January 13th 11:00am

In White Folks News: Channing Tatum Burns his D**k with Hot Scolding Water

While filming a new movie, The Eagle of the Ninth, in ice-cold water in Scotland, Channing Tatum managed to burn his “PETER” with hot scolding water. Channing Tatum: The only way to keep warm was by pouring a mix of boiling water and river water down your suit.

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January 13th 10:55am

More Random Ridiculousness: Police Catch McDonalds Burger Brat Hiding In A Closet

Remember the girl we told you about last week who went buckwild and berserk in McDonalds over a burger order gone bad? Well snitches helped police catch her and now she’s been charged for an estimated three stacks worth of property damage. Full details under the lid.

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January 13th 10:54am

Jessica Alba Talks Diets and Stretchmarks

Jessica Alba doesn’t diet or workout: “Diets are for the birds,”

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January 13th 10:53am

Another One Bites the Dust: Michelle Williams Fires Papa Knowles as her Manager

Matthew Knowles seems like he’s losing it all these days. Michelle Williams has finally smartened up and fired Matthew Knowles as her manager. Michelle Williams: “After much prayer and consideration I have decided to part ways from my management team, Mathew Knowles

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January 13th 10:40am

D-List Love: Omarion and Rosa Acosta Celebrate His New Album

Omarion’s album release party went down at Club Element in NYC last night and he celebrated coupled up with Rosa Acosta, family and friends. We guess that’s the only way to kick it when you get no industry love. More flicks of Omarion’s wack album release party under the hood.

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January 13th 10:29am

Dear Bossip: Why Won’t He Marry Me?

Hello Bossip! I love your site and read it everyday from my desk at work, you guys keep me cracking up!! I have an issue with my boyfriend that I’d like to share with your readers to gain a better perspective on things. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a little more than…

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January 13th 10:28am

Bad Girls Club: Natalie Nunn Spits on One of her Roommates and Gets Away With It!!!

The Bad Girlz Club is full of nothing but drama, drama and more drama. Remember Natalie Nunn, the girl who claim she slept with Chris Brown??? She was pissed because one of her roommates threw her stuff out the window. In retaliation, Natalie decides to spit in the girls face. That’s an Ultimate No No!!!…

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January 13th 10:02am

Deadbeat Dad Braylon Edwards is on Probation

What more can go wrong for Braylon Edwards?? He’s a DEADBEAT dad, he rocks bedazzled shouldered and glittery a*s suits (see image above), AND he leads the NFL in dropped passes!!! Well, too bad for good ole Braylon, because now he’s on probation too:

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January 13th 9:54am

Zoe Saldana Wears a Long, Floofy Lavender Dress for Avon

Zoe Saldana was photographed for Avon’s new fragrance “Eternal Magic” in NYC. Flip the script if you’re interested seeing in more pics…

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January 13th 9:53am

Bossip Exclusive:Trey Songz Reinvents Sex with More Than the Ladies

Bossip has learned that Trey Songz may be checking for more than ladies. Pop the top for the details.

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January 13th 9:50am

Americans Support Ethnic Profiling At The Airport

Despite evidence that ethnic profiling has yielded zero results in Europe, a recent poll showed Americans are in favor of more intensive security checks for people who fit a profile of terrorists based on age, ethnicity and gender. Keep reading to find out how popular opinion may soon shape your next visit to the airport.

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January 13th 9:43am

New Jawn: Lil Wayne Spitting on Tracks with Feb. 9th Just Around the Corner *That’s What Ni**as Do*

Lil Wayne is getting himself ready to be with No drugs, No money and No hoes. He just release a new jawn, what we call snippet, called “That’s What N*ggas Do.” We can’t tell if that’s fear in his voice or is that how it sounds since he’s letting go of the drugs. Pop it…

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January 13th 9:42am

Some Morning Preciousness

Here is Rachel Roy photographed with her two daughters Ava (oldest one) and Tallulah Ruth (SMH). Beautiful children, but that little one is not looking too much like daddy Damon Dash. Hmmmmm…..

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January 13th 9:39am

Twitter Files: Young Buck Clears Things Up

Young Buck says “eff that”…that crazy Danger broad wasn’t talking ’bout me….”No Sir-ee Bob!” Pop it for his explanation:

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January 13th 9:27am

Somebody Needs to be Fired: Michael Jackson’s Funeral Nominated for a NAACP Image Award

The NAACP Image Awards is losing all credibility for being a legit awards show. As ifThe Real Housewives of Atlanta being nominated for an Image Award wasn’t enough ridiculousness, Michael Jackson’s funeral has also been nominated. The former president of the NAACP’s Beverly Hills Branch, Billie J. Green, has decided to call the organization out…

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