August 15th 8:35am

Saturday Style: B. Marie Bags

Briana Marie is on the show Harlem Heights. B. Marie just launched her own bag series: B. Marie is a luxury handbag and luggage collection by designer Briana Marie. She hails from Atlanta, Ga, but…

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August 15th 8:32am

Sara Stokes: “I Didn’t Stab That N*cca, He Stabbed Himself.”

There’s another side to the Sara Stokes Stab Story…

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August 15th 8:16am

Kendra and Hank “Black Face” Baskett Have Come Up With a Name For The Boy!

Kendra has decided on a name for the new baby. We hear that Hank had nothing to do with this decision and this was all in the prenuptial that Kendra had Hank sign prior to marriage…just kidding: “Hank and I have soooo much to do to prepare for our baby’s arrival, but one thing we…

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August 15th 8:13am

A Lil Positivity: Floyd “Money” Mayweather Gives Back to The Community

Here’s a lil positivity to get your Saturday morning going…Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was in Nevada speaking to homeless youth. Okay, Money, we see you…

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August 14th 1:40pm

Lady Gaga To Kanye… “My Shows Are Gay And They Will Stay Gay On Our Tour!”

Lady Gaga is going on tour with Kanye West, but first she had to clear some things up. She told Ye that gay people will be everywhere, “Hermy’s” will be plentiful, and flamboyant people will be abundant… if she has anything to do with it: “Before agreeing to tour with Kanye West this fall, Gaga…

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August 14th 11:35am

Question of the Day: Why are Women, Beautiful Women, Attracted to Lil Wayne?????

We came across these pics of Lil Wayne performing in Cali last night. Seeing this little critter in action really made us wonder…what the heck do these women (Lauren London) really see in this guy??? Pop the hatch to answer the poll and to see even more images of Weezy F. Baby..

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August 14th 11:30am

The Hood Life: Wig Snatched Off In Jamaican Brawl and The Lady Has More Patches Than a Old Quilt!

This is completely horrible, especially considering that the lady that gets her wig snatched off was attacked by her biggest hater-rival… AT HER OWN DAMN BIRTHDAY PARTY! Pop the top and watch this ghetto debauchery

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August 14th 11:21am

C-Murder Gets Life… Max Out Date=Coffin

Corey “C-Murder” Miller was sentenced to life in prison today after being convicted of second degree murder this week. District Judge Hans Liljeberg gave Miller the mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole for murdering continue…

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August 14th 11:12am

Cassie Challenges all The Other Shaved Head Biters to Take More Off!

Cassie hit up the Aydins Lounge in Paterson New Jersey last night with her shaved head swag on full blast. Damn before you know it she will have one whole side of her head completely shaved off, then what will Rihanna do to top that? Check out Cassie getting slizzard off some type of Ciroc…

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August 14th 11:00am

Michael Vick is BACK… Flying with the Eagles and No Longer in the DOG House

Michael Vick is back in the NFL. The Philadephia Eagles gave PETA the finger and signed the quarterback to a two year contract. McNabb, who’s not getting any younger, says that Vick is not going to be a threat and Kolb who just had a recent knee injury better hurry up and get better because…

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August 14th 8:35am

Certified Links

T.I. Reps Respond To Baby Mama Diss (GO) New Alfamega Snitching Documents Emerge (GO) Man Sentenced for Leaving Water for Immigrants (GO) Crack: It Is Art Now (GO) The Best Girl Fight of Our Times: Tomorrow (GO)

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August 14th 8:33am

Some Friday Preciousness

Here is Halle Beeerrrry, Halle Berry with her precious little baby girl Nahla spotted in Hollyweird yesterday. How precious… Pop it more even more preciousness…

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August 14th 8:32am

Daily Double: Guess Who’s Playing Peek-A-Boo with the Paparazzi and Guess Who’s Trying to Bring Back the Herring Bone???

The chick playing peek-a-boo is known for drinking happy juice on TV and the dude rocking the herring bone is trying to bring his career back like eight tracks. Pop the Hood

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August 14th 8:32am

Claymation Jermaine Rocks a “Murse” and a Painted-on Hairline

Poor thang. Jermaine Jackson cannot really be serious…we’re gonna give him a pass for the man-purse, but WTF is really good with that hair??? We would hate to see his pillowcase in the mornings. SMH. Pop the hatch to see more of Jermaine out whoring for some attention with his wife…

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August 14th 8:31am

Lil Mama… Ya’ll Fill in the Blank This Time… SMH

Lil Mama once again is out there looking smacked up and jacked up. Last time we commented on her appearance, ya’ll were 38-HOT… so this time we are giving ya’ll the floor… SMH…

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