October 31st 12:00pm

Dear Ne-Yo, Please say Your New Song “When He Kissed Me” is a DEMO!!!

Neyo’s new song, When He Kissed Me, has been leaked and it is raising eyebrows. Everyone knows that he’s an amazing song writer but Ne-Yo sounds a little TOO comfortable singing this song but we’re going to let ya’ll decide… Take a Listen

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October 31st 11:30am

Birdman Says Camel Is Not The Best Nor The Richest… Plus Jay Responds to Beanie Sigel’s Assault

As soon as Jay-Z said he was the best and MTV named him number one on the MC List, we knew there was going to be problems. Baby says Wayne is the best and that Jay is not nearly as rich as they are. Joe Camel is not taking these assaults laying down. He responded…

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October 31st 10:10am

Just When We Thought Lil’ Kim was Slippin’ Back… She Flips the Scrip

Lil’ Kim was performing in Switzerland earlier this week. We just heard Kim is back in the studio working on a new album. After looking at these flicks, you can’t help but think she is slippin’ back into the raunchy raw Kim until we saw her new photo shoot… Flip the Lid for the Transformation

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October 31st 10:00am

New Music: R. Kelly is Echoing & Yodeling

R. Kelly just dropped a new jawn. This is the third single from his album Untitled plus he also dropped a new album cover, sounds like trouble over in album sales. Take a Listen and See if you Feeling it

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October 31st 8:00am

Angela Simmons Out and About Again… Does this Chick Really Work

Angela Simmons was spotted at Da Silvano in NYC having lunch.  She’s been spotted out a lot lately, leading us to believe that she may not be in the kitchen, whipping up pastries, as much as she says she is. More pics of Angela lunchin underneath the hood.

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October 30th 11:30am

Whose Backs and Tramp Stamp is this Shopping in Hollyweird?

Here’s a little clue…They belong to someone who serves up a mean tranny face in every photo.

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October 30th 11:20am

WTF: A 14 Year Old Girl Gets A Lil Wayne Cake for her Birthday… And NO she’s not Black

Ireland, the 14 year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and actress Kim Basinger, got a Lil Wayne birthday cake made for her birthday. Want to see what Wayne looks like as a cake boss? Flip up the hood.

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October 30th 11:17am

Beanie Sigel Rides On Joe Camel With New Diss “Average Cat” And Says Jay Is A Snitch That Called Feds

Beanie Sigel is riding on his old boy, Jay-Z. In the Camel diss song, Beans talks about Hova leaving him hanging in his time of need and being in bed with the Feds. He also says he has some info that would crumble the relationship between Jay and Beyonce. Pop the top and take a…

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October 30th 11:15am

Silence the Violence: 12 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide Because of Bullying

Sadly, a 12-year-old boy from Alabama took his life on Tuesday after having enough of being bullied by his peers.

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October 30th 11:10am

Kerry Washington is Stunning

Kerry Washington hit up the Music Unites Fall Masquerade Gala in NYC last night looking naturally beautiful. Our girl Santigold was in the building as well. Philly stand up!!! More images when you…

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October 30th 11:07am

Certified Links

HHWired Exlcusive: World Premiere of Game’s New Singles (GO) Mary J. Blige Opens Women Center in NYC (GO) Jeezy Responds to Jody Breeze Diss (GO) Emilio Rojas & Ashy Larry “60 Moments” Episode 1 [Video] (GO) Paris Hilton Inflicts Voodoo Curse on Cristiano Ronaldo, Seriously (GO) Fabulous Teenage Burglars Steal Millions From Ten Celebrity Homes…

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October 30th 11:06am

Recognize this Celebs Baby Picture!?!?!?

He was so adorable as a kid now he’s a grown man but he’s still small. Here’s a hint… he’s an actor, a rapper and could be the poster child for Gap Kids… Do you recognize this baby??? Flip the Lid to Find Out

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October 30th 11:05am

Madge in Malawi

Pictured above is Madonna with her two adopted children David and Mercy in Malawi this week. We know we usually have something ‘funny’ to say about Madge, but she was there doing some good deeds….like building a school for young girls, raising money for Malawian orphans, and so on and so forth. One question though,…

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October 30th 11:03am

**Bossip Exclusive** Omarion Speaks on Fizz and Boogs Comments About Him

Bossip had the chance to chop it up with Omarion at Webstar’s birthday party earlier this week, and he explained what’s growing on the back of his head and also had a little something to say about his old bandmates.

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October 30th 11:00am

Christina Milian is Glowing and Kelly Rowland’s Body is in Hiding

Christina Milian’s baby glow is definitely shining through now. She was pictured court side while watching the Atlanta Hawks play the Indiana Pacers. Also, is that her real hair?… Tyra’s inspiring everybody!!! Pop it for Kelly Rowland’s Beach Steez

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