May 18th 12:49pm

Chris Brown Shows Off His Little Wood Pecker At The VA Stand Up Concert

Breezy has the shoulder definition of a 14 yr old soccer player. Chris Brown was at his Stand Up VA concert the other night and started feeling his self to the point of arousal. Your boy then called a female up and tried getting it in finishing with a pose to show “him-self.” Pop the…

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May 18th 12:38pm

Mashonda To Swizzy: Fu*k You, Pay Me $344K

Mashonda wants her money and poor Swizz Beatz is gonna have to pay. Mashonda is going hard now that the divorce is final and Lil Licia Keys is allegedly knocked up:

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May 18th 12:23pm

Twitter Files: Rob Kardashian Misses His Beautiful Mocha Boo Boo Angela Simmons…

Puppy lovin is so sweet. Rob Kardashian recently tweeted about his lil love muffin Angela Simmons. Continue…

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May 18th 12:05pm

Certified Links

Talib Kweli Addresses Illuminati Rumors About Jay-Z And Kanye West [Video] (GO) Why Are Whites Five Times Richer Than Blacks In The U.S.? (GO) Waka Flocka Flame Performs On The Monique Show, Discusses Name and Influence on Rap [Video] (GO) Five Teams Lebron James Should Consider Besides New York (GO) Alleged Car Thieves Receive Beat…

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May 18th 12:00pm

Update: State And Federal Lawsuits Filed In 7-Yr-Old Shooting, Video Evidence To Be Revealed To Contradict Police Accounts

Prominent Southfield attorney Geoffrey Fieger called “absurd” any suggestion the shot fired by police officer during a raid that killed a 7-year-old girl Sunday morning was the result of an altercation between the cop and the girl’s grandmother.

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May 18th 11:07am

This Is The Definition Of Matrimony-dom Right’chere!

It looks like Hollyweird couple Jessica Alba and Cash Warren decided to leave little Honor at home and have a hot date night at the Lakers playoffs game against the Phoenix Suns. Gotta give Jess some wifely props for being down to dig rather than have her man looking crazy out in public! Pop the…

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May 18th 11:06am

Quote Of The Day: Pastor Jeremiah Wright Says “When Obama Threw Me Under The Bus, He Threw Me Under The Bus Literally!”

SMH: The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s controversial former pastor, said in a letter obtained by The Associated Press that he is “toxic” to the Obama administration and that the president “threw me under the bus.”

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May 18th 10:53am

Please Excuse The Language But Kelis… WHAT THE F**K!?!!

Kelis never ceases to amaze anyone with the way out of left field crazy madness that she comes up with… until now!!! Her latest album, “Flesh Tone” was released in the UK this week and looky at what was found on the inside… What is Wrong with This Picture?!??

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May 18th 10:47am

SMH: Man Tries To Exchange His 3-Month-Old Baby Girl For A 40 Oz…

The world is officially turning to sh*t. BOSSIP has learned that some fool tried to trade in his baby for a couple of 40 ounces in Massachusetts: Chicopee police say a man faces a child endangerment charge after allegedly offering to swap his 3-month-old daughter for a pair of 40-ounce beers.

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May 18th 10:36am

Fill In The Blank: Bald-Headed Beast And Tila “Dingbat” Tequila Get Close

Amber Rose and Tila Tequila were seen kickin it after the Nylon Young Hollyweird party last week in NYC. Fill In The Blank: Based off these two hoes’ track record, they probably __________________________ each other after dinner. Pop for more pics…

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May 18th 10:20am

Lebron Says Delonte Was Not Choppin’ Down His Moms

BronBron is finally trying to put a stop to ugly rumors that his mom was getting busy with his homie, Cavs teammate Delonte West. This morning Lebron’s lawyer sent a cease and desist email completely denying the scandal. Pop the hood for details

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May 18th 10:13am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 14 Year Old Girl Drugged, Raped and Tortured In Basement

Enduring two weeks of punishment, a 14-year-old girl was repeatedly raped, drugged and beaten by two men while confined to a Crown Heights basement located in Brooklyn. Continue…

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May 18th 10:10am

New Video: Rick Ross, Ne-Yo And Stacey Dash In “Super High”

Officer Ricky Ross has released his new video “Super High” featuring luscious lips Ne-Yo. You would think Rick Ross has never touched a woman the way he’s feeling on Stacey Dash’s leg… Perv!!! Pop the Top and See for Yourself

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May 18th 9:59am

Midwest Stand Up!! Enter To Win A Pair Of Maxwell & Jill Scott Concert Tickets!!

Maxwell and Jill Scott are coming to a city near you very soon!! The Soul-Infused duo kick off “The Tour” on May 21st in Cleveland, OH, and later in Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Louis. If you’re in any of these areas and would like to check them out LIVE! in concert, please pop…

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May 18th 9:55am

Question Of Day: Does This Look Like Nelson Mandela To You???

Terrence Howard is coming back to the big screen with his Babywipes/Rebirth of Slick steez in full effect. He’s set to play Nelson Mandela…

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