August 4th 12:13pm

13 Top Selling Black Authors You Should Know

Spanning a variety of genres and sub-genres, African-American and/or Black literature is best seen as an umbrella term that defines not only the ethnic background of the authors but also a commitment to putting out a message that is relevant both within and outside the Black community.

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August 4th 11:23am

Fill In The Blank: Freaky Azz BDR, AKA Russell Simmons, Wants To __________ Courtney Love

Dang BDR, what kind of yoga move is that??? The freakadocious mogul and fashion magnate held a presentation for his new ARGYLECULTURE Menswear line last night and it looked like he was a little excited to see Courtney Love. Keep reading for more shots of these freakazoids and don’t forget to Fill In The Blank…

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August 4th 10:55am

Twitter Files: Do These Shady Azz Tweets Mean Eugene Levy Is A Racist??

It’s crazy how far some people will go…especially folks who are always kvetching about the persecution of their own dang people! Jewish actor Eugene Levy, the dad in all the American Pie movies, has more then a few shady tweets on his page, but is he just trying to provoke laughs or has he already…

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August 4th 10:44am

Get Well ReRe: Queen Of Soul Breaks Ribs, Will Miss Eating Coney Island Hot Dogs And Birthday Cake

Legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin has canceled two free concerts in New York because of an injury, according to a statement issued by her publicists Wednesday. “Due to fractured ribs and pain in the abdomen

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August 4th 10:30am

Congratulations: Anthony Hamilton And Beautiful Wife, Tarsha, Expecting Twins

Congratulations are in order for Grammy Award winner Anthony Hamilton!

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August 4th 10:25am

This Is The Face Of A Crazy-Deranged Domestic Abusing Serial Stalker

SMH: A serial stalker is back to terrorizing women weeks after being released from prison – and his fearful wife said she won’t feel safe until he’s back behind bars.

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August 4th 10:20am

When The Checks Stop Coming In… Young Buck’s Home Raided Over $300K Tax Debt

Poor thang! The Feds raided Young Buck’s Nashville, TN home yesterday over an unpaid $300-thousand tax bill. Keep reading for the details…

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August 4th 10:07am

Swirly Matrimony-dom: Lamar Odom Is Still Talking About Knocking Wife Khloe Up

They need to stop talking about it, and just fu*king do it: Khloé Kardashian will soon be sporting a real baby bump if her husband gets his way.

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August 4th 9:49am

This Is Exactly Why These Athletes Need To Stay Away From Hoes: Part 2,137

Back in May, it was reported that NFL Baller, Albert Haynesworth, was being sued by some random stripper ho in Miami, and he’s still dealing with this bullshizz: Albert Haynesworth — one of the highest paid defensive players in the NFL — is fighting back in a $10 million legal war with a “stripper” …

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August 4th 9:34am

Dog Saves Master’s Life… By EATING His Big Infected Toe!!!

Jerry Douthett has his dog Kiko to thank, after the dog devoured a possibly life threatening infected toe while a drunken Jerry slept through the whole ordeal.

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August 4th 9:27am

Update On Disgruntled Beer Distributor Worker: No History Of Violence, “Just Snapped”

More details have emerged in yesterday’s story about a black beer warehouse driver that flipped out and murked 8 co-workers and then took his own life: Family members say Omar Thornton, the man suspected in the Tuesday morning massacre at Hartford Distributors, was a quiet, hard-working man who wasn’t a violent person, but was pushed…

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August 4th 9:06am

Swirling Matt Lauer Tranny And Whitney Houston’s Alleged Cousin, Alexis Houston, Has Some New Music!!

Remember the tranny who was swirling with Matt Lauer and was claiming to be Whitney Houston’s cousin??? Well, Alexis Houston is back and she’s got some new music fo dat a$s. Her new single is called “Change.” Have a listen below:

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August 4th 8:54am

Chris Brown Gets His Kicks Blasting Gats And Blowing Shizz Up!

Don’t expect Chris Brown to shake his violent reputation anytime soon… In a recent interview the singer/actor revealed that not only did he do almost all of his own stunts in his new film Takers, but that he loved doing them because he finds blasting gats and blowing shizz up FUN!

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August 4th 7:51am

New I-Phone App Helps Busy Hoes Schedule, Rate & Track Jump Offs

All you Ochocincozes, Superheadzes, Kat Stackses and nut-guzzlin’ no names, I-Phone has created an application to help you schedule your jump offs. No more inconvenient run-ins and smashed windows. Now you can schedule, rate and graph all of the people you sleep with the simple click of a button.

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August 4th 7:19am

Kanye Wests’ Tweet Instantly Makes His Fan Famous

Kanye is so famous, all he has to do is tweet you, and you’re an instant star. After a fan named Steven Holmes left a comment on his Twitter page, Kanye decided to follow him and the rest is history.

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