July 12th 4:03pm

Guess The Bicycle Riding Backs

This banger was spotted riding this bicycle while filming scenes for a new movie, can you guess who she is? Here’s a hint, this former video girl has won recurring roles on two different HBO original television series’. Pop the hood to see if you guessed right

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July 12th 3:11pm

It’s A Wrap: C-Milli And Ugly A$$, Cheating A$$ Terius “The Douchebag” Nash Separated In 2009?!?!

SMH, this is truly when f*ckin for tracks goes all the way wrong: Christina Milian and The-Dream have decided to separate,

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July 12th 2:40pm

John Legend And His Boo Go Shopping In The City

John Legend was spotted coupled up with girlfriend Christine Teigen in New York’s West Village. Pop the hood for more shots of the swirly boo’s hopping a cab

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July 12th 1:09pm

Swizz Beatz Discusses Working On Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige & Nicki Minaj New Projects

Alicia Keys’ superproducer fiancé Swizz Beatz recently sat down to discuss collaborating with Keys, Mary J. Blige and Nicki Minaj. Pop the hood to hear what he had to say Continue

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July 12th 1:08pm

Quote Of The Day: Mel Gibson’s Raging Rant Part 2 Is Crazier Than The First “You Will Be Under A Rose Garden You C*nt!”

In Radaronline’s second installment of the Oksana “Iono Who Leaked Them” roid rage tapes with Mel Gibson… the man goes absolutely ape sh*t on the phone and seems capable of killing her! Mel is breathing real hard and saying things like: “Threaten ya? I’ll put you in a f *ckin rose garden you c*nt! Pop…

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July 12th 12:49pm

Somali Militants Kill At Least 74 People In Uganda Bombings During World Cup Game

Somali Islamist militant group, Al-Shabaab, claimed responsibility today for three bombings in Uganda. At least 74 individuals have been killed in the bombings and hundreds injured. Injuries include blindness, broken bones, hearing problems and temporary flesh wounds. More info on the flipside

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July 12th 12:36pm

Some Afternoon Preciousness

Halle Berry took her daughter Nahla Aubrey to Griffith Park in Los Angeles for a little playtime. Pop the hood for lots more preciousness!

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July 12th 12:07pm

Certified Links

Rick Ross Talks New Album and Dispels Young Jeezy Beef [Video] (GO) LeBron James: Mum on Cavs Owner (GO) Kim Kardashian’s Big Fat Ass of the Day (GO) The Black Eyed Peas & Jay-Z Rake In Millions Thus Far This Year On Touring Alone (GO) Parenting: Growing Pains: To Whup the Kids or Not? (GO)…

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July 12th 12:06pm

Angelina Jolie Defends Dressing Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Like A Boy

Something just doesn’t seem right here. Angelina Jolie has been dressing her 4-year-old daughter Shiloh like a little boy. And then says THIS to defend it?!

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July 12th 11:41am

BOSSIP Exclusive: The-Dream’s Fling Has Been Identified!!! This Broad Had The Nerve To Be Smiling Up In C-Mili’s FACE

The-Dream got caught out there and BOSSIP has exclusive details about “the other woman”! Pop the hood for the scoop

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July 12th 11:40am

Fidel Castro Says The US Is Plotting A “Sinister” Plan That No One Can Stop!

Fidel Castro plans to issue a warning in an upcoming TV appearance. Pop it to see why he believes the US Government is involved in a “sinister” plot to take over the world and how he thinks they’ll do it.

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July 12th 10:43am

Who Is My Daddy?

This little cutie is the daughter of the star of one of television’s most popular black sitcoms. Can you guess who her Daddy is? Pop the hood to find out!

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July 12th 10:19am

Isn’t This Shady Muthafu*ka Married?!?!?!?

WOW. The-Dream just got caught out there for real. On vacay, no ring, no C-Mili, in a compromising position with this pasty cakes. This ni**a is the definition of wack. Pop the hood for more shots.

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July 12th 10:18am

The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 11: Granddad Has Found A Young Black Woman Even Uncle Ruckus Loves!

In this episode of The Boondocks Season 3, Granddad finds a smart and fine young sister named Ebony Brown. Ebony is such a good woman… even Uncle Ruckus grows to like her. Click Here To Watch The Video On BossipVideo.com.

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July 12th 9:40am

Jesse Jackson Says Cavs’ Owner Is Treating Lebron James “Like A Runaway Slave”

Rev. Jesse Jackson is callin’ out Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert for acting like a slave master angered at losing his runaway slave! Pop the hood for Jackson’s explosive retort to Gilbert’s comments regarding Lebron James signing with the Miami Heat.

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