hard a$$… Until Now!!! Pop the Top for a Peek

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June 19th 10:50am

SMH: Mom Lets Kids Make It Rain On Her As She Dances To “5 Star Chick”

When parenting goes wrong!!! Everyone wants to point the blame when the kids wild out and go astray but it starts at home. Continue

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June 19th 10:19am

Lala Likes Rubbing Her Boobies On Ci-Error’s Pancake Flat Chest

LaVerne and Chirley Lala and Ciara hit Miami hard last night to celebrate Lala’s soon to be wedded-ness. Ciara hosted a bachelorette dinner for her close friend at Prime 112 and the ladies continued their festivities at Lux Nightclub. Pop the hood for a bunch more shots and feel free to caption them cuz some…

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June 18th 10:24pm

Kanye West Lets You In On His Thoughts

Kanye West decided to come out of the dungeon and share his beat making process with the world. Posted up on the side of him of course was Yeezy’s Bald Headed Beast… Amber Rose. This new beat sounds a bit crazy but knowing Kanye with all his randomness… He’ll Turn It Into a Banger!!!

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June 18th 9:57pm

Brandy Gets So Hot She Can’t Get Wet… YRB Magazine

Brandy has completely reinvented her image since “Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business” ended Season 1. In the latest issue of YRB magazine, Brandy displays how to be almost naked and still look hot for the summer. Pop the Top for a Peek

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June 18th 2:01pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: 80-Yr Old Ladies Start Scrapping After One Of Them Cheated In Bingo! [Video]

SMH! When one of the Grannies in the video called “Bingo” before the other and then tried to count her loot on the steps of the church… her counterpart started beating that a*s! Click Here To Watch More Videos On BossipVideo.com

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June 18th 1:47pm

Parliament-Funkadelic Guitarist Garry Shider Dies At 56

Garry Shider, a guitarist for the pioneering group Parliament-Funkadelic, has died at the age of 56.

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June 18th 1:32pm

Twitter Files: Shaq Has Some Words For Kobe Bryant

Shaquille O’Neal aka Shaq Fu had a little bit to say to Kobe Bryant after the Lakers won the championship last night…Continue…

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June 18th 1:16pm

Book Claims FBI Used Death Row Records To Stop Black Activism

A controversial book is continuing to making headlines fort its message, one that claims that the FBI used one of the most notorious Hip-Hop labels in history as a means of suppression for Black activism. Continue…

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June 18th 11:57am

Suspect Captured In Murder Of West Virginia Woman Found In Burned Home With Toddler

Antonio Prophet, the Virginia man accused of murdering his girlfriend and her son in Bunker Hill, W.Va., then setting her house on fire earlier this month, was caught Thursday night outside a Charlotte, N.C., homeless shelter. Details on the flipside

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