July 22nd 10:00am

Nasti Muzik

Posted by Bossip Staff Click HERE to check the the complete version of Khia’s new video “Be Your Lady.” Shout out to Pablo

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July 22nd 10:00am

Po-Po Pulled the Plug

Posted by Bossip Staff A Bossip spy who hit up BDR’s Art for Life event over the weekend says the after party ended prematurely: The party just started to jump off this past Saturday night at Russell Simmons’ house following the awards ceremony for Art For Life, when revelers got the word from local cops…

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July 22nd 9:50am

Talk Show Tranny Gets Shut Down

Posted by Bossip Staff Omarosa put the “Faux” network’s newest Uncle Tom Wendy Williams in her place yesterday. The drama began when the T.S.T. accused Omarosa of being the “angry black woman” that white folks don’t approve of because her business tactics don’t include shuckin’ and jivin’. Click HERE to peep this low grade cat-fight…

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July 22nd 9:12am

Bossip Exclusive: Nas & Co. vs. The “Faux” Network

Posted by Bossip Staff Nas has joined the fight to end Fox’s hate mongering ways: Hip hop star Nas will join members of ColorOfChange.org & MoveOn.org on Wednesday to deliver 620,127 petition signatures demanding that FOX end its pattern of racist attacks against Black Americans including presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. The…

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July 22nd 9:10am

Guilty As Charged

Posted by Bossip Staff Rapper Mac Minister has been found guilty in the double murders of Anthony “Fat Tone” Watkins and associate Jermaine ‘Cowboy” Atkins in 2005: Minister, real name Andre Dow and age 37, was convicted along with his friend Jason “Corleone” Mathis of two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of conspiracy…

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July 22nd 9:00am

Welcome to Disturbia

Posted by Bossip Staff Peep Rihanna tryin’ to promote that whole “dark and edgy” appeal in this new video “Disturbia.” If you’ve ever wondered what, or who, inspired ole Rih-Rih’s present day look and feel, click here.

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July 22nd 8:55am

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff Sherri Shepherd talks about letting go of her hussy ways in an interview for Precious Times Magazine: “Before I converted to Christianity, I was a Jehovah’s Witness. In 1993, my mother was dying from diabetic complications. My sister was heavy into drugs, and we would have to go and get her…

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July 22nd 8:50am

Where’s Coco?

Posted by Bossip Staff No, Ice T is not on the search for that classy wife of his. He was spotted on location shooting an episode of Law & Order SVU recently. Since it’s a slow news morning, we decided to throw in a little Kanye-related fare. Check out his new subway spoof advertisement as…

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July 22nd 8:45am

Above the Law

Posted by Bossip Staff The interrupted catwalk diva faces yet another conflict: Naomi Campbell refused to pay a £200 bill at a Moscow hotel after burns were found on the silk sheets in her suite. Miss Campbell, who was visiting the Russian capital with billionaire lover Vladislav Doronin, was asked to pay up by staff…

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July 21st 3:19pm

Who Looked More Bangin??

Posted by Bossip Staff Gabrielle Union and Tocarra graced the red carpet of the Swagga Entertainment and Dunk Ryder Records Miami Stand Up 2008 party at club Mansion last night. So we have to ask, between these two ladies: Who Looked More Bangin?? More pics of the Miami Beach fiesta is just a click away.

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July 21st 10:45am

Stretch Mark Swag

Posted by Bossip Staff This is a woman who’s obviously comfortable in her own skin. Deelishis was workin’ that zebra-striped tummy of hers at the private bowling party for Swagga Entertainment and Dunk Records in Miami Beach this weekend. Toccara and Trick Daddy were also spotted at the event. View a couple more pics right…

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July 21st 10:07am

Ja Rule’s New Jawn

Posted by Bossip Staff Peep Ja Rule’s new track featuring Robin Thicke titled “Pushin It.” We keep asking ourselves: Is this a new beginning or the beginning of the end for buddy boy? Shout out to icedotcom

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July 21st 10:05am

Jet Goes Under Run’s Roof

Posted by Bossip Staff These Simmonses, including their new addition, Miley, are featured in Jet Magazine: Rap pioneer Joseph Rev Run Simmons and wife Justine have a reason to celebrate. In the latest season of MTV’s reality show Run’s House, the couple will proudly present the newest addition to the family cast: their adopted 10-month-old…

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July 21st 10:04am

Missing In Action

Posted by Bossip Staff Poor old Scottie Storch remains in the broke house: According to reports, 34-year-old Storch is nowhere to be found these days. The Associated Press reports that Storch owes over $500,000 in real estate taxes for his $10.5 Miami waterfront mansion, and previously had warrants out for his arrest for not turning…

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July 21st 10:03am

One Good Reason to Boycott the 2008 Olympics

Posted by Bossip Staff Reports have surfaced that Chinese authorities have implemented some out of pocket jim-crow tactics for the festivities surrounding the 2008 Summer Olympics. Click HERE to read the full story of this complete and utter ridiculousness.

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