July 25th 10:40am

Uncle Sam: “It’s All About The Benjamin’s Baby”… So Diddy it’s Time to Pay Up

Uncle Sam is a beast and likes to put people on blast. Apparently Diddy owes $7,373 in taxes on his restuarant Justin’s in Atlanta. The IRS did what they always do and put a lien on Diddy’s business… Take That, Take That, Take That!!!

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July 25th 10:38am

Does Ginuwine Still Have What it Takes???

The other night when Diddy ‘s appeared on The Late Show… Ginuwine and Missy were in the building to perform G’s new song. Ginuwine was trying to bring back those Ride That Pony moves…

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July 25th 10:32am

Starting a Petition: Giveth Us Free!!!

Free was on the scene at an event in NY but where is the Free that had a mean swag that killed it everyday during 106th & Park. Being natural is cool but that doesn’t mean you loose your style… SMH

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July 25th 10:00am

MiMi and Chrisette Michele Do 106th & Park

Mariah Carey popped up on 106th & Park the other day to promote her new video. Now that MiMi is delaying her album, she has to keep her name out there and alive. Nick Cannon is really doing his thang, them thighs is thickity thick in them jeans. Then Chrisette Michele chilled out with Terrence…

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July 25th 9:57am

Now Nike Wants To Give Tapes of Lebron Getting Dunked On Back

Guess Nike decided that it’s witness protection program was a failure since video phone footage surfaced of Lebron getting slammed on by Crawford.

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July 25th 9:15am

LaLa and Her Blank Shoot

Lala Vasquez is a cool chick, we have chopped it up with her before. We know how humble she can be and these pictures she just did with Derek Blanks give you a glimpse into her innocence as well as her freaky side. Pop the top to see what we are talking about…

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July 25th 8:50am

In White Folks News: Jude Law Chris Brown’s the Paparazzi

Actor Jude Law goes all “bloody” ape ish on female paparazzi Harsha Gopal. He was leaving a party after kicking it with Leonardo Dicaprio and Jude says it was an accident, but Harsha says the “bloody” bastard gave her a real stinger. Accident… Yeah Right!!! Pop the Top to See What REALLY Happened

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July 24th 7:20pm

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

Amber Rose who has “blown” and possibly “muffed” her way to a little D-list fame was recently spotted at an event in NYC. She is hurtin’ em and looks fly if you ask us. We must ask, are you feelin’ her get-up?

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July 24th 5:42pm

White Police Officer Attacks Obama and Then Obama Gets Soft , Calls Him to “Apologize”

The officer who used the old “disorderly conduct” charge to arrest Harvard African American Studies Henry Louis Gates went hard on Obama today and then our President got weak in the knees and called him to apologize for saying one-time acted “stupidly”.

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July 24th 4:15pm

*Exclusive*…Kandi Burruss clears up the “I Hate Bloggers” Comment

Bossip just chopped it up with Kandi Burruss of ATL Housewives and Xscape about her album that’s titled B.L.O.G. *B*tches L.ove O.nline G.ossip.* She wanted to set the record straight with people saying that she hates bloggers.

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July 24th 3:53pm

Certified Links

DJ Quick and Kurupt Interview (Go) 14 year-old boy tried as an adult for raping 8 year-old girl (GO) Kelis “Ether’s” Nas in Court (GO) Drake signs new branding deal (GO) DJ Quick and Ice Cube Get some Scrilla from NIKE for commercial (GO) Game says Joe Camel is afraid to get old (GO)

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July 24th 2:17pm

Officer from Police Department That Arrested Brother Gates and Attacked Obama Has An Interesting “Vanity” License Plate: “WHY-TEE”

This is a “personalized” license plate of an officer from the Cambridge police department. “WHY-TEE”.

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July 24th 10:20am

Diddy: MJ Wanted to Chop Down Beyonce Before Joe Camel Came Into Picture

Diddy was on Letterman last night and talked about MJ’s game at his annual “White Party” and how the greatest entertainer of all time wanted to chop down Beyonce.

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July 24th 10:19am

Bossip on Twitter

If you’re on twitter, make sure you start following Bossip for ‘twitter only’ exclusives and tweets from various Bossip staff members that you won’t find on our main site. Going forward, you’ll see some very “personal” commentary from Bossip, only on twitter. Click here to start following Bossip on Twitter.

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July 24th 10:15am

Superhead Gets Reamed by White Reporters and Kicked Off Show, Reporter Says “She Was a Rump Shaker In a Bunch of Videos!”

Superhead was on a talk show the other day promoting her book when the reporters got real gully with her. At the 2:10 mark on the video, they open up a can on her loose cakes and then right before it’s over at the 3:10 mark, the male reporter says a funny but true statement.…

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