July 24th 8:14am

Another Day, Another Lawsuit

Posted by Bossip Staff Bugs Monkey is stirring up one more legal battle: 50 Cent wants dollars — lots of ‘em — from Taco Bell for jacking his “good name” for a low-budget promo. Fitty claims in a Federal lawsuit that the burrito slingers stole his identity by encouraging him to change his name to…

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July 23rd 5:09pm

Time For Weezy To Step Aside

Posted by Bossip Staff Nas just knocked Lil Wayne from the number one spot: Titled or not, Nas’ 9th LP, Untitled lands atop the Billboard charts this week. The set sold 187, 078 copies according to Nielsen’s Soundscan, moving enough units to push Lil Wayne off the No. 1 spot. So much for the “Best…

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July 23rd 3:26pm

A Breath of Fresh Air

Posted by Bossip Staff The Obamas are the headliners of the latest issue of People Magazine where they offer a rare look inside their family life. And we’ve included some pics of this dude named Luis Lay who is considered to be Germany’s official Barack Obama impersonator. We really don’t see the resemblance. They must really…

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July 23rd 10:40am

Jesus Take The Wheel

Posted by Bossip Staff   A loyal Bossiper pulled our coats to this wild ish that went down somewhere in Asia a while ago. Please Note: This shyte ain’t for no “Sensitive Susie’s.” Click HERE if you think you can handle what we’ve dubbed the “Bus Driver Beat Down. (Who Should’ve Gone Down Swinging)” Shout…

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July 23rd 10:39am

Best Rapper Alive??

Posted by Bossip Staff Time Magazine argues that Lil Wayne is the cream of the crop: Lil Wayne has a smoke-scarred rasp that makes him sound like Redd Foxx covering Bob Dylan. It’s hardly the voice you’d expect from a 25-year-old rap star, but then, it’s been a busy 25 years. Whether Wayne is, as…

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July 23rd 10:38am

Introducing Mini-Fab

Posted by Bossip Staff He managed to keep this under the radar…Here’s Fabolous looking all paternal with his new brand new baby boy. Check out more father and son pics, along with a view of the baby’s mom at a baby shower in Brooklyn just below. Source 1, 2

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July 23rd 10:32am

Seen on the Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff Mariah Carey was spotted on the way into MTV’s TRL yesterday in this little cutesy get up and knock-kneed stance. Check below for more of MiMi…. Peep pics of Natalie Cole, who was recently diagosed with Hep C outside of Madeo Restaurant and Blood Diamond Russ chatting it up at the…

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July 23rd 10:10am

CNN Sums Up The Black Experience

Posted by Bossip Staff CNN will be airing the first of its’ 2-part ground breaking documentary “Black in America” tonight. It would seem as though they think a topic this complex can be addressed in just two episodes. This could be rather interesting, but we can’t help but to wonder who exactly their real target…

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July 23rd 9:15am


Posted by Bossip Staff “Her Royal Queendom” and 3rd time mom to be Erykah Badu performed at the Paradiso in Amsterdam last night working her special blend of Badu-ness. Check out more pics of Ms. Badu as well as Mr. Baby Wipes celebrating his cover for Philadelphia Style Magazine right under the hood.

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July 23rd 9:00am

Justin Gets Out of Pocket

Posted by Bossip Staff While hosting the 2008 ESPY Awards, Justin Timberfake was met with silence after having a racist moment. Click HERE to learn all about the out-of-pocket statement that was edited out of the final cut.

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July 23rd 8:38am

“Because Prodigy Says So”

Posted by Bossip Staff Live from lock-down, it’s Prodigy. Peep his new Vibe-blog entry where this time, he promotes tooth decay: WHAT’S UP PEOPLE? I HOPE Y’ALL STAYING OUTTA TROUBLE AND FAR AWAY FROM WHERE I’M AT RIGHT NOW. EVERYTHING IS COOL WITH ME, SAME OLE, SAME OLE—READING AND WRITING. TODAY I WANNA TALK TO…

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July 23rd 8:30am

Amazon Free-For-All

Posted by Bossip Staff The strapping ladies of the WNBA got involved in an all out smack down last night click here and here to get a glimpse of the Shock’s vs. Sparks’ mayhem.

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July 23rd 8:22am

A Little Somethin’ Different

Posted by Bossip Staff Solange’s cover for Hadley Street Dreams is random as hell. We can’t help but chuckle at her far-away gaze and all that arbitrary shyte all on the ground. SMH.

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July 23rd 8:20am

No More Lion-O

Posted by Bossip Staff Wow, it looks like buddy boy got himself a hair cut. Omarion appeared to be having some trouble on stage while performing in Accra, Ghana over the weekend. Word is this “State of The Republic” concert was supposed to feature Sean Kingston and Fat Joe, but since Kingston was a no…

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July 23rd 8:15am

The King of Hollyweird

Posted by Bossip Staff Will Smith has been declared a certified baller: Forbes has released their latest list for the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, and this year’s winner is Will Smith. The list is based on who banks the most between June 1st 2007 through June 1st 2008. Will made $80 million last year, beating…

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