October 17th 8:12am

Another Day, Another Reality Show

Puff Daddy’s second season for “I Want to Work for Diddy” is ready to air.  Pop the hood for a sneak peek.

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October 17th 8:10am

Chivalry Ain’t Dead!!

Old head Verdine White of Earth, Wind, and Fire did his good deed of the day by helping some random little old white lady into her car in Beverly Hills. Man, Verdine, it might be time to retire the weave, man purse, and the “young folks” gear. SMH. Flip the script for more including Lisa…

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October 16th 1:45pm

An Event Full O’ Bangers

Keep A Child Alive’s 6th Annual Black Ball went down last night in NYC, and many lovely ladies were in attendance. Flip the script to peep Halle Beeerrrrrry, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys (and of course Swizz Beatz), Iman, Kerry Washington, Mary J, and tons more….

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October 16th 1:30pm

Remember Us: H-Town Featuring Jodeci???

H-Town is an old R&B group from the early 90’s. They have decided to come back with a new song that features Jodeci. Instead of their old jam “Knocking the Boots,” the boys have returned with “Knockin’ Your Heels.” SMH Pop the top to see what the boys look like now and for a listen…

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October 16th 1:15pm

John McCain, Come Get Your Daughter

John McCain’s daughter Meghan posted this picture on Twitter and it caused an uproar of controversy. Check the flipside to see how she tried to cleaned it up.

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October 16th 1:10pm

Old School Rick Ross Pic…

One of our readers sent us an old school pic that they found of Officer Ricky. We were sort of convinced but we need ya’lls help on this one. Pop it for a Peek

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October 16th 1:05pm

The Marrow’s Have a Family Outing…

Ice-T, Coco and Tracy Jr.(Baby Ice) were all suited and booted for the 2009 Voice Awards. Baby Ice is growing up, last time we saw him was back in 08′. No matter how much Coco covers up, we still can’t see anyone calling her mommy… Pop it for the family Portrait

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October 16th 1:00pm

Certified Links

MC Hammer To Throw Cash4Gold Party (GO) Jagged Edge Talks New Deal With Slip N Slide Records (GO) Webstar Discusses Jim Jones & “The Rooftop” (GO) 4th Grader Asks Obama: “Why Do People Hate You?” (GO) Go From Bullied To Bully in No Time With These Handy Tricks! (GO) Hip-Hop Police Traget British Rappers (GO)

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October 16th 12:45pm

Random Ridiculousness: T-Pain Has a Funeral for Auto Tune

T-Pain had an official funeral for the death of the Auto-Tune complete with a hearse and a coffin. We guess his song to Jay-Z apologizing wasn’t enough.

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October 16th 12:15pm

Sextra: Ladies Unleash Your Inner-Vixen

Hello Bossip readers! What would a Friday be without our weekly round of sex talk?! It’s getting cold out and it’s that time of year when couples boo up and hibernate, but it doesn’t have to be boring! There are several ways to keep the bedroom toasty

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October 16th 12:00pm

For the Stans: Bey Bey Beyonce and her Dancer’s Legs Hit up Japan

Bey Bey Beyonce was spotted in Japan for a Samantha Thavasa handbags meet and greet with stans. Is it us or are her legs giving up an extra serving of thickness that we haven’t seen before? Flip the hood for more pics.

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October 16th 11:40am

A “Lil Positivity”: Tyra Banks is Giving Away 100,000 Coats

Tyra Banks and some of the ladies from ANTM has teamed up with, clothing brand, Aeropostale to give away 100K coats to underprivileged kids and at risk teenagers across the United States and Canada. Pop it for More

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October 16th 11:30am

MiMi’s “Interesting” Nickname for Little Nicky Carey

Mariah Carey put a very personal message to her hubby on his birthday cake in Vegas last week.  You’ll never guess what she calls him.

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October 16th 11:25am

Some Afternoon Swirl

Angela was spotted shopping for cell phone accessories with her man or whatever you want to call him. Funny how Terry Kennedy debuted his little Latina banger on Bossip yesterday, and later that day, she’s seen with her Latino piece, huh. More pics of Angela swirling around Hollyweird under the hood.

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October 16th 11:15am

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Prince Markie Dee Of The Fat Boys To Head To Wrestling Ring

The Fat Boys burst onto the eighties music scene and have since dwindled down into part of a Hip-Hop history lesson. Now more than 20 years since their debut, one of the original members is having his name thrust back into the spotlight. Continue…

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