July 6th 2:09pm

Verified! King James AKA Lebron James Joins The Twitter Nation!

Over the past couple of weeks the news has been wondering about Free Agent Lebron James next move. Well he did the unimaginable. For all you lovers of the great “King” Lebron he is officially on Twitter.

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July 6th 1:32pm

To Whom Does This Denim’d Down Donk Belong?

The owner of these cakes was spotted this weekend making a run to the nail shop. Can you guess who they belong to? The matted yaki should be a hint. The answer is on the flippy

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July 6th 1:10pm

Iranian Mother Faces Death By Stoning

Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, a 42 year old Iranian mother- is facing death punishment by stoning in Iran. For details, including disturbing images… Continue

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July 6th 12:31pm

Twitter Files: Who’s Keeping Kim Up All Night?

Kimmy Cakes can’t sleep. Lil Duval thinks he knows why…Continue

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July 6th 12:04pm

Bill Cosby Calls Black People Out Again At 2010 Essence Festival

Bill Cosby, the self-appointed Daddy of all Black people, gave some tough love to the crowd at the 2010 Essence Festival. Bill dropped some jewels of wisdom and offered harsh criticism of the black community. Pop it to hear what he had to say.

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July 6th 11:50am

Arizona’s Immigration Law May Be Challenged By Justice Department Lawsuit As Early As Today

Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer told reporters, “We’ll meet them in court … and we will win,” when asked last month about a possible Justice Department lawsuit challenging her state’s immigration law. She may be eating those words sooner than expected. Details when you…

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July 6th 10:51am

Prince Wages War On The Internet And Shuts His Website Down

Your Purple Highness is on a rampage. Prince has decided to wage a war against the internet by removing any trace of himself from the World Wide Web. Pop it to see why…

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July 6th 10:42am

Serena Williams Talks Being Super Diesel And Getting Ditched By Common

Serena Williams is profiled in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Inside the magazine, the recent Wimbledon winner shares her concerns about her bodacious bod, her little anger episode at the U.S. Open last year and her breakup with Common. Pop the hood for details

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July 6th 10:00am

In White Folks News: George Michael Arrested For Driving Whip Into Storefront

Sounds like good ole George Michael needs to lay off the booze and the yayo: British pop singer George Michael was arrested over the weekend after crashing his car into a London store

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July 6th 9:49am

For The Stans: BeyBey And Hubby Hov Having International Matrimony-dom

Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted in several places in Europe for the Fourth of July holiday. Check up under the hood for pics including Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow at the London Wireless concert.

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July 6th 9:45am

BOSSIP Contests: Big Boi’s Custom Converse Giveaway

Big Boi’s solo album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty hits stores next Tuesday, July 6th via Def Jam Records. In honor of this special occasion BOSSIP and Big Boi are giving away two pairs of these exclusive Converse sneakers that Big Boi is holding up. Pop the hood for details

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July 6th 9:15am

Cristiano Ronaldo Has A Baby, Wears Extra-Medium Shirts

Looks like all the man-whoring has caught up to him: Cristiano Ronaldo set off fireworks of his own on July Fourth when the Real Madrid soccer star declared on Twitter he had a love child with an unidentified woman.

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July 6th 9:07am

Who Is Our Dad?

These California kids spent some quality time with their pops in Malibu this weekend. If we tell you that their Dad is an Oscar-winning Hollyweird actor can you guess who he is? The answer is on the flipside

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July 6th 8:30am

Some Morning Preciousness

Here is Heidi Klum and Seal’s baby girl Lou looking all adorable in her little baby carrier thingy… More images when you….

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July 5th 9:41pm

I’m $100 Million Dollars Richer, Beyotch!!!

What was Amar’e Stoudemire doing kicking it in the Hampton’s this weekend? Pop the hood for the details!

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