October 22nd 9:05am

ESPN Not Fair to Black Analyst???: Harold Reynolds Hugs White Woman… Fired, But Steve Phillips Chops Down A Crazy-Manly One… Suspended

People are suggesting that a double standard exists at ESPN. Why? Harold Reynolds, an African-American analyst, was immediately fired for a false claim of harassment, while Steve Phillips, who is Caucasian, gets a one week leave from work after admitting to being in a weird sex, love triangle:

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October 22nd 9:04am

For The Ladies: Some Early Morning Sweat

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was spotted taking his fine-bronzed-tribal-tatted-up self in and out of the Trump Towers. We know some of you ladies are feelin his bulky muscled meathead swag, so…. Pop it and get your fix

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October 22nd 8:53am

Which One Would You Hit???

Chris Rock was spotted in the UK chilling with Saul Williams for the African Punk Tour. Neither one of these brothers is a looker, but if you had to, your life depended on it, and you had to pro-create to keep life going… Which One Would You Hit???

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October 22nd 8:50am

African King Working Right Under Hospital Officials’ Noses

Charles Wesley Mumbere surprised the mess out of his former employees at a rehab center in Pennsylvania when he returned to Uganda and reclaimed his rightful crown and throne. Pop the top for this shocking story

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October 22nd 8:44am

Who is This Blowing Up The Spot With Their Medical Marijuana???

Someone showed up to Katsuya’s showing off their bag of medical marijuana. While it is legal to consume medical marijuana, it is not legal to flash it on front street or drive while under the influence. Pop the top to see who is blowing up the spot

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October 22nd 8:40am

Out of Pocket: Hey Lady, that isn’t Al Sharpton and All Black People Do Not Look the Same!!!

We bet Messy Jessy gets this a lot, but MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer mistook him for Al Sharpton. Pop the top and watch this…

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October 22nd 8:30am

This Broad is the Epitome of the Phrase “Attention Whore”

We’re sure you can already tell who these little ‘tight old lady abs’ belong to….but for those of you who are a little slow…. Flip the script to take a gander…

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October 22nd 8:30am

New Music: Amerie Featuring Lloyd Banks & Trey Songz “Pretty Brown Eyes” Remix

Amerie’s looks and fashion sense are far superior to her singing. So when you throw in a good rapper and a decent R&B male artist, it can do nothing but help a sista out.. Pop the top to listen to the remix of Pretty Brown Eyes featuring Lloyd Banks and Trey Songz

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October 22nd 8:00am

Reggie Miller Caught in a Nasty Swirl Lover’s Quarrel

Former NBA star Reggie Miller is in the middle of a crazy love triangle, and he has gotten a restraining order to protect himself.  Flip the hood for the details.

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October 21st 2:00pm

Isn’t He Married???

Jay-Z was spotted taking shots back with this young banger last night.  Who the hell is she…cause she sure ain’t Bey Bey. Pop the top to find out and get a closer look.

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October 21st 1:50pm

ESPN’s Steve Phillips In Affair With Twisted-Sick Young Woman At Work “I have Extreme Concerns About the Health and Safety of My Kids and Myself!”

Another married entertainer is getting caught up with a young hot thing. Steve Phillips, an ESPN analyst, had no idea his new hot side-piece was as crazy as horse sh*t: ESPN analyst Steve Phillips had a fling with a 22-year-old production assistant, who, after being dumped, taunted his wife with “Fatal Attraction”-like phone calls and…

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October 21st 1:45pm

More Details Emerge in the Air McNair and Side Deal Murder/Suicide Case

Text messages from Steve McNair’s alleged killer have surfaced, as well as, new evidence that there might have been someone else involved:

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October 21st 1:40pm

*Bossip Exclusive* The Reality Swirl Between “For The Love of Ray-J 2″ Cast Member and Who??

A very close inside source has spilled the beans to BOSSIP about the cast member from For the Love of Ray-J 2 known as “Fetuccini.”  We found out that Fettucini’s “star” pimp boyfriend will be addressed on the first episode along with some other things. Pop the top to find out what high profile swirl…

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October 21st 1:35pm

Chris Brown’s New Album is a Plea to Get Rihanna Back

Chris Brown just released his new single Crawl. This is the video that he was shooting this past weekend with Cassie. Pretty much all the songs we’ve heard are messages to little Ms. Rih Rih… Take a Listen and See What You Think: With everything that happened… How many of you would support them getting…

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October 21st 1:30pm

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