January 6th 1:54pm

Even More Kissy Face Rihanna and Matt Kemp Coupled Up Pics

More pictures have surfaced of Rihanna and her new man piece Matt Kemp in Mexico.  These two really are taking coupled up to whole other level.  More pics under the hood.

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January 6th 1:41pm

Some Afternoon Booty

A faithful Bossip reader just so happens to be the cover of the prestigious Smooth Magazine, and she decided to send it to us for you guys’ viewing pleasure. Her name is Milan. Be sure to pop the hatch for cake, cake, and more cake…

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January 6th 1:01pm

The Queen Hits the Scene with her Grandma’s Church Get Up On

Queen Latifah was in Beverly Hills yesterday to announce the CoverGirl Clean Makeup For Clean Water campaign looking like someone’s Granny. Dania Ramirez (one of the faces for the CG Clean Water campaign as well) was in attendance as well looking like the lil banger that she is…. More pics of the ladies on the…

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January 6th 1:00pm

In White Folks News: Paris and Nicole Richie Reunite to Mourn Close Friend Casey Johnson

Former BFF’s Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were spotted giving their support to each other after the untimely death of their close friend  Casey Johnson.  Pop the top for Paris’s feelings on Casey’s death.

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January 6th 12:20pm

Certified Links

Beanie Sigel Addresses Being Used by 50 Cent (GO) Aubrey “Drake” Graham Is Becoming A Man (GO) KFC Ad Has Certain People Shouting Racism (GO) Natalie Portman Tries To Stay Away From Playing Jews (GO) Woman Throws Temper Tantrum At McDonalds, Damages Equipment (GO) Jessica Simpson Has Curly Hair, Stop Everything In The Entire World(GO)…

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January 6th 12:13pm

Meet Carlos Allen, White House Party Crasher Numero Tres

This is Carlos Allen, the third person to get past the Secret Service at the same party where those shady Salahis got through: Another uninvited guest made it into the White House state dinner made famous by gate-crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the Secret Service announced Monday — exposing more holes in the security perimeter…

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January 6th 11:53am

Why Would Anyone Want to Swagger Jack This Broad?

Melody Thornton needs some attention y’all… Yesterday she posted a tweetphoto comparing one of Ciara’s new flicks to an old picture of herself in the same fit with the caption “Omg! Omg omg! I was first ppl! I’m def not the “swagger jacker” in the one!

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January 6th 11:15am

The 2010 Census Questionnaire Lists the Word Negro as an Option, Is This Word Still Neccessary???

Every 10 years the US government conducts the Census questionnaire to help them decide how to spend $400 billion to communities across the country. Ever since 1850, the basic questions have pretty much been the same, the one question that has evolved the most is the race question. Last time we checked, this is 2010,…

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January 6th 11:08am

Mariah Has One Too Many Drinky-Poos and Gets Wasted at an Awards Gala

Mariah Carey was seen at the 2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala in California without her favorite red carpet accessory…her little hubby Nicky Cannon. Which could explain why she was too drunk to accept her own award. More pics of MC on the flippy along with a video of her looking loose off…

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January 6th 11:01am

Pepa And Friends Search For Mr. Right On New Show

Sandra “Pepa” Denton and sorta famous friends Jacque Reid, Joumana Kidd and Kittie Troy are ‘lookin pa nub’ in their new Vh1 reality show “Let’s Talk About Pep,” which airs Monday January 11th Continue

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January 6th 11:00am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Mentally Disabled Woman Chained, Held In Her Own Feces

A mentally disabled woman was found in Wisconsin confined to a home by chains and covered in her own feces. 56-year-old Sally Adams and her son 34-year-old Ernest Claiborne are being charged..Continue…

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January 6th 10:12am

BOSSIP Exclusive: Chris Brown’s New Boo Gets The Boot

When we posted the above picture of Chris Brown from New Year’s weekend BOSSIP readers quickly solved the “mystery” of who the girl was by his side … Rhea from N.E.R.D. Right? Not exactly! Pop the hood to find out what we mean

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January 6th 10:08am

Woman and Baby Trampled to Death by an Elephant in Kenya

This is sad: An American woman and her baby daughter were trampled to death by an elephant while on a forest hike in Kenya,

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January 6th 10:05am

Coupled Up: Chocolate Reggie and Kimmy Kakes Go to Dinner

Chronic swirlers, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian, were in Hollyweird last night grabbing dinner at Nobu with some friends. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz…….. Pop the hatch for more pics and Kim’s new perfume ad…

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January 6th 9:49am

Some More Rihanna & Matt Kemp Lovin’ in Mexico

Chris Breezy who?? Rihanna is still boo’ed up with her “toy friend” Matt Kemp in Cabo, and it seems like they’re having fun together despite the rumors that this guy has a “real girlfriend.” More images including one of Rihanna’s chubby homies flipping the paps the bird when you….

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