May 10th 9:01am

It’s True! Alicia Is Showing A Gut Full Of Human… PREGNANT!

Alicia Keys was performing in the Netherlands on the 8th and some new pictures were released of her performance showing a protruding tummy. We guess that she couldn’t hide it anymore and that is why the scoop came out last Friday that she was carrying a Gut Full Of Swizz. Pop the top for the…

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May 10th 8:37am

R.I.P. Legendary Star Lena Horne Dead At 92

As we celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, sadly we report that we lost one yesterday as the legendary Lena Horne passed away at the age of 92. Continue

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May 9th 11:07am

Kobe Bryant Probably Never Expected This Epic Fail Of An Attempt To Recreate Tupac Would Haunt Him So Soon!!!

There is no way Kobe Bryant didn’t know that he would catch hell for these suspect pics but he probably never thought that they would make it to the workplace. While Kobe was shooting a free throw, take a look at what the Utah fans made just for him… Pop the Top for a Peek

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May 9th 10:42am

L.A. Beauty Queen

Usher was spotted in Los Angeles this weekend picking up a few things to help him stay pretty… Props to him for not being ashamed to be caught shopping at the Beauty Supply! Pop the hood for more

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May 9th 10:35am

Happy Mother’s Day From Bossip!!!

The Bossip team would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers across the world!!! If your family doesn’t get you what you want, don’t worry… We know a guy that will switch them out for you at a low price ;) In the meantime, enjoy some of this MotherLoving’…

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May 9th 10:28am

Christina Aguilera Lets Nicki Minaj Licky Licky Kissy Kissy All Over Her “WooHoo”!!!

Christina Aguilera is doing the most for attention right now. She has coupled up with Nicki Minaj for this new jawn “WooHoo”, where she sings about having her “BOX” licked, kissed, yum’d and… Just Pop the Top for a Taste of Christina’s “WooHoo”:

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May 9th 10:27am

Guess The Lil Mommy Cakes

This singer/actress was spotted showing off her little Mommy Cakes in Beverly Hills this weekend. Can you guess who she is? Pop the hood to find out

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May 9th 8:36am

First Lady Honors Her Mom

Aw, here’s a nice story for your Mother’s Day. First Lady Michelle Obama talked aout raising her daughters in the White House and called her own mom her “rock.” Pop the hood.

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May 9th 8:12am

Drunka$s Gets Tased For Teasing Tiger

Some ol’ boozer in an ugly shirt got a little out of hand with Lil Cheetah and found his pasty behind Tased but good. Pop the hood.

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May 9th 7:52am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Mike Tyson “I’m Totally Broke”

This won’t come as much of a surprise, but Mike Tyson says he’s still really busted. Pop the hood.

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May 8th 1:48pm

Is Gabourey Sidibe Getting Too Big For Her Britches?

There have been stories making the round all week that The Notorious Precious was acting like a heffah at the star-studded White House Correspondents Dinner. Pop the hood.

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May 8th 12:41pm

JET Beauty Of The Week

Bossip’s diva of the week, Toni Braxton, graces the cover of JET and dishes about her problems with money and men. She’s looking Photoshopped, suddenly slinky, here.

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May 8th 12:40pm

Not Going Anywhere For A While: AIDS Predator Serving More Time

A New York State Supreme Court judge has ruled that a “HIV Predator” poses a danger to society and as a result, must remain behind bars even though he has completed his sentence. Continue

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May 8th 12:12pm

Guess My D-List Mommy?

This youngster’s moms just finished a D-list reality show for VH1. They were spotted yesterday at the GroVia Annual Dog And Baby Buffet Mother’s Day Event. Pop the top to find out the identity of her mother.

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May 8th 11:22am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Fool Goes After His Mom Like A Rabid Chihuahua

Meet Son of the Year James “Cujo” Williams of Denver. This freak lost his his $hit during a Wii game and went on an insane rampage through the trailer park that included an attack on his own mother. Pop the hood.

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