December 30th 8:57am

Working for That B*tch Monster Tyra Banks is NOT the Business!!!

Tyra Banks recently announced that she would be ending her talk show. All those people who are working on the show, no longer have a job come the end of the season and that means, Tyra’s ‘bizness’ is about to be put on front street. Former Employee: “There had been high turnover of employees for…

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December 30th 8:43am

Which One Would You Hit???

Usher and Chris Breezy hit up the Hawks vs. the Cavs game in ATL last night giggling and looking giddy as if they don’t have a care in the world. Ladies, if you had to choose between these two shady characters, which one would you let ‘make it juicy for you’??? In other Usher news,

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December 30th 7:52am

Tupac Picture: Capture This

Unheard music from Tupac is always popping up, so it’s no surprise that a picture would too. When we see this, we can’t help but think that Tupac thought of himself as a field _________, it symbolizes his grind and hustle. Tupac – No More Pain Lyrics: Am I reaching your brain Ni**a how can…

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December 29th 5:53pm

Tiger Woods Daddy:MARRIAGE is UNNECESSARY!!!

Tiger’s father Earl Woods was quoted on how he warned Tiger about marriage..

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December 29th 5:21pm

Top Ten Random Ridiculousness Acts of 2009

From Balloon Boy and his ridiculous-a*s parents to random domestic disputes to ridiculous acts of foolishness, 2009 has seen its share of crazy things that made us all say say hmmm… Pop the top to see our top 10 random moments of 2009.

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December 29th 5:01pm

WTF: Teddy Riley Physically Beats the Brakes Off his Daughters and Now They have a Restraining Order Against Him!!!

Teddy Riley must have smoked some bad rocks. His daughters are accusing him of threatening to kill them: “A restraining order was filed and granted in Los Angeles Superior Court. Taja claims that the 43-year-old Blackstreet member abused her and her sister by “stomping, punching and bashing” them causing “contusions” and other injuries.” What the…

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December 29th 4:31pm

WTH: Neckline Slimmer???

The inventions that people come up with and the idiots that buy them. If you ever wonder how you can get rid of the fat under your neck, well now there is a solution. THE NECKLINE SLIMMER!!! Flip the Hood for this Foolishness

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December 29th 3:31pm

Abu Dhabi Promoters Say Rihanna Can Wear Her Freaky ‘Fits For New Years Eve Show

Aw sheeeet! Break out the pasties… Despite previous reports that said Rihanna would have to tone down her normally risque concert wear, promoters recently announced she is free to take it off!

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December 29th 3:16pm

Remember B5???

Remember B5, the modern-day version of the Jackson 5??? They were a group of brothers from St. Petersburg, FL that were signed to Bad Boy Records but it’s no surprise that their careers ended up in the gutter. So, where are they now, what do they look like… Let’s Just Say VIOLATED!!! Pop it for…

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December 29th 3:00pm

Diddy Wants To Get You Home Safely On New Year’s Eve

Diddy and Ciroc have teamed up with E! Entertainment and the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission to distribute pre-paid taxi cards with values of up to $15 to encourage responsible decision making as people ring in the New Year. Continue Follow @bossip on Twitter Right Now!!!

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December 29th 2:30pm

Supermodel Spent Up! Naomi Campbell Is Broke And Ready To File Bankruptcy

Is Naomi Campbell considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

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December 29th 2:10pm

These Two Again

MiMi and her little boy toy Geeky Nicky Cannon were spotted at the 14th Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Festival in Capri Italy. Mariah must be shutting down those pregnancy rumors, because for once her gut is in tact. More pics under the hood.

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December 29th 1:20pm

Rikers Guard Caught Knocked Out With Her Mouth Open While on Duty!!

This lady is probably feeling real dumb right about now:

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December 29th 12:02pm

Kourtney Kardashian Debuts her Son Mason Dash Disick

Just two weeks after welcoming her son into the world Kourtney has cashed in her baby photo pimp card and released the first pics of her son Mason.  Pop the top to see what he’s looking like.

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December 29th 12:00pm

Certified Links

“Republicans For Rape” Has The Internet Going Nuts (GO) Kim Kardashian Gets Sued for Talking Sh*t about the Cookie Diet (GO) T.I. Reportedly Back In The Recording Studio (GO) The Taylor Swift and her Little Boyfriend are Done, Guess He Did SNL for Nothing!!! (GO) Rapper Skillz Wraps Up 2009 [Audio] (GO) Charlie Sheen Screws…

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