July 28th 10:52am

Chris Tucker Owes Over 3 Milli in Back Taxes!

Looks like Chris Tucker is in the middle of a make it rain drought seeing as he owes the state of California over 3 million in back taxes. 

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July 28th 9:05am

Dr. Murray Admits He F*cked Up…

Dr. Conrad Murray has admitted that he was the one to administer the drug Propofol to Michael Jackson. 

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July 28th 9:04am

Certified Links

Ace Hood: Miami’s Young Gun (GO) Apple and Labels Working To Resurrect Album Sales (GO) Dr. Dre’s The Chronic To Be Reissued With Bonus DVD Footage (GO) Seattle Hosts 8th Annual Hip-Hop Congress Conference (GO) Haitian Vessel Capsizes (GO) Alfamega Claims DEA Documents Are Fake (GO) Democrats Lift 21-Year-Old Ban on Needle-Exchange Program (GO)

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July 28th 9:03am

Beyonce Stans: It’s That Time… Vegas Baby!

Beyonce and The Camel were seen in New York over the weekend doing a little shopping. Beyonce is taking a breather since Vegas is around the corner. She has four dates in Vegas at the Encore Hotel that she has to pop off. Guess she found a way to make the money she missed in…

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July 28th 9:02am

Snoop Ends a 6 Year Rap Beef! Guess Who It’s With?

Snoop has decided to take the high road and end a rap war with an artist whose on lockdown for the next couple years!

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July 28th 9:01am

Whitney’s Album Gets Pushed…

  Whitney’s album date has been moved to another date. 

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July 28th 8:59am

Kelly Clarkson: I Did Not Jack Beyonce’s Song; It’s My Dumb A** Producer’s Fault

Kelly Clarkson is pissed. Her new songAlready Gone was produced by the same guy that did Beyonce’s Halo. So now of course the music world accused her of jockin’ Beyonce. There is definitely a similarity… SMH Pop the Hood for More

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July 28th 8:54am

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Chris is out in Manhattan and was stopped by one time… for a picture! What Is Wrong With This Picture?

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July 28th 8:54am

Out and About: Halle Berry in Beverly Hills

Halle was spotted out in Beverly Hills leaving a business meeting looking like chop worthy material.  More of fine a** Halle after the jump.

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July 28th 8:53am

Ol’ Bugsy Needs Something Better to Do Since He’s Done Making Fun of Officer Ricky

50 cent was seen riding on his motorcycle in New York yesterday, with his helmet on backwards. We’re trying to figure out if he’s that dumb or if it was a fashion statement. Maybe he’ll fall off and knock some creative waves into that thick a** skull of his and put out another hit .

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July 28th 8:48am

Alfamega Finally Admits to Snitching!

Alfamega finally admits to snitching at the 2:00 mark of this video, then goes into a spiel on why Tip should trust him, and what he “doesn’t know.”

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July 28th 8:14am

New Fabolous Video Featuring Keri Hilson and Ryan Leslie “Everything, Everyday, Everywhere”

Fabo keeps “videos” coming in, but quality is the key in Hip Hop nowadays. Remember we had pictures from this video shoot? What do you all think of the Everything, Everyday,  Everywhere video… a good look?

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July 28th 7:55am

Damn, K-Fraud is Taking It Past “Fat Off The Hog”

K-Fed has been fed entirely too much. He just got back from babysitting the kids overseas while Britney is making that money. You won’t believe how big this guy is now… Pop it and see K-Fat

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July 28th 7:49am

The 911 Call In the Henry Gates Fiasco!

We have the 911 call that ended up bringing that pig over to Dr. Gates’ house in the first place. This is quite baffling. The lady says they have suitcases and it looks like they may have left their keys… Pop the top and tell us what you think, because it is suspect

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July 28th 7:38am

10 Ways to Tell a Person is Lying

There is no real way to tell why a person would fix their mouth to tell a lie. Unless otherwise obvious, like lying to conceal  an illegal endeavor that can land you in the slammer, like money laundering, robbery or homicide, a felony of sort will definitely produce a lie or two. However, there are…

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