July 24th 9:00am

Amerie is Still Pushing for Relevancy

Amerie might want to let the music go and concentrate on modeling. This is a picture from her spread in ELLE and she also just did OK Magazine. She has new music, but that mess is average and looking pretty seems to be her niche anyways. Pop it to see her OK! spread

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July 24th 8:51am

For the Ladies: Usher on Vegas Cover

Usher is the first male to ever grace the cover of Vegas. We are wondering if the reason he is on the cover is because he is rolling the dice and may get bucked for more than Nas. You think Kelis’ come up has inspired Tameka? Pop the top for more

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July 24th 8:05am

FEMA Slow to Address Toxic Trailers

For some months, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been scrutinized for the dispersal of trailers heavily laced with formaldehyde to Katrina victims. FEMA knew of the toxic problems that are believed to cause cancer, two moths after the hurricane; however, they failed to run tests for two years. 

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July 23rd 5:41pm

*Breaking News* Judge Awards Kelis a Crap Load of Money for Child Support

The judge has just awarded Kelis her monthly child support payment amount, plus some. Pop it to find out how much

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July 23rd 12:10pm

Boy George Makes a Comeback! Oops Our Bad… It’s Just Solange

In a desperate cry for attention, Solange decided to shave her head completely.  For another look at her scoophead, pop the hood!

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July 23rd 12:05pm

President Obama: “If I Jiggered My Way Into The White House… I’d Be Shot.”

President Barack Obama was asked in a press conference yesterday about the incident involving his friend Henry Louis Gates and his views on race relations in America. Check Out President Obama’s Response

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July 23rd 11:50am

Michael Jackson’s Alleged Son Can Dance and Rap!

This is Michael Jackson’s supposed son, Omer Bhatti. We have video of him from a couple of years ago at a talent show. We don’t know if this dude is the blood child of Michael Jackson, but we will tell you that the kid has some talent and natural “untaught’” rhythm. Y’all know what we…

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July 23rd 11:30am

HARPO Says “NO” to Michael Jackson & Hell No to Chris Brown

Even though the summer time is Harpo’s off season, she says “I talk about what I want to talk about.” Oprah does not support people that hurt children and especially men that beat on women. Since that’s the case she feels she has no reason to speak on MJ’s death and Chris Brown.

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July 23rd 11:26am

Out and About:LaLa, Carmelo and Tiny Live it Up in ATL

Tiny, La La and Carmelo were all spotted at Lucky Lounge in Atlanta yesterday for a fundraiser. Check out more pics of LaLa and Melo along with TI’s pet pig and her ring under the hood.

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July 23rd 11:23am

Whitney Wins Battle Before it Begins…Mariah Pushes Album Back

Mariah Carey is saying her album still needs work and the release date has been pushed back: Alas, there will be no major Diva Face Off at the next Grammy Awards. That’s because Mariah Carey…

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July 23rd 11:20am

Lauren, Jennifer and Tisha Show Off Baby Bumps and Mel B Gives Her Baby a Mohawk

This past weekend, Tisha and Duane Martin had a baby shower for their second baby that is on the way. Lauren London and Jennifer Freeman also showed off their baby bumps. Since Lauren is out and about again taking pictures, pretty sure Nivea is going to pop up again next week with a baby bump…

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July 23rd 11:15am

Ho Sit Down: Chris Brown Is Back In The Studio

Chris Brown is back in the music studio, Stussy’d out . Last night, Chris was seen coming out of the music studio in L.A., but people are hollerin’ for the boy to sit down somewhere, at least until next year. This guy just needs to keep his mouth shut and nose clean and he will…

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July 23rd 11:13am

Nas was Drunk While Kelis Delivered Baby Knight … SMH

New Mummy Kelis tweeted that it was a painful 3 days of labor. She also stated that baby Knight Jones is 7.8 lbs and is kinda perfect. With all the hoopla going on in regards to Nas being denied visitation, her reps released a statement…

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July 23rd 11:03am

Want to See NeNe’s Crib?

The ATL Housewives are going into season two next week and to be honest, the show looks interesting. NeNe only gets along with Lisa, so all the rest of the ladies are chop liver. Check out the video below of NeNe giving a tour of her home. Notice her voice and tone? SMH

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July 23rd 11:00am

The Difference Between Black and White: Ben Roethlisberger Escaping Jail for Sexual Assault?

We are not trying to say that Ben is guilty, but we are saying that if this had been Donovan McNabb, they would be screaming for his head and every news station would be covering this thing like the Michael Vick trial: Nevada police said yesterday that they have no intention of opening a criminal…

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