March 31st 9:40am

April 15th Is Around The Corner: 10 Tax Tips For Last Minute Filers

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, then you might want to get on the ball. We did a little research and found 10 Tax Tips for Last Minute Filers. In case you didn’t know, the 1st Time Home Buyers $8,000 Tax Credit was extended to April 30th. Pop the Top for Details

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March 31st 9:31am

Remember Us???

Man. Father Time has not been nice to these fellas. Jazz, Sisqo, Tao, and Nokio better known as Dru Hill had a listening party for their new album “InDRUpendence Day” in NYC last night looking a little ‘tired’. Poor thangs. Pop the top to peep more pics…

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March 31st 9:26am

Some Morning Handsome

His sexuality may be questionable, but Trey Songz’s looks are undeniable. On the upcoming April/May cover of VIBE the magazine declares Trey as “The Hardest In R&B,” but in the new issue of Complex Songz explores his sensitive musical side. Flip the Lid for More Flicks…

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March 31st 9:00am

Who You Calling A B*TCH? A Discussion On Female Roles In Hip-Hop

To get a sense of today’s Hip-Hop woman and in honor of Women’s History month, we figured we’d open up a discussion on female roles in hip-hop. Pop the hood to jump in. Continue

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March 31st 7:50am

Fired NY Times Reporter Jayson Blair Makes a Comeback as “Life Coach”

After being fired from the NY Times for plagiarism and being blamed for setting affirmative action back 100 years, Jayson Blair is being trusted again, as a life coach. The Atlanta Post has an exclusive interview where he reveals how he has moved on.

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March 30th 11:19pm

Guess Who Is Doing Something Strange For A Small Piece Of Change… AGAIN!!!

Guess Who was caught dropping it like it’s hot on the pole at a gay strip club?!?! Last time we saw her do this, she was on a reality show. We tend to have a love/hate relationship with this chick but we must say out of everything that she does… The Pole is like 2nd…

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March 30th 10:56pm

Ci-ERROR’s New Jawn Leaves You “SPEECHLESS” Because… IT SUCKS!!!!!

We said it before and we will say it again… Ciara needs to stick to endorsing products or get back on track with Jazzy Pha. At least Riahnna knows she has no talent and stays in the lane of what works for her. We can’t even comment on this new jawn “Speechless” ft The Dream…

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March 30th 7:45pm

Trey Songz’s Beard Ophilia, aka Just Right, Poses For The Camera

All those months of playing beard to Trey Trey have finally paid off for former “For The Love Of Ray J 2″ alum Just Right, aka Ophilia. The reality “star” had a photoshoot of her own and we figured we’d share with you guys. Pop the hood for a look.

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March 30th 7:30pm

HipHopWired Exclusive: Trina Speaks On New Ventures, Set To Hit BET’s “The Deal”

Trina is continuing her reign as Slip N’ Slide Records’ Diamond Princess and preparing to release her fifth studio album Amazin’. While promoting her latest project, HipHopWired had a chance to sit down with the Baddest B*tch to discuss her new album, her new clothing line and her upcoming reality TV show. Continue

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March 30th 7:20pm

Say Hello To My Little Friend

This little boy is not just playing with a toy gun, he’s acting out the role of Tony Montana, Al Pacino’s character from Scarface. While the film is undoubtedly a classic, we were disturbed that elementary school students would ever be asked to act out such adult content. Click the jump to watch and make…

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March 30th 5:06pm

Police Consider Filing Charges Against Erykah Badu

While Erykah Badu is celebrating the release of her latest album New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh, police in Texas are investigating whether to charge the singer with indecent exposure for her “Window Seat” video. Details when you … Continue

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March 30th 4:10pm

Santonio Holmes Accuser Called Him A “F*ck N***er” Before Stroking His Face With Her Fingers

Pittsburgh Steeler Santonio Holmes is in another fight with the woman who claims he threw a glass at her face in an Orlando club. Holmes charges that she called him a “N***er.” Details under the hood.

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March 30th 3:01pm

Racist C-Span Caller Offers ‘Respectful Criticism': “You Should Change Your Name To Black-Span”

We should have known when Obama was elected the Republicans and Conservatives would only be getting more evil and ignorant with their comments. A North Carolina man dialed up C-Span to complain about the number of ‘Blacks’ calling in on the Republican/Conservative line. Offensive audio under the hatch:

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March 30th 2:37pm

Random Ridiculousness: Crazy Old Folks Love Them Some JELL-O More Than Bill Cosby

Meet Alexander “Daddy Got Rocks” Clement and Christine “Diamond Life” Clement. These class acts are the masterminds behind a plot to scam for free JELL-O. Details under the hood.

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March 30th 2:27pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Kelly Rowland has been on the Miami scene heavy lately.  She recently performed her new single “Commander” at MIA club Mansion on Saturday with this get up on.  We get her trying to match her gear with the song but… Are You Feelin This Get Up? More pics of Kelly on the flip.

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