November 3rd 10:47am

New Music: Usher is “The Realest One”

Usher keeps giving it to us from every angle with new music. He’s really on the move since them “Papers” were officially signed. Usher’s latest jawn is called The Realest One… Take a Listen:

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November 3rd 10:46am

True or False: Did Nicole Richie and her Baby Daddy Make it Official??

There had been much speculation that Nicole Richie finally married her longtime boyfriend and the father of her two children, Joel Madden.  After exiting her lawyer’s office with a wedding band, she pretty much sealed the deal.  Pop the top for the details.

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November 3rd 10:45am

Diddy Admits to Cleaning Toilets Before he Cleaned out Bank Accounts

Diddy recently went down memory lane while talking about his new season of “I Want to Work for Diddy.” He says he doesn’t cut the newbies any slack since he worked hard to get to where he is.  Flip the hood to find out what types of jobs Diddy had before he worked for himself.

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November 3rd 10:30am

Rocsi Could Learn a Thing or Two from LaLa Vasquez Like How Not to Kill Yourself

In a recent interview that LaLa did with A Word for My Sistas, she talked about dealing with the media, self-esteem and her wedding plans. Unlike Rocsi, who spoke to Honey about committing suicide. Pop the top to see how a lady really deals with life in the flashing lights.

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November 3rd 9:20am

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Clipse Remix Featuring Officer Ricky Ross & Pharrell – “Im Good” Video

The Clipse finally released a video for the remix to “I’m Good” which features Rick Ross. …Continue

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November 3rd 8:55am

Random Ridiculousness: Jay-Z Judges One of the Sorriest Rap Battles Ever

On a show called, MuchOnDemand, Joe got to play judge for a minute over a weak Rap Battle. Pop the top and watch this interesting piece of footage where he calls out an MC of a lesser caliber

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November 3rd 8:27am

Jesus Take The Book Store: Christian Book Store Clerk Arrested For Recording Customers In Bathroom!

A 28-year-old perverted Family Christian Book Store clerk has been arrested in California for getting his jollies off, via the Good Lord’s word: A 28-year-old clerk at a Christian book store in Simi Valley has been arrested and charged with “peeping” on a customer in the bathroom…

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November 3rd 8:06am

Which One Would You Hit?????

NY Jet Kerry Rhodes had a black tie dinner for his foundation at STK in NYC last night and your boy Tyson Beckford was in attendance as well. Ladies, which one of these kind fellows would you let ‘blow your back out’??? Peep more pics under the hood…

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November 3rd 7:55am

Bey Bey with Julius on Date Night in Moscow

While in Moscow, Beyonce made her way to the theater to see a performance of Swan Lake, with her boy Julius by her side. The dress is nice, but what exactly is that fur thing she is rocking with no sleeves??? Pop it for Flicks…

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November 3rd 6:07am

Twitter Files: Lindsay Hohan Has the Nerve to Call Somebody a Lunatic

SMH at Lindsay putting her dad on blast via Twitter:

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November 2nd 11:20am

50 Cent Says “Since Jay Lost to Nas He Hasn’t Competed…Beans Went Out In Front For Jay!”

Bugs Bunny has sided with Beanie Sigel and says that all that “stuff” Jay says that he gave Beans doesn’t mean squat. 50 also talks about the The Roc leaving their boys hanging by paying them $1,500 dollars for a show. Pop it and listen

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November 2nd 11:10am

Does Kelly Even Date Brothers Anymore???

Kelly Rowland was spotted on Miami beach partaking in a mega swirl fest.  We wonder if chocolate left a bad taste in her mouth or something because ever since she’s been in the UK, she’s been anti-black men. More pics of Kelly in a kini under the hood.

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November 2nd 11:00am

Twitter Files: Breezy says Natalie Nunn Was on Some Other Planet When She Thought of This Lie

After our exclusive with Natalie Nunn about her and Chris’ alleged relationship, Chris responded to the BOSSIP story and took to his twitter page to try and do some damage control.  Pop the top to see what he tweeted on the situation.

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November 2nd 10:55am

Quote of the Day: “If It’s a Choice Between a Man Who Gives Flowers and a Man Who Gives Oral… TAKE the ORAL, It’s FREE.”

Gabrielle Union recently went into depth about sex and relationships, and we can’t help but wonder if these rules she’s stating, apply to D-Wade. Flip the hood to see exactly what we are talking about.

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November 2nd 10:53am

An Afternoon Caramel Snack: Nelly as a Pilot

Ladies always say they love a man in uniform. Well, this Pilot’s uniform definitely does Nelly right. He attended a Halloween party in Atlanta this weekend with Jermaine Durpi and Usher. Antonia “Toya” Carter was also in attendance and we just got a little info on her and boo… Check it Out Under the Hood

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