January 27th 11:58am

WTF?!?! Who Wants To Wear Roadkill On Their Head???

We thought Lada Gaga had some freakish getups, until we found the broad that’s been been known to outfit her a time or two, Reid Peppard, who uses taxidermy to turn dead creatures, namely roadkill rodents and vermin, into wearable accessories for her fashion line RP/Encore. Look under the hood for more

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January 27th 11:12am

True or False: Did Brad Pitt Ditch Angelina for Jen???

It seems like there was more than “Hope for Haiti” at the telethon last week, because Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston may have rekindled something when they had an emotional reunion.  More details under the hood.

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January 27th 11:11am

More of Kobe’s Little Angels and Trophy Wife in the District of Columbia

We posted images of the LA Lakers meeting President Barack Obama the other day, and here are some more shots of “Mr. Family Man” Kobe Bryant’s little girls Natalia and Gianna…and that crazy broad Vanessa. We don’t want to talk about anyone’s kids, but we will say that the older one is starting to ‘grow…

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January 27th 11:10am

Certified Links

Master P Scolds Lil Wayne For Not Running With The Saints (GO) Tiger Woods’ wife calling off divorce (GO) Soulja Boy To Release Book (GO) Heidi Montag Goes to Far?? (GO) Warren G Discusses Being Played By Dr. Dre & Snoop [Video] (GO) Mystikal Reflects on Prison Sentence (Audio Included) (GO) Julie Bowen Talks Tiny…

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January 27th 11:09am

Another Day, Another Guilty Plea: Shady Former Attorney Could Face 100 Years in Federal Prison for $1.2B Scam

That shady-behind Scott Rothstein is going down. He pleaded guilty to all kinds of crazy fraudulent counts against him this morning: A disbarred attorney who courted politicians and star athletes and led a flamboyant lifestyle even by South Florida standards pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal charges that he ran a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme.

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January 27th 11:07am

For Discussion: Misa says “We Want Kim Porter to Accept Chance but She’s Not Ready Yet… but I Accepted Christian!!!”

Yesterday we posted Misa’s interview and there was a one thing she said that stood out: We want Kim to accept Chance but she’s just not ready yet… but I accepted Christian… Diddy met Kim Porter and Sarah Chapman around the same time but Kim was considered to be the “main girl.” Like Misa said,…

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January 27th 10:51am

Enter @Bossip Tweetstakes For A Chance To Win

It’s your last chance to get a crack at this week’s @Bossip contest for our loyal readers!!!!! We are giving away prizes to three of our lucky Twitter followers!!! Pop the hatch for the prizes, Terms and Conditions, etc…

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January 27th 10:35am

New Music: Keri Hilson is “Like a Stripper and Daddy is a Tipper”???

Keri Hilson and Diamond have teamed up for this new jawn “Like a Stripper”, which completely explains why Keri is always having sex with the floor. Exactly when did dancing like a stripper become the new “IT” thing to do??? Take a Listen:

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January 27th 10:24am

Greg Oden Apologizes For His Peen Leakage

Gotta give Greg Oden some credit for stepping up and apologizing for his public display of erection. The Trail Blazers center held a press conference last night to address the situation. Look under the hood for more.

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January 27th 10:23am

In White Folks News: Taylor Swift Talks About “Rapping” and “Bling”

Taylor Swift was interviewed by Rolling Stone and talks about T-Sweezy and rapping:

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January 27th 9:59am

End of Days: Autistic Woman Raped In Broad Daylight; No One Stops To Help

Police have 15-year-old Anferney Fontenet in custody after they say he raped a mentally challenged woman in broad daylight on the side of a busy street. Continue…

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January 27th 9:49am

Which NBA Player’s Sister is Bangin’ and Putting her Cakes on Display???

We came across this banger and come to find out, she has a brother that played in the NBA. How did she manage to stay under the radar for so long??? Probably because most of her success is international. Can you guess who her brother is??? Pop the Top for her Brother

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January 27th 9:16am

SMH: No Love For Haiti’s Dead, Unidentified Bodies In Mass Graves, Some Unburied

As the Haitian government continues to struggle to keep up with recovery operations, it has been revealed that many of the bodies of the dead have been removed without being identified. Even worse, in burial grounds outside of Port-Au-Prince, the dead are being disrespected by not even being full covered by dirt!!! Look under the…

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January 27th 9:15am

Ciara and Her Diesel Legs Hit Up Paris Fashion Week and Get Booed

Ciara “the muse for Givenchy” had a party in her honor at Paris’ Fashion Week, unfortunately she was booed by photographers for her tardiness:

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January 27th 9:09am

Quote of the Day: Paul Shirley Gets Out of Pocket

Professional basketball player/writer/blogger/dumbfu*ck, Paul Shirley, wrote this long a*s soliloquy on why he refuses to donate to Haiti: I haven’t donated to the Haitian relief effort for the same reason that I don’t give money to homeless men on the street.

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