March 31st 1:00pm

Four Dead, Five Wounded In One Of D.C.’s Worst Shootings

Four people are dead and five people are wounded after Washington D.C. police say a man with an AK-47 spilled bullets into a crowd during a drive-by shooting. Continue

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March 31st 1:00pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Crazy Teenager Sells Her 7 Year-Old Stepsister For Sex At A Party

SMH. This is sick: Police in New Jersey’s capital city say a 15-year-old sold her 7-year-old sister to have sex with as many as seven men and boys at a weekend party near their home.

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March 31st 11:50am

LL Cool J Says Sarah Palin’s New TV Show On FOX Is Full Of Sh*t, He Never Signed Up To Appear On It

Dayyumm, we knew FOX could be out of pocket but never like this. Sarah “I Got a Shotgun Up My A**” Palin has a new TV show that is about to air called Real American Stories and the commercial implies that LL Cool J is one of the celebrities that signed up to tell their…

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March 31st 11:26am

Santonio Holmes’ Accuser Still Sounds Like A Thirsty Ho To Us….Meanwhile, Santonio Goes In On Twitter…

Couch hog and Santonio Holmes accuser Anshonae Mills puts all her business on blast via the internet, writing: “Im not usually a b*tch, but i can be” and “I love money.” Pop the hood for more deep thoughts.

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March 31st 11:25am

Certified Links

Faith Evans Facing $360,000 Tax Debt (GO) Court Rules In Favor Of Police Who Tasered Pregnant Woman (GO) Jim Jones and Fabolous Beef on Twitter? (GO) Katy Perry in a Bikini (GO) Brand Obama: The Making of a Celebrity President (GO) Britney Spears and Her New Hot Look of the Day (GO)

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March 31st 11:23am

Dear Bossip: I Love My Wife But Is Our Marriage Over?

What’s up Bossip! I have a dilemma. It might be rare for you to offer advice to a man on his relationship but I am between a rock and a hard place. I am 24 years of age and my wife is 23, we have been married for almost a year and have one child…

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March 31st 11:20am

SMH: Suge Knight Involved In A Car Accident and Loses Teeth?

Suge Knight may have to make an appointment to see Lil’ Wayne’s dentist. According to his lawyer, Suge had to miss his court date because he was in a severe car accident, which caused him to lose all his teeth… WTH?!?!

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March 31st 11:19am

Coupled Up: Shaunie O’Neal And Her New Boo All Snuggly-Wuggly In Maui

Dayum. Shaunie O’Neal doesn’t waste any time when it comes to companionship. Even though she used to get it in with the personal trainer and stuff while still with Shaq back in the day, we haven’t seen her officially boo-ed up with anyone at all. She was spotted in Hawaii with some new man meat…

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March 31st 11:02am

Fill In The Blank

We can’t help but chuckle when we look at this image, but here is Jayson Williams‘ jail bird booking photo where he’s cheesing something tough. Fill In The Blank: Jayson is grinning extra hard because _____________________. More info on his jail stay on the flip…

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March 31st 11:00am

Sean Garrett’s Attempt To Sabotage Nicki Minaj’s Debut Is Working…

In an exclusive interview with VIBE, Sean Garrett explains how he conned Nicki Minaj into getting on his track. If you read what he’s saying carefully, it’s obvious Nicki wasn’t feeling “Massive Attack“. She should have went with her gut feeling and ran far far away… For over a month, Sean Garrett has served as…

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March 31st 10:30am

Random Ridiculousness: Boy Popped For Pooping In Stranger’s Whip

This is pure comedy: A teenager has been charged for allegedly defecating in a man’s car – thinking it was his girlfriend’s.

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March 31st 9:49am

Meagan Good Rocks Her Favorite Fit To Kick It In Hollyweird

Is it just us, or does this girl have this fit on every time we see her??? From the boot,s to the jean shorts, to the little leather jacket…oh wait this time the tights are ripped and they weren’t before. SMH. More pics when you flip the script…

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March 31st 9:40am

April 15th Is Around The Corner: 10 Tax Tips For Last Minute Filers

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, then you might want to get on the ball. We did a little research and found 10 Tax Tips for Last Minute Filers. In case you didn’t know, the 1st Time Home Buyers $8,000 Tax Credit was extended to April 30th. Pop the Top for Details

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March 31st 9:31am

Remember Us???

Man. Father Time has not been nice to these fellas. Jazz, Sisqo, Tao, and Nokio better known as Dru Hill had a listening party for their new album “InDRUpendence Day” in NYC last night looking a little ‘tired’. Poor thangs. Pop the top to peep more pics…

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March 31st 9:26am

Some Morning Handsome

His sexuality may be questionable, but Trey Songz’s looks are undeniable. On the upcoming April/May cover of VIBE the magazine declares Trey as “The Hardest In R&B,” but in the new issue of Complex Songz explores his sensitive musical side. Flip the Lid for More Flicks…

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