March 30th 9:14am

Satellite Radio Thuggin: Howard Stern Bites Back At Jamie Foxx…Says In So Many Words That Dude Is Gay

This weekend we posted some audio of Jamie Foxx and his Foxxhole crew going extra hard at Howard Stern and his little sidekick Robin. Apparently, Howard Stern is not too pleased and he had some “interesting” things to say. Continue…

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March 30th 8:45am

Jay-Z Not Faking The Funk About Buying Into The Mighty Arsenal Club

Jay-Z hinted that he may be investing in the prestigious Arsenal Gunners. The Gunners are a Premier League-European soccer team with ties that trickle down all the way into California youth soccer. But Jay isn’t investing for the kids… he is doing it because of an old man-crush:

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March 30th 8:31am

New Music: Nicki Minaj Initiates A “MASSIVE ATTACK”… But It Sounds More Like _______

The wait is finally over… Nicki Minaj’s first single, “Massive Attack”, has been released for us to hear. Sooo much hype has been created around her and this Barbie movement that we thought at least this jawn would be a club banger but… Why don’t you just listen to it and let us know if…

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March 30th 8:00am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

We came across this old and interesting picture this morning of one of our favorite R&B groups, Debarge. Something about this picture is not sitting right with us, but we can’t seem to put our finger on it. Help us out.

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March 30th 7:46am

Meet The Playas: Platinum Life Web Edition

Last week we introduced the new online interactive game Platinum Life: Web Edition, and this week we wanted to dig a little deeper. Flip the script for the details:

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March 29th 8:59pm

R&B Beef: Raheem DeVaughn & Lyfe Jennings Almost Clash When Entourage Hits Up Studio [Video]

WHY??? Of all the Attention Whoring tactics… Lyfe Jennings and Raheem Devaughn are seriously drumming up an R&B beef. Yesterday afternoon, Lyfe Jennings hit the 103 Jamz studio in Norfolk, VA and called out Raheem Devaughn for supposedly mentioning his name. The DJ informed Lyfe that DeVaughn was in town, so Lyfe told DeVaughn to…

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March 29th 8:41pm

For The Stans: The Beyonce Blow Up Love Doll… It Could Be Your Sweet Dream Or Beautiful Nightmare?!?!

We just came across the most hilarious, yet disrespectful thing we have seen in a long time… The “She Ain’t No Beyonce Inflatable Love Doll!!!” There is absolutely no way that Bey Bey’s camp doesn’t know about this and if they do, we’re very surprised they didn’t do all they could to stop it. SMH…

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March 29th 8:30pm

GTFOH: Usher Says “The Lyrics In ‘Little Freak’ Are Not Fabricated… It’s Happens All The Time!!!”

Usher needs to make up his mind. First, he says his songs are not related to his real life, now he tells MTV a different story when it comes to his jawn “Little Freak” featuring Nicki Minaj. When asked if he really has girls go pick up other girls… Here’s What Usher had to say…

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March 29th 6:23pm

Pay Yo Bills: Kelis WANTED For Walking Away Without Paying For Weave

SMH… We can’t believe Kelis pays $5,000 for her hair to look like that. Well, she’s supposed to pay $5,000, but she skipped out on the bill. Pop the hood for details.

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March 29th 6:17pm

Police Accidentally Shoot Carjacked Toddler

The parents of a 2-year-old boy in Jacksonville, Florida are dismayed with local police after they accidentally shot their child in the upper torso and arm trying to shoot a suspect in a carjacking.

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March 29th 6:13pm

Dear Ricky Martin, You Didn’t Have To Write A Book To Tell Us You Were Gay!

While it might seem like coming out the closet should be as simple as just saying, “I’m Gay,” apparently it’s just not that simple for certain celebrities who have been denying the obvious since adolescent superstardom. Take Ricky Martin for example, who now that he’s writing a book, decided to make his long overdue coming…

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March 29th 5:57pm

Scary White Wackjobs Busted For Plottin On Po-Po

These so-called Christians in the Hutaree militia group plotted to take out a law enforcement officer, then launch a surprise attack on the officers of the law who gathered at the “bait’s” funeral using weapons of mass destruction. Look under the hood for the sickening details.

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March 29th 5:54pm

Steelers’ Santonio Holmes Will Cut A B*tch … If He’s Drunk As A Skunk And She’s Sitting In His Spot

WTF is wrong with these out of pocket NFL players? A new lawsuit claims that Pittsburgh Steeler Santonio Holmes tossed a glass full of liquor in a woman’s face at an Orlando nightclub. Anshonoe Mills alleges that once the Five-Oh showed up, Holmes tried to tell her he plays for the NFL and “could not…

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March 29th 5:34pm

Kush Chronicles: Could California Pave The Way To Pot Legalization Across The Nation?

California just gave marijuana smokers a great reason to head to the voting booths this November. With the state facing a major financial crisis, it looks like the drug could be legalized for recreational use in the next election. Pop the hood for details.

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March 29th 4:59pm

Some Afternoon Cakes

We figured you waited long enough for your afternoon cakes… Pop the hood for a better view of Eka Samone. Continue

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