August 2nd 10:26am

The Honeymooners: LaLa And Melo Do “The Great Outdoors” In Costa Rica

Lala Vazquez posted these pics on her blog of her and hubby Melo’s Honeymoon in Costa Rica.

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August 2nd 10:01am

Brazilian Soccer Star Bruno Charged For Murdering Former Jump Off

Remember the crazy story about the soccer dude who allegedly killed his ex-jawn and fed her body parts to dogs?!?! Well, he’s been formally charged: Brazilian soccer star Bruno has been charged with murdering

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August 2nd 9:50am

How Precious: A. Keys And Swizzy’s Blissful Ceremony

Alicia Keys, Swizzy, and their little bundle of joy inside Li Li’s belly united as one big happy family this weekend and here are the pictures…

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August 2nd 9:43am

Did Former NBA Player Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife Have Him Knocked Off?

Damnnn it’s a lot of ish behind Lorenzen Wright’s death. Sherra Robinson Wright, ex-wife to the deceased, has been facing a lot of questions since his murder. According to neighbors Sherra has reportedly been acting very strange and even lit a backyard fire on one of the hottest nights of the Summer. Is it possible…

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August 2nd 9:13am

Lindsay Lohan’s No Longer A Jailbird, Freed After Twelve Days Behind Bars

Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab again! Despite being sentenced to serve 90 days at the Lynwood Correctional Facility and the expectation she’d serve 23 days due to overcrowding, the Hollyweird actress has made her way to rehab, where she’ll address her issues for the required 90 days.

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August 2nd 8:05am

Some Morning Drizzle Drizzy

Aubrey “Drake” Graham graced the stage in his hometown Toronto for this weekend’s OVOFest — think of it like a special holiday dedicated to his Drizzyness himself. More shots from his performance Sunday when you continue:

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August 1st 12:23pm

Former NBA Player Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife Received Threatening Visit From Armed Shady Characters

Something shady was definitely going on in the Lorenzen Wright murder case: An attorney says three armed men looking for Lorenzen Wright showed up at the home of the former NBA player’s ex-wife about six weeks before he was found shot to death.

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August 1st 11:39am

Saks Fifth Avenue To Add PLUS Sizes To Designer Departments

For those of you who get sick of all the fly designer rags being for “skinny b*tches only,” then today is your lucky day: The designer-level racks at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores are expanding. Beginning this fall, the options for women looking for sizes 16 and 18 will include more high-fashion styles. “Saks Fifth…

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August 1st 11:25am

Who Looked More Bangin?? Serena Vs. Venus

Serena Williams all geared up in her space boot and sister Venus had an evening out last night at My Studio Nightclub in Hollyweird. We gotta ask, Who Looked More Bangin???? Peep images below:

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August 1st 11:07am

For The Stans: Beyonce in German Magazine Alverde, Seeking Tracks For New Project

Beyonce does German Magazine Alverde, and reaches out to Darkchild for some new music:

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August 1st 10:25am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 3 Murderers Escape From Arizona Prison

Wow, we’re gonna need for the authorities down in AZ to get it the f*ck together and find these bastards: Three convicted murderers who broke out of a Kingman, Arizona, prison got some help from a female accomplice who was on a visitation list for one of them, authorities said Saturday.

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August 1st 10:19am

T.I. And Tiny Have ANOTHER Wedding Ceremony, Head To Vegas To Kick It Even Further…

Tip and Tiny are really doing it up… When one wedding just won’t do, follow rapper T.I.’s lead. He wed his longtime partner Tameka “Tiny” Cottle in Miami Friday, only to have another ceremony Saturday.

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August 1st 9:51am

Another Day, Another Wedding: Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton Gives Away Daughter Chelsea

Congrats to Chelsea….sounds like it was crackin at her wedding: Bill and Hillary Clinton have tried to shield their daughter, Chelsea, from the gaze of the public for most of her life.

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August 1st 9:30am

Foxy Brown: “That Ho Is Lying!! How Could I Pull Down My Pants And Moon Her If I Wasn’t Rockin Any DRAWLS!!”

SMH. Foxy Brown sure is one classy broad: Foxy Brown insists that claims she flashed her bottom at a neighbor are “total lies,” saying it couldn’t have happened because, contrary to what the neighbor told cops, she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

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July 31st 10:35pm

Nicki Minaj New Music “My Ice Cream Man”: Can I Like Your Ice Cream Cone, Do It Like ET Make A Ni**a Phone Home

Nicki Minaj is continuously dropping new singles until her album drops in November. Nicki normally spits out 16 bars about Barbies, gettin’ the “Box” and signing them tig-ol-bitties but not this time. Sounds like she’s feenin’ for a good “STROKE” or two… Take a Listen – “Ice Cream Man”:

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