October 20th 11:30am

Somebody is Playing Footsies Under the Table

Can you guess what couple was caught getting close and comfy on the low???

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October 20th 11:10am

Pay Yo Bills: Ludacris is Getting Sued by his Own Lawyers… SMH

Ludacris has been in the news lately for giving away free cars, food, money and more to those less fortunate. So, this does come as a shock when we see he’s getting sued for unpaid legal fees. There has got to be an explanation for this… Pop it for More Details… Continue

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October 20th 10:50am

Poppin Like The ATL

Stars are always clubbin in the ATL and this past weekend was no different, with Trina, Jeezy, Tiny, Jagged Edge, Monica and… Mia X?? Flip the lid and see everyone kicking it

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October 20th 8:30am

Some Morning Fug

Don’t these two look like mother and daughter? Lindsay Hohan and Muppet-faced Donatella Versace were both in Hollyweird at the 2009 Whitney Museum Gala. Jennifer Hudson and Chanel Iman were present also. Pop the top and peep

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October 20th 8:10am

Pharrell Leaves Camel High and Dry on Stage

Pharrell was supposed to perform with Jay-Z on a Washington DC stage but never showed.  We wonder why.

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October 20th 8:07am

You Can “MAKE” a Hoe Look Like a Housewife…

Amber Rose has evolved into a lady just like they claim monkeys evolved into humans. She popped up at the Elle 16th Annual Women in Hollywood event looking the part. We got to give props when they are due… Kanye, we salute you!!! Pop it for More

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October 20th 7:59am

Young Black Men Step Up, While “Others” Just Look Away

This is a still shot of some young brothers doing the right thing… while many other people didn’t. Pop the top and watch a very inspiring video

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October 20th 7:58am

Soul Trained Out

Terrence Howard was in the spirit last night at a Soul Train Pre-Party and posed for a picture with Taraji P.. Bossip was in the building and we must say, Terrence Howard had his nose all in the sky. Terrence must have forgotten he was rocking the Kufi and tried to act ethnic last night.…

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October 20th 7:56am

Go Home and Try Again Bey Bey

Bey Bey was spotted walking through Incheon Int Airport in South Korea with her lipstick poppin.  We’re not really feeling this, but we know the stans are. More pics of Bey Bey on her Harajuku Lover’s steez underneath the hood.

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October 20th 7:55am

BET’s The GAME has Moved to Atlanta???

The whole cast of former CW sitcom The Game were spotted on a first class flight to Atlanta to begin taping new episodes of the popular sitcom and word is… The cast is not to happy about that. Flip the Hood for Details

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October 20th 7:45am

New Music: Gucci Mane featuring Usher… SPOTLIGHT

Gucci Mane is on a mission right now. He dropped three mixed tapes over the weekend and now he’s dropping another single off his album called Spotlight featuring Usher. Pop it to See if You’re Feeling It

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October 20th 7:40am

Who is the Next Celeb Trying to Prove Their Good Hair???

It started with Tyra, then Oprah and now another celebrity has tweeted a picture of herself with her “real good hair.”  Curious to see who it is???  Flip the hood.

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October 20th 7:35am

Ho Sit Down: Kate Gosselin Says “My Kids Are Struggling”

So, John and Kate are going through the Hollyweird Blues, yet Kate is still hopping from show to show like the Attention Whore she is: As their parents continue to make tabloid headlines — Jon faces contempt charges for taking money out of a joint account, while Kate has just lost the reality show franchise…

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October 19th 3:30pm

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Finally Sign Prenup, Details Inside!!

After weeks of negotiating, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have finally signed their prenuptial agreement.

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October 19th 3:20pm

Hollyweird: Is This Your Husband???

Stephen Belafonte is looking like a flaming fool in this bright red a** lipstick. This queen is married to one of the most blatant and hard core Attention Whores in the game, we guess birds of a feather… Pop the top

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