October 8th 8:47am

Michelle Obama’s Roots Trace Back to her Slave Ancestry

The New York Times decided to trace the First Lady’s family roots and found out that her great, great, great-grandmother was a slave from South Carolina.

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October 8th 8:45am

Are You Feeling Pharrell’s Hermes Croc Hoodie That Costs…

Pharrell threw some pictures up on his blog showing off his new Croc Herme Hoodie. For some reason, the thought of him spending a down payment for a big house on a sweater left us with a bad taste in our mouth. Pop it for the close up and price of the hoodie

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October 8th 8:30am

Let’s Break Down This Letterman Scandal….Shall We???

We know you didn’t think we were going to let Letterman slide on his deviant acts, did you? Let’s break down all the characters that are becoming more and more interesting as the days pass: The confession: Letterman talked about the extortion attempt — and admitted to the affairs — during a taping of his…

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October 8th 8:15am

Christina Milian and The Dream Are Looking Like Parents

The Dream and C-Mili were spotted leaving LAX. We don’t know if it’s the maternity clothes and overall swag, but the two are starting to look more “parent-like” now. Pop the top and peep Christina with the jacket off

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October 8th 7:30am

Saudi Man Brags About Choppin’ Down Wombs and Is Sentenced to 1000 Lashes and 5 Years?

This man’s name is Mazen Abdul Jawad. Mazen was on TV bragging about all the women he has been with and has now been sentenced to some time and lashings:

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October 8th 7:15am

Guess Our Parents…

These two cuties were spending quality time with their parents. We’ll give you a hint on who they belong to: The little girl’s dad is known for playing multiple personalities at one time and the little boy’s mom does… nothing. Pop it to See Their Parents

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October 8th 7:00am

End of Days: Taco Bell Worker Gets Shot Over a Taco in Miami

Rebecca Bouie works as a cashier for Taco Bell and was shot in the leg after a customer was upset that they were closed at 3:30 in the morning. What is really going on… all because they were closed he decides to start shooting!!! SMH… More Details Under the Hood

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October 8th 6:30am

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fiiiiiiightiiiiing!

The late Michael Jackson’s kids were spotted on their way into the Kung Fu spot to brush up on their tail kickin’. Blanket, Paris, and Prince all attended with what looks to be their cousins. Pop the top to see them with their gear on coming out the dojo

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October 7th 3:00pm

*Bossip Exclusive*: Is Mariah Carey Pregnant and Already Re-Releasing Her Album???

Mariah is running around looking like a thick soccer mom, or is it a pregnant soccer mom? Her producer is also re-releasing her album: A close insider to the Cannon/Carey camp has revealed to BOSSIP that…

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October 7th 2:45pm

This Power Couple Gets the Red Carpet Treatment Everywhere…

This couple just jet-setted to Norway and once they arrived at their hotel, the red carpet was rolled out like they are the Obamas or royalty. We know you already know who it is, BUT… Pop the Hood to Make Sure

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October 7th 2:30pm

Tila Tequila Turns Racist On Twitter Real Quick

The other day, attention starved Tila Nguyen, aka Tila Tequila, was tweeting about a suicide, no doubt for attention. Well, Charlamange The God clowned her on it and the racially fueled spiels just rolled out. She tried to erase them, but come on… Pop it and peep this little bum talk about what a good…

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October 7th 2:10pm

Khloe and Lamar’s Prenup Leaves Khloe With…

No wonder Khloe and Lamar’s wedding almost didn’t go down because of the prenup, apparently Khloe doesn’t get anything from Lamar not even half of his assets as his wife. Flip the hood for more details and their pics from the OK Magazine spread.

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October 7th 2:05pm

Certified Links

Jay-Z Becoming A Rockstar (GO) Kevin Federline Renovates Home With Taco Bell Bags and Cigarette Butts (GO) Fat Joe’s Album Released, Thanks 50 Cent (GO) Video: Mischa Barton in “Assassination of a High School President”(GO) Young Gunz Bringing Back Tough Luv (GO)

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October 7th 2:00pm

In White Folks News: Jon Gosselin Says “That Chick is Lying… I ONLY Took $22,000″

The other day, we told you Kate said Jon took $200K out of their bank account. Well, Jon wasn’t about to let that go down. He interviewed with ET and told them he ONLY took $22K and that he still pays child support and bills every month. Pop it to See Who You Think is…

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October 7th 1:45pm

SMH: The New York Post Fires Editor For Her Opinion of Racist Obama Cartoon

The New York Post, known for its bold headlines and outrageous stories is making headlines of its own, this time for firing one of the paper’s top editors. Sandra Guzman is an Emmy Award winning Journalist who edited the paper’s Black History Month section and the Harlem Week Section for years. Guzman is also the…

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