January 9th 10:39am

Suge Knight’s Baby Mama Hits Him Up, Suing For Child Support

Former Death Row CEO Suge Knight is being taken to court by one his baby mommas for child support. Tammy Renell Hawkins is asking for child support payments for their four-year-old child, Taz Maree Knight. Continue

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January 9th 9:57am

Rihanna Takes It All Off to Generate More Album Sales

Rihanna is still working her album trying to generate sales by taking all her clothes off. She has decided to drop her next single off of Rated R called RUDE BOY. If you haven’t heard this jawn yet, we have it under hood and a peek at the new “NAKED” artwork. Is This Really Going…

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January 9th 9:55am

Living Danger-ously Costs Reality Star Custody Of Her Newborn

It wasn’t long ago that Danger proclaimed herself “a good mother,” but apparently L.A. Child Protective services doesn’t agree. Just weeks after she was placed on psychiatric hold, Monica “Danger” Leon has lost custody of her daughter.

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January 9th 9:48am

Ludacris Dedicates New Mixtape To His Liquor Line

Ludacris has a new mixtape dropping next week, titled Hustler’s Spirit. The title is a play on words paying homage to his new line of Cognac, Conjure, which is featured on the cover. Continue

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January 9th 9:34am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Playboy Bunny Found Dead and Burned Beyond Recognition

Paula Sladewski, who posed for playboy, was found dead and burned beyond recognition in a dumpster in Miami. She was last seen in a club arguing with her boyfriend and when he got kicked out, Paula decided to stay… “It’s so horrific. They’d have to be a monster. It’s a dastardly act,” North Miami police…

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January 8th 4:06pm

Keyshia Cole Speaks On Split With Frankie And Neffe

Keyshia Cole has just confirmed what most of us already knew! Look under the hood to read what she had to say about Frankie, Neffe and Elite.

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January 8th 3:37pm

Glenn Beck Says African American Isn’t A Race

Glenn Beck is now running off at the mouth about whether or not “negro” is still a relevant term. During recent radio commentary about this years census, Beck declared African-American “a bogus, PC, made-up term.” Continue

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January 8th 2:59pm

BOSSIP Exclusive: Inside Source Says B2K Singer Is Lying, Beating Girlfriend Was A Regular Thing For Him

Just a day after former B2K singer Jarrell “Boog” Houston released a statement blaming his arrest Sunday on traffic violations, an inside source contacted BOSSIP to spill the beans on the entertainer. Pop the hood for the 411

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January 8th 2:11pm

Morgan Freeman Set to be a Dad at 72??

Remember the scandalous affair alleged between Morgan Freeman and his step-granddaughter, 27-year-old E’Dena Hines? Well now we hear that his step grand-daughter is looking to get knocked up and wants Morgan to be the daddy. Pop the top for the details.

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January 8th 2:00pm

Plaxico Burress Denied Get Out Of Jail Early Work Release

Former New York Giants wide-receiver Plaxico Burress has been denied acceptance into a work release program that would have cut down his time on his two-year prison sentence. Continue

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January 8th 1:06pm

Jesus Take the Wheel: A Mo’Nique Show Employee is Killed by Husband and He Rides Around with the Body for 2 Days in his Pick-Up Truck

Maureen Allaben was the set decorator for “The Mo’Nique Show” that’s being filmed in Atlanta and also a Food stylist. Her husband, Dennis Allaben, killed her on Sunday night and then put her body in the back of his pick-up truck. He drove to Virginia to tell his family what happened and then got back…

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January 8th 12:50pm

New Jawn: Monica is Giving *Everything*

Monica’s got a new jawn called “Everything” that she just released. If you listen closely, it has the melody from Silly by Denise Williams in the background. Nice song with an old school vibe to it, but some people aren’t feelin’ it!!! Pop the Top and See if You are Feelin’ It:

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January 8th 12:27pm

Madonna’s Cougar Meat Appears to be Slackin’ in His Package!!!

20-year-old Jesus Luz, better known as Madonna’s man meat has some new pics. From the looks of it, Jesus doesn’t look like he’s working with much. On the other hand, Madonna is skin and bones, so it probably doesn’t take much to please her. Pop the Top and See What Else Jesus has to Offer

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January 8th 12:13pm

Panel of Judges Could Restore Voting Rights For Millions Of Felons

A recent 2-1 ruling by a panel of federal judges in the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals could restore the right to vote to felons in several states. Continue

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January 8th 12:12pm

Throwback Comedy: Bodybuilder With Suspect Tendencies And Voice (Video Included)

Here’s a video that’s old as hell, but still amusing nonetheless. Pop it to peep it…

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