May 11th 9:43am

President Obama Mourns The Late Great Lena Horne

R.I.P. Lena: President Barack Obama is mourning the passing of singer-actress Lena Horne.

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May 11th 9:41am

MiMi Still Sportin Her ChubbyLumpkin Steez

Mariah Carey was spotted leaving a “medical building” in Beverly Hills this past weekend. We know MiMi has been looking awfully chunky lately, so she probably was hitting up the doctors for one of two reasons….1. She’s knocked up with a lil miniature Nick Cannon or 2. She was having a consultation to get some…

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May 11th 9:27am

Drake Drops The Video For His Yeezy Produced Track “Find Your Love”

Drake just dropped the Anthony Mandler directed video for “Find Your Love” last night. This time around the visuals take Drake to Jamaica where he has a very dangerous liaison with rumored love interest Maliah Michel. The song is produced by Kanye West and sounds very Yeezy’esque. Click Here To Watch Video For More Videos…

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May 11th 9:21am

What Is Wrong With This Picture????

Here is Quincy Brown and his mother Kim Porter sharing a little smooch. Something is a little ‘off’ about this photograph, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. Perhaps you guys can help us out. What Is Wrong With This Picture???

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May 11th 9:01am

To Whom Do These Tightly Toned Thighs Belong?

Can you guess who these tightly toned thighs belong to? Here’s a hint — we’ve seen a lot of them lately! Do you know who it is? Pop the hood to find out if you’re right.

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May 10th 9:29pm

End Of Days: Crazy Sunday School Teacher Admits To Killing Little Girl

Thank goodness this broad will never see the light of day: In the small California city sent reeling last year by an 8-year-old girl’s killing, a local Sunday school teacher’s guilty plea Monday brought relief to residents

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May 10th 5:05pm

One-Time Looking For D-Wade’s Wife

SMH. D-Wade’s lawsuit-happy wife didn’t show up to court today. According to TMZ:

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May 10th 3:50pm

*BOSSIP Exclusive*: Presenting Asia’h and The Lotus Project

Babyface’s newest protege Asia’h may also prove to be his most triumphant. Days after suffering the most tragic loss of her life, Asia’h delivered the most memorable “American Idol” audition to date.

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May 10th 2:33pm

SMH: Kelis Barely Allowing Nas To See His Son Knight

Some things in life are just uncalled for and Kelis is easily making herself the top contender for being b*tch of the year. Continue…

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May 10th 2:18pm

The King Of R&B Is Once Again Headed To The Road Of Matrimony-dom

Bobby Brown is ready to make his newest babymama, Alicia Etheridge an honest woman. Pop it for the details:

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May 10th 12:29pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Teens Shot Dead At Baby’s Birthday Party

This is so sad: Mother’s Day dawned tragically in the Bronx when two innocent teenagers were killed at a party when they tried to defend a friend’s mom, police said Sunday. Quanisha Wright, 16, was shot along with Marvin Wiggins Jr., 15, after she stood up for their friend’s mother in the face of a…

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May 10th 11:56am

Heidi and Seal At It Again

Heidi Klum and Seal are keeping their swirl love burning by renewing their vows over and over and over and over and over again. This makes the sixth time for the couple. Pop the hood.

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May 10th 11:16am

Question Of The Day: Should Jenny From The Block Sit Her A$s Down Or Floss Her Cakes Until They Drop???

We see that Jennifer Lopez is trying to comeback hard. She had her crotch on display last week, and here are some shots from her latest spread in Vogue Italia where she’s posing with that thang tooted up. Check out more when you…

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May 10th 10:43am

Prison Chums: Plaxico Burress and “Calogero” From A Bronx Tale Best Buddies While In The Bing!!

Aww how sweet. Remember dude who was swirling up with the beautiful Taral Hicks in “A Bronx Tale”—“C”?? Well looks like he and Plaxico Burress have formed a little “Bromance” while locked up together:

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May 10th 10:11am

Look Who’s Hillary’s Boo Now

Well, looky here, we can all get along. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is singing a new tune about President Barack Obama. Pop the hood.

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