July 10th 8:45am

The Game is Riding on Jay-Z Something Serious…

The Game does not take battling lightly, but we don’t think Joe Camel foreseen this happening. The Game is overseas and spit some “bars” at Jay-Z. Matter of fact, the crowd joins in on a chorus saying, “F*ck Jay-Z…You Old Ass N***a”!!! Hip-Hop Beef…SMH Click Here for the Video!! Peep pics of Hov when you..

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July 10th 8:44am

Kelly Rowland Is Feeling Good and Looking Better

Kelly Rowland is out in England and looking damn good in that skirt. Them legs look like two meaty drum sticks… Damn! Kelly has no headache, her own show, does her own show schedule, and looks happier than ever now. Go Head Kelly! Pop the top for more “perfect” legs

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July 10th 8:44am

Joe Jackson Has Eyes on Little Jacksons as Performers Already!!

We don’t know about Prince, but Lil Blanket and Lil Paris are already being eye-balled by “Crazy” Joe Jackson. Maybe that is who Michael was hiding their faces from, Joe. In an interview this morning he talks about the talent he can already see in them.

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July 10th 8:43am

OJ Simpson Requesting Bail and May Be Back On The Streets Thuggin!

OJ is trying to break out of the Pen.. Man, we forgot all about him. LOL: Former football Hall of Famer, O.J. Simpson, has promised not to disappear or endanger…Continue

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July 10th 8:22am

Lil Wayne Sued For Sleeping On The Job

This guy again: Weezy is getting sued…again. This time an entertainment company is suing Wayne for missing a scheduled performance. In 2008 he was scheduled to perform in the Bahamas at a concert for Red City Entertainment. When he did not show up to the concert, authorities looked for him and found him passed out…

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July 10th 8:18am

What is Wrong With This Picture??

Here is your boy Blade at the Prince Faisal S. Al Saud of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family birthday celebration at the Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel. We’re not quite sure what’s going here. Maybe you can help us out… Pop the hatch for more Wesley, Forest Whitaker and Charlie Murphy!!!!!!

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July 10th 8:07am

Cowards Kill 21 Yr Old College Student Because of Wearing Red: Mexican Gangs Claim Blue and Red Now!!!

Us black people at Bossip don’t care if he is Hispanic or not. This is a problem in both of our communities! Some gang members in the BART area killed another college student just because him and his friends had on red: Two suspected members of the MS-13 gang have been arrested…

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July 10th 7:39am

Update: Raven-Symoné Denies Giving Birth or Being Knocked Up

A rep for raven-Symone hit us up yesterday regarding the rumor of her bringing a baby into this world:

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July 10th 7:21am

Pure Comedy: Super Heroes Get Beat Up By One-Time After Superman Socks Up Lady Cop

Some goof balls were hanging out in Time Square yesterday dressed as Batman and Superman. They ended up getting into a scrap when Superman freaked out and punched a female cop: Superman and Batman took on New York’s Finest last night in an epic Crossroads of the World battle that left the Man of Steel…

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July 10th 6:30am

Iowa Congressman Votes Against Plaque Honoring Slaves

GOP Representative of Iowa, Steve King, was the only congressman to vote “no” against a plaque, to be placed in the Capitol, recognizing the history of slave labor. His vote of opposition stood alone against a cause that was, otherwise, overwhelmingly easily approved. The House of Representatives voted 399-1 for the Capitol Visitor’s Center to…

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July 9th 6:44pm

This is Not About Marion Barry Being on Rocks Again But Listen To These Shocking Stalkerish Audio Tapes

Go under the hood to listen to shocking audio tapes of former DC mayor stalking a woman like a rocked-up serial killer. Marion Barry being a certified base-head is just the beginning

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July 9th 4:22pm

McNair’s Mistress Wanted to ‘End It All’

Despite reports from her family saying she showed no signs of depression, Sahel Kazemi, Steve McNair’s mistress, was facing financial hardship and heartache behind the deterioration of her relationship with the Titan quarterback. Continue…

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July 9th 4:06pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Black Eyed Peas Stealing Beats – that’s BOOM BOOM WACK!!! HipHopWired Need Some Style!! Check out Steal Her Steez: White Party Edition LiveSteez Hugh Hefner Gets Sued for $3 Billion F-Listed Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Make It A Family Affair With Tony’s Brother Lossip.com

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July 9th 11:19am

Quote of the Day: Dame Dash Says “Jay-Z’s Taking Money Out of Chris Brown’s Mouth…He Did It to Me!”

Dame Dash went on record in the video below with his beliefs on the Jay-Z and Chris Brown Black-Balling fiasco. Dame makes some valid points and then quickly goes into another rant about people piggy-backing. Pop the top and peep his spiel

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July 9th 11:18am

Nivea: Lauren is Not The Only One

We knew this was going to happen since Ms. Lauren London had her baby bump debut this past weekend at Diddy’s All White Affair. Lil Wayne… SMH. Pop the top for more pics…

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