July 21st 8:45am

Can’t Find the Weed Man? Just Use Your iPhone

Bossip just got wind of something that every half-baked, smoked-out fan would love to know.  There is a new app for iPhones that allows its users to search for “cannabis” (weed for all you hooked on phonics folks) suppliers in your area.  Read about this random ridiculousness after the jump!

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July 21st 8:23am

*UpDate* Gucci Mane in Jail…

We Broke it First on Sunday with Gucci Mane being arrested for violating his probation terms. According to our insider Gucci Mane is in jail but apparently his attorney Dwight Thomas has come forward to dispute the rumors: “Gucci Mane is not incarcerated. His attorneys are addressing all pending issues through the courts.” …

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July 20th 5:01pm

*Breaking News* Chris Brown Finally Man’s Up and Apologizes

Yeah, we can’t believe it either. Chris Brown finally asked his fans and society for forgiveness. Now maybe people will get over it. Pop the top and see the video for yourself.

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July 20th 1:00pm

We Hope She Gets One Hell of an Album… Christina Confirms Engagement

So, we all got the memo that Christina Milian was engaged to the dog face known as the Dream but I guess she felt she needed to confirm it to make it more official and take her F*ckin for Tracks steez to a whole new level.  She says :

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July 20th 12:52pm

From BK to Hollyweird: Lil’ Kim is Trying a Little Too Hard, To Be White

Here is your girl Lil’ Kim at a party over the weekend that honored the great Nelson Mandela. Are you feelin’ her “turned out” Hollyweird swag? New nose, check. New rack, check. Long weave, check. Skin lightener, check. Chin, maybe. SMH. Kim’s steez reminds us a little of the sad story of MJ. We are…

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July 20th 12:40pm

Black Scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. Arrested at Own House: Racial Profiling Suspected

A black scholar and director at Harvard University by the name of, Henry Louis Gates Jr., was arrested at his own house. It looks to be a case of racial profiling: Henry Louis Gates Jr., the nation’s pre-eminent black scholar, is accusing Cambridge police of racism after he was arrested while trying to force open…

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July 20th 12:35pm

Tyler Perry Brings Christmas in July for Philly Kids That Were Kicked Out of the Pool

Madea went and got her “glock” of money that is… Tyler Perry learned of the story with the 65 kids in Philadelphia that were kicked out of the pool, and he decided to pay for the kids to go to Disney World on August 1st. I was told that one of these children, a seven…

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July 20th 12:30pm

Dallas Austin Swirling on Britney Spears and Uncle Diddy Holds A Music Session In Central Park

What were people doing before twitter… Dallas Austin, just like everyone else, went on a tweeting spree. He wants the world to know that “I do love Britney Spears, hope it doesn’t cause us problems… then “Take that, Take that” Diddy, “MySpace InBred” Cassie, “Making the Band “Dawn and Kaleena decided to have a Meet…

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July 20th 12:25pm

Kim Kardashian in Another Kini’…And Another!

Damn, the Kim Kardashian bikini pictures are flowing like cold water. We don’t really care why she took these. All we want to do is show you her cakes and call her an attention whore. Pop the top and see them cakes airborne…

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July 20th 9:48am

Guess What Sex Swirl-Seed Kendra and Hank Are Having?

On Friday, Kendra was shopping for baby clothes and let the sex of her baby be known. Pop it to find out

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July 20th 9:47am

Michael Vick is Free of Federal Custody But Still In Dog House

Mike Vick is supposedly released from Federal custody as of today; however, the man is not done with your boy yet: Former Atlanta Falcon, Michael Vick, will be officially released from his federal dog fighting charges Monday (July 20), but faces a new series of judgments from NFL leaders and animal rights activists. Many will…

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July 20th 9:47am

Chris Breezy’s Security Guard: I saw all the fights… AND I’m selling C. Breezy’s Shoes!!! HuH???

Sooo Breezy’s Security, Big Dave is tweeting it up on Twitter on his day off about C. Breezy and RiRi’s relationship. He says that RiRi was insecure and they fought all the time and that they really didn’t know what love is… BUT then on the flip side, he is selling autographed Chris Brown Sneaks…

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July 20th 9:46am

SMH: Vivica Fox and Her Hair Piece Are Drunk!

Up top is a picture of The Cougar, Vivica Fox,at an ATL night club over the weekend. They say she was extremely saucy and growling at young meat the whole night:

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July 20th 9:35am

Trey Songz’ Jump Off Tweets and Tells…

Bossip has learned that Trey Songz’ recent encounter with a NY jump off was taken to the next level when she outed him via Twitter: My boo suprised me…didn’t know he was here!!!! Night night ;D 5:48 AM Jul 17th from UberTwitter @ the diner with @songzyuuup 3:59 PM Jul 17th from UberTwitter

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July 20th 9:21am

New Kid Cudi Video Featuring Common and Kanye West: “Make Her Say”

This Kid Cudi jawn is pretty hot. The beat and verses on this song are remarkable. Let’s be honest, Kanye is still making good Hip Hop and Common’s adage is always genius.

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