June 21st 1:45pm

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Black Women Act A Complete Fool On Bridezilla And Start Scrapping “Shut Up B*tches!”: CLICK HERE The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 8 Goes At Tyler Perry’s Madea Movies, Jesus Rants, And Gayness: CLICK HERE “The Colour Of Beauty” Documentary About “Only Whites-No Blacks” Policy In Modeling World!: CLICK HERE Miley Cyrus Is Skanky Singing Again…:…

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June 21st 1:21pm

Government Plans To Spy on Internet Users

Facebook tells them who you know, Google Maps tells them where you are and now new laws will help them find out exactly what you’re doing. Check out how the government plans to violate your privacy this week.

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June 21st 11:44am

Lady GaGa Covers Rolling Stone But Is Still Trying To Prove A Point… Saltine Crackers Minus The Vienna Sausage!!!

Lady GaGa seems to have a complex and it’s somewhat our fault. Ever since we questioned whether or not Lady GaGa is a chick with a d*ck, she always seem to pose with her cakes or va-jay-jay exposed… Like Photoshop doesn’t exsist!!! Pop the Top for a Peek at Lady GaGa’s Rolling Stone Cover

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June 21st 11:43am

Barack Obama Makes A Fatherhood Initiative

Barack Obama is announcing his new fatherhood initiative today. Pop the hood for details Continue

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June 21st 11:42am

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Dirty Money, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj Drop “Hello Good Morning” Remix [Video] (GO) Conrad Murray — Friday Will Be An Ordinary Day (GO) Rihanna Pu**y Fat of the Day (GO) Jay-Z Settles Lawsuit With David Ortiz Over 40/40 Club Name (GO) Style & Beauty: Relaxed Hair vs. Natural Hair – The Great Debate (GO)…

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June 21st 11:30am

Out Of Pocket White Kids May Not Graduate After Hanging Bananas During Racist Prank

Two high school seniors may not graduate after a racist prank in Auburn, Washington, where they reportedly hung bananas over a meeting spot where Black students congregated and called the area “The Jungle.” SMH. Details when you Continue

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June 21st 11:03am

Taye Diggs Talks About Swirling It Up With Wife Idina Menzel And Defends Slim Thug

Taye Diggs has caught a lot of flack over his white wife, actress Idina Menzel, but the actor wants people to know he actually understands where the critics are coming from. Pop the hood for his words and his take on Slim Thug’s recent comments

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June 21st 11:00am

This Jeremy London Character Sounds Like He Is On One

We know that story about the washed up kid actor Jeremy London last week was bizarre, but more info is coming out and it is some straight random ridiculousness:

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June 21st 9:46am

Kim Kardashian Has A Twitter Fit About A Baby Sucking On Its Mother’s Tiday At The Dinner Table

Kim Kardashian is going to have to deal with all the “I want to breast feed in public” mothers after tweeting her little comments about a woman servicing her baby in a restaurant. There are certain things people should just shut up about… Pop the Top for Kim Kardashian Cleaning Up her Tweets Continue…

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June 21st 9:46am

Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Get Their Marriage “Blessed” In South Africa

Alicia Keys and fiancé Swizz Beatz have fallen in love with South Africa.

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June 21st 9:32am

Mel B’s Daughter Spends Father Day With Stepdaddy And Not Donkey

Melanie Brown, her husband Stephen Belafonte, and little Angel Iris Murphy Brown spent some family time together at the Grove in LA for Father’s Day. Pop the hatch for more images…

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June 21st 9:16am

Another Day, Another Kanye West Sighting

Here is Kanye West in LA after Suge Knight tried to sue him for some old ish that happened back in 2005. Yeezy is looking really “happy” here. SMH. Check out more of “happy” Ye’ when you….

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June 21st 9:14am

Some Morning Man Love

Morgan Freeman doesn’t mind sharing his affection with Matthew McConaughey apparently. The two were spotted in Milan hugged up, coupled up, kissing, touching and looking like they love the pleasure of each other’s company. Pop the hood for more shots.

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June 21st 9:14am

Ciara And Her Full Length Raccoon Hit The Stage With Ludacris For HOT 107.9′s Birthday Bash… OH PETA!!!

Ciara performed her latest single “RIDE” with Ludacris at HOT 107.9′s Birthday Bash 15. While rockin’ a pair coochie cutter shorts, thigh-high boots and a bathing suit, Ci-ERROR decided to throw on her full length raccoon in 90 degree weather. There is no way in hell PETA is going to let this slide… Flip the…

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June 21st 8:46am

Caption This

Miley “I’m not intentionally being a skank” Cyrus performed at the MuchMusic awards in Toronto this weekend. More images on the flip and make sure you Caption This!

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