September 23rd 8:13am

Seen on the Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff Rocsi came out to the Hoodie Awards looking all star struck, with either some bacon grease or some married man’s “seeds” on her thigh. For a good cause, other “somewhat” stars that came out included, Steve Harvey and wife, Regina King, Bruce Bruce (we said somewhat stars), the always classy Patti…

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September 23rd 8:10am

Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is a funny rendition on how hat BET interview with R. Kelly should have went… Click HERE for the direct link… Shout out to NIKKI UNDERWOOD!

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September 22nd 2:49pm

Who Looked More Bangin??

Posted by Bossip Staff Solange and Kelly Rowland hit up various events at Fashion Week in Milan this weekend. We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin?? Photos: Wireimage

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September 22nd 2:44pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Posted by Bossip Staff We know it’s only Monday, but people, someone is in desperate need of our help. We aren’t sure what the exact dress code at Nest Nightclub in NY consists of, but we do know this outfit could double as a Halloween costume, which is just plain “ignant.” If you all would…

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September 22nd 2:40pm

Looking Crackish

Posted by Bossip Staff Blu Cantrell is seen here at the Fox Tail Nightclub over the weekend. We thought her feeble leg game look was off, like maybe she took a couple of “blasts” from the flute. Especially seeing that her entourage look a little distorted and unbalanced. What was Blu’s last hit anyway???

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September 22nd 2:28pm

Fill in The Blank

Posted by Bossip Staff Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson were spotted in Hollyweird last night at Tv Guide’s Emmy after Party. Fill in The Blank: These “Hollyweird” girls are smilin’ kinda hard because_____________. Image via Wireimage

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September 22nd 2:25pm

Janice Combs Stepped Her Game Up

Posted by Bossip Staff Well looky here. Dare we say that Diddy’s mother was looking rather smashing at the Emmy Awards last night in Hollyweird. Seems like she decided to leave her usual tackhead steez at home; even her blonde wig looks good. Go ‘head mama… Some more for you coming up next…

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September 22nd 2:00pm

Janet Leaves Island Def Jam Music Group

Posted by Bossip Staff According to a recent interview with Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins, Janet Jackson has asked for, and has received, a release from Island Def Jam Music Group. It is no secret that album sales have been in the gutter the past couple of go-rounds for our girl. Wherever she lands, we hope she…

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September 22nd 1:41pm

Which One Would You Hit???

Posted by Bossip Staff Ladies, which one would you hit? Both of these Neo-Conservatives (John McWhorter and Larry Elder), spew a bunch of “controversial views”. Here let us show you some of these guys greatest…

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September 22nd 12:33pm

Ashanti to Ladies: Keep it Movin’

Posted by Bossip Staff Ashanti and Nelly performed on the Jay Leno Show, but it looked more as though Ashanti was using the performance to make a statement. She’s seen her man in all

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September 22nd 11:16am

The Game Speaks On Recovering Barker

Posted by Bossip Staff Game recently spoke to AHH about Travis Barker and DJ AM who were involved in the tragic plane crash that killed 4, including Travis’s well known assistant Lil Chris… “I am deeply hurt by this tragedy. Travis Barker has always been there for me when I needed him creatively. We’ve done…

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September 22nd 10:26am

Caption This

Posted by Bossip Staff The Dizzle performed in Amsterdam over the weekend and you know he did what he does best…”Blew clouds of dro”.  Sources tell us the blunt he choked on at the event was probably filled with hash and a strand of pot called “Romulan”.  More pictures of Snoopy getting blown back below.…

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September 22nd 9:43am

Some Morning Preciousness

Posted by Bossip Staff Halle Berry, her mother, and her beautiful little girl Nahla spent some quality time together at a park in Los Angeles over the weekend. Awww, Halle is pretty much still glowing.  How precious. More images of Halle and her baby when you..

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September 22nd 8:54am

Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff Shaq and his wife Shaunie were spotted in NYC earlier this week with Shaq wearing some crazy mop looking apparatus on his head. Looks like fun, and it’s good to see him and Shaunie look so happy together even after all the bullsh*t that they’ve been through… Images via Splash

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September 21st 10:41am

Tiny Doesn’t Confront Jumpoffs Via Myspace

Posted by Bossip Staff Former Xscape band mate and T.I.’s significant other, Tameka Cottle aka Tiny exclusively spoke with Bossip yesterday to clear all rumors certain ‘media outlets’ are saying in regards to her confronting Tip’s jumpoffs in Myspace messages. She states: “These rumors are not true whatsoever. I am a family woman, I have…

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