June 12th 3:50pm

Alicia Keys Has Something To Tweet Home About Besides Swizz Beatz… The World Cup!

Alicia Keys, Shakira and John Legend are just a few of the acts recruited to perform for the opening of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa… Pop the hood for their Twitpics from the international festivities.

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June 12th 2:15pm

If Obama Is Cinderella Who Are His Ugly Sisters???

There are three branches of government. You learn them in grade school: executive, legislative and judicial. What you don’t learn is that when one of those branches gets occupied by a black president, the other two branches rip him to shreds like he’s Cinderella. Full explanation when you…Continue

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June 12th 1:26pm

Who Could Possibly Want To Cover Their Cakes At The Beach???

Damn, is somebody possibly shy about their backs??? If you think you know who it is, pop the hood to find out if you’re right

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June 12th 1:25pm

BossipVideo.com Saturday Links!

Rapper Shot In Head And Killed… BY A 2-YR OLD!!!!: CLICK HERE Ghetto White Girl Beats Ghetto Black Girls A*s On Bus Then Calls Mom After “I Womped That B*tch!!”: CLICK HERE Melanie Fiona Talks About Pressure To Sexualize Her Music: CLICK HERE Monster Brazilian Man Has Daughter On House Arrest For Decade And Fathers…

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June 12th 12:49pm

The Dream Has A New Jawn “Ever Since” And It Would Be Great If He Wasn’t On It!!!

The Dream has dropped a new jawn called “Ever Since” and it sounds like it could be a hit but… When an artist sounds like they could be a cross between Elmo and Chris Brown, that’s not really a good look. Tell us what you think… Take a Listen:

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June 12th 12:33pm

Saturday Sextra: Is Your Friend’s Ex Off Limits?

Happy Saturday Bossip Readers! For the most part, between friends, there is an unwritten and unspoken law that you don’t mess around or become involved with an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. As some of us may know, forbidden love is often the most passionate and whimsical, however

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June 12th 12:27pm

Nicki Minaj Is Trying To Kill The Queen Bee But Can’t Even Pay The Bills…. $18K Owed On A Rented Lambo

Nicki Minaj has other things to worry about besides coming up with some slick lyrics for Lil Kim. She is being sued for the “pretty in pink” Lamborghini Murcielago that she and Amber Rose were pimpin’ in the “Massive Attack” video. Rental company is suing Nicki for damn near $18,000 for damages and rental fees……

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June 12th 11:53am

Trina Gets Certified Banger Status In “The Source”

Trina’s grinding it out and stuntin’ in the new upcoming issue of Source magazine while all the other emcees are beefin’. If Trina could find some way to shine through all the madness, this would be a great time for her to make a move and be in the spotlight. Pop the Top for More…

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June 12th 11:44am

Brian McKnight Has More Baby Mama Drama, Billed Almost 350K In Back Child Support For 14-Year-Old

Brian McKnight is being billed for MORE child support, for yet another child he didn’t even know about… SMH. And this one is 14-years-old! Pop the hood for details

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June 12th 11:08am

Some Saturday Morning Cakes

Yesterday we showed you some shots of Shakur, Suelyn, Avonte and Rosa Acosta celebrating their appearance in the new issue of Black Men’s Magazine. Today you can check shots from Shakur’s spread under the hood

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June 12th 10:40am

Diddy Finally Speaks: “I Love Lil Kim And I Know She’s Mad But We Riding With Nicki Minaj!!!”

Diddy has finally decided to put his two cents in the mix of everything that’s poppin’ off right now with Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. This is another situation where Diddy should have kept his mouth closed because Lil Kim is about to go even harder… Diddy: I want to say I love Lil Kim…

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June 12th 10:36am

Nevada Supreme Court To Hear OJ Simpson Appeal

O.J. Simpson’s lawyer told a panel of Nevada Supreme Court justices Friday that the former football star’s conviction in a gunpoint hotel room heist amounted to prejudicial “payback” for Simpson’s 1994 double-murder acquittal. Continue…

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June 11th 8:49pm

Beyonce Lookalike On Big Brother U.K. Doesn’t Have Her Cakes, But…

This Beyonce lookalike on Big Brother U.K., Rachel, is pretty freaky and open about sharing her body. We can’t lie, her cakes may not make the cut, but from the front she looks like BeyBey… Pop the top for a closer look at Rachel

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June 11th 8:48pm

Lil’ Kim Calls Drake A Pu$$y For Talking Cash Sh*t And Wants Nicki Minaj To Stop Throwing Subliminal Shots!!!

Lil’ Kim keeps coming for Nicki Minaj and now has added Drake to the madness. After Drake’s little rant in Connecticut, Kim gives one word that sums up Drake’s actions… PU$$Y!!! The Queen Bee is not backing down at all and keeps giving more with each and every interview that she does. Check Out the…

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June 11th 6:43pm

Gary Coleman Never Seen Before Therapy Video Tells Therapist “All Shannon Cares About Is The Money!” [Video]

In this clip that TMZ posted today, Gary Coleman and Shannon Price go through therapy for an obviously never seen before reality show. In the video Gary says that Shannon is using him and punking him to do little gigs to quench her hunger for money. THIS BUSTED GUMMED B*TCH KILLED GARY COLEMAN IF YOU…

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