April 3rd 3:01pm

Some Afternoon Swirl: Wealthy UK Woman Chooses to Live in Mud Hut with Masai Warrior

This woman here is causing a stir among folks in the UK because she has given up on her privileged western lifestyle after falling for a Masai warrior who lives in a hut with no running water. This “warrior” must have really put something on her little tail.

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April 3rd 12:48pm

Divorce Deposition Claims Dwyane Wade Wasn’t The One With The Dirty D*ck… Siohvaughn Got That Clap From Her Sidepiece

The divorce between Dwyane and Siohvaugh Wade is getting U-G-L-Y!!! In the 300 page document that Dwyane Wade filed, it stated that Andrea Williams, a friend of the Wade family, claims that Siohvaughn Wade disclosed to her that another man that she was having an affair with gave her an STD… DAYYUMMM!!!!!!

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April 3rd 12:32pm

Remember Me???

It’s been ages since we had a Billy Ocean sighting but the “Caribbean Queen” crooner was recently spotted in Dublin, Ireland throwing up the deuces. Pop the hood for a look.

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April 3rd 12:12pm

Guess The Cakes

Guess the celebrity who brought her cakes to the beach yesterday for a little sun and fun? This one shouldn’t be hard at all…

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April 3rd 12:11pm

New Music: Trina Always Starts Off Hot And Then Puts Out Sh*zzz Like “My B*tches”

Trina’s new jawn, “My B*tches” may work but then maybe not. One thing about her is that she always starts off strong but then follows up with garbage. Tell us what you think… Hate It or Love It?!?!

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April 3rd 11:50am

WOW!!!: If You’re Sasha Fierced Out, Don’t Worry Gay Rapper J.R. Has You Covered… “Will You Marry Me Boy???”

The Gay Community is one of the biggest supporters when it comes to Beyonce but now they have their own rap artist, J.R. He’s got a new video called “Will You Marry Me Boy?” and we are just going to keep a tight lip on our thoughts this time… Tell us what you think!!! Pop…

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April 3rd 11:21am

Quote Of The Day: T-Pain Goes Gospel, “Dude, I Go To Church Just As Much As I Go To The Strip Club”

SMH… Don’t be surprised if T-Pain’s next big hit is “Blame It On The Altar Wine…” BOSSIP has learned that T-Pain plans for his fifth studio album to be a Christian project. Yeah we know what you’re thinking… Pop the hood for more details.

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April 3rd 10:56am

Yep, He’s Black

President Obama filled out his census form and though he could have checked off quite a few options, he went with basic black. Pop the hood.

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April 3rd 10:41am

Do You Recognize The Little Caramel Cutie In The Middle?!?!

Do you recognize the cute little girl in the middle??? Her dad is a mogul and her mom is one of three baby mamas… This Should Be Easy…

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April 3rd 10:26am

For Those In Denial: Nicki Minaj Is Obsessed With Lil Kim

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Nicki Minaj is more than just a little influenced by Lil Kim. To see some side-by-side comparisons just… Continue

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April 3rd 9:50am

Chelsea Handler Gives Little Justin Bieber A Reality Check

Usher’s little protege, Justin Bieber, hit up Chelsea Lately the other day. Even though he’s at the top of the charts and enjoying himself, Chelsea gave his little a$$ a reality check. Flip the Lid for a Peek

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April 3rd 9:19am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 41 People Shot And 4 People Dead On The Southside of Chicago In A Matter Of 50 Hours!!!

The weather has taken a turn for the better in the past couple of days and most people have been enjoying the sun but not residents on the Southside of Chicago. In just a matter of two days a total of 41 people have been shot, which includes 4 deaths, in 31 different incidents.

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April 2nd 5:32pm

Supermodel Chanel Iman Gets Slammed By Swedes For Looking Like A Bag Of Bones!!!

Chanel Iman is one of fashion’s most popular models, but people in Sweden are taking issue a new H&M campaign that features her — claiming that she’s sending the wrong message to the public. Pop the hood for a look at the ad and details on what the Swedish folk think “healthy” is supposed to…

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April 2nd 4:58pm

Prison Bars Can’t Keep Him Pinned; Weezy Pens Penitentiary Letter To His Fans

It’s not quite the same as a Ustream chat, but Lil Wayne has found a way to keep in touch with his fans while serving out the rest of his prison term. The rapper recently penned a letter from his fans while behind bars…

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April 2nd 4:24pm

Some Afternoon Preciousness

Since we couldn’t give you a little Nahla this morning with Mommy Halle, we figured we’d kick off your weekend with a little afternoon preciousness with Lala and Carmelo and their adorable son Kiyan. Pop the hood to peep.

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