March 17th 2:32pm

Guess How Much Rihanna Spends To Keep Her Body On Point??

According to sources Rihanna invests a lot of money into keeping her cakes in shape and spends close to…. Find out under the hood.

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March 17th 2:14pm

What Was Diddy Doing In This Photo??? RESPECT Magazine Answers That Question And More

RESPECT Magazine, a quarterly photojournal featuring some of urban culture’s most stunning visuals, recently released their second issue and we decided to share a few shots with you. Pop the hood to feast your eyes… and find out what Diddy was doing in that photo!

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March 17th 1:45pm

Gabourey Sidibe’s Mom Says Precious Wants To Slim Down

According to Radar Online Gabourey Sidibe is ready to shed the extra weight that she put on for the Precious film. More details once you pop the top.

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March 17th 1:34pm

Fill In The Blank

Camel was spotted in Pittsburgh kicking with his recording artist Bridget Kelly looking a little “too close for comfort.” Fill in the Blank: While BeyBey is out being lesbo lovers with Lady GaGa, Jay-Z is __________________________________. More pics when you…

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March 17th 11:42am

Out Of Pocket: South Jersey Walmart Kicks Out All The Black Folks

Customers shopping in a South Jersey Walmart got the shock of their life when they heard an announcement asking all African-American customers to evacuate the store. Check out the details on the flip.

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March 17th 11:21am

Certified Links

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Explains Ending Rick Ross Beef (GO) Britney Spears Loses Another One (GO) Dame Dash Speaks On Jay-Z, Financial Woes & New Art Venture (GO) Why Outsourced Jobs Aren’t Coming Back (GO) Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Has A Heart Attack (GO) Michelle Trachtenberg is Complex (GO) School Board President In Detroit Excels Despite He…

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March 17th 11:21am

*BOSSIP Exclusive* No More Hiding For ‘Licia And Swizzy … And Mashonda Says Those Two Were Meant For Each Other!

Since Angelina Keys and Brad Beatz decided put their love on parade, BOSSIP received a tip from an insider saying that Swizzy’s divorce from Mashonda is final, and has been for some time. But that’s not what Mashonda says. Pop the hood for details.

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March 17th 10:40am

Ciara Says “A.ll D.ay I. D.ream A.bout S.ex”

Ciara’s got a new gig as the spokeswoman for another company and this time she didn’t have to breakout the strippers like she did for the Verizon and LG commercial. Even though she lacks talent in the studio, she still has the body and sex appeal to sell anything. If you have all of that,…

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March 17th 10:35am

Ain’t That A B*tch: Lil’ Wayne Misses Court in Arizona And A Bench Warrant Is Issued BUT… He’s Already In Jail

First we want to know how something like this is even legal in the justice system??? Regardless, it seems like Lil’ Wayne can’t catch a break. A bench warrant has been issued for his arrest for failing to appear in

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March 17th 10:25am

Dear Bossip: I Hate The ‘N-Word’

What’s up Bossip! I have a dilemma. It’s not quite as dramatic as some of the others I’ve read but I would like a bit of advice please! I’m engaged to a wonderful man. He’s educated, funny, good looking and best of all, he treats me like a queen. My issue is he’s always uses…

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March 17th 9:41am

While Diddy Was On The Set Of Waka Flocka’s Video… Cassie Was Seen On The Scene With Dallas Austin!?!?

Diddy was in Atlanta Monday night to shoot the video for Waka Flocka Flame’s “O Lets Do It Video” along with Rick Ross, Fabolous and others. Instead of Cassie stalking and watching Diddy Bop’s every move, she hit up the Gold Room Nightclub with Dallas Austin…. Question: Where is Kim Porter, Isn’t Atlanta her city???…

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March 17th 9:38am

Random Ridiculousness: Dumb Juror Steals Fellow Juror’s Credit Card And Goes Shopping During Trial’s Lunch Break!

It doesn’t get any better than this. Pure dumbf*ckery: There was more than one criminal in this courtroom. The Bronx trial of an accused credit card thief was thrown into turmoil when a juror’s plastic was stolen and used for a shopping spree – allegedly by another juror!

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March 17th 9:36am

Wake Up Haitian President Rene Preval!!! Please Keep Earthquake Survivors Safe From Rapist Attacks!!!

After all they’ve already been through, women and children in Haiti are in serious danger of being raped — even gang raped — because there is little to no protection in the dangerous tent camps. Details on the flipside.

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March 17th 9:24am

Tiger “Cheetah” Woods Ain’t Got Nothing On This Cat: Ex-NBA Player Talks Sex Addiction And Sleeping With 90 Women Per Month

Former NBA player Winston Bennett certainly has Tiger Woods beat on sex addiction. This guy was hitting 3-4 different women daily without using protection, and even had the nerve to have sex with another woman less than 24 hours after he was married. This is a must see! Continue…

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March 17th 8:43am

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Are Reggie And Kim Over??? Friends Say This Time It’s For Good!!!

Despite their recent vacay, it looks like Kim Kardashian’s extra thirsty attention whore behavior has cost her relationship with Reggie. Pop the hood for details.

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