March 15th 9:50am

Some Morning Handsome… With A Side Order Of Suspect Swag

Lance Gross gave Spring Breakers a treat this weekend by partying at Dream Nightclub on South Beach. Pop the hood for some more pictures of handsome… along with a few of Ne-Yo serving up his suspect swag!

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March 15th 9:08am

Who Is My Mommy???

Can you guess who this brand new baby belongs to? We’ll give you a hint… her daddy is an even bigger mystery! Pop the hood to find out who’s the mama and see more precious pictures.

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March 15th 9:07am

For The Stans: BeyBey’s Suspect Quotes On Marriage Contracts, Having Kids, And Being A Rich B*tch

This interview is one of those foreign “translated” joints, so we can’t say it’s 100% valid. BUT… The R&B superstar, who has been married to the hip-hop mogul since 2008, recently revealed in an interview that she approves of contracts between couples and encourages all women to consider them.

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March 15th 8:21am

In White Folks News: John Edward’s Ex-Sidepiece Finally Speaks, Says She’s Not A Homewrecker, Golddigger, Or Stalker

Resident scuzzbucket and disgraced politician John Edwards’ former mistress has finally opened up about her affair with the former presidential candidate:

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March 15th 8:17am

Calling All Hoes: Chad OchoCinco And His Snuggie Lookin’ For Lovin’ Via VH1

As if we didn’t already have enough reality foolishness on television right now, Chad Ochocinco Johnson will be starring in his very own new reality show called “The Tournament.” Similar to “Flavor of Love” and “For the Love of Ray J”, 85 women will compete and act a goddamn fool to get this guy to…

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March 15th 8:10am

Damage Control: Chris Love The Kids

Breezy was spotted doing major damage control at the Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem last week, reading to a bunch of 3rd graders. Looks like he was camera ready for each shot, we wonder if he even really read a book. More pics on the flippy.

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March 15th 8:03am

Camel And Gay Songz Big Night Out At The Casino

Camel brought his old man swag out to perform at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City Saturday night. Trey Songz also brought his birdchest game to the stage. Stevie Wonder, Fantasia Barrino and Michael Phelps were all in the audience to check them out. Oh and Lil Cheetah Ho Adrienne Bailon was…

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March 15th 7:35am

More Attention Whoring From The Kardashians

Kourtney, Khloe and Scott were spotted playing Polo at Wellington in Palm Beach Florida yesterday.  They even brought little Mason out to get some camera time. Check out more flicks of the gang and little Mason under the hood.

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March 15th 7:33am

Halle Berry Hits The Streets Looking…

Halle Berry was spotted shopping for her daughter Nahla.  Nahla’s 2nd birthday is right around the corner.  Can you guess what she got her? Pop the top to find out and check out more pics.

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March 15th 7:32am

Tales From The Crypt: James Brown’s Dead Body Is Missing… WTH?!?!

James Brown’s body was being kept in a crypt at his daughter’s house in South Carolina while his mausoleum is being built but for some odd reason, the body has come up missing. LaRhonda Pettit, James Brown’s illegitimate child, feels that the body has mysteriously disappeared because she requested an autopsy on her father’s remains.…

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March 15th 7:29am

Caption This

Gabourey Sidibe was seen walking the streets of NY doing some shopping.  From first glance we thought B.I.G was reincarnated. What did you all think??? Caption This and check out more flicks on the flip.

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March 14th 11:29am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Ja Rule And Lil Cheetah Ho To Star In New Flick

What does one do when his/her music career is going nowhere? Star in a low-budget that will most likely only air on BET!!: Ja Rule and Adrienne Bailon will topline faith-based drama “I’m in Love With a Church Girl,”

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March 14th 10:45am

Quote Of The Day: Shaq To Shaunie On Cheating “Okay, You’re Mad. Now What? You’re Not Going Anywhere”

Shaunie O’Neal has finally decided to open up about her separation from Shaq and his infidelities. Pop the top for details and pics from her new Essence Mag spread.

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March 14th 10:13am

SMH: Ex-NBA Player Arrested, Police Find Kush Between His Cake Cheeks

Another role model athlete: Police in Salt Lake County arrested former Utah Jazz center Robert Whaley and found marijuana “between his buttocks,” according to a jail document.

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March 14th 10:00am

Pardon My Back…

Can you guess who was spotted looking a mess walking around the UK. Hint:She looks amazing on the new Ebony mag cover. Pop the top to find out who if you’re still stumped.

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