June 13th 9:12am

Who Looked More Bangin: Seasoned VS Freshman

Keke Palmer has been moving up the ranks, gracefully, and we know how Paula Patton has been putting down the “banger status” for a minute. They were both seen at the Women In Film’s 2009 Crystal And Lucy Awards. You knew we would ask… Who Looked More Bangin??? Pop the top to see Tracee Ellis,…

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June 13th 9:05am

In White Folks News: Bret Michaels Gets Nose Broken and Wig Split

Bret Michaels, from the Rock of Love Show, was performing at the Tony Awards the other night and was leveled by a prop. His nose was broken and his wig was split in the accident. You’ve probably seen the video already, but watch it again because it was damn hilarious. SMH Pop it and watch…

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June 12th 4:53pm

Usher and Tameka Foster Divorce is the Real Deal

Despite the spin job that went out yesterday stating that Usher and Tameka were not splitting up, the truth is, the two are heading for divorce and fast. Pop the lid for all of the details

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June 12th 8:12am

You Are Still On Trial… What the Hell is So Funny Chris?

Chris Brown was seen out last night at the NBA Finals having a good old time, just a cackling it up, with Rihanna present at the game too. Why is he acting like he’s not on trial? He’s lucky RiRi didn’t show up with her new side piece Drake. We’re sure Breezy wouldn’t be smiling…

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June 12th 8:06am

Reverend Jeremiah Wright Angry With ‘Them Jews’

Reverend Jeremiah Wright has been a controversial figure from the moment he got his media shine on as Barack Obama’s pastor. Unfortunately, this man doesn’t seem to know when to sit down, shut up and hold it down for the black community. Once again, he’s spouting his extreme views, not that we want to hear…

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June 12th 8:05am

Janet Jackson’s Gettin’ Thick With It

Janet has been seen out and about quite a bit over in Europe these days. She’s seen here hanging with her favorite Prince, Prince Azim. Guess the Europeans don’t mind the extra baggage Miss Jackson is toting.

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June 12th 8:00am

WTF? Cher’s Daughter Is Becoming a Man?

Cher’s only daughter Chastity Bono is about to become her son. Once again, Hollyweird at its finest

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June 12th 7:59am

Bossip Certified Links

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June 12th 7:55am

Why Does Yung Joc Play “Ho Like” Games?

We knew Yung Joc was just messing around talking about somebody getting slapped, but fareal, how old is Yung Joc supposed to be again? Talk about whoring yourself out:

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June 12th 7:54am

Al B. Sure Breaks the Silence About Quincy Putting Him on Blast

Al B. Sure knows he got caught out there looking shady so now he’s going into media overload trying to clean up his deadbeat dad steeze. Pop the top for his “heartfelt” response to Quincy’s dogged out letter

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June 12th 7:53am

Trickin’ for Acts: Amber Rose is America’s Next Top Model

Amber Rose signed with the world renowned Ford Modeling Agency on Wednesday:

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June 12th 7:52am

Lil’ Scrappy Gets His Family Guy On

Scrappy and Diamond came out last night for the ATL screening of “Imagine That” with Eddie Murphy. The family looks too cute, don’t they? Pop it for more

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June 12th 7:51am

Pharrell On Billboard Mag and Talking About Marketing Venture With White Folks

Pharrell is seen here on the cover of Billboard Magazine pointing to his latest partners, Rob Stone & Jon Cohen of Cornerstone, who just linked up with the NERD to start a new marketing company.

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June 12th 7:50am

In Swirl News: Madonna Purchases Another African Baby

As if Madonna needs anymore publicity, her adoption appeal of baby Mercy of Malawi just went through which means she will be the mother of two African babies. What is it with Hollyweird and adopting African children?

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June 12th 7:50am

Spotted: Mama Got a Brand New Man!

Star Jones was out with her new man, “Herb” Wilson, at The Four Seasons Restaurant 50th Anniversary Gala. She is looking more happy than when she was with that…Al “Gay Gay” Reynolds. Pop it for some of Leen Jaslene at the event

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