June 12th 8:27am

Random Acts of Thuggery Revisted

Posted by Bossip Staff   Last week, we talked about Jim Jones & crew and their random acts of thuggery. Click here to watch the scene of the altercation backstage at the Hot 97 Jam. It would seem that it was the pigs who were the real culprit.

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June 12th 8:24am

Beauty is the Best Revenge

Posted by Bossip Staff Women scorned, Alexis Phifer (Kanye’s former boo) and Mashonda hit up the “If Looks Could Kill” event along with Keyshia Cole and many more. We’ve included more for you in the thumbs. View much more on the flipside

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June 12th 8:23am

Meagan’s Good

Posted by Bossip Staff Meagan Good was spotted at the premiere of “The Love Guru” yesterday, with handsome boo Thomas Jones. They make a nice pair if we should say so ourselves. And Kudos to Meagan for stepping it up for this event. We were beginning to worry about ole girl. Check out a little…

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June 12th 8:10am

Blade: The Family Man

Posted by Bossip Staff Tax evader Wesley Snipes was spotted on his was to the park with 3 of his kids yesterday – enjoying his freedom to the fullest no doubt. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson. This brotha’s gotta pay taxes like everyone one else up this mf. Image Source

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June 12th 7:45am

Suspect Backage

Posted by Bossip Staff This swollen rump was spotted at the R&B Live event in NYC recently. Looks like there’s some heavy silicone action going on back there. A tad more booty-liciousness just below.

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June 11th 5:15pm

Calling All Juicy Ladies of Different Shapes and Sizes

Denim is where it’s at ladies. The right pair of jeans can keep you on the VIP list and on your man’s speed dial. Finding the right pair can be harder than finding a good man. If you’re looking for jeans that fit your natural curves, then PZI jeans are where it’s at. No more…

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June 11th 12:58pm

Things Ain’t Lookin So Bright for Shaniqua

Posted by Bossip Staff A judge ruled in favor of Bugs Monkey this morning: 50 CENT’s ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins has been ordered to pay $4,500 (GBP2,250) in unpaid rent on the charred remains of the rapper’s New York home. Lawyers for the two parties appeared at Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday for a hearing in…

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June 11th 9:53am

Fill in the Blank

Posted by Bossip Staff “Family Guy” Kobe Bryant was spotted with his wife Vanessa and daughters after winning game 3 of the NBA Finals. Fill in the Blank: The ______________________ are gonna sh*t on the _______________ and win the Championship. Image Source

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June 11th 9:32am

What An Improvement

Posted by Bossip Staff Zoe Kravitz was spotted leaving the Rose Bar at the Grammercy Hotel in NYC last night. Quite an improvement from her usual look and feel if we may add. C-Breezy was also spotted in NY last night during his visit to TRL. For close ups, check the thumbs. via Splash

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June 11th 9:30am

Bloody Tactics

Posted by Bossip Staff Ashanti’s new blood-splattered e-card promotion has sparked up some controversy: “Visitors to the controversial site are greeted by a fake news headline from the UCN, the Universal Crime Network, which reports that, ‘police are investigating a recent wave of violence in New Jersey. The police commissioner has hinted that there may…

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June 11th 9:30am

Unlike Father, Unlike Son

Posted by Bossip Staff Flavor Flav was spotted chilin at the beach with his son Karma recently. With that fuggo-mug, it’s hard to believe his son turned out to be so cute (Lawd knows his baby mamma is painful to look at too) – it just goes to show that miracles do happen. Image Source

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June 11th 9:29am

Which One Would You Hit??

Posted by Bossip Staff T.I. and David Banner were at the PAARTY 93.3 Car Show in Houston recently. If you had the choice to hit one of these interesting characters, Which One??? View more topless images of David Banner coming up next…

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June 11th 9:28am

Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff We can’t say we didn’t see this one coming: Snoop Dogg is ditching rap to record an album of bluegrass songs. The hip-hop star became inspired by his appearance at the Country Music Television (CMT) Awards in April – and is busy writing tracks. He [says], ‘I went to the CMT…

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June 11th 9:24am

This One’s For the Ladies

Posted by Bossip Staff MC Lyte is on a mission to bring justice to female MC’s everywhere. Click HERE to find out what cause she’s championing and what she has to say about sexism in the legal system. And while were dancing around the topic, Click HERE to watch Chris Rock talk about gay marriage.…

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June 11th 9:23am

Groupie Sexcapades

Posted by Bossip Staff The remaining G-Unit members were featured in July’s Vibe Swagger Issue which features a new online sex survey called “Let’s Talk About Sex”. They chat about “groupie love:” What’s the craziest thing a groupie ever did to try and get to you? Yayo: It was in Germany. There were two girls…

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