April 21st 4:38pm

Some Afternoon Cakes On Blizzast!!!

Did ya really think we’d let a whole day slip by without a good helping of cakes??? The nice folks at Two In The Shirt (aka TITS) sent us over this lovely screengrab from her Estevan Oriol photoshoot. Pop the hood for an unobstructed view.

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April 21st 4:25pm

Brooklyn Sends Knock-Offs To Haiti

The Brooklyn DA found good use for truckloads of designer knock-offs that were supposed to be destroyed: $10 million worth of counterfeit designer clothes and shoes will be sent to Haiti. Pop the hood.

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April 21st 4:11pm

WTF??? Out Of Pocket University Of Missouri “Cotton” Kids Charged With Littering Instead Of Felony Hate Crime!!!

SMH. The two out of pocket white students arrested in connection with the littering of cotton balls outside the University of Missouri’s black culture center in February have been charged with littering misdemeanors instead of a felony hate crime. More details on this miscarriage of justice on the flipside.

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April 21st 3:48pm

New Music: Trina, Nicki Minaj And Lady Saw FREAK Out Over Some D*ck On”Dang A Lang”

Surprise Surprise. Trina and Nicki Minaj got together and discovered they had something in common to rap about– DANG A LANGS! And the ladies also called in reggae’s favorite freak-a-leak Lady Saw. Pop the hood for a listen! Continue

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April 21st 3:13pm

While Weezy’s Away Shanell Will Play…

Shanell was spotted at Atlanta’s BMI Music Showcase getting real comfy cozy with Bobby V.  We can’t blame her for wanting to dip off while her meat piece is MIA but we can blame her for the choice in back up. More pics on the flip.

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April 21st 2:39pm

New Video: Does C.Breezy Have A Future In Rap??? Teams Up With Tyga For “Holla At Me”

Just when it was starting to look like a WRAP for Chris Brown’s career, Breezy flipped the script and decided to rap. This might just be that catchy song to get him back in the game. Pop the hood for a brand new Breezy, lookin’ like a West Coast OG in his new video with…

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April 21st 2:35pm

Kim Kardashian And Her New Knifed Up Face Make Bruce Jenner Look Normal

Kim Kardashian was spotted at the Optus store in Australia. Her face has been bearing a frightening resemblance to Lil Kim lately. We hope she steps away from the knife for a little bit. More pics on the flippy.

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April 21st 2:10pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Arizona House Votes To Have Obama Show Birth Certificate In 2012 Election (GO) Game Reveals Details on “The Red Room” Mixtape, Not Worried About Drake As Competition (GO) Jersey Shore Trash Get Her Nails Done in an Interesting Outfit of the Day (GO) New 100 Dollar Bill: High Tech & Hard to Copy (GO) Jennifer…

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April 21st 1:46pm

Gabby Break A Union Cleans Up Well To Bring A Lil Positivity To The Community

Gabrielle Union was spotted on the rooftop of Washington DC’s Newseum for the Bounty “Make A Clean Difference” event. She’s been playing it real safe lately. More pics and details on the good cause under the hood.

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April 21st 12:33pm

BOSSIP Exclusive: Granddaughter Of Ray Charles Speaks Out About Steven Seagal’s Sexual Harassment!!!

BOSSIP has learned that one of Steven Seagal’s sexual harassment victims was Ray Charles’ granddaughter –Blair Robinson. Pop the hood for details.

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April 21st 11:50am

Victim Speaks About Pitbull Attack… After Having Her Face Sewn Back On!

This is something else. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live through having your face ripped off by a pitbull, this victim of a vicious attack describes it. Pop the hood to watch Continue

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April 21st 11:39am

Here We Go Again! Nightline Special Asks Why Successful Black Women Can’t Find A Good Man…

If you’re a successful single black woman and you haven’t TIRED of the media beatin’ you over the head over why you haven’t got married yet, hopefully tonight’s ABC “Nightline: Face Off” special on “Why Successful Black Women Can’t Find A Man” won’t push you over the edge. Pop the hood for details.

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April 21st 11:06am

It’s Been 6 Months And Lauren London Still Refers To Her Son As “HE”…

In a recent interview, actress and Lil Wayne Baby Mama #3, Lauren London spoke on being a mom, her relationship with Weezy and tweeting about her personal life. Apparently little Miss “Nu-Nu” had somewhat of an attitude but ever since she had “HE”… It has toned down a lot.

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April 21st 11:03am

There May Be An Anti-Racism Gene

Now here’s something you don’t hear every day: Recent research suggests that people with the rare genetic condition Williams Syndrome do not fear other races. NPR’s Michel Martin talked to one of the study’s authors, Dr. Andreas Meyer-Lundenber. Pop the hood for details.

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April 21st 10:41am

Got Valtrex? RihRih Goes Too Hard… Ends Up In The Emergency Room!

RihRih kicked off the European leg of her “Last Girl On Earth” tour this past weekend, but Monday’s show was followed by an unexpected trip to the emergency room. Pop the hood for details.

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