August 10th 9:37am

The Botox Betty and Eva Party it Up in ATL

Eva and Dwight Eubanks partied it up in ATL at 103 West for the First Friday Atlanta event.  Pop the hood for more pics

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August 10th 9:34am

Mike Vick With Young Jeezy? … Mike Vick Is Not Winning Back Publicity Points by Hanging Out With Rappers!

Young Jeezy made a pit stop in Virginia and hollered at the one dude that needs to stay as far away from rap(gangster rap at that) as possible, Michael Vick. Pop it and watch the video. SMH

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August 10th 9:30am

Forget a Cocoho… Amazing Amy’s Cakes are More Fit, Supple, and YOUNG

There can only be one great white hype on a black man’s guilty pleasure list. Amazing Amy just came out on the cover of SHOW Magazine and maybe that is why Coco did what she did last week, who knows. We do know one thing, Coco has kids and is in her mid thirties to…

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August 10th 9:15am

Uh-Oh MiMi’s New Album on Hold!

Looks like Mariah has more things to worry about than Eminem ever chopping her down again.  Her new album is nowhere near being complete.

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August 10th 9:00am

Which Geek Would You Hit?

Corny Corbin Bleu and Marlon Wayans were at the Teen Choice Awards all hugged up. Some surprise guests came through… Mike Tyson. First things first… Which One of These Strange Fruits Would You Let Soak Up the Thong? Pop it for pictures of Keke Palmer, Lil Mama, and BEP’s

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August 10th 8:43am

MJ Finally Laid to Rest!

After a month and some Jackson change, Michael Jackson’s body has finally been laid to rest.

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August 10th 8:42am

Quote of The Day: The Game Dry Humps an Australian Armless Midget….Tells Her “You Can Get It Too”

Damn, The Game took this to another level when he tells an armless midget in the beginning of the video… “you can get it too.” After inviting the little thing up on stage and kissing her, he then at the 3:30 mark, picks up the midget and lets her ride. SMH. We feel so disturbed…

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August 10th 8:40am

Blast From the Past: Washed Up R&B Artist Case Gives a Fan Some Lickey Licks

Remember Case? Well, he performed this weekend in Central Park with his tongue all up in some fan’s face. SMH. More performance photos of Jazmine Sullivan, Ryan Leslie, and some other throwbacks Jon B and Deborah Cox are under the hood….

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August 10th 8:37am

Kelis is No Longer Feeling Blue

Kelis and Baby Knight were out and about tearing up the streets. With the judge giving her a cool $50 G’s a month, Kelis already took about $20 and got some new colors for her “DO.” Pop the Hood on this One

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August 10th 8:35am

Got Milk?

Can you guess which celebrity this is?

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August 10th 8:32am

Out of Pocket: Debo takes his Baby Girl to the Club… SMH

It looks like Tommy “Tiny” Lister took our advice about getting a lesson in holding a baby, but now he shows up with his wife and baby at a charity event AFTER PARTY… WTH?!?

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August 10th 8:30am

Man Hides Gun In Fat Rolls

A morbidly obese man in Texas hid a gun from police in his fat rolls. Twenty-five year old George Vera has been charged with possession…continue

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August 10th 8:27am

Teyana Taylor is Married to the MOB

Teyana Taylor, last we check, is supposed to be putting out an album, but she’s always doing damn photo-shoots, at least her latest one has a purpose. Teyana is now the new face of MTTM (Married to the Mob) clothing. The shoot is pretty hot, just hope when her album comes out it is too.

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August 10th 8:20am

Halle Beeeerrrrrry, Halle Berry. She’s Fine.

Ever since that Hurricane Chris character performed the “Halle Berry” song for the Louisiana Legislature back in June, every time we actually see pics of her, the thought of that ridiculousness comes to mind. SMH. Here she is, seen walking down the street again in Cali. Pop it for more..

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August 9th 1:27pm

Beef Goes Off Wax: Wu Tang Clan Beats Down Joe Budden, Video Leaked

Joe Budden was beat down by the Wu Tang Clan last night and he was quick to respond to the attack via video. To get an idea of what happened, Joe Budden was holding a towel over his swollen eye. More.

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