January 16th 12:42pm

HHWired Exclusive: Eve Leaves Interscope, Ruff Ryders CEO Speaks On Label Changes

After a hiatus in music, Eve, the Ruff Ryder’s pit bull in a skirt, is announcing her decision to leave Interscope Records and promising to release new music. Continue

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January 16th 12:32pm

Mariah Carey Taps Into Her Tipsy Side, Launching Champagne Brand

After several public displays of intoxication, bubbly-brained Mariah is ready to put her lushy side to work by launching a new brand of champagne. Pop the bottle hood for details.

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January 16th 12:14pm

Chris Brown in Milan for Men’s Fashion Week… But Does He Really have Fashion Sense???

Chris Brown hit up the Missoni Showcase in Milan for Menswear Fashion Week. Normally we see Breezy rocking jeans, a t-shirt and some colorful madness. We don’t consider him to be fashion forward especially after putting on some leggings for his album cover. Flip the Hood for a More Fashionable Chris Brown

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January 16th 12:12pm

Fill In The Blank: Whitney Houston Lookin’ Like __________?

Whitney Houston got snapped outside the airport in Washington, D.C. with her RayBans on, a plastic hairclip on her dome and this crazy expression on her face. How would you fill in the blank??? Keep reading for another funny face from Nippy.

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January 16th 12:00pm

Somebody is Missing Some Cake!?!

This chick was on set for her groups new video. She’s not normally known for having cake but it’s just pretty damn funny to see it from the back. Pop the top to see who these pancakes belong too.

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January 16th 11:57am

Deelishis and her Gut Full of Human Cover Sister 2 Sister

Deelishis looks like she was about to pop during her photo shoot with Sister2Sister magazine. In her interview, Deelishis goes into detail about her pregnancy, music career and marrying Orlando. She has definietly come a long way but still the fact that she was all up on Flavor Flav is just disgusting. Pop it for…

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January 16th 11:09am

Arkansas Neo-Nazi Pleads Guilty To Obama Assassination Plot

Paul Schlesselman, 19, of Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, plead guilty on Thursday to charges he plotted to kill then-Sen. Barack Obama and dozens of other black people in 2008. Continue

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January 16th 10:43am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Tattoos Glasses on his Face

Some people just have way to much time on their hands. This dude loves wearing glasses so much that he decided to tattoo them on his face. What made tattooing the face so cool???

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January 16th 10:27am

Happy Birthday Aaliyah! Singer Would Have Turned 31 Today

On what would have been her 31st birthday BOSSIP would like to remember Aaliyah with some of our favorite videos and pictures of her. Follow the jump to

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January 16th 10:18am

Garcelle Beauvais is Questioning her Faith After Earthquake Hit Haiti

Haitian born Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon went on Larry King expressing her thoughts about the earthquake that hit in Haiti. She also says that she’s questioning her faith, especially since Garcelle is not able to get in touch with her family that still resides in Haiti. Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon: You have to question faith, in a way, you…

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January 16th 9:36am

Wyclef’s Charity Records Show Possible Funny Stuff In Past Financials

After leading the charge to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti, Wyclef is now in the hot seat about some of the past ways his charity has used its funds. Pop the hood for a closer look.

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January 15th 6:39pm

The Bald Beast Debuts Her New Dome Pubes In Miami

Amber Rose popped up at Fabolous’ performance at Mansion in Miami sporting this new ‘do. Are you feeling it??? Look under the hood for a few more flicks.

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January 15th 6:15pm

Guess the Lil Mama’s Girl

She hasn’t changed much so this should be an easy one. Pop the hood to see if you got it right.

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January 15th 5:37pm

Another One Of Ray J’s Hoes Is Out Of Pocket

When they’re not going 730, smashing the homies or taking up with Trey Songz, Ray-J’s hoes are always good for some near-naked internet fun. It shouldn’t be too hard to tell who got their naughty on this time, but pop the hood for a better view

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January 15th 5:20pm

Some Afternoon Gut Full of Human

Christina Milian was spotted in Cali yesterday with her knocked up swag on full blast. That belly is on swole something tough.. Flip the script to see more…

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