April 2nd 11:06am

Which One Would You Hit??? Nasir Jones Vs. Kerry Rhodes

Nas made an appearance at the Digiwaxx Music Meeting Listening Session and NFL player Kerry Rhodes hosted the 2nd Annual A.E.R. Walk With Style Fashion Gala both in NYC last night looking like two handsome little morsels. Ladies, out of these two kind fine fellows, Which One Would You Hit??? Pop the hatchy-poo to vote…

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April 2nd 10:52am

Why Won’t They Let Caster Semenya Be Great??? Runner STILL Getting Grief Over Gender

South African runner Caster Semenya is still facing troubles from her gender testing scandal. While the International Association of Athletics Federation sent the 19-year-old for gender testing, the organization has cleared her to run until they receive final test results this June. But even the IAAF decision isn’t good enough for some folks… Continue

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April 2nd 10:42am

*Bossip Exclusive*: Guess Which Ol’ Skool R&B Reject Is Cheating On His Girlfriend With A Chicken From Flavor Of Love???

One of our BOSSIP sources was hanging out at Wet Willies last night in Atlanta and guess who they saw slobbing each other down??? Here’s a hint: The guy is from a popular R&B group that stood out in the late 90s and the chick is from Flavor of Love Season 1… Flip the Lid…

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April 2nd 10:27am

Some Morning Skanky

Attention Slore Aubrey Ho’Day was out whoring herself and her self-proclaimed “Whooty” once again in Hollyweird. Is it just us, or does little Aubrey look like she isn’t turning down any meals these days?? Pop it for more….

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April 2nd 10:11am

The Divorce Drama Continues… Dwyane Wade’s Estranged Wife Responds!!!

Dwyane Wade’s estranged wife didn’t take too kindly to him calling her unstable. Wade’s soon to be ex, Siohvaughn has responded to the Miami Heat star’s petition for sole custody of the couple’s two children, saying the filings are retaliation to her asking for an order of protection last month. Pop the hood for details.

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April 2nd 9:41am

Another Day, Another Halle Berry Sighting….Where’s Little Precious Nahla?

Halle Berry was seen doing normal 40-year-old banger activities like scratching her a*s, picking her boogies, and other stuff. Obviously, we’re “joking” but there’s nothing much to say here, but “Where’s Nahla?” More Halle Berrrry, Halle Berry when you..

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April 2nd 8:58am

Random Ridiculousness: New Jersey Man Dives In Drive-Thru Window And Fights For Filet-O-Fish!!!

Police are on the hunt for a New Jersey man they say climbed through the window of a McDonald’s drive-thru and assaulted an employee over a Filet-O-Fish sandwich. Pop the hood for details and video! Continue

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April 2nd 8:51am

Daddy’s Little Girl! Does Zoe Kravitz Have What It Takes To Be A Rock Star?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Zoe Kravitz… The only child of Lenny and Lisa rocked Austin’s South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival with her band Elevator Fight. If you’ve never seen them before, pop the hood and tell us if you Hate It Or Love It?!?!

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April 2nd 8:48am

J-Hud Gets Slimmy Trimmy With Weight Watchers

Dayuuummm. We know we posted Jennifer Hudson and her skinny self yesterday, but here are some better full body shots. Wow. She needs to keep the weight riiggghhtt here…if anymore comes off she might not look right. Hopefully won’t go overboard and get that Hollyweird bobblehead steez. More of Skinny Jenny on the flip…

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April 1st 11:40pm

*We Got What You Need* Janet Jackson’s “Nothing” From ‘Why Did I Get Married Too?!’ [Video]

Janet Jackson just dropped the video for her song “Nothing” from the new movie Why Did I Get Married Too and we’re a little disturbed to see what looks like a domestic situation. Is Malik really putting hands on Damita Jo? Click Here To Watch

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April 1st 8:43pm

Post Break-Up Twitter Beef: Eva And Lance Still Tweeting…SMH

Eva decided to talk about her new life as a “single lady” via Twitter. Lance wasn’t too thrilled. Peep the tweets Continue…

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April 1st 5:33pm

Twitter Files: Newark Has A Landmark Murder Free Month

For the first time in 44 years, Newark, NJ has gone without a single murder for over a month. Mayor Cory Booker tweeted the great news last night. Keep reading for his jubilant tweets… Continue

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April 1st 4:55pm

Some Afternoon Tataliciousness

It’s not always about the cakes for us! KING Magazine’s new blogger Lizz Robbins comes in a package that’s pretty damn delicious looking no matter what part you’re looking at. See more from the lovely Lizz, who hails from D.C., on the flipside.

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April 1st 4:25pm

Ole Remember Me??? A*ss Rapper Chopper Disses The Sh*t Out Of Diddy “90% Of His Music Is WACK”!

Former Bad Boy Artist Chopper has been running his mouth about his old boss, Diddy. Pop the hood to read his exact words.

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April 1st 4:20pm

Police Raid Projects Where 7-Year-Old Was Gang Raped

The site of the sickening gang rape of a 7-year-old-girl who was pimped out by her teenage stepsister was raided by the police in Trenton, NJ. The sweep of Rowan Towers was already in the works before the little girl was attacked, but cops hope that the 27 people in custody on outstanding warrants (not…

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