August 17th 9:42am

Faux Fox News Donates $1 Million To Republicans

Fair and balanced huh? Now how can Faux Fox News possibly provide objective reporting on political issues AND financially back the Republican party to the tune of $1 million bucks?

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August 17th 8:52am

SIKE! California Court Suspends Gay Marriage Indefinitely

Alright. Everybody back in the closet, put your party hats away it was a false alarm. A federal appeals court took the wind out of many rainbow sails when they decided to suspend gay marriage indefinitely on Monday.

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August 17th 7:16am

Oprah & Stedman Cancel Romantic Getaway To Attend Mom’s Funeral

Oprah and her boo Gayle her man Stedman Graham have been in each others lives but out of the spotlight for a long time. The Big O, her longtime companion and her best friend, Gayle King, were taking a private yacht tour of the Greek islands with friends when Graham learned that his mother, Mary…

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August 16th 6:37pm

Lloyd Takes The Michael Jackson Approach For New Jawn “Lay It Down” Produced By “King Of The White Girls”!!!

Lloyd is finally back on the scene with his own new jawn “Lay It Down” and not for talking sh*zzz about Ciara. His new singe has been produced by Polow Da Don, who at one point referred to himself as “King of the White Girls”. This jawn is sort of cool but it Lloyd’s vocal…

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August 16th 6:11pm

*Bossip Exclusive*: Dondria Is Taking “Shotz”!!!

Dondria hit the R&B scene almost a year ago with her 1st single “You’re the One” and now two singles later her 1st album “Dondria vs. Phatfffat” is about to drop tomorrow, August 17th. In an exclusive interview with, Dondria took a moment to tell us what it’s like working with Jermaine Dupri, living…

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August 16th 6:11pm

R.I.P. Robert Wilson Of The Gap Band

R.I.P. to Robert Wilson of the legendary Gap Band.

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August 16th 6:00pm

Lance Stephenson Responds To Domestic Violence Allegations

Indiana Pacers draft pick Lance Stephenson is doing damage control.

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August 16th 5:37pm

Beyonce Wants People To Get Off Her Dang Back: I Will Have A Baby “When I Am Ready”

Beyonce got stuck talking baby talk again in a recent interview.

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August 16th 4:15pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Lil Wayne Releases New Letter From Jail, Shouts Out Four Children (GO) OOOWEEE! Tina B Shows Off Her Curves (GO) New Music: Soulja Boy feat. Ray-J – “Work It Out” (GO) Robert Pattinson Kisses Kristen Stewart (GO) New Music: Nicki Minaj – “Ice Cream Man” (GO) Sofia Vergara Backtracks On Her Madonna Plastic Surgery Comments…

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August 16th 3:52pm

T.I. Appears On The Today Show, Talks “Takers” And Secret NYC Show

T.I. made an appearance this morning on the Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb segment of the Today Show.

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August 16th 3:41pm

Who Is My Daddy?

This little cutie is the 2-year-old son of someone who has been in the headlines a lot lately. His Daddy hasn’t been famous for long, but his parents divorce has only meant more publicity. Can you guess who his Dad is?

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August 16th 2:16pm

Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s N-Word Rant Inspires Hawaiian Lawmaker To Create Resolution Banning The Word

Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s racial slur-filled radio rant has inspired a Hawaiian politician to consider proposing a possible ban on the N-word.

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August 16th 1:59pm

Twitter Files: Nicki Minaj’s Eye Scare During Surgery

Nicki Minaj almost lost the ability to make her signature face spasms after a little scare during surgery she had this weekend. Continue…

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August 16th 1:52pm

Sneak Peek: Exclusive Pics From John Legend’s New Video “Wake Up Everybody”

John Legend, along with Melanie Fiona and The Roots were seen in Brooklyn shooting the 70’s inspired video for “Wake Up Everybody” directed by Gil Green.

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August 16th 1:43pm

Bad News For Matrimony-dom, Study Shows 1 In 5 Adults Are In Love With Someone Who Is NOT Their Partner

A recent poll of 3,000 people in relationships showed that one in five adults are actually in love with someone other than their significant other.

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