October 21st 12:50pm

Freaks: Former Morgue Worker Pleads Guilty to Choppin Down Corpses!!

This pervert, Kenneth Douglas, just admitted to having the most sickest sex fetish (it and bestiality) in the world: A former morgue worker pleaded guilty to charges that he sexually abused two corpses. Kenneth Douglas, 56, was already in prison after he was convicted in 2008 of having sex with the corpse of…

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October 21st 12:45pm

**Update** Amber Tweets on Kanye’s Fake Death

There were Twitter updates from people around the world mourning the death of Kanye West; we later found out that it was all a big rumor.  Flip the hood for the details.

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October 21st 12:35pm

Let Me Get 2 Legs and A Buttered Up Biscuit…

This lil banger was spotted getting her new found shine on last night in Hollyweird at the STK Burlesque Show. All of Hollyweird’s elite were there. Pop the Top to See the D-listers That Made it Out

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October 21st 12:03pm

Shyne’s Daddy has No Pull… He’s Getting Deported to Belize

Shyne’s father is the Prime Minister of Belize and wrote a letter to the Governor of New York asking him would to allow Shyne to stay in the United States. Even though Shyne has been in the USA since he was 13, the governor was not trying to hear it. Question… Where is Diddy??? SMH…

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October 21st 10:55am

What the Heck is Up With All The Violence These Days?????

Three teenage girls were shot in a ‘drive by’ yesterday afternoon in Georgia:

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October 21st 10:30am

Who Looked More Bangin’??? The Creme De La SLIM Edition

Between Sherri and Star, they both have lost a whole human of weight. Both ladies stepped out to the 2009 Angel Ball to Benefit Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation. We all know, one lost it naturally and the other one lost it surgically, BUT all we want to know is… Who Looked More Bangin’???

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October 21st 9:50am

Warning! Flu Shots Forcing People to Walk Backwards and Get Dystonia!

One girl has contracted Dystonia and another is doing everything backwards, including walking. Both illnesses are from Flu shots. Pop the top and peep

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October 21st 9:50am

The Game Wins One Against The System

Jayceon has not won a good battle in a while, so this lawsuit coming to an end must be some kind of relief: While The Game preps for the December release of his R.E.D. album, his name’s been continually in the headlines for legal issues. As previously reported, his old legal team filed a suit…

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October 21st 9:30am

In Sort of White Folks News: Meet Nicole Richie’s Son Sparrow

Pictures of Nicole Richie’s son Sparrow have surfaced.  Flip the hood to see the little bambino.

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October 21st 9:00am

Not To Be Out Done: Chris Brown Drops Promotional Pictures Right On Cue

Breezy is looking tangy with his boot and glasses steez, but we all know how much he likes… beating up the womb. This is a picture from the Transform Ya video shoot.  Can you say, re-make of Run This Town? Pop the top to see the collage

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October 21st 8:45am

In White Folks News: Justin Back Gettin It In…

Justin Timberfake was spotted last night with his MAIN. The person that spotted him tweeted to the paps outside the movie premiere, praying that one of them would catch him coming out with her. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been plagued with break-up rumors these past few months…

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October 21st 8:30am

Attention Whore: Now Sarah Palin Wants to be on Oprah Since she has a Book Deal

Sarah Palin refused to appear on Oprah during the campaign season, but now the two ladies are going to sit down and have a chat.

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October 21st 7:40am

Getting Punched in the Face Can’t Hold Me Down

Showing her resilience, Leona Lewis jumped back onto the scene yesterday smiling and a grinning with her mother in tow… as usual. Guess you can’t keep a sister girl down, right? Pop the top for more

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October 20th 1:10pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Another Dad Catches Daughter In Sack With Boyfriend and Almost Chops Off Daughter’s Arm…With A Samurai Sword

Black fathers across the U.S. have been losing all sense of reality after catching their seeds in bed with boyfriends. A man in Rochester started swinging his Samurai sword around after he caught his teenage daughter doing the nasty: He is accused of terrorizing his own step-daughter with a samurai sword.  It is an attack…

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October 20th 12:50pm

Tionna “Not-So” Smalls and Chilli On Ciara…”She Is A Brand New B*tch!”

Tionna Smalls of VH1’s The Chilli Project was at the event where TLC performed. Apparently, Ciara showed up acting pompous. Tionna didn’t let it slide and sent us this letter last night: One thing for sure, two things for certain….Tionna Smalls hates a b*tch who acts brand new and this is real talk. First off…

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