August 16th 9:11am

For the Stans: Beyonce and Her Matted Weave Have a Lunch Date…

Beyonce had a lunch date this weekend with her husband Jay-Z. No comment on the hair, but pop it for a more intimate gander of Bey’s wig piece and to read how she feels about her relationship…

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August 16th 8:41am

Spotted: The Obamas in Arizona

Barack and his daughters enjoyed a weekend in Arizona visiting Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park. Between watching an eruption in Yellowstone and strolling up a path with park rangers

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August 16th 8:37am

Mo’Nique Says Sex Better Now That She’s 40lbs Lighter… Uh-Oh the Big Girls Done Lost One

Mo’Nique, the Big Girls’ ambassador, has gone skinny. She lost 40lbs and wants to lose more, weighing now at 220lbs. She says it wasn’t for looks, it was for her health but she also added that sex is better and she can move better. For Mo’Nique… Skinny + Sex=Life is Great!!! “The sex is better!…

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August 16th 8:32am

You Can’t Turn a Model into a Housewife…

Tyra Banks went grocery shopping at a local NYC market in Brooklyn Heights and didn’t buy one thing that requires her to f*ck up her manicure.

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August 16th 8:00am

Out and About… Kimora and Amistad do Broadway with the Kiddies

Kimora and the fam hit up Broadway to see Shrek the Musical.  Everyone was in attendance except baby Kenzo, which goes to show you they may actually have a bit of normalcy in their household.  In any event pop the hood to see more of Kimora’s post pregnancy body which isn’t too shabby.

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August 16th 7:50am

D-List Love Gone Wrong…

What D-List couple is on the verge of splitting worse than Beyonce’s hair ends?

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August 16th 7:42am

Knifed Up: Is This Broad Really Serious????

Traci Bingham exudes so much “low class-ness” that it doesn’t make any sense. From her knifed up t*tties and face, to the ripped fishnets…shows that she is certainly not the type of girl you would take home to meet your mom. The funniest part about it is that she thinks she’s fly as hell…Poor thang.…

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August 16th 7:30am

*Update*: Who is She Trying to Fool with that Plastic… Coco Says Her Donk is 100% Authentic

Yesterday we told ya’ll that Coco claims that her body is 100% natural except for her breastasses… Now of course we didn’t believe this chick but after some searching… Look what popped up… Pop it for the Inflated Coco

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August 16th 7:19am

Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Paula Abdul & Martha Stewart… What Do They All Have in Common?

Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Paula Abdul, Martha Stewart, Keri Hilson and more… What do all these ladies have in common? Pop it for a Peek…

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August 16th 7:14am

Sunday Swirl: That Billionaire Dude Loves Him Some Naomi!

Naomi Campbell and Russian Billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin were spotted on vacation in St. Tropez kicking it with royalty. Man, Naomi really came up…she found herself a man with some seriously long paper AND who can put up with that unique little attitude of hers. We ain’t mad at her at all… More images when…

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August 16th 6:54am

Ho Sit Down: LaToya Wants to Be an American Idol Judge

Is it us or has LaToya taken an extra sip of reach ever since MJ has been gone.  Word on the street is this chick wants be an American Idol judge.

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August 15th 11:15am

*Exclusive*: Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi Burruss Gets Personal with Bossip

Kandi Burruss from the RHOA chopped it up with Bossip about her new album coming out. Pop it for the Interview…

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August 15th 8:52am

Christina Milian’s F*ckin For Tracks Days Are Numbered

Apparently, the fu*kin for tracks turned love relationship between C. Milli and “The Dream” is about to be official. The two have applied for a marriage license…

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August 15th 8:44am

White Cop Walks In Killing Of Black Officer

Racial tensions in the nation are at heights that have not been seen in decades. Be it North or South, hatred knows no barriers, with the point being brought home recently by none other than those tasked with protecting the masses. Officers of the law have long been at odds with members of minority communities,…

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August 15th 8:43am

More Whitney Leakage From New Album

We have five newly released snippets of Whitney Houston songs from her upcoming album. They sound good, we can’t lie, especially “I Got You.” Pop it and listen to:  Call You Tonight, Worth It,  I Got You, Salute, and Nothing But Love

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