March 18th 10:59am

Talk About Being Prisoner To Your Name, Akon Launches Konvict Fragrance (Handcuffs Included)

Akon is stanky rich thanks largely to Lady Gaga, but he’s covering up the funk with his new Konvict fragrance. While the name doesn’t exactly ring so fresh and so clean, we gotta give him credit for staying true to the brand all the way down to the packaging. Pop the hood for details.

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March 18th 10:50am

10 Ways To Avoid A Lover’s Spat

Good day Bossip Readers! How many times have we started a conversation off with a “I don’t want to argue with you,” and then it turns into a knock down drag out? While fighting with your significant other is a given it’s also necessary for a relationship to grow – or par for the course,…

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March 18th 10:45am

Lil Guido Snooki Charged For Killing Folks??

SMH: Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was criminally charged for selling booze to minors at a party at her house

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March 18th 10:43am

New Music: Monica Is Looking In The “MIRROR” For Answers

Monica has released another jawn from her new album, “Still Standing”, that drops next week. The latest single “Everything to Me” is definitely on point, so let us know how you feel about this one. Hate It or Love It?!?

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March 18th 10:38am

Diddy Buying In On Historic European Soccer Team

Diddy is a business man, that much we can’t deny. Puffy may now be trying to purchase a football club out of Europe… for the name:

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March 18th 10:32am

Jet Beauty Of The Week

Jill Scott is the cover girl for Jet Mag this week.  In this issue she talks openly about life after her breakup, motherhood and the new Tyler Perry movie “Why Did I Get Married Too”. Pop the top for Jill’s thoughts on raising her son without her ex fiancée.

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March 18th 10:07am

Faux News Excuse The F**k Out Of You But President Obama Is Speaking

Yesterday President Obama had an interview with Fox News anchor Bret Baier answering questions about the health care bill. Normally when someone asks a question they allow the person they asked to answer the question. Apparently Bret didn’t receive the proper training on how to conduct an interview. Flip the Lid for a Peek at…

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March 18th 9:32am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Is It A Wrap For Essence Magazine?

The iconic brand may be folding its magazine, according to Gawker, proving that even the popular go-to mag for black women can’t withstand the tides of the recession. Just a couple of days after announcing the retirement of beauty editor Mikki Taylor, Continue…

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March 18th 9:28am

Drake Gets Softer Than Baby Booty On New Jawn “Fall For Your Love”

Your new “Illuminati Hottie,” Drake, has a new jawn that sounds really, really soft. We are all for rappers using their vocal range, but this one is like a throwback of P.M. Dawn. Pop the top to listen too “Fall For Your Love”

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March 18th 9:26am

Shake It For Swirl Daddy!!! Birthday Boy Robin Thicke Gets Slizzzed With BeyBey And Camel

Our favorite R&B swirler Robin Thicke got loose as a goose with Reggie Bush, BeyBey and Old Man Camel Carter last night for his birthday party at 1Oak. Pop the hood for more flicks of the party people.

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March 18th 8:51am

Wyclef Compares Himself To MLK Jr. After Being Accused Of Cakin’ Mistress With Yele Haiti Charity Funds

Ever since Wyclef decided to go hard for Haiti, any spec of dirt that someone finds on him has been making headlines. Unfortunately, Wyclef has decided to respond to all the rumors via Twitter. SMH @ this dude comparing himself to Martin Luther King, Jr. Pop it for Wyclef’s Twitter Press Conference..

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March 18th 8:47am

In White Folks News: Sandra Bullock’s Husband’s Alleged Skanky Mistress Speaks Out On The Affair

Meet Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. Not only is she a Kat Von D/Marilyn Manson look-a-like, she’s a tattoo model, stripper, and the lovely lady Sandra Bullock’s husband has been choppin down on a regular. More pictures and details on how Sandy’s hubby Jesse James was hung like a horse and “never wore drawls or condoms” when…

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March 18th 8:44am

Makin’ It Rain On Them Hoes: Michael Jordan Buys The Charlotte Bobcats

Yesterday Michael Jordan became the first former player to be a majority team owner in the NBA when his $275 million bid to buy the Charlotte Bobcats was unanimously approved by the league’s Board of Governors. Continue

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March 18th 8:35am

WTH… Jesus Please Take The Wheel: Drunk And High Father Leaves Baby In Oven

Officials in Kentucky have Larry Long, a cook at a local restaurant, in custody after they say he drank so much alcohol and smoked so much marijuana that he mistakenly put his 5-week-old baby in the oven. The mother, Brandy Hatton, also admitted

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March 18th 8:11am

Todd Bridges: You Know You Have Hit Rock Bottom When You’re Rocked Out And Rocking A Diaper

Todd Bridges out promoting his new Tell-All book called “Kill Willis” and hit up Fox & Friends to further discuss his rock addiction and rocking a diaper:

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