August 19th 11:56am

Gone Too Far? 5 Offensive Black Jokes From David Hasselhoff’s Roast

Comedy Central is known for roasting Hollyweird’s D-list celebrities with irreverent and obscene jokes. And although David Hasselhoff’s roast was no different, slamming everything from homosexuals to the assassination of Kennedy, this year the Black jokes were particularly biting. Here are some of the most notable: Comedian Greg Geraldo: “Yουr liver іѕ ѕο shriveled, black…

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August 19th 11:23am

Random Ridiculousness: President Obama Is NOT Muslim, But Nearly 1 In 5 Americans Think He Is

This is pure ridiculousness… A recent study shows that the number of people who ERRONEOUSLY believe President Barack Obama practices Islam is getting higher. Kinda makes no sense, considering Obama has been outspoken about his Christian faith!

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August 19th 11:16am

Pure Comedy: Chelsea Handler To Host This Year’s MTV Video Music Awards

Good Riddance Russell Brand…funny broad Chelsea Handler taking over the VMAs this year: MTV’s censors better get ready: Chelsea Handler will host this year’s Video Music Awards!

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August 19th 10:55am

For The Stans: BeyBey May Get Sued Over Leggings, Covers Self Magazine

On why she does charity work: “I’ve always felt that you should give because it’s what you can do to help. You don’t do it to get praised. For a long time, being quiet about what I did was a conscious decision. When you look around at all that’s wrong in the world, the need…

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August 19th 10:51am

L-Boogie Is That You???

Yup! Lauryn Hill is slowly crawling out of the big ole rock she’s been hiding under, and was seen this weekend at the Macy’s Back To School event in NYC. We are looking forward to Lauryn dropping some new music soon…

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August 19th 10:26am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Gets Caught Mid-Rape & Finishes At Police Headquarters

Jesus? Please take the wheel and run over Cortez Moorman. Moorman tried to rape a 43-year-old woman who put up a fight and managed to escape his oversexed talons. Luckily, she was able to get away and report his attempt to police who detained him and took him to police headquarters. Once there, Moorman waited…

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August 19th 10:11am

Did Nicki Minaj “Revive” The Female Voice In Rap?

Famed global news network The Associated Press is expressing their praise for Young Money’s Harajuku Barbie Nicki Minaj.

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August 19th 9:56am

NY Jets CB Antonio Cromartie Has Trouble Remembering All 8 Of His Children’s Names, Has 3 Three Year-Olds And 3 Two-Year-Olds

Remember back in March when the NY Jets “gave” CB Antonio Cromartie $500,000 to pay off child support debts to all his random azz babies mamas???

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August 19th 9:55am

Kimmy Cakes Is Attention Whoring AGAIN! Gives Twitter A Sneak Peek Of Her Latest Calendar

Kim Kardashian is putting her bangin’ body on blast again… but this time she’s not on a beach or by the pool, she just switched up her Twitter background for one day to help advertise her latest calendar.

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August 19th 9:13am

Quote Of The Day: Mashonda Wants All Of Swizzy’s Kiddies “To Grow Together In Unity”—-Even The European One

Swizzy can’t deny his random baby girl in London any longer, because Mashonda is “inadvertently” putting that a$s on blast: Swizz Beatz’s ex-wife Mashonda is willing to put her past differences with his pregnant new spouse Alicia Keys firmly in the past so all of the producer’s children can grow up “in unity”.

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August 19th 8:57am

Guess The Bubbalicious Backs

Guess whose bubbalicious backs were featured in XXL?

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August 19th 7:42am

A Lil’ Morning Positivity: Nick Cannon Does ‘Good In the Hood’

In between hanging out with Mariah and hosting America’s Got Talent, your favorite do-boy Nick Cannon is feeding the homeless and encouraging kids to ‘Do Good In The Hood.’

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August 19th 6:32am

Jennifer Hudson Hits Up “Michigan Avenue”

Jennifer Hudson is making her rounds and this stop was the cover for Michigan Avenue magazine based out of… Chicago!!! Jennifer can’t stop talking about her new body and actually she admits to not feeling any different until she sees a picture of herself…

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August 19th 5:57am

Bow Wow On Ciara: “I Appreciate The Support And Wish Her The Best Of Luck But… I’m GOOD On Her!!!”

Just as much of a shock it was to you that Ciara showed up to the “Lottery Ticket” premiere in Atlanta, it was a shock to Bow Wow too. Teen Hollywood caught up with him to get his thoughts on his ex-boo coming through and showing support:

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August 19th 12:09am

Becky Searches For Husband With A Wack Song And Reality Show!

So what do you do when your 35-years-old with no prospects for marriage? Oh, simple you bust a Lisa as in Lisa Linehan and plan your wedding anyway.

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