October 1st 8:40am

New Music: T-Pain Drops Ballad Saying Sorry to Jay-Z

T-Pain punks out and apologizes to Hova for getting out of pocket in Vegas, but actually makes some good sense. We always clown T-Pain, but he is obviously maturing to the point where things are in more of a right perspective for the brotha. Pop the top to peep his new song “I Just Gotta…

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October 1st 8:38am

My Daddy Always Puts His Artists on TV and Takes Their Money

This little girl’s daddy is always stealing money out of his artists’ pockets. He also said recently that he is looking for love. Plus, her dad has a total of five kids including her but she is his 1st daughter. Any Clue??? Pop it to Find Out…

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October 1st 8:36am

10 Tips to Impress Your Potential In-Laws (Part I)

Good day Bossip readers! First, I wanted to say thank you for all the lovely feedback and topic ideas for our love, relationship and sex column! Your response was amazingly positive and inspiring! One particular topic suggestion stood out because it got me thinking. How does one impress their future in-laws?

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October 1st 8:35am

Kelly Rowland is Into Swirlin’ Accessories

Kelly Rowland made an appearance at the MOBO Awards in Glasgow, Scotland last night with a swirlin’ accessory on her arm. They would probably just come off as friends but we’re not so sure that you would hold onto your “friend”  like this. Pop it for a Peek

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October 1st 8:34am

Coon of the Day!!!

At the end of a football game, an educational officer chokes out a kid and antagonizes a crowd of them. We can’t believe this self hating negro would act this way toward children!! :

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October 1st 8:32am

Knocked Up Swag: C Milli and “The Dream”

Christina Milian certainly has her knocked up steez in full effect. Chubby cheeks-check, motherly glow-check, big pregnant mommy boobies-double check. Here she is with her husband The Dream getting some grub in Beverly Hills last night. Flip the script for more images and peep “The Dream’s” shirt tucked into his sweatpants get up…SMH

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October 1st 8:32am

11-Year Old Tries To Eliminate The N-Word

A prolific 11-year old boy is making headlines for his bold speech on one of the most controversial words in American culture. Jonathan E. McCoy is a gifted child that’s speaking out against people’s use of the N word. He’s receiving national praise and acclaim for his youthful words of wisdom, even receiving a Presidential…

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October 1st 8:31am

Damn!!! Serena Showin Off Those Diesel Legs in a Short A$* Dress

We know you wanna have a gander at those thick Wimbledon thighs…

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October 1st 8:27am

Convict Walks Out Front Door of a NYC Courthouse Posed as a Lawyer…

A career crook and “escape artist” walked out of a Manhattan courthouse after he was mistaken for a well dressed  lawyer.  Ronald Tackman who switched into a three piece suit shed the suit after he escaped the jail successfully.

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October 1st 8:26am

Good Ole Brit Brit is Back to Her Old Self Again…

Now this is the Britney Spears we remember. She was spotted going to Target the other day rockin some little cut-off daisy dukes, a bare midriff shirt, and some winter a** boots. Check on the flippy for more…

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October 1st 8:25am

Peep Jermaine’s Claymation Grill and Painted-on Fade From the Side

Man this guy, we tell ya. Jermaine Jackson is stuntin out in London at the MoBo Awards accepting a lil something for his late brother Michael. Whose effin’ idea was it to give this guy spray-painted on hair??? He might have been better off rockin one of those baby weaves. Poor thang. Pop the hatch…

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October 1st 8:23am

Mariah Can’t Hang…

Mariah Carey was spotted in a NYC restaurant after a long day of press, and she couldn’t hang according to onlookers.

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October 1st 8:17am

Backs Like “Whoa”

Mya was spotted here hitting up CocoDeVille after a taping of DWTS. Notice her gay accessory? The pants Mya is wearing are showing off her supple cakes… all the-way-off. Fellas, pop the top for a couple of cake shots in motion and a throwback of “Whoa”

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October 1st 8:10am

The Odd Bunch

Lady Gaga, Jimmy Iovine, and Dr. Dre were all in NY for the Launch of Heartbeats headphones from Monster. We know money talks when it comes to Dre, but what is crackin’ with Iovine’s kicks? Pop the top and take a look at his gold heels

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October 1st 8:00am

MJ’s Kids Doing Just Fine… Now Moving On, Will Someone Cut This Boy’s Hair

Michael Jackson’s three children were seen in LA with their nanny Grace Rwaramba and a few other family members. We’re not trying to come for Blanket but isn’t it time for a trip to the barber? More pics under the hood folks

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