June 24th 10:18pm

NBA Has Some New Baller$!!!!

Attention all you scallywags, birds, come-up chicks and yes, even you Kat Stacks meet the nation’s new millionaires! Pop the hood for more!

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June 24th 9:28pm

Mariah Carey’s Vet Bill Is Kinda Scary… 30 Stacks For Doggie Daycare???

Mariah Carey has one bill in particular that’s become quite a b*tch… Apparently her pet care costs skyrocketed last Fall when she enlisted her Manhattan veterinarian to care for her dogs for over a month in Los Angeles — and now the vet is suing because after seven months she’s paid less than a quarter…

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June 24th 8:29pm

We Are Tired of Seeing BP’s Oil “Shill” Darryl Willis: “Darryl Says He’s “Happy to Be The Face of BP”

We just had to drop line about being fatigued with seeing the “Darryl Willis” BP commercial.. The PR team was quite predictable with finding a southern brother to do the bidding of the corporate manifestation of the devil. Oh yeah, not only is he a brother, he says he is a “volunteer”. Ooooh–the historical victim…

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June 24th 8:18pm

Kelly Rowland: “Mathew Knowles… Ho Sit Down!!! You Have No Right To Speak On Behalf Of Destiny’s Child…”

Kelly Rowland may be trying to find her place in the music world as a solo artist but one thing she definitely knows is that… Mathew Knowles has no right to speak on anything regarding Destiny’s Child. A few weeks ago, Mathew stated that there would be NO Destiny’s Child Reunion… Kelly Rowland Didn’t Like…

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June 24th 7:25pm

Why The F*ck Is Meagan Good Rockin’ A Long-Sleeved Sweater, Jeans, And Suede Boots In The Middle Of June?!?!?!

Meagan Good was photographed the other night in Cali with this “Anti-Summer” get up on. We know it can’t be THAT chilly in Hollyweird in the evenings. No way this broad is serious. More on the flippy…

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June 24th 7:04pm

Miley Cyrus Likes OJ Da Juiceman And Who??

First she was looking like Tupac and shaking her crotch, now the teenage fiend is talking about her favorite rappers and probably in the backdrop getting her flute filled and jaws worked. SMH. See Who Miley Cyrus’ Two Favorite Rappers Are On BossipVideo.com

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June 24th 6:34pm

America May Not Approve Of R. Kelly’s “LifeStyle” But South Africa Has Nothing But Love For Him

R. Kelly performed at the 2010 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony. Even though he was acquitted of all charges, a lot of his fans are still disgusted but none of that has stopped South Africa from rolling out the red carpet and showing R. Kelly some love. Pop the Top to Watch How South Africans…

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June 24th 5:33pm

SHOTS FIRED!!! Beanie Sigel Disses Drake

Beanie Sigel has dissed Drake… Apparently the verse on “Light Up” from Jay-Z didn’t sit too well with Beanie Sigel and he is now taking aim at anyone who allows Jay to talk trash on their records. Continue

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June 24th 4:34pm

Obama Squashes Cold War Beef With Russia Over Warm Burgers

Barack Obama continues to smash all the haters who doubted on his foreign affairs abilities. Today he helped bridge the chasm created by the 80’s cold war by building with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev over cheeseburgers!!! Pop the hood for details

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June 24th 4:32pm

BossipVideo.com Links!

Professor Griff “Jay-Z And Diddy Sold Out To The Illuminati And I Don’t Support Obama!”: CLICK HERE 2 Chicago Teens Go To Barbecue And Get Kidnapped, Stripped, Shot And Left For Dead!: CLICK HERE Snoop Dogg Getting A Tattoo Of Shante “Boss Lady” Broadus On His 10″ Arm: CLICK HERE Latoya Jackson Is Visiting Bubbles:…

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June 24th 2:41pm

*Bossip Exclusive* Bossip Talks To Monica About Rocko “This Is The Truth So Help Me God!”

BOSSIP chatted with Monica this past weekend and we made sure to ask the ATL Diva about Rocko, the kids and if she is dating. Monica, after swearing before God, adamantly denied having even the urge to date… Click Here To Watch The Bossip Interview With Monica!!

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June 24th 2:32pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Timbaland And Dr. Dre Give Surprise Performance To High School Grads (GO) BET Founder Announces Factories In Haiti (GO) Did Gucci Mane Kill Kenny? (GO) Russell Simmons Wins Battle Against Cap On Debit Card Fees (GO) Bristol Palin Shows Off Her Acting Chops (GO) Man Stabs Roommate For Loud Sex With Homeless Woman (GO) Is…

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June 24th 2:15pm

Nicki Minaj’s Official Black Men Cover Is Quite Busty, Not Really “Cakey”

Last week we posted some Black Men magazine images of Nicki Minaj, and now we finally have the official cover you’ve been waiting for. Flip the script to peep…

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June 24th 2:03pm

Kimmy Cakes’ New Jawn Miles Austin Likes To Party And Has A “Frat Boy” Steez

Kim Kardashian has fallen for another bad-boy football stud in the shape of handsome Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin

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June 24th 12:10pm

Coupled Up On The Rebound

Lance Gross sure has rebounded in a major way. It seems like only yesterday he and Eva were breaking off their engagement … but clearly he’s over it. Check him out holdin’ hands and flossin’ his lil NewNew somethin’ tough. Pop the hood for more shots of Lance and his new jawn, along with NFL’er…

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