July 28th 8:48am

Alfamega Finally Admits to Snitching!

Alfamega finally admits to snitching at the 2:00 mark of this video, then goes into a spiel on why Tip should trust him, and what he “doesn’t know.”

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July 28th 8:14am

New Fabolous Video Featuring Keri Hilson and Ryan Leslie “Everything, Everyday, Everywhere”

Fabo keeps “videos” coming in, but quality is the key in Hip Hop nowadays. Remember we had pictures from this video shoot? What do you all think of the Everything, Everyday,  Everywhere video… a good look?

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July 28th 7:55am

Damn, K-Fraud is Taking It Past “Fat Off The Hog”

K-Fed has been fed entirely too much. He just got back from babysitting the kids overseas while Britney is making that money. You won’t believe how big this guy is now… Pop it and see K-Fat

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July 28th 7:49am

The 911 Call In the Henry Gates Fiasco!

We have the 911 call that ended up bringing that pig over to Dr. Gates’ house in the first place. This is quite baffling. The lady says they have suitcases and it looks like they may have left their keys… Pop the top and tell us what you think, because it is suspect

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July 28th 7:38am

10 Ways to Tell a Person is Lying

There is no real way to tell why a person would fix their mouth to tell a lie. Unless otherwise obvious, like lying to conceal  an illegal endeavor that can land you in the slammer, like money laundering, robbery or homicide, a felony of sort will definitely produce a lie or two. However, there are…

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July 28th 7:25am

Swimmer Tells Judges: Kiss My A**, I’m About to Win This Race

A US Swimmer’s swimsuit split  right before he began to race on Sunday during the World Swimming Championships in Rome. “I kind of freaked out for just a second. I felt like [the hole] was almost down to my knees. I felt like I was putting on a pretty good show.” Can you guess who’s…

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July 28th 7:05am

A Man’s Dream

The Dream was a sausage between two hotcakes at Grey Goose Entertainment and BET’s “Rising Icons” event in NYC last night.  To check out who else was there, pop the hood for more pics.

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July 27th 6:01pm

Officer Who Arrested African-American Studies Professor Gates : “Keep The Cars Coming”

Although Professor Louis Gates clearly communicated to officer James Crowley that he was the owner of the house, the officer told dispatch “keep the cars coming” and called for back up. Why did the shady officer need all that back up with a nerdy looking professor telling him he owned the damn house?

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July 27th 5:06pm

Guess Who’s Back: Michael Vick Is Reinstated

We told you Mike Vick was coming back this year right. Well it looks like Michael Vick will be back playing for a NFL team soon. NEW YORK — Michael Vick was reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday and could play in regular-season games as early as…

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July 27th 1:59pm

Exclusive: Insider Says The Game’s Attack on Joe Camel is “Completely Fake” and He is Desperate for Record Sales

A highly placed source that is familiar with The Game’s publicity strategy to start an artificial beef with Joe Camel, exclusively tells Bossip this is all about career “desperation” and he is just trying to “survive” in a music industry that is dying.

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July 27th 1:50pm

Jesus Take the Wheel: Woman Claims the Devil Made Her Kill Her Son

A San Antonio woman has claimed responsibility for what police are calling the most gruesome child killing in recent history.

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July 27th 1:45pm

Stephon Marbury… WTF???

We really want to know why Stephon Marbury is sitting in front of his web cam crying and his friend is serenading in the background. Then turns around and flips out… Flip the Lid to Listen

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July 27th 1:40pm

What Happens When Your Tattoo Artist F*cks Up?

Crooked I, who is a member of the group ‘Slaughterhouse’, hired a tattoo artist who we will just say wasn’t  interested in participating in the elementary school or junior high spelling bee competition. Go under the hood to see what happened

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July 27th 1:30pm

Pure Comedy: “Obama” Dances Like Michael Jackson!

For some reason, we can’t stop watching this hilarious video of “Obama” doing the Michael Jackson on a bus. Pop the top and see for yourself…

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July 27th 1:25pm

Kanye: I’m the New King of Pop!

Just when we thought Kanye couldn’t put his own LV sneaker any further down his throat, he hops out the woodworks with this statement.

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