March 15th 5:46pm

Will.I.Am Is A Swirling Save-A-Ho???

Black Eyed Peas rapper and producer is happy his “friend” Cheryl Cole is getting divorced… because he’s ready to move in on her. The rapper recently gushed about how wonderful the British singer is and how he plans to ease her pain. Pop the hood for details.

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March 15th 5:40pm

First Rihanna Meets the Parents Now She Shows Up At Matt’s Training Camp… Interesting!?!

Rihanna and Matt Kemp keep playing with the media when it comes to the “status” of their relationship. They say that they’re just friends but she met his parents and now she’s showing up to his training camp in Glendale, Arizona. Rihanna and Matt Kemp… It’s Ok, You Ain’t Gotta Lie to Kick It!!!

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March 15th 5:35pm

Chicago Clergy Calls For Ban On Blunts

A Bishop in Chicago and other anti-drug supporters are calling for a ban on “blunt wraps”, a type of tobacco leaf paper often used to roll marijuana. Continue

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March 15th 5:32pm

Out Of Pocket: Weight Loss Company Sends “Precious” An Intervention Letter And Sponsorship Proposal!?!?!

Since Howard Stern opened his mouth last week about Gabourey Sidibe’s size, a weight loss company is looking to sponsor Gabby if she chooses to lose weight and in return they would like for her to endorse them. We understand what they are trying to do BUT the letter that they sent her is so…

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March 15th 5:30pm

Name That Cake…

These cakes were photographed for a TITS (Two In The Shirt) photo shoot looking nice and juicy. You know the drill. Flip it to find out to whom they belong…

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March 15th 4:59pm

And Now A Word From Tameka Foster…

It’s only fair to share both sides of the story, so when Tameka Foster hit up BOSSIP in order to dispute rumors she stalked her ex-husband all the way down to Jamaica, we decided to hear her out. Her exact words to BOSSIP after the jump…

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March 15th 4:46pm

Oops… VOGUE Can’t Keep Up With All Diddy’s Hoes!!! Mistakes Cassie For Faith Evans, Compares Her To J.Lo

Kim Porter has got to be STEAMING right now… Not only did she get left stateside so Diddy could bring Cassie to Paris for Fashion Week, the venerable fashion tome VOGUE even bestowed her with that elusive title: GIRLFRIEND! Pop the hood for details.

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March 15th 4:28pm

Nas Is No Dummy… Tells Kids He Wishes He Stayed In School

Nas made a recent stop in Pittsburgh for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s annual National Keystone Conference. Part of his message included a pledge to some day complete his high school diploma. Continue

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March 15th 2:06pm

Pure Comedy: Tiger Woods Marked For Mockery… Sex Addicted Golf Pro Is South Park’s Next Target!!!

Just when we thought we’d exhausted all the jokes about Tiger “Cheetah” Woods, we learned the golf ho pro — would be the subject of the opening episode for the 14th season of “South Park”. Pop the hood for details.

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March 15th 1:52pm

Drug Gangs Kill Three People Tied To U.S. Consulate In Mexico

Two Americans and a third man with ties to the U.S. Consulate in Mexico were killed Saturday in broad daylight after drug gang hit men ambushed their vehicles in a drive by shooting. Continue

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March 15th 1:37pm

Monica Is Tired Of The Negativity And Ready To Move On

After her breakup with Rocko, Monica is ready to move on and decided to tweet her way into a new life. Continue…

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March 15th 1:29pm

What The Hell??? Someone Please Tell This Woman Becoming The Fattest Woman In The World Is A DEADLY Goal!!!

A woman in New Jersey that weighs an astonishing 602 pounds is trying to break the world record and become the fattest woman in the world. Continue

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March 15th 11:29am

Name Those Cakes…

These juicy backs were spotted outside Prime 112 in Miami Beach… Shouldn’t be hard to guess who they belong to! Pop the hood for more backs (and fronts).

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March 15th 11:25am

Blame Kelis For This: Cassie Has A New Do

Looks like Cassie has decided to hop on the Kelis weirdo wagon and attach this season’s ‘trendy’ braid to her dome.  She debuted the style at VIP Room in Paris over the weekend. SMH. Another one to blame Kelis for. More flicks on the flippy.

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March 15th 11:24am

*Bossip Exclusive*: Did Tameka Foster Follow Her Ex-Husband And His Fiancee To Jamaica???

Bossip just got word that Tameka Foster made a desperate stalker attempt to get back with ex-husband Ryan Glover… Flip the Lid for these Details

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