July 27th 11:33am

Medical Blunder!

Note: You can contact the family’s lawyer Adam Slater at (212) 481-7400 if you have any similar medical errors in your family. King’s County Hospital has been lying to people saying they haven’t had any ‘medical error’ amputations. Gradford Dennie does not have a leg to prove that is a lie: From 2006 through 2008,…

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July 27th 11:25am

Mel B’s Face is Melting and Kelly Rowland Goes Mad

Mel B’s face began to melt, while she and the family were at the Dodger Day Event. On the flip side, Kelly Rowland got mad with Madden and showed off her football skills. Pop it for Pics

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July 27th 11:15am

Michelle Obama and Naomi Campbell….TOPLESS?

This is a picture of Mrs. Obama in Britain. Notice Naomi trying to hustle a quick shot and photo op? Underneath the hood we got one Naomi topless for Dolce&Gabbana…(change of subject) Pop it and see them titay’s…

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July 27th 10:55am

Monday Suspect

Pharrell has completely changed it up on hoes. He has a successful business, does not f*ck with hip hop except on his terms, and white folks can’t get enough of his style. We think he looks suspect a bunch, but that is just us. Pop the top for more of the geek

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July 27th 10:47am

Vernon Forrest Dreamed About His Death the Week Before and Posted It on Twitter

As you all know, Vernon Forrest was killed in Atlanta on saturday night. The craziest thing that we just found out was that Vernon had a dream and posted it on twitter just the week before his death

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July 27th 10:30am

Ho Step Down: Sarah Palin Doesn’t Want America to Apologize for Sh*t!

Old Putz Palin is up to her old trickery again. On a play on words in a speech announcing her resignation from Alaska Gov., the dumb b*tch said this:

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July 27th 8:50am

Octo-Mom Always Does Something Strange for A Lil’ Piece of Change

Since Octo-Mom can’t pimp the poohnanee, she has now officially started to pimp the kids for a piece of change. Unfortunately, Octo-Puss and the kiddies are getting a show… SMH

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July 27th 8:10am

J.Ho Turns the big 4-0 & Can Still Get It!!!

J Lo celebrated her 40th birthday in NYC a couple of times;  first on set, then at the Edison Room. Check out more pics under the hood .

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July 26th 11:30am

Creepin’ in NYC: Rihanna and Chris Brown Spotted in Same Hotel, May Violate Court Order

We have learned that Rihanna and Chris Brown checked into different rooms at NYC’s Trump International Hotel & Tower on Friday. The dysfunctional couple were seen using decoy vehicles to creep around in the city to prevent detection of paparazzi and the media.

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July 26th 11:00am

Method Man on Nas and Kelis: “50 Grand a Month For Some Womb Is Some Bullsh*t”

Method Man and Redman hit up WKYS radio station and let it fly on Kelis being awarded so much money in her divorce.

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July 26th 10:58am

R.I.P.: Three-Time WBC Boxing Champion Vernon Forrest Has Been Killed

This is a very sad day for the Boxing World. Boxing Champion Vernon Forrest was shot to death last night in Atlanta, GA during an attempted car jacking. Forrest, who was 38, was an Atlanta native. He was shot seven or eight times as he chased at least two men who had tried to steal…

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July 26th 10:55am

CoCo vs. Black Women on How To Keep a Man: Part 1

Coco recently did a blog post entitled ‘How to Keep Your Man Satisfied’ and some Black women took offense to the content.

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July 26th 10:48am

Isn’t SHE Married???

Yesterday Bossip spies were at a pool party and you will never believe whose wife was getting tossed up! Pop the Hood

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July 26th 10:40am

SMH: While the Rest of the Family is Still Mourning…Joe Jackson is Already Partying it Up!

Ya boy, Joe Jackson, was seen at a Beyonce concert in NY, carefree. People are calling him insensitive and cold. Duh, so what’s new? Pop the top to see him in awe of Bey

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July 26th 10:32am

For the Children: Kanye West’s Hometown Performance Plus Q&A’s From Kids

Kanye did a benefit concert in Chicago, his home town. He got real personal in this show because he even took questions from the kids in the crowd he is trying to help.

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