July 31st 10:33pm

No Not Again: Maia Campbell Off Her Meds And On The Rocks Talking Crazy And Sh*zzz

Maia Campbell from “In the House” is back at it again. Maia was caught on video yelling, screaming and rapping like a side show circus act…AGAIN!!! Almost a year ago, YouTube videos of Maia surfaced being pimped and doing almost the same exact thing. Shortly after,a family friend reached put out a statement stating Maia…

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July 31st 9:25pm

Swizz Makes Alicia An Honest Woman… Blows Big Bank On Yacht Wedding In Sardinia

Congratulations to Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, they’re no longing living in sin MARRIED!!! Details on their holy schnoz matrimony when you continue!

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July 31st 8:43pm

Didn’t Know it Wasn’t Real! 10 Best Celeb Weaves

While walking down Madison Avenue in Manhattan we noticed a sad trend. There are a lot of women with lethal looking weaves! There’s nothing wrong with adding a little length to your head, but when not blended or the wrong shade or the wrong texture it’s liable to hurt a lot of feelings and possibly…

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July 31st 8:31pm

Noemie Lenoir Is Still All Smiles After Some Retail Therapy

We’re glad to see Noemie Lenoir is still looking happy as can be! The French beauty was spotted running errands in New York City.

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July 31st 6:10pm

Mother’s Breast Milk Laced With Crystal Meth Allegedly Kills 2-Month Old Infant

Kaisha Poulson, a 25-year-old Georgia woman, was charged with murder in the death of her son after it was dicovered her breast milk was laced with crystal meth. An autopsy revealed that the 2-month infant named Jack died last March from methamphetamine poisoning. “The mother was breastfeeding the child and passed the methamphetamine to the…

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July 31st 4:39pm

Quincy Brown And Lil’ Al B Sure Party With Soulja Boy For His 20th Birthday

Quincy Brown and his older brother Lil B Sure partied it up in Hollyweird with Soulja Boy for his 20th birthday. Not to many celebrities showed up for the celebration but their kids made sure they were in the building reppin’ for their parents.

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July 31st 3:53pm

Shaunie O’Neal Out On The Scene With Her Young Tenderoni

Shaunie O’Neal is really enjoying the single life, especially with her young cub, Marlon Yates. These two were seen getting it in at Play Nightclub in Miami.

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July 31st 3:25pm

What Is Wrong With This Video???

There are some people in this world that like to lead a normal life with no distraction but the problem is you have people that come along to bring you a little entertainment and these people like seem to only do these acts of randomness on the New York Subway… What’s Wrong With This Video???

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July 31st 1:41pm

Bossip Exclusive: Guess Whose Cakes Just Celebrated Their 46th Birthday!!!

Guess who just celebrated their 46th birthday with a body like this and is about to hit you with three different magazine covers???

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July 31st 1:34pm

Jay-Z And Will Smith Sued Over Picture In Broadway Play “Fela!”

Jay-Z and Will Smith are being sued over their hit Broadway musical FELA! Click Here To Read The Rest At HipHopWired

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July 31st 11:50am

U.S Congresswoman Maxine Waters Plans To Fight Ethics Charges

U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters is not going out without a fight. The Democratic Los Angeles representative plans to go to trial over accusations that she violated ethics regulations.

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July 31st 9:48am

Who Is My Daddy?

This little guy is the son of a doctor who has had lots of legal drama. Can you guess who his father is??? Keep reading to find out!

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July 31st 9:29am

Guess The Tatted Up Triceps

Guess who’s rocking this new FAME tat? Hint: This popular R&B star is like a glass of Henny: Smooth, intoxicating and packs quite a PUNCH.

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July 31st 9:15am

Kanye West’s Hot Date With Hov…

Kanye West hit the town with Jay-Z last night, the two superstar rappers dined together at Nello’s. Both these guys are pretty impressive, but if given the option, Which One Would You Hit? More shots when you continue

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July 31st 9:01am

In White Folks News: Sarah Palin’s Future Son-In-Law Levi Got His Jump Off Pregnant

Bristol Palin’s baby daddy, Levi Johnston, may have to postpone his wedding plans. Weeks after announcing their engagement, a woman has come forward claiming he’s the father of her unborn child.

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