July 28th 12:51pm

Exclusive: Kim Kardashian Tells Bossip: “I Think We Will Get Back Together, He Wasn’t Cheating with Vanessa Manillo

Although BOSSIP originally reported yesterday that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush broke up due to his cheating ways, BOSSIP was on the phone with Kim last night and she is sticking to her story that their conflicting schedules caused the split. Kim K exclusively tells BOSSIP

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July 28th 12:38pm

Are You Feeling This Steez… Estelle Isn’t?

We know you are thinking it was drizzling out in NYC seeing Rihanna with a rag and all to keep the moisture out, right; wrong. It’s a trendy lil cap. Pop the top to see the back of her dome and to see the backhand Estelle gave her on her twitter as well.

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July 28th 12:20pm

What’s The Big Deal When Non-Black Women Have A Nice Ass?

We noticed some people give a “premium” value when other women have bodies that are usually found on Black women. Are some Black men appreciating nice bodies when they are found on white, latina, and asian women more than when found on their own women? Discuss.. Go under the hood for more pics of Annie…

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July 28th 12:12pm

Diddy Does it Up in Atlanta and Brings Out Baby Mama #3 and Kim Keeps it Trill In Miami

Diddy popped up in Atlanta this past weekend and brought Sarah Chapman, baby mama #3, out to have a good time. Apparently, Cassie was invited to this party cause she was nowhere to be found. Then Lil’ Kim made a whole weekend of party hopping with her different masks in the MIA… Pop the Hood…

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July 28th 12:05pm

Update: Dr. Murray Admits He F*cked Up… Things Get Worse for the Doc…

  As if he needed anymore stress on him, authorities have now gotten approval to search Dr.Murray’s Las Vegas home.

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July 28th 11:40am

Amber Rose Popped Backstage Doing What???

Amber Rose was spotted backstage at a Lil Wayne concert looking like she was trying to get it in with one of the members of Young Money… Pop the top and find out who the lucky member is

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July 28th 11:30am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Lady Burns Husband’s Nuts With Hot Boiling Water!

A poor guy got his sack melted because his wife thought he was cheating.

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July 28th 11:05am

He Must of Gotten Some the Other Night!

Why is Chris Brown smiling so hard? Pop the hood to see why…

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July 28th 10:52am

Chris Tucker Owes Over 3 Milli in Back Taxes!

Looks like Chris Tucker is in the middle of a make it rain drought seeing as he owes the state of California over 3 million in back taxes. 

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July 28th 9:05am

Dr. Murray Admits He F*cked Up…

Dr. Conrad Murray has admitted that he was the one to administer the drug Propofol to Michael Jackson. 

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July 28th 9:04am

Certified Links

Ace Hood: Miami’s Young Gun (GO) Apple and Labels Working To Resurrect Album Sales (GO) Dr. Dre’s The Chronic To Be Reissued With Bonus DVD Footage (GO) Seattle Hosts 8th Annual Hip-Hop Congress Conference (GO) Haitian Vessel Capsizes (GO) Alfamega Claims DEA Documents Are Fake (GO) Democrats Lift 21-Year-Old Ban on Needle-Exchange Program (GO)

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July 28th 9:03am

Beyonce Stans: It’s That Time… Vegas Baby!

Beyonce and The Camel were seen in New York over the weekend doing a little shopping. Beyonce is taking a breather since Vegas is around the corner. She has four dates in Vegas at the Encore Hotel that she has to pop off. Guess she found a way to make the money she missed in…

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July 28th 9:02am

Snoop Ends a 6 Year Rap Beef! Guess Who It’s With?

Snoop has decided to take the high road and end a rap war with an artist whose on lockdown for the next couple years!

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July 28th 9:01am

Whitney’s Album Gets Pushed…

  Whitney’s album date has been moved to another date. 

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July 28th 8:59am

Kelly Clarkson: I Did Not Jack Beyonce’s Song; It’s My Dumb A** Producer’s Fault

Kelly Clarkson is pissed. Her new songAlready Gone was produced by the same guy that did Beyonce’s Halo. So now of course the music world accused her of jockin’ Beyonce. There is definitely a similarity… SMH Pop the Hood for More

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