October 15th 8:15am

Kanye West Gets NO American Music Award Love and Taylor Swift Gets 6 Nominations… Coincidence or Conspiracy

After Kanye’s VMA meltdown, Taylor Swift has been getting all types of sympathy work.

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October 15th 8:00am

Wanna Be A Virgin Again???

This is so random and ridiculous. A company has come up with a ‘cheap way’ for some hoes to get it back tight and ripe again: “Add a few moans and groans and you will pass through undetectable,” says the advertising for one of the most controversial inventions to ever hit store shelves. Religious conservatives…

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October 15th 7:40am

Mariah Handles the Pregnant and Thick Rumors With Attention Whore Stances

Look at Mariah “Cougar” Carey flossing her gut! Mimi is all bent over showing something off. Pop the top to see if she is pregnant or not

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October 15th 7:00am

Keri Hilson Visits South Africa…

Keri Hilson is over in South Africa right now and is tweeting like a kid in a candy store about everything she is seeing. Even though she is over there to perform shows with John Legend, she also brought her mother and sister along for a little family time. Pop it for More of Kerry…

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October 14th 4:00pm

More Recession Blues for Toni Braxton… Do We Smell a Foreclosure???

Toni Braxton needs some serious management with her finances. First she defaulted on a loan and now her house is up for foreclosure.  Toni B…. Get it Together!!! More Details Under the Hood…

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October 14th 3:39pm

Diddy Caught Twice Checking for Chicks While Cassie is No Where to be Found

We don’t think Diddy is ever going to settle down even though he says: “I want the perfect woman. I’m tired of f*cking hot chicks!!!” In Atlanta, Diddy was caught twice with T-W-O different girls on T-W-O different nights at Compound Nightclub. Cassie… if he’s telling you that you’re the one, well it looks like…

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October 14th 3:30pm

Teacher Kills Lover’s Pregnant Fiancée

This middle school teacher in Mississippi went stone psycho and killed her lover’s pregnant fiancée: A Mississippi middle school teacher could face the death penalty after she was found guilty Tuesday of fatally shooting and…

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October 14th 3:10pm

Recognize This Little Man….

Tahj Mowry, Tia and Tamera’s little brother has really grown up. Last night, he hit the red carpet for the premiere of Black Dynamite. Even though he is young, we consider him an Oldie but Goodie and it was a lot more in the building. Pop it to See What He’s Looking Like Now Along…

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October 14th 3:05pm

Twitter Files: Rihanna’s New Album is on the Way

Not like we’ve been anticipating, but she alerted the masses via her twitter page that her album is coming sooner rather than later. Rihanna has got to be one of the last celebs to start using Twitter. Pop it for details

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October 14th 2:15pm

Kobe Bryant’s Full Vogue Photo Shoot & Vanessa Bryant May Join the Real Houswives of Orange County

Other day, we showed you Kobe Bryant on the cover of Men’s Italian Vogue. Now we have the entire photo shoot and it is definitely a good look for him. Plus, Vanessa might have some fame coming her way. She might be joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Orange County… Pop it for…

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October 14th 2:00pm

*UPDATE*: Soulja Boy Can Show Off Diamonds and Benjamins… But You Can’t Pay Yo Bills!!!

Remember this LAMBO chain that Soulja Boy showed off and then said: “1ST OF ALL I didn’t pay ANYTHING for my black Lamborghini chain I got it FREE as a birthday present… to read the rest of this click here Well, that turned out to be a lie. Soulja Boy just did this video, that…

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October 14th 1:50pm

**Update** Khloe and Lamar are Having Trouble in Paradise…. ALREADY, but Khloe is Ready to Budge on the Prenup

While the  newlyweds were still working out the kinks of their pre-nup, we heard Khloe was growing very impatient, but now we hear she’s ready to budge.

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October 14th 1:30pm

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Real Housewives Of Atlanta Get Ganked

The Real Housewives were real green when it came to TV contracts and the fact that NBC/Bravo can do what they want with the series… and will. The RHOA are pissed off about this decision: RHOA: “This is some bull sh*t. We’ve been fighting their as* for the longest to

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October 14th 1:20pm

Reggie Bush has a New BFF

Reggie Bush teamed up with St. Jude’s Cancer Research Hospital to do a TV spot and gained a new best friend. Her name is Anna and she’s battling cancer at the age of 5. Here’s what Reggie Tweeted: It’s very humbling to see a little 5 year old girl with so much pride and joy…

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October 14th 1:00pm

Certified Links

HHWired Exclusive: Twista Gives His Criteria For Choosing The Hottest MCs Ranking (GO) Roc Raida Tribute To Be Held At Tableturns Reunion (GO) Glenn Beck Likens Fox News To Plight of Holocaust Jews (GO) Roxanne Shante Apologizes For PHD Sham (GO) Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Jessica Marquez (GO) Al Pacino, Hollywood’s Least Likely Prostitute (GO)

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