November 8th 9:25am

Health Care Reform Bill is “A Go” with an Abortion Restriction, Moves to Senate

Well it’s about time: The biggest overhaul of America’s medical system since Medicare took a big step forward Saturday night,

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November 8th 9:23am

Joe Jackson Wants Money From Michael’s Estate

Joe Jackson is a piece of work. Despite Michael’s wishes, Joe Jackson has filed for a stipend: Court records show Michael Jackson’s father is seeking an allowance from his son’s estate. An attorney for Joe Jackson filed papers…

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November 8th 9:23am

Sunday Style: Greedy Genius Part 2

Last year we blasted Greedy Genius’ kicks by previewing the founder on one of the first Saturday Styles. Greedy Genius is still doing big things, without being on front street:

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November 8th 9:20am

Remember Me????

Remember Alexander O’Neal?? His video for “If You Were Here Tonight” was one of the “gayest videos ever“….you want to see what he looks like now???? Pop it…

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November 8th 9:18am

Some Sunday Handsome: Lance Gross Out with Ciara and NOT Eva…

Chocolatey goodness Lance Gross was pictured with Ci-Error at the Atlanta Hawks game that went down last night, but where the heck is his girl Eva??? CiCi is looking a ‘little bit healthier’ vs. that skinny Hollyweird steez she had crackin a bit ago. Pop it for more

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November 8th 9:17am

Swirl Family Robinson

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, her husband Michael, and twins Jax Joseph and Jaid Thomas hit up the March of Dimes 4th Annual Celebration of Babies. Awww, how nice. Flip it for more photos of Halle Berry, Nicole Richie, etc.

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November 8th 9:15am

In White Folks with Black Kids News: Madonna’s Adopted Children Out and About in NYC

Here are some pics of Madonna’s kids Mercy and David going to a birthday party in NYC. We wonder if Madonna has ever tried to comb lil Mercy’s hair herself yet. More photos when you…

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November 8th 9:07am

Jiggaman Has Everyone and Their Mama Throwing it Up

Here are some pics from the New York Yankees Victory party at the 40/40 Club the other night in NYC, and Jay-Z even has the white players throwing up The Roc. Young Chris was there, so obviously they are still cool. Poor Beanie Sigel. More on the flippy…

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November 8th 9:05am

Nas Biography Coming Soon…

Michael Eric Dyson, the prolific truth teller that often encompasses his words of wisdom with Hip-Hop is lending his talents to another literary work. Continue…

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November 8th 9:00am

To Whom Do These Panty-less Blonde Backs Belong???

If you’re stumped, this broad is famous for no reason, has been called a racist, and has herpes. Still can’t guess…seek, and ye shall find…

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November 8th 7:25am

Iron Mike Tyson, His Wife, and His Little Baby Girl Pose For the Camera…

The chubby little-dumplings name is Milan. Is it us, or in the picture above does Mike Tyson’s wife, Lakiha Spicer, seem like she is trying to stunt on you hoes? Pop the top for more..

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November 8th 7:00am

Her Cakes Pay The Bills

Your girl Kim Kardashian was in Culver City Cali yesterday… opening up malls and stuff. Let’s not even ponder on how much they had to pay to get her to do this gig…but, opening an entire mall has to be more than a club appearance. SMH. Pop the top and peep

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November 7th 2:00pm

The Full 20/20 Interview With Rihanna

Go under the hood to watch the full 20/20 Rihanna interview. Good for Riri, a good look leaving that buster. Yeah, we said it, Chris Brown is a straight up coward and buster. SMH at some young sisters defending violence against women, most of them have had their a*ses socked up too and think beat…

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November 7th 1:45pm

What is Wrong With This Picture? Is That You Knifed-Up Sammy

This is future baseball Hall of Famer, Sammy Sosa, in Vegas this week. If you don’t know what is exactly wrong with picture, go under the hood to see what knifed up Sammy looked like before.

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