March 13th 10:55am

La La Is Fed Up With Folks Talking Sideways! Actress Sets The Record Straight With Latina Magazine

Lala Vazquez is on the cover of the April issue of Latina Magazine talking about how people STILL got it wrong about how she feels about her race after writing about being a Black Puerto Rican . Details on that and lots of Melo talk, along with more photos on the flipside.

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March 13th 10:07am

Dr. Dre Links With Hewlett-Packard For A $40 Mil Ad Campaign

Legendary Hip-Hop producer Dr. Dre has been tapped to be a part of a $40 million dollar Hewlett-Packard advertising campaign. Continue

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March 13th 9:57am

SMH: Another White Chick Turned Out By Terrorism… Get These Hoes A Hobby Please!

And so the plot thickens… It turns outColleen LaRose, aka Jihad Jane, isn’t the only American blonde turned out by Muslim extremists. Irish police have a U.S. woman named Jamie Paulin-Ramirez in custody in connection with the plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist. Pop the hood for details.

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March 12th 5:50pm

Some Afternoon Swirl

Some might say it’s a stretch calling this some swirl, since HERCULES cover models Fred Laatsch and covermate Gracie Carvalho are both Brazilian, but we’ll fess up and admit we just wanted to highlight the very BANGIN’ Carvalho. We haven’t seen much of her before but this cover sent us searching… Pop the hood for…

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March 12th 4:40pm

Weezy Banned From Being A Star Behind Bars

Rikers Island has issued a “no autographs” policy for imprisoned rapper Lil Wayne in an effort to make sure that Weezy is not a celebrity while he serves his time with the inmates. Continue

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March 12th 4:22pm

Twitter Files: C.Breezy Is Baaaaaaaaaaaack!!! Disgraced Pop Star Returns To Tweet Another Day

He’s baaaaaaaaaaack! Just like his freak of the week predicted, Breezy has returned to Twitter. Pop the hood for details and a few tweets.

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March 12th 3:33pm

Faux News Stays Losing!!! ATL Housewife Nene Leakes Bails On Morning Show Because She HATES Network!

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Nene Leakes might not be able to control her child, but at least she has good sense when it comes to the wanksters over at the Faux Network. Pop the hood to find out what she did when she discovered her scheduled “Good Day New York” interview was Fox…

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March 12th 3:00pm

General Larry Platt Facing “Pants On The Ground” Lawsuit

General Larry Platt is in hot water over the recently recorded official version of his homegrown theme song featuring “This Is Why I’m Hot” rapper Mims. To find out why… Continue

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March 12th 1:41pm

PRADA To Employees: Fu*k Y’all Fat Ugly OLD Hoes… Is This What They Think Is Hot?

The models in some of Prada’s ad campaigns look downright scary, but yet one of the label’s retail managers alleges she was told to get rid of employees who were “old, fat, ugly, disgusting or not having the Prada look”. Details under the hood.

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March 12th 12:49pm

Are You Feelin Gabby Break A Union’s New Hair???

Gabrielle Union has been hitting the scene extra hard every since she switched her wig. This time she was spotted at the PaleyFest Presents “FlashForward” event in CA. We can’t call it so we’ll ask y’all… Are You Feelin It??? Check out more flicks of Gabby on the flip.

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March 12th 12:12pm

Howard Stern Is Not Done With “Precious”: “Just Let Her Go And She’ll Get Sick And Die!!!”

People are defending Gabourey Sidibe after the comments Howard Stern and his crew made the other day. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Howard from speaking his mind even more. Gabby’s mother definitely not holding her tongue and has a few words for Mr. Stern. Pop the Top for Howard Stern’s Ignorance and Whoopi Goldberg’s Comments:

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March 12th 11:44am

New Music: Usher Is “GUILTY” Of Using T.I. And His DivorceTo Try And Sell Albums

Usher is desperate and doing whatever it he needs to now, so once Raymond vs. Raymond hits the streets it will sell out. In his new jawn featuring T.I. called “GUILTY” (how ironic), Usher is trying the whole confessions thing but don’t think it’s going to work this time. We are putting an APB out…

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March 12th 10:43am

Monica Sings Mariah’s Jawn to Rocko… “IT’S A WRAP!!!”

The poster child for all Hood couples, Monica and Rocko, are calling it quits. Apparently rumors have been floating around the internet about them breaking up and Monica has decided to address the situation: I am going to do what I have always done. Focus on my children, my family & my career. Rock was…

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March 12th 10:30am

In Guido News: Snooki Was Getting It In At The Club Last Night

BOSSIP was in the building for the official NJ launch of their new Hennessy Black liquor. While on the scene, we ran into Snooki who was a bit preoccupied making love in the club. Check the flip for more details and pics of Angie Martinez, Alesha Renee and more.

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March 12th 10:20am

Soon To Be Newlyweds Carmelo And Lala Buy $2 Mil Los Angeles Love Nest

Even with their wedding date just a few months away, Carmelo and Lala still have plenty of paper. The couple just scored a new crib in L.A. for a little under $2 mil. Pop the hood for more details and some pics!

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