May 20th 6:04pm

*Bossip Exclusive* Chris Brown Loves Hollyweird Hoes: “When He Was Shooting The Video With Tyga In Cali… He Was Knocking Them Down 5 A DAY & Orgies!”

California Bossip Ear Hustlers tell us Breezy is a borderline Male-Ho/Nympho. The sources say Chris Brown’s Cali time is spent with him knee deep in  ho-womb: Source: “He was at the video shoot with Tyga taking them back to the crib, back to the criiiiib, yeaaaah! He had one Latin girl that looked like she…

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May 20th 5:21pm

Quote Of The Day: Nicholas Cage Says “I Eat According To The Way Animals Have Sex”

Some folks have an appetite for sex, others just have a healthy appetite. But the great actor Nicolas Cage only has an appetite for animals who have dignified sex… WTF??? Pop the Hood for details.

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May 20th 5:09pm

Kimmy Cakes Is In “SHAPE”…Literally

Here is Kim Kardashian on the cover of Shape magazine and inside speaks on how she keeps that body of hers tight. Pop it for the interview:

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May 20th 5:08pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Wyclef Jean Treats Haitian Amputees To Shopping Spree

Wyclef Jean made a positive move this weekend, treating three survivors of the Haiti earthquake to a shopping spree. Details on the flipside Continue

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May 20th 4:15pm

When The Checks Stop Comin In: Money Trouble For Honey Mag?

Things aren’t looking good for YouBlast Global, formerly known as Sahara Media Holdings Inc, the parent company for After attempts at reviving the HONEY brand as a website in 2008, poor performance indicated in YouBlast Global’s 2009 annual report show that — despite million dollar investments — the company’s fate is in question. Details…

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May 20th 4:08pm

The Bald-headed Beast And Her Bombardment Of Boobage

Good lawd, Amber Rose‘s breast/rack/cleavage action at the Maxim HOT 100 Party was off the chain last night. SMH. Pop it to see more of them, her backs, and her “Alien Nation” swag when you…

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May 20th 3:37pm

Taz Arnold (TI$A) Drops Video With Wood Harris & Small Cameo From Kelis!!

So, we guess Taz Arnold does make real music and people are supporting his movement besides Kanye West. We spotted this new one with Kelis & Avon Barksdale (Wood Harris) in it named “Southside Blood Cuzn.” We talked to Taz about it and he said: “It’s just a regular LA dude’s vision with a sick…

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May 20th 3:33pm

In White Folks News: Judge Issues Warrant For Lindsay’s Arrest, But Ho-Han Can Stay Free If She Pays Bail!

We’re counting down the hours until the law finally pulls the trigger and tells Lindsay Ho-Han “Go To Jail. Go Directly To Jail. Do Not Pass the Chateau Marmont. Do Not Collect Your Residuals!!!” Pop the hood for details about how Lindsay might be able to escape prison yet again.

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May 20th 3:00pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Diddy Speaks On Visiting Lil Wayne In Jail [Video] (GO) Randy Jackson In Talks To Have Michael Jackson’s Gravesite Opened To The Public (GO) Update: Alleged Pimp Of Lawrence Taylor “Rape Victim” Charged With Sex Trafficking (GO) Alicia Key’s Job “SuperSearch” Down To Three Final Bloggers (GO) Charlize Theron Walks Out Of Iron Man 2…

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May 20th 2:56pm

Fill In The Blank: This Broad Is _____________

Pssssssssssst!!! A little birdie told me that this DUMBAZZ really went and got a “Follow Me” Twitter tattoo — complete with the TweetBird. SMH! Pop the hood for some similarly stupid twitter inspired body art and don’t for get to Fill In The Blank!

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May 20th 2:19pm

Gay Couple Gets Maximum Prison Term, Sentenced To 14 Years Behind Bars In Malawi

Malawi’s first openly gay couple was ordered to serve a 14-year jail term, the maximum punishment allowed under a law that forbids homosexuality in the country. Details on the flipside

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May 20th 1:11pm

Alicia Keys And Her Gut Full Of Human Hit The UK Stage

Alicia Keys opened her UK tour at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena last night. She’s got the eye of the tiger and the cage to match, but try as she may — no black jackets, baggy t-shirts or steel bars could disguise her bulging belly. Pop the hood for more shots of Lil Licia and her…

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May 20th 12:50pm

Ladies, It’s Okay to Play the Trump Card!

Good day Bossip Readers! Here’s to another “Almost There Thursday!” So let’s talk the “trump card,” ladies! You know how when you’re really feeling someone, you start to get excited about the possibilities and next thing you know you’re stalking your phone?

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May 20th 12:44pm

NBA Hall Of Famer Says “It’s Absolutely True,” Delonte West Is A Motherfu*ker

Damn Bron Bron! We told you — cease and desist or not — this rumor is a motherfu*ker for reals… NBA Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy went on ESPN Radio this morning and said talk that Delonte West bedded his Cavs teammate’s mom Gloria is not a rumor — it’s true! Pop the hood for…

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May 20th 12:30pm Links!

18 & 19-Yr Old Girls Arrested For Pimping Out 14-Yr Old “You Gotta Earn Your Keep!”: CLICK HERE The First Family And Mexican Family At The State Dinner And “OOPS” Someone Slipped: CLICK HERE Bret Michaels On Oprah Talking Almost Dying And Breaks Down When Daughter Speaks: CLICK HERE Ray Charles’ Granddaughter “Blair Thomas” Debut…

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