December 27th 10:14am

Danger, FYI: This May Have Worked for Amber Rose but You Need to Try Again!!!

Danger, who recently just checked out of the looney bin, is trying her best to stay in the eye of the media instead of taking care of her newborn. What she was really trying to do in these pics… We can’t seem to figure it out!!! However, when Joe Exclusive, the weird stylist, starts looking…

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December 27th 10:02am

A Lil Positivity: MiMi Gives Deserving Kids a Plush Holiday Party in Aspen

A group of Colorado kids got an early Christmas gift from Mariah Carey, when she put together a lavish holiday party just for them in Aspen. More about MiMi spreading good cheer on the flippy.

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December 27th 10:00am

People Paying $25,000 to See Lady GaGa on New Years Eve

Lady GaGa is making it rain on hoes for New Years Eve (NYE). She will be getting $300 stacks to perform in Miami and people are paying $25 stacks and more just to see her perform.  Where They Do That At????

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December 27th 9:46am

Young Jeezy Gives Back by Going Door to Door, While Others Hold Benefits and Fundraisers

While other celebrities hold benefits and fundraisers, Young Jeezy takes it a step further for the holidays. Young Jeezy does “Toyz N Da Hood” every year to give back to kids that are less fortunate but instead of having someone else deliver the toys to the kids, he goes door to door himself. Flip the…

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December 26th 1:38pm

Obamas Spend Holiday In Hawaii But Prez Still Worked On Christmas

The Obamas planned for their Hawaiian holiday to be a private vacation, but the President took time away from his family to be debriefed about a would-be terror attack and make a surprise visit to Marines stationed in the area.

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December 26th 1:33pm

Mom Of Dead Brooklyn Toddler Has Surviving Kids Taken

After the death of 3-year-old Kyrah Martin, who fell off a roof to her death right before Christmas, the child’s mother Nefertiti had her three other young children taken away by child-welfare authorities.

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December 26th 12:20pm

2009’s Top 10 Shockers

Good day Bossip readers! With another year that came and went with ferocious speed, 2009 is coming to an end. The last year of the first decade of the 21st century was no different from any other year in terms of seasons, holidays and the twists and turns of everyday life. But 2009, in particular,…

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December 26th 12:16pm

Stuntastic Director Hero In Terrorist Plane Plot

Dutch film director Jasper Schuringa wasn’t having it when Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab tried to blow up Delta/Northwest Flight 253 as the flight prepared to land in Detroit Friday.

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December 26th 10:24am

Blast from the Past: Queen Pen Releases 2010 Calendar

Ummm, we’re not sure why…but Queen Pen is coming out with a calendar: Queen Pen is back. HUH? That’s what we said too… Dr Dre’s rhyme partner on Black Street’s classic “No Diggity” will be releasing a 2010 calendar with celebrity photographer Greg Frederick. The calendar is said to..Continue…

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December 26th 10:20am

Ho Sit Down: Crazy Terrorist Attempt Foils Due to Passengers

These shady terrorists are still trying to get us: ROMULUS, Mich. – An attempted terrorist attack on a Christmas Day flight began with a pop and a puff of smoke — sending passengers scrambling to subdue a Nigerian man who claimed to be acting on orders from al-Qaida to blow up the airliner, officials and…

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December 26th 10:11am

Why Are So Many Successful Black Women Single???

ABC News Nightline did a piece on why so many successful Black women are single, and if they need to lower their standards in regards to requirements for finding a mate. Flip it for the video…

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December 26th 10:07am

Some Holiday Beach Lovin’

Marc Jacobs and his husband were seen getting all ‘lovey-dovey’ for the holidays on the beach in St. Barth’s. We know you’re expecting us to say something inappropriate, but since it’s still the holidays technically…we’ll just tell you to pop the hatch to see more pics

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December 26th 10:03am

Which One Would You Hit??? Old Head Hip-Hop Edition

Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz of Onyx performed at the “Legends of Hip-Hop” concert the other night in NYC. Which one of these old heads would you let ‘eat the box’ then smash that thang up something proper??? Check on the flipside for more pics of some old head cats that aren’t aging well…

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December 26th 9:04am

16-Year-Old Girl Scared and On The Run After Reportedly Killing Attacker

Wow: The 16-year-old girl suspected of fatally stabbing an ex-con lashed out after he and a bevy of men chased her onto a Queens subway train and tried to fondle her, her mother said Friday. Thomas Winston, 29, and a pack of thugs tried to pull Cyan Brown out of a subway car at the…

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December 26th 8:58am

On the Party Scene: Chrisette Michele and her Girls Bring in the Holidays

Chrisette Michele was seen on the scene at NJ hot spot 501 looking a mess.  Of course Bossip spies were in the building, and they say she only performed one song and was M.I.A. for the rest of the night. Sidenote: did she rock a thermal to a club??? SMH. More flicks under the hood.

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