December 30th 12:35pm

Guess Who Chopped Down Amber Rose While She Was Dating Kanye? Part 2!

Bossip sources keep coming with the goods on the bald beast. Pop the hood to see who else Amber Rose got her naughty on with this year

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December 30th 12:03pm

GTFOH: Ciara is Getting Paid $2 Milli for NYE Performance?!?

Ciara is on the way to Kazakhstan for her NYE performance. and also is getting $2 million for it… DAYYUMM!!! As long as she performs

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December 30th 12:00pm

Tina Knowles Loves Bossip

While Solange is somewhere spinning records at parties Tina Knowles is reading up on celebrity gossip.  Pop the top for the details.

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December 30th 11:48am

Dear Bossip: I Married a Monster!

Hey Bossip! I have a story for your love and relationship letters. So here it is. I married my husband a little over 3 years ago after dating for about 2 years. I found out the day after our wedding that I was pregnant. So we had the baby, a girl, and things were good…

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December 30th 11:46am

Fat Payday For Ray J! Vh1 Bonus Sparks Home Buying Bonanza

Reality show whoredom is paying off bigtime for Ray J and Brandy’s brother has been bragging to anyone who would pay attention about the HUGE stacks Vh1 just gave him as a ratings bonus.

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December 30th 11:28am

Certified Links

Kid Sister Talks Yang Yang on Nicki Minaj (GO) 58-Year-Old Administrator Accused of Having Sex With 14-Year-Old Student (GO) Tiger Woods spotted holding hands with Rachel Uchitel at party (update) (GO) President Obama To Tell Public Federal Secrets (GO) Sugababes Bikini A*ses From Behind of the Day (GO) HHWired Exclusive: Three 6 Mafia Adapt Sound…

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December 30th 11:19am

Jamie Foxx Used to Put on Private Shows for Men Wearing G-Strings???

Jamie Foxx has been shutting down gay rumors since the early 90’s, and some old photos have surfaced that suggest he may be living a double life.  Pop the top for the details and to see pics.

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December 30th 11:07am

Quote of the Day: Kid Cudi Puts Music Industry on Blast

Kid Cudi has never been a rapper that finds it necessary to bring down another rapper in order to promote himself. He is, however, a man that apparently believes in respect and will immediately shut down those that choose to not show him such courtesy. Continue…

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December 30th 11:00am

Skillz & His 2009 Rap Up

At the end of every year it has become a custom for Skillz to drop his recap song of the yearly events. The song is always on point and this year is no different. Pop the top and have a listen

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December 30th 10:42am

When Pigs Fly: Rival L.A. Gangs Collaborate To Make That Paper

This is certainly an interesting read: After nearly two decades fighting gangs, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Detective Robert Lyons thought he had seen it all. Until he saw members of the Bloods and the Crips — rival gangs that spent years in brutal conflict — meeting amiably in a restaurant.

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December 30th 10:33am

Man Awarded $1.2 Million After Spending 14 Years Behind Bars For Wrongful Conviction

New York City will be paying out $1.2 million for a very expensive mistake made over a decade ago. A judge awarded the hefty judgment to David Lemus, who spent 14 years in jail after being convicted for a crime he didn’t commit.

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December 30th 10:30am

Attention Whores: MiMi and Nicky Are Never Going to Go Away

Mariah and Nick were spotted arriving at JFK Airport in NYC.  From the looks of the pictures they probably got all coupled up in the mirror to practice for their photo ops. SMH. More flicks of these two under the hood if you can take it.

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December 30th 10:15am

BDR’s Old Man Mack Game is Still Strong!!

Here is Uncle Russy (who is currently seeking someone to procreate with again) on vacation in St. Barth’s spitting his tight Dali Lama yoga game at some young ladies… More pics of good ole Russell when you pop the hatch…

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December 30th 10:04am

The Boondocks Are Back! Huey and Riley Return For Season Three

They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cartoonist Aaron McGruder recently announced his politically charged animated television series “The Boondocks” will be returning for a third season very soon.

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December 30th 9:35am

Twitter Files: Swizz Beatz and Bono Get Wasted

Swizz Beatz tweeted some pics of him kicking it with Bono. Pop the hood to peep another….

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