July 31st 10:09am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Man Gets Caught Screwin A Horse…Again!

“ Rodell Vereen is known in South Carolina for chopping down horse backs. He was just popped “with his finger in the pudding”… for the second time!!!: A South Carolina man was charged with..

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July 31st 10:00am

Guess the Cakes…

Can you guess whose cakes these are?  Flip the hood if your eyes are playing tricks on you and you can’t figure it out……

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July 31st 9:45am

Eminem Rides on Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey In New Diss Track: “That Goes for Nick too…F*ckin F*ggot”

Damn, y’all.  Eminem rides on Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. He is saying in the song that he chopped Mariah “way” down and he ain’t scared of Nick Cannon. Hell, the song is 3:20 and has features from Mariah’s voice mail calls. Pop it and see him talk all kind of bad about Mariah & Nick…

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July 31st 9:43am

L.A. Reid’s Son, Aaron Reid from MTV’s Super Sweet 16, Gets a Reality Show… WHY???

For a nation that is still feeling the effects of the Recession, since they said its over, the networks keep putting money out for new reality TV shows. Aaron Reid the Pilsbury Dough Boy, L.A. Reid’s son, has a show in the works. What happen to college? This kid was enrolled in Morehouse. SMH…

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July 31st 9:42am

Toya’s New Man Says He’s No Chris Brown

Lil Wayne’s ex wife Toya has finally moved on from her virus of a baby daddy, and landed a spot next to James Hardy of the Buffalo Bills who is an alleged woman beater.

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July 31st 9:28am

Jeezy Explains Beef With DJ Drama

Jeezy finally breaks down the beef between him and DJ Drama. You all know that CTE(Jeezy’s click) be beating the dog mess out of Drama every time they see him. Well, here is the reason for the beatings: Tension came to a boil at the screening of the late Biggie Smalls film “Nototorious” in Atlanta…

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July 31st 9:20am

Damn, That Was Fast! Kelis Seen Out with New Seed Already…

Kelis is pictured here out in Soho, because now she deserves the privilege to shop like she is balling out of control. Miss Bossy was cheesing, taking pictures, and more or less acting like she came up, or it could just be that motherly glow. Is it too early to be out with Knight Jones…

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July 31st 9:15am

LeToya Luckett’s New Music… Is It Hot or Not???

LeToya Luckett is giving it another go with her second album Lady Love that goes on sale in August and her new video debuted on 106th and Park. Her last album sold 165,000 the first week. Does She have the Power to Sustain??? Pop it for a Peek

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July 31st 9:10am

Monica Announces New TV Show and Clothing Line

Monica just finished the taping of her new reality show and also announced the start of her new clothing line. Who does not have a show these days? Please tell us people, anyone? Pop it for more shots

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July 31st 9:08am

Michael Jackson Made a Song About His Addiction to Morphine and Demerol in 1997

Michael Jackson was crying out for help back in 1997 when he released Blood on the Dance Floor. He never put out a video for the song Morphine but the lyrics to the song… Relax, This won’t hurt you, Before I put it in, Close your eyes and count to ten, Don’t cry, I won’t…

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July 31st 8:42am

Pure Comedy and Must Watch: Lady Does Face Plant After Having Attitude

The lady to the left is woofing like she did not want to report on this winery. Be sure to watch the whole thing to see her fall and bust her face…SMH at her groans and moans. Pure comedy.

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July 31st 8:18am

Star Jones Kicks It on a Yacht in Saint Tropez, and She’s Looking Damn Good…Good for Star Jones

Here is Star Jones all happy and barefoot partying on some yacht in Saint Tropez with Denise Rich and some other celebrities. We must give Star her props…even though she’s not the flyest lady around and has been knifed up a ga-zillion times she seems to be comfortable in her own skin now. Peep under…

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July 31st 8:17am

Some Morning Chocolate: Tyrese Gibson

Your boy Tyrese aka Black Ty was seen at the Vancouver airport looking like a chocolate milk dud. Damn, we know there’s no chest or ab shots or even a naked sculptured body like that Terrell Owens pic from a couple of weeks ago, but use you imagination ladies. We know Tyrese is working with…

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July 31st 8:17am

Fact or Fiction…Did Kanye Break up Kim and Reggie?

A suspect source says it was more than distance and time constraints that broke up the once happy pair.

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July 31st 8:05am

Certified Links

Big Pun Is Back (GO) Chicago Police Department Issues Deadly Force Policy (GO) Two Charged In Journalists’ Killing Plead Not Guilty (GO) Rhymefest Fights For Wal-Mart To Open In Chicago Neighborhood (GO) Jeezy Explains Drama Beef (GO) The Return of Slum Village (GO)

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