October 9th 9:00am

Hip Hop Beef: “Atlanta Bloods” Ride on Young Jeezy

Jody Breeze, Young Jeezy’s former crew member from Boyz n da Hood, has a new video out aimed at Jeezy with a gang of bloods in it throwing up “stuff.” Click Here to Watch

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October 9th 8:25am

What the Hell: Diddy Throws a Party in LA and Invites Kim and Cassie

Diddy threw himself a bash at LA’s Guys and Dolls to celebrate his new record deal. 

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October 9th 8:20am

Pharrell’s New Side Piece

NERD added a new member, a female MC named Rhea. Continue…

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October 9th 8:15am

Trey Songz says… SAY Ahhhhh

Trey Songz was on the set of his video shoot for his song Say Ahhh. It looked more like a party going on than work being done. Fabolous has a verse in the song but no one knows why DJ Clue was there. Pop it for More Pics

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October 9th 8:00am

Either Raven Dropped Some Pounds or Put on a Girdle

Raven Symone has been looking slim and trim lately and may have lost over 30 pounds. Flip the hood to see the before and after.

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October 8th 12:30pm

Quote of The Day: “… Jesus Can’t Save You, Life Starts When the Church Ends”

People have been running around singing Empire State of Mind for the last month, reciting the lyrics. One of the bars stands out to us more than others and Jay-Z needs to explain what this means:

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October 8th 12:00pm

First Pic of J-Hud’s Baby Boy and He’s Adorable

Jennifer Hudson has finally exposed her son, David Jr. Flip the hood for a peek of the cutie pie.

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October 8th 11:45am

Maxwell: I Don’t Care If You’re Riding the Crimson Wave… Just Put Some Towels Down!!!

The other night while performing in Atlanta, Maxwell made the statement: I don’t care if it’s that time of the month, we can put towels down. Now, we all know Maxwell is a freak but what we want to know is…

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October 8th 11:40am

F*ck the Police!!

This video pissed us off. At the 3 second mark a cop socks a young girl in the face like she is a man. How many of us have dealt with similar situations with One-Time???  SMH F*ck a dirty pig!!

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October 8th 11:35am

MTV Named the TOP 10 MC’s in the Game Right Now: AGREE or DISAGREE

MTV just dropped their list of the hottest MC’s in the game right now. The list makes sense if you go by who’s hot and who’s not but still there are some people on this list that we don’t agree with… Pop the Top and Let Us Know What You Think

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October 8th 11:33am

Certified Links

HHW Exclusive: Clipse Speak On Former Manager’s Drug Bust And VA’s Gang Activity (GO) Jay-Z and Beyonce To Perform For 2010 World Cup (GO) Police Brutality Against Black Special Needs Student Causes Uproar (GO) Update: Mef Says Blame it on the Marijuana (GO) Kevin Federline Renovates Home With Taco Bell Bags and Cigarette Butts (GO)

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October 8th 11:30am

Stay in Your Lane: Alicia Keys to Start a Blog About Positivity…

Alicia Keys is going to start a blog focused on positivity and uplifting women.

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October 8th 11:15am

Kwame Kilpatrick Can’t Stay Out of Trouble

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is back in trouble and is being accused of violating his probation. Continue

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October 8th 10:20am

Maybe Khloe Got Married So Fast Because of This BUMP… This Lovely Lady Lump

Khloe was spotted without her husband in Beverly Hills last night sporting a really round midsection.  Not too far behind, Kim tagged along too.

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October 8th 10:13am

Twitter Files: Real Housewives of Atlanta Sheree is Put on Blast by Ex-Husband Bob Whitfield

RHOA Sheree’s Ex-Husband Bob Whitfield decided to check her via twitter.

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