February 19th 7:59am

We Knew Kelly Rowland Was A Freak But…

Kelly Rowland had a birthday bash at Haze nightclub in Vegas and did a nice little performance as well.  She decided to use the stripper pole as a prop and from the looks of thangs she’s done this before. More pics of Kelly under the hood.

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February 18th 4:31pm

Nick to Mariah: “You Need To Take Your Drunk A$* To Rehab”

According to sources Mariah Carey may be considering going into rehab. Details on the flip.

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February 18th 12:27pm

10 Ways To Tell You’ve Made A Good Connection

(Photo Courtesy of Pete Taylor) Good day Bossip folks! One of our readers e-mailed the question, “I’ve been dating a guy for a few months and want to know how soon it too soon to make it official?” How many of us know the awkward in-between stages of a relationship when two people are seeing…

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February 18th 12:26pm

Get Up Close And Personal With Mary

Our girl Mary J. Blige has teamed up with Walmart’s Soundcheck to provide fans with an intimate and behind the scenes look at the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul:

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February 18th 12:16pm

*SMH* Woman From Duke Lacrosse Incident Arrested For Arson AND Attempted Murder!!!

The woman remembered for accusing members of Duke University’s lacrosse team of rape in 2006 has been arrested for arson and attempting to kill her boyfriend. Continue

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February 18th 12:15pm

Fu*kin For Tracks: This Lil Cheetah Ho Gets Around…Guess Who Is Chopping That Thang Down Now?!?!

It is highly common in the entertainment industry for men to run through and pass around the same women over and over and over again. Unfortunately for Adrienne Bailon, she is a voluntary victim for such. Peep who is chopping down the former Cheetah Girl now, and a list of cats who hit that in…

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February 18th 11:39am

Chris Brown Headed To Court Today To Determine If He’s Been Going “Hard” Enough With His Probation

C.Breezy is headed back to court today to see if the community service he’s performed meets the terms of his probation. Pop the hood for the details.

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February 18th 11:38am

Jennifer Hudson’s Got Milk And A Mullet?

Jennifer Hudson’s one of the new “GOT MILK?” ads. Is it us or does it look as if they gave her a mullet??? Pop the top for J. Hud’s better looking “GOT MILK?” ad and some behind the scenes footage…

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February 18th 11:32am

Beanie Sigel Saves Kanye West From Being Robbed

A former Roc-A-Fella employee recently set the record straight about the history of the notorious label, including the time Beanie Sigel flashed the Mac and saved The Louis Vuitton Don from getting robbed and relieved of his Roc-A-Fella chain. Continue

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February 18th 11:32am

Khloe Kardashian ODOM Is Selling Jewelry Now… What’s Next???

Khloe Kardashian was spotted in Vegas launching her Kardashian Jewelry Collection at a trade show.  Looks like some ish you could find at your local swap meet. Damn will these Kardashian chicks ever fade to black??? More pics on the flip.

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February 18th 11:31am

Certified Links

Shaquille O’Neal Admits To Losing $200,000 Gambling With Jermaine Dupri (GO) Clinical Study Shows Health Benefits of Marijuana (GO) Rick Ross Holds Blood Drive For Haiti (GO) Jay Z Speaks On Global Evolution of Hip Hop (GO) Pilot Burns Down House and Tries to Crash Plane into FBI Building (GO) Heidi Montag Wants to Massage…

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February 18th 11:29am

Puff Puff Pass That Purp… Study Shows Marijuana Has Medical Benefits!

Results from a clinical study at a Cannabis research center in California are confirming what many people claim to have known for years; that marijuana can provide substantial health benefits. Continue

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February 18th 10:43am

Sashay Shante B*tch: Terrell Owens Hits The Runway In His RuPaul Steez

Terrell Owens hit the runway for A*Muse at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. We love it when people like to come out of their shell and try new things BUT, Terrell… You are doing that a little to well!!! Flip the Lid for More Flicks of T.O. on the Cat Walk

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February 18th 10:39am

Weezy Can’t Stay Away From Court, Now He’s Being Sued For Copyright Infringement…

Weeoweeowee-weeoweeowee-weeoweeowee Weezy’s in trouble AGAIN!!! Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.’s been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over his 2008 hit song “Mrs. Officer” from his Carter III album. Continue

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February 18th 10:23am

Big Thangs Poppin’ For Precious Star… Showtime Gives Gabby Sidibe A TV Role

The good news keeps coming for Gabourey Sidibe! First she’s an Academy Award nominee for “Precious,” now it looks like she may be headed to cable after taping a new Showtime pilot. Pop the hood for the details on her next hefty role:

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