October 30th 7:36am

Mos Def Gets it in with the Paps and Pulls a Kanye

Mos Def was spotted at LAX airport yesterday getting into it with a videographer who crossed the line somehow.  From the looks of things, Mos Def was popping a mad lip and finger pointing like nobody’s business. You won’t catch him with an assault charge like Kanye though. More pics of Mos Def under the…

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October 30th 7:15am

Adrienne Celebrates her 26th Birthday in New York

Adrienne Bailon just celebrated her 26th birthday in New York. Even though her name has been thrown around a couple of times, the girl does know how to clean up. Is She Wifey Material???

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October 29th 2:00pm

True or False: Mathew Knowles is Paying Off Stations to Diss Letoya Luckett…

We all know Mathew is sneaky, but now a source tells Bossip that Mathew is even dirtier than we thought when it comes to making sure Bey Bey Beyonce stays on top of the charts.  Flip the Hood for the Details…

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October 29th 1:40pm


Alicia Keys is on the grind for her upcoming album. She has now dropped her second single, Sleeping with a Broken Heart. Alicia is giving Mashonda a couple of songs to listen to while going through these trying times. Take a Listen: Speaking of Broken Hearts… we caught up with Tahiry, Joe Budden’s Ex-Chick, and…

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October 29th 1:30pm

Former NBA First Round Pick And Celtic Antoine Walker Wasted Away $110 Million… He’s “Flat Line” Broke!!!

Antoine Walker, former NBA player, is over $4 million in the hole and facing charges for felony check fraud: In 12 years, Antoine Walker made more than $110 million playing professional basketball moderately well. Take away taxes, throw in some Adidas endorsement money and an “NBA Live 99″ cover, and he’s left with, what…

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October 29th 1:20pm

Question Of The Day: Is Black Face OK When Tyra Banks’ Show Does It???

We have been faced with the black face issue a few times recently. Your girl Tyra just did a show with black face on ANTM and we want to know how you feel about it: Continuing the resurgence of a makeup practice long considered taboo, “America’s Next Top Model” featured a number of models painted…

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October 29th 1:10pm

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat (Part 1)

Hey Men of Bossip, have you ever been cheated on? Or here’s a better question, have you ever been cheated on … that you know of? Cheating, unfortunately, is a reality in many relationships

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October 28th 12:15pm

First Lady Michelle Obama is So Glamourous

Michelle Obama covers the November issue of Glamour and she dished out some great dating advice.  Pop the hood to see what the First Lady is working with.

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October 28th 12:10pm

Chris Brown Is Officially Back. Well, According to Some…

Your boy Breezy had his first performance since the beat-down for NYC’s  Powerhouse 2009. Keri Hilson and Trey Songz tweeted about his return to the stage. Pop it for more pictures and to see what Keri and Trey tweeted

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October 28th 12:05pm

Certified Links

Kid Cudi Defends Kanye West (GO) Twista Meets With Kids From Derrion Albert Case(GO) Joe Budden Tears into Past Relationship with Tahiry(GO) Morehouse President Responds to Dress Code Controversy (GO) Jody Breeze Explains Jeezy Beef (GO) 50 Cent Goes In On Triple C’s (Video) (GO) Snoop’s Countdown to Malice (Video) (GO) New Nightclubs for Overweight…

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October 28th 12:00pm

Twitter Files: Camel’s BFF Larry “Jack-Up” Johnson Uses Gay Slur And Apologizes

Joe Camel’s BFF Larry Johnson is back in trouble and this time did something just as bad as spitting in someone’s face: Several reporters tried to talk to Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson on Monday, but Johnson said he did not talk on Monday’s. Radio station 810 WHB reports that Johnson said a…

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October 28th 11:50am

Where is Kim Porter Cassie??? Part 1

While Cassie’s lil as* was tweeting about honesty and what not, Diddy was in Brazil on vacay last week with none other than Kim Porter. Pop it for the pics as well as Diddy sneaking around and his thoughts on Brazilian booty

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October 28th 11:45am

Antonia “Toya” Carter is “Making it Rain on You Hoes” for her Birthday

Toya Carter celebrated her birthday the other night in Atlanta with friends, family and strangers, and baby girl rolled up in an Aston Martin. Toya posted one of her special gifts on Twitter and a few people were upset about it. Pop it to See What She Got…

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October 28th 11:40am

Jesus Take the Wheel & End of Days: 19 Year Old Boy RAPES his Grandmother… SMH

This sh*t made our stomachs turn. Lee Aaron, 19 years old, is accused of raping his grandmother after she allowed him to live with her. Not once, but on several different occasions, then sent her a text message saying “I Love You.” WTF is wrong with people?!?!

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October 28th 11:35am

SMH: Republican National Committee Under Fire For Racist Obama Picture

The Republican National Committee’s Facebook page raised eyebrows after a racist picture appeared on the group’s fan page. A “fan” of the committee posted a picture of President Obama eating a piece of fried chicken with a caption that reads: Continue…

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