November 10th 11:33am

Attention Whores: Aubrey Ho’ Day’s Lips are on Swole for her Maxim Shoot

Aubrey O’ Day is showing her goodies again for another photo shoot. It looks like she had some extra botox injected in them lips because they are pumped up. We can say the difference between this shoot and others… More Coverage!!! Pop it for a Peek

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November 10th 11:30am

SMH: Columbia Professor Socks Up White Lady Over A Race Discussion

This Columbia professor, Lionel “Mack” McIntyre,  socked up a fellow Columbia employee, who just so happens to be a white woman, for not doing enough about white privilege: A prominent Columbia architecture professor punched a female university employee in the face at a Harlem bar during a heated argument about race relations, cops said yesterday.…

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November 10th 11:27am

The Cast of The Game Re-Unites on the MoNique Show

All you Game stans will be happy to know that the cast will be reuniting and appearing on the MoNique show this week.  Pop the top for more info and new pics of Wendy Raquel Robinson.

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November 10th 11:20am

Who Looked More Bangin??? Women of the Year Edition

Serena Williams and Iman attended the 2009 Women of the Year Glamour Mag event last night in NYC looking lovely as ever. Others showed up looking a little ‘iffy’ and ‘not-so-bangerific’ (see Zoe K and Kerry Washington below, SMH) Nonetheless, Who Looked More Bangin???? Pop it for more…

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November 10th 11:17am

Out-of-a-Job: “Dimple-Face” Larry Johnson is No Longer a Kansas City Chief…Headed to the Washington Redskins???

Larry Johnson was released by the Chiefs, might get picked up by the Redskins:

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November 10th 11:15am

What in the Hell: Neo-Nazi Rally Rattles Arizona and Minnesota

Neo-Nazi groups have greatly grown in number since the 9/11 attacks. Those that have abandoned the cowardice and bigotry associated with the hood and emblazoned cross are now taking to the internet. They are donning suits, ties, and the occasional swastika tee-shirt on weekends, whenever the need arises for them to spread their own special…

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November 10th 11:00am

Remember Me???

Ever wonder what Tahj Mowry, the little guy from Smart Guy is up to? Flip the hood to see the pure comedy that he calls a job now.

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November 10th 9:53am

Joss Stone Says She “Dabbles” With Rocks Every Now And Then

Joss Stone blazes like it’s nobody’s business, which is understandable, but she recently made some comments about going beyond the herb: “Weed has been given this evil stamp, but how is it dangerous? It’s going to make you laugh your arse off? You might go to sleep? I think alcohol is much more harmful. People…

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November 10th 9:51am

For the Ladies…

Look at what we have here ladies; one of our favorite pieces of male specimen is back to work.  Mekhi Phifer was spotted on the set of  the Fox show  “Lie to Me,” on which he just landed a recurring role.  Pop the top for more pics.

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November 10th 9:50am

Coon Of The Day: Lil Boosie Gets Jail Time Doubled

Lil Boosie will now spend more than 2 years behind bars after he directly violated a judge’s orders:

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November 10th 9:49am

Another Day, Another Lawsuit: Beyonce To Actually Testify in Copyright Trial???

Some dude in Chicago is suing Bey Bey for lyric-theft: Did pop diva Beyonce Knowles and Destiny’s Child  rip off a Chicago songwriter’s song? A copycat claim contained in a 2006 lawsuit is expected to land the “Bootylicious” sensation in a witness chair next month as part of a copyright infringement trial to be held…

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November 10th 9:47am

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Diagnosed With Cancer

Kareem Abdul Jabbar told the world today that he has been living with Leukemia for some time now:

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November 10th 9:26am

In White Folks News: Lindsay Lohan on Suicide Watch???

SMH: Lindsay Lohan’s assistant is terrified the actress is going to kill herself.

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November 10th 9:00am

Nick Loves The Kids And Making His Wife Happy

A young lady’s day was made by Nick Cannon who happened to be at the MTV Studios in NYC and took a quick picture while hugging her. That was nice of Nick. Mariah was at the studio, as well, in a spousal, color-coordinated ensemble. SMH Pop the top and peep this geek

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November 10th 5:00am

L.T. “Kamikaze” Popped For Hit And Run, But Not For Looking Blowed Back

Lawrence Taylor, the former Giant legend, was popped for hit and run in Florida:

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