June 27th 7:57am

Everybody & They Mama’s MJ Tribute – “Better On the Other Side”

Talk about fast. Lawd. The Game, with assistance from Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, Usher and Boyz II Men, created a tribute song for Michael Jackson. When Los Angeles based DJ Skee told his good friend, The Game, about the passing of Michael, the rapper was shocked. But once it sunk in,…

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June 27th 7:56am

White Random Ridiculousness: Kid Loses All Sense of Sanity Because of…Video Game Account???

The kid in the video loses it when his mom cancels his online gaming account. Our mom or dad would have came in the room during that tirade and put hands on us. LOL Click Here to Watch

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June 27th 7:50am

Getting Punked Still: Doug Christie

Doug Christie and his master, Jackie Christie, both attended the 3rd Annual Power To End Stroke Celebrity Golf Tournament yesterday. Jackie Christie handles Doug like he should have handled basketballs… Pop the top for Elise Neal, Omarosa, and more

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June 27th 7:44am

New 50 Cent Remake of Jackson Five’s “Where You Are”

Bugsy is a business man first and rapper second, so he just released this remake single with MJ. Although lil No Cents is claiming to the be the “King of Hip-Hop” in this track (we sincerely disagree, but whatever); the song is actually pretty tight. Click Here to Watch

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June 27th 6:56am

Saturday Style: Supra 09…Geeks!

The kid pictured up top is Antwuan Dixon, a professional skater that just dropped his own shoe on Supra called The Dixon. Antwuan and Terry Kennedy, aka TK, are both sponsored by Kr3w and Supra, and both dropped some of the hottest kicks for the 09 summer. Pop it and see The Dixon...

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June 27th 2:37am

MJ’s Business Smarts Revealed

A NY Times report says Michael Jackson’s family will benefit from his estate and that since there will no longer be personal spending, his estate will be well supported to go beyond just paying off creditors. The article also discusses Jackson’s business acumen:

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June 26th 3:03pm

*Update* MJ’s Personal Doctor Talks to One-Time About Possible Murder!

One-Time was looking for Michael Jackson’s personal doctor whose car was towed from Michael’s house today. He was with Michael when he died!:

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June 26th 10:50am

Michael Jackson Tribute in Photos

We have a gang of pictures from one of the last great African- American musical icons. From his childhood to adolescence, up until his final months. Although Michael may have been questioned about his later years…  MJ’s music is irreplaceable and legendary. We have over 20 pictures below with a throwback video R.I.P. Michael… 1958-2009

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June 26th 10:45am

Could Breezy’s “King of Pop” Tribute Redeem His Image?

Before Michael Jackson’s passing, Chris Brown, his “supposed” heir to the pop throne, was primed and ready to step into MJ’s spot. But when news of the scandal involving Rihanna hit the net, Chris Brown’s star immediately faded. Would a tribute to the “King of Pop” by Chris Brown be the catalyst for a major…

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June 26th 10:35am

Ho Sit Down

Is it just us or does “Jeffrey Toobin” need to fall back in a big way. It seems “Jeffrey” wants to murder MJ on CNN and make him die all over again.

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June 26th 8:10am

Kelis Tries to Pull a Fast One

Kelis’ lawyer made a motion to hurry the trial along while the usual judge is out… didn’t work:

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June 26th 8:08am

Remembering Mike: Top 10 Michael Jackson Videos

In memory of the greatest performer who ever lived, LiveSteez counts down the top 10 MJ videos of all time. Pop the lid for more

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June 26th 8:06am

Bossip Certified Links

What Happens if LeBron Takes Over the Big Apple? LiveSteez Watch Out Tupac Celebslam Big Ballers Take it One Step Further Lossip Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Janessa Leopard F-Listed 5 Megan Fox Scenes You’ve Never Seen Complex Amy Winehouse is Creating Her Own Line of Greeting Cards Cele|Bitchy Cameron Diaz is a Chef too I’m Not Obsessed…

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June 26th 8:05am

L’Oreal: “We Don’t Want Black Women Selling Our Cosmetics”

We hate to hear things like this. Whenever major companies make statements like this, we need to ban together and boycott them. L’Oreal may whore Beyonce, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington for their cosmetics and hair care products but we as consumers don’t have to buy their bullsh*t. Flip the script for more

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June 26th 8:04am

Why White Folks Should Bow Down to Michael Jackson

Go under the hood to find out why we think some folks should bow down to MJ

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