June 16th 9:18am

Bow Wow Remixes Tupac’s “I Get Around” And Disses Kat Stacks!!!

Bow Wow has taken a bold step by recreating Tupac’s classic “I Get Around”. It’s obvious that Bow Wow feels the need to share with the world that he has chicks everywhere but really who are you trying to convince… the world or yourself??? Now we all can agree that he is NOOO Tupac but…

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June 16th 8:29am

Ho Sit Down: Out Of Pocket Iowa Rep States Obama “Favors Black Folks”

Steve King is out of pocket once again: Democrats on Tuesday denounced an Iowa Republican congressman who says President Barack Obama favors blacks

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June 16th 3:59am

Happy Birthday…Pac!!! Keep Ya’ Head Up!

Today would have marked the 39th birthday for one of the most controversial but influential men in hip-hop and society as a whole.

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June 16th 1:59am

Shut ‘Em Down Drizzy!!!

Drake drops album and causes eager fans to shut down NYC!!! Pop the hood for more!!

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June 16th 12:42am

Celtics Get Smashed!

In the much-anticipated Game 6 in the NBA Finals the Boston Celtics came out playing like the Golden Girls against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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June 15th 11:01pm

Twitter Files: Jaslene Gonzalez Shoots For NoH8 With Christina Milian, Vivica Fox, Tatyana Ali And Vanessa And Angela Simmons

Jaslene Gonzalez, winner of Cycle 8 of “America’s Next Top Model,” tweeted some pretty cute shots from her NoH8 campaign photoshoot today. Pop the hood for shots of her with Tatyana Ali, the Simmons sisters and CMili with baby Violet!

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June 15th 6:13pm

Guess Which Actress Could Get A Piece Of This Pussycat???

Nicole Scherzinger cops to having a girl crush in the July issue of Maxim Magazine. Pop the hood to find out who inspired her “Let’s-Be-Honest” moment

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June 15th 5:33pm

New Black Kid On The Block: Khalil “Girlfriend Ringtone”

Def Jam may be onto something with their “New Black Kid On The Block” Khalil. The 15-year-old singer from Atlanta is definitely a looker and there is something about his voice that sounds kind of familiar. Pop the hood to listen to his single “Girlfriend Ringtone” and let us know if you can figure out…

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June 15th 5:32pm

Katy Perry Ft. Snoop Dogg Official Video For “California Girls” Has Snoop Repping for All The Sellouts In Cali

Katy Perry and Snoop just dropped their “California Girls” video. We think the song has a subliminal message, but then again we have been called race baiters and conspiracy theorists… oh well… Click Here To Watch Video Of Lady Shooting Self For Medical Attention On BossVideo.com

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June 15th 5:14pm

The Epitome Of A Bad Mother

Meet Christina Muniz. Christina has to be the worst mother EVER. Pop the hood to find out why…

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June 15th 5:03pm

Mehcad Brooks Coupled Up With His Girlfriend In NYC…

Mehcad Brooks — the actor with the killer abs, best known for his roles on “True Blood” and “Desperate Housewives” — was spotted out and about in New York city with his girlfriend last night. Pop the hood to find out what she looks like

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June 15th 5:00pm

Twitter Files: Gloria Velez Gives Good… Tips

Gloria Velez may need to add “relationship expert” to her resume! The OG cake model has been dishing out romantic advice on Twitter and her recommendations are actually pretty hot. Pop the hood for her tips Continue

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June 15th 4:49pm

The Camel vs. The Goat: Jay-Z Talks Slick About LL Cool J

Lions, tigers and bears, OH MY! In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Camel took a subliminal jab at The G.O.A.T. and his ability to remain relevant in hip hop. Pop the hood for his exact words

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June 15th 4:11pm

Beyonce Is Black Again, No Thanks To L’Oreal

Even though L’Oreal doesn’t want you to buy their ish, they are still pushing Beyonce as their spokeslady. Flip the lid to see BeyBey’s latest L’Oreal ad

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June 15th 2:32pm

Female Inmate Given Wrong Medication Suffers Painful Blisters On Her Body

A female inmate in an Indiana jail has painful blisters covering her face and body after she says nurses continued to give her the wrong medication for weeks. Pop the hood for the video Continue

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