October 22nd 12:00pm

Whitney Redeems Herself and Makes Sure Her Clothes Fit

Whitney appeared on The X-Factor again; this time in Italy. Let’s just say she did a lot better this time around.  Pop the hood to see for yourself.

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October 22nd 11:50am

SMH: Sex-Torture Victim Lied???

Megan Williams captured the sympathies of a nation after she was rescued from the clutches of at least six abductors, whom according to her account, viciously tortured and sexually assaulted her in a shack. Now, nearly 2 years later, Williams has come back to the media to reveal a detail about her ordeal..Continue..

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October 22nd 11:40am

Chris Brown’s New Promo Picture and Teyana Taylor Going For Her Shine

Teyana Taylor is trying to fly her Breezy Flag all around, hoping to land herself a spot somewhere close when his career is back on track. The picture up top is another counter to RiRi’s newly released ones, obviously. Teyana spoke to VIBE about her allegiance to Chris: “When he gets back to where he…

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October 22nd 11:20am

Watching the First Lady Gyrate is How Barack Likes to Spend His Afternoons

Michelle Obama was spotted on the South Lawn of the White House yesterday hula-hooping and double dutching for a good cause, Children’s Healthcare. Video of the First Lady rocking her hips, along with details of her Jay Leno appearance, under the hood.

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October 22nd 11:15am

Here We Go Again: African Pirates Catch A Cargo Ship Slippin…

African pirates, off of their east coast shores, are back riding: Pirates seized control of a cargo vessel…

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October 22nd 11:10am

Trey Songz Behind the Scenes at his Video Shoot

Trey Songz felt that the pictures from the other day were not enough, so he decided to give the ladies a taste of what’s to come. For a man that admitted to having crabs before, how many of you ladies would like to be Grace right now??? Oh yeah, Fabolous is in it too…

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October 22nd 9:15am

Jesus Took the Wheel: Hulk Hogan Was About to Commit Suicide Until He Got a Phone Call…

At some point, we have all watched Hulk Hogan on TV, whether you want to admit it or not. Well, now Hulk Hogan is promoting his new book My Life Outside The Ring and one of the things he disclosed in the book is when he was about to commit suicide.

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October 22nd 9:10am

Ci-Ci is So So Hollyweird

You know you’ve officially got that Hollyweird steez when the paps try to catch you in an ‘up-skirt’ position. Here is Ci-ERROR hopping out of her Lambo at her new best friend Kim Kardashian‘s birthday party. Check on the flipside to see if they got her….

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October 22nd 9:07am

Congratulations: Store Clerk Runs off With a 1M Lottery Ticket

A Texas store clerk pocketed a customer’s winning lottery ticket, cashed it in and left town quick, fast and in a hurry.

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October 22nd 9:05am

ESPN Not Fair to Black Analyst???: Harold Reynolds Hugs White Woman… Fired, But Steve Phillips Chops Down A Crazy-Manly One… Suspended

People are suggesting that a double standard exists at ESPN. Why? Harold Reynolds, an African-American analyst, was immediately fired for a false claim of harassment, while Steve Phillips, who is Caucasian, gets a one week leave from work after admitting to being in a weird sex, love triangle:

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October 22nd 9:04am

For The Ladies: Some Early Morning Sweat

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was spotted taking his fine-bronzed-tribal-tatted-up self in and out of the Trump Towers. We know some of you ladies are feelin his bulky muscled meathead swag, so…. Pop it and get your fix

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October 22nd 8:53am

Which One Would You Hit???

Chris Rock was spotted in the UK chilling with Saul Williams for the African Punk Tour. Neither one of these brothers is a looker, but if you had to, your life depended on it, and you had to pro-create to keep life going… Which One Would You Hit???

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October 22nd 8:50am

African King Working Right Under Hospital Officials’ Noses

Charles Wesley Mumbere surprised the mess out of his former employees at a rehab center in Pennsylvania when he returned to Uganda and reclaimed his rightful crown and throne. Pop the top for this shocking story

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October 22nd 8:44am

Who is This Blowing Up The Spot With Their Medical Marijuana???

Someone showed up to Katsuya’s showing off their bag of medical marijuana. While it is legal to consume medical marijuana, it is not legal to flash it on front street or drive while under the influence. Pop the top to see who is blowing up the spot

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October 22nd 8:40am

Out of Pocket: Hey Lady, that isn’t Al Sharpton and All Black People Do Not Look the Same!!!

We bet Messy Jessy gets this a lot, but MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer mistook him for Al Sharpton. Pop the top and watch this…

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