July 23rd 9:47am

LeBron Gets Dunked On!

The infamous video of LeBron James getting smashed on by 20 year old, Jordan Crawford,  just came out. King James does get banged on something serious, but in all the other videos besides the one we have, it has been hard as hell to see it with the quality of the video. Pop it and…

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July 23rd 9:46am

Katt Williams’ Gun Charges Get Shot Down

Charges streaming from a November gun charge case against Katt Williams have been dropped. 

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July 23rd 9:42am

Is Slim Thug Chopping Down Mya? Sure Does Look Like It!

Slim Thug and Mya were spotted at a Houston restaurant, getting it in. We think Mya might be getting a little thirsty, but Slim Thug is known for chopping down R&B stars. Women love tall men, even if they do resemble Ogre’s. Pop the top to see the two cuddled up

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July 23rd 9:41am

Blast From the Past…Brian McKnight Gets a Talk Show!!!

Word on the street is that Brian McKnight has just been picked up by The CW for a late night talk show.  What could he possibly have to talk about… We have no clue. Check out the details after the jump.

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July 23rd 9:35am

Rev. Run vs. Vanessa’s Boyfriend

Rev. Run takes some time out to meet Vanessa’s boyfriend and it will air on the new season of “Daddy’s Girls.” Of course it must be some semi-not-so-much famous yet individual to put on the show. Pop it to see if you recognize him…

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July 23rd 9:30am

Breaking News… Dozens of New Jersey Mayors Arrested for Corruption

Today, a dozen of mayors and religious officials from cities in New Jersey were all arrested for a major corruption, money laundering probe by FBI agents.

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July 23rd 8:40am

Your Michael Jackson Fix for the Day… Rebbie May Raise MJ’s Kids

Bossip has learned that even if Katherine Jackson receives custody of Michael’s 3 children, they will more than likely be raised by MJ’s older sister Rebbie Jackson. 

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July 23rd 8:32am

Naked Cowboy Runs For Mayor in NYC…

This man, known as the fame hungry Naked Cowboy who saunters around Times Square, held a press conference yesterday to announce his candidacy for NYC Mayor.  He’s a side attraction for the city, but that doesn’t qualify him to run for a political office. Read more on this clown after the jump.

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July 22nd 3:00pm

Is This MJ’s Secret Love Child?

There are rumors flying that the young man in the picture is MJ’s son that he kept on the low.

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July 22nd 2:59pm

Update: Bride Kesha Nichols, Dumped By E-mail, Speaks Out: I Got A Check… I’m Good!!!

Kesha Nichols, the bride that was dumped through e-mail by Richard Jefferson, was on “Good Morning America” interviewed by Diane Sawyer. She says that a lot had happened in the past month and after they talked the night before, which was about 5 days before the wedding, she wasn’t surprised when she received the e-mail… She…

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July 22nd 2:39pm

Tiny and Toya Say They Are Attracted to Thugs, Are You?

Tiny openly admitted to being attracted to thugs on the “Tiny and Toya” reality show. Listening to Tiny and her Mom, no surprise there. Here is our question of the day: What percentage of Black women do you think share this attraction? Go under the hood to vote in our poll

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July 22nd 2:33pm

*Exclusive*: Snoop D-O-Double G Takes It To The Big Screen

… The Big Screen in your house, that is… You heard it here first. Snoop Dogg is about to exercise his acting skills on a new upcoming sitcom, BROTHERS, premiering on Fox, September 18. Flip it for a Peek

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July 22nd 2:32pm

Michelle Obama Turns Her Swag On With New “DO”

First Lady Michelle Obama debuted her new “do” last night at the White House Country Music Concert held in the East Room, while being escorted by President Obama. It is such an elegant, yet stylish cut for the First Lady… What do ya’ll think… Love it or Change it??? Pop the Top for More Pics

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July 22nd 2:15pm

Making It Rain On Those Hoes: The First Black Miss England Is Crowned

We have a new Miss England. Rachel Christie is stepping on toes and breaking down barriers as the first black ever to win the crown: The First Black Miss England was crowned in London on Monday night. 20-year old Rachel Christie took the crown at London’s Metropole Hilton Hotel beating out…Continue

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July 22nd 1:45pm

Kim Kardashian Pissed At Swirl Talk and Chased Out of Africa?

Kim Kardashian fled from Africa and is already back in L.A., woofin’. She spoke out yesterday against racism… toward her: “I don’t understand it because I was raised to not see color,” she says. “But you’re still faced with it.” What’s more? Kim recently returned from a photo-op trip in Africa and she says she…

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