October 28th 12:00pm

Twitter Files: Camel’s BFF Larry “Jack-Up” Johnson Uses Gay Slur And Apologizes

Joe Camel’s BFF Larry Johnson is back in trouble and this time did something just as bad as spitting in someone’s face: Several reporters tried to talk to Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson on Monday, but Johnson said he did not talk on Monday’s. Radio station 810 WHB reports that Johnson said a…

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October 28th 11:50am

Where is Kim Porter Cassie??? Part 1

While Cassie’s lil as* was tweeting about honesty and what not, Diddy was in Brazil on vacay last week with none other than Kim Porter. Pop it for the pics as well as Diddy sneaking around and his thoughts on Brazilian booty

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October 28th 11:45am

Antonia “Toya” Carter is “Making it Rain on You Hoes” for her Birthday

Toya Carter celebrated her birthday the other night in Atlanta with friends, family and strangers, and baby girl rolled up in an Aston Martin. Toya posted one of her special gifts on Twitter and a few people were upset about it. Pop it to See What She Got…

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October 28th 11:40am

Jesus Take the Wheel & End of Days: 19 Year Old Boy RAPES his Grandmother… SMH

This sh*t made our stomachs turn. Lee Aaron, 19 years old, is accused of raping his grandmother after she allowed him to live with her. Not once, but on several different occasions, then sent her a text message saying “I Love You.” WTF is wrong with people?!?!

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October 28th 11:35am

SMH: Republican National Committee Under Fire For Racist Obama Picture

The Republican National Committee’s Facebook page raised eyebrows after a racist picture appeared on the group’s fan page. A “fan” of the committee posted a picture of President Obama eating a piece of fried chicken with a caption that reads: Continue…

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October 28th 11:30am

Rihanna’s New Album Cover: Hate It or Love It… She’s in a Dark Place

Rihanna has finally released the cover for her new album. It’s not as racy as the cover for her single Russian Roulette but it still looks as if she is definitely in a dark place. Flip the Lid

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October 28th 11:25am

20 Teens Present At Gang Rape In Richmond!!

The gang raping incident we told you about yesterday is getting more disgusting as more facts come in. New details are emerging showing that more than a hand full of kids were watching: Investigators say as many as 20 people…

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October 28th 11:15am

Dear Bossip: Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?

Good day Bossip readers! This young lady is seeking advice. Take a look and leave your thoughts! Dear Bossip, I need some advice. I’ve been in a relationship for going on 4 years. Before him I had dated around but nothing serious at all. He is my first and only lover. No one else even…

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October 28th 11:05am

What in the Hell: Cops in Dallas Writing Tickets for Not Speaking English??

A police officer in Dallas wrote a ticket to Ernestina Mondragon for not speaking English, but this is not the first incident. The Dallas P.D. has issued numerous tickets for not speaking English: Police in Dallas, Texas, are apologizing after learning that they have written dozens…

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October 28th 10:55am

Random Ridiculousness: Keyshia Cole and Neffe’s Sister is Getting her Own Reality Show

Keyshia and Neffe’s sister, Elite, is about to start making moves. Elite and her hair stylist, Dariel, are about to star in a new reality show. Apparently, Elite is a singer, working on an album and Dariel is a starving hair stylist building his clientele in the entertainment industry. Who would watch this???

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October 28th 10:40am

Tyra + Stripper Pole=?????

Tyra Banks is all about pleasing her viewers and making there fantasies come true. The other day she had someone do a clonic on national TV and now she has a couple living out there sexual fantasy in front of the camera. What People Do for TV

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October 28th 9:55am

In White Folks News: Skeletons Come Out of the Closet for Angelina Jolie

A new biography reveals that Angelia Jolie allegedly had an affair with her mother’s live-in boyfriend when she was 16 years old:

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October 28th 9:53am

Man Charged With Murder of UConn Football Player

A man has been charged with the murder of 20-year-old University of Connecticut football star, Jasper Howard. Police formally charged 21-year-old Continue…

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October 28th 9:50am

Ho Sit Down And Lose The Pill Habit

Someone was spotted getting in touch with her “lighter” side, or at least trying to. Some of these actions by people can’t be explained. We know it’s “Halloween Week” and everything, but geeze…Pop it to see who broke out the dingy wig..

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October 28th 9:35am

Talking Success and Tupac With Quincy Jones & Tyrese

Devi Dev chops it up with QD3, Quincy Jones & Tyrese about success and Tupac dumbing down his lyrics. Pop the top to watch the other video

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