August 6th 5:29pm

Dawn Richards Drops The Cheerleading Act And Diddy Lets Her Shine With New Jawn “Bottles” Ft. Trina

This is the moment that we and probably Dawn Richards, herself, has been waiting for… “Bottles” featuring Trina is Dawn’s New Jawn!!! After umpteen seasons of Making the Band and playing back up to Diddy, Dawn’s may have found her own voice… Tell Us What You Think:

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August 6th 5:09pm

Actress Maia Campbell Arrested

Former actress Maia Campbell who starred alongside LL Cool J in the sitcom “In The House” has reportedly been arrested in California.

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August 6th 4:53pm

Flo Rida Speaks On Contributing To “Step Up 3D” Soundtrack, Says Lil Wayne Will Be On His Next Album

BOSSIP had the opportunity to sit down with Flo Rida earlier this week and chop it up about his current single “Club Can’t Handle Me,” which is the first single off the “Step Up 3D” film which hits theatres today. We also asked Flo about his upcoming album The Only One his current status with…

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August 6th 3:57pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Rihanna Is A Talented Performer (GO) Ne-Yo Says He Wore Hats To Hide Hair Loss (GO) Drake’s Stripper Jawn Maliah In AsIs Mag (GO) Noreaga Talks New Solo Album “Nutcracker” and Montana Fishburne (GO) Would You Allow Your Man To Cheat? (GO) Megan Fox Is an ‘All Right’ Kisser, Says Eminem Video Co-Star (GO) Shyne…

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August 6th 3:45pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here is Shiloh, Angelina and Brad’s 4 year-old daughter swimming with siblings. Something is a little weird about this pic, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. Perhaps you can help us out. What Is Wrong With This Picture??? Source

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August 6th 3:07pm

Bossip Runs Into Chris Brown At The Cabana Club In L.A. And He Says ___________

Chris Brown hosted The Cabana club in L.A. last night. After his little one, two step performance for the little chickens that were screaming his name and about five seconds away from taking their panties off to throw on stage… Breezy found out Bossip was in the building and he said….

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August 6th 1:45pm

Sasha Obama Is A Beach Baby, But The First Lady Keeps It Shady On Spanish Vacay

First Lady Michelle steered clear of the paparazzi while hanging at the beach at the Villa Padierna Beach Club near Marbella, Spain. Michelle spent 4-5 hours at the beach although she never ventured further than her curtained off booth hidden from the public and press and surrounded by a ring of security. Meanwhile Sasha didn’t…

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August 6th 12:36pm

Certified Links

Wyclef Responds To Sean Penn’s Criticism (GO) Gabourey Sidibe’s Mom Trains For Fame (GO) Sienna Miller In A Bikini As Jude Law Sniffs It Of The Day (GO) Delano Hunter: From Nike To DC (GO) Waka Flocka Discusses Nicki Minaj And Gucci Mane Firing His Mother As Their Manager (GO) White House GateCrashers Considering Suing…

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August 6th 12:10pm

Charles Rangel Says God Doesn’t Want Him To Cop A Plea

Don’t expect Congressman Charles Rangel to roll over any time soon — despite facing accusations of ethics violations, the prominent politician publicly called on his faith as part of the reason he continues to refuse to take a deal rather than avoid a potentially embarrassing trial.

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August 6th 11:43am

Woman Faces 26 Years For 15 Second Fling With Former NY Knicks Coach

This story gives a whole new meaning to 15 seconds of fame. A woman was recently found guilty of extortion for trying to milk millions of dollars from former Knicks coach Rick Pitino after having sex with him in a bathroom.

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August 6th 11:43am

Ya Gotta Go Through A Mountain Of ManMeat To Get To Chris Brown

Rarely seen without his big breasted bodyguard, Chris Brown was spotted hitting up L.A.’s Record Plant yesterday, probably to do some work.

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August 6th 10:46am

Random Ridiculousness: Slizzard Up Woman Calls 911 Begging For A Date, Gets A Date In Court Instead

Poor thang: When an Ohio woman had a hard time getting a date last week she dialed 9-1-1 instead.

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August 6th 10:43am

Kourtney’s Sorry Azz BabyDaddy Scott “STD” Disick Finally Goes To Rehab

Kourtney Kardashian’s constantly slizzed sperm-donor boyfriend Scott Disick reportedly sought rehab for his drinking and psychological issues after last week’s crazy episode.

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August 6th 10:36am

Jesus Take The Wheel: School Buses Collide Into Freeway Wreck In Missouri Killing 2, Injuring “Dozens”

Two buses carrying high school band students to an amusement park Thursday slammed into a freeway wreck that happened right in front of them, crushing a pickup truck and killing its driver, as well as one of the students.

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August 6th 10:23am

Name These Captivating Curvaceous Cakes

These captivating curves were spotted in Manhattan yesterday afternoon, can you guess who they belong to? Here’s a hint, she’s an iconic beauty who has built an empire! Keep scrolling to find out if you guessed right

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