December 22nd 9:25am

Miley Cyrus 9-Year-Old Sister Smacking her Little Cakes While Dancing to Akon

While Miley Cyrus is having stripper pole parties, it’s no surprise when her little 9-year-old sister is being videotaped singing Akon’s ‘Smack That’ and actually smacking her a$$ while she does it. Pop It for the Video…

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December 22nd 9:24am

Just Because the President Gets the H1N1 Vaccine, Is that Suppose to Make Us Feel Better About It???

With major re-calls on the H1N1 vaccine and some people having the side effect of walking backwards, a lot of people are still hesitant when it comes to get the shot. Yesterday, Obama and Michelle received their shots. Since swine flu has been declared a crisis, why are the Obama’s just now getting their shots???

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December 22nd 8:46am

MiMi is Trying to Save her Career by Any Means Necessary

Mariah Carey is trying to stay afloat on the charts by pumping out video after video. She just finished another video shoot for the song “Up Out My Face” and you will never guess who she brought in to do the REMIX??? Let’s Just say This Move Made her Seem a Little Desperate…

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December 22nd 8:16am

Guess Who Amber Rose Chopped Down While She Was Dating Kanye?

Guess who Amber Rose chopped down while she was dating Kanye West???

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December 22nd 8:16am

More Baby Mama Twitter Beef: Dwight vs. Royce, Round 4

WTF??? Dwight Howard and his baby’s mom continue to go at each other via Twitter. This time Royce is talking all the sh*t, and responding to the NBA star’s lawsuits against her:

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December 22nd 8:15am

Brittany Murphy’s Husband Speaks on Her Death, Autopsy Shows No Foul Play or Trauma

Something seems a bit “off” about this Simon Monjack character, but here is what he had to say regarding her death: “My world was destroyed yesterday,” an emotional Monjack told Access Hollywood on Monday afternoon. Following the news of the actress’ death at the age of 32 on Sunday, the Hollywood community offered an outpouring…

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December 22nd 8:13am

2 Million Dollars Worth of Kush Found on Watermelon Truck in Texas

This is a lot of weed to be toting around on a watermelon truck: A man was arrested after San Antonio police found $2 million worth of marijuana underneath crates of watermelons following a traffic stop.

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December 22nd 8:10am

Leave the Rocks Alone: Amy Crackhouse Gets into a Scrap at a Cinderella Show

When is the broad going to learn to “JUST SAY NO TO ROCKS”???: DRUG-ravaged AMY WINEHOUSE was facing a police probe last night for allegedly kicking a theatre manager in the groin – after hurling four-letter abuse at PANTO stars. Parents and kids were shocked as the singer – in the audience for a performance…

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December 22nd 8:01am

Mexico City Gives Gay Couples More Rights; Legalizes Marriage

Mexico City is now among the few places to officially legalize same-sex marriage: Mexico City lawmakers on Monday made the city the first in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage, a change that will give homosexual couples more rights, including allowing them to adopt children. The bill passed the capital’s local assembly 39-20 to the…

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December 21st 6:28pm

Alicia Keys is GIANT

Alicia Keys’ cover for Giant has been released. With her album being released last week, she’s hoping to pull in some Giant numbers for her 1st week album sales. Glad they photo-shop those pimples out. Take a Peek at the Rest of her Spread…

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December 21st 5:06pm

Question of the Day: Is Asher Roth The Gay Rapper?

This weekend we heard a bunch of rumors that Asher Roth was gay. Should we believe them?

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December 21st 4:33pm

What is Wrong With This Video???

Out of all the sh*zz that we have seen, this pretty much takes the cake. We can’t believe anybody would be apart of this foolishness… we can’t even comment on it. We will give you a hint: Chicken Wings, 40oz of O.E. and $250. Pop it for F*ckery

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December 21st 4:03pm

Scrippers & Hoes: The Bald Headed Beast Takes it Back to Roots

Amber Rose knows how to get in where she fits in and that is definitely the strip club. She made an appearance at The Blue Door strip club in Houston, TX. She may not be comfortable anywhere else but we know she felt right at home when she hosted this party. Flip It for the…

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December 21st 2:24pm

Don’t Let Master P Name Your Kids

Don’t let Master P name your kids! They could get stuck with something like “Jercy” or “Zercy”… At least that seems to be the pattern. Romeo (real name Percy Miller Jr.) has brothers named Vercy, Hercy and Mercy (pictured above).

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December 21st 1:33pm

My Mommy and My Daddy had me FRESH and Louie’d Out for My 3rd Birthday!!!

This little seed just celebrated his 3rd birthday. His parents had him straight fresh and Louie V’d out for his party. We don’t even think his parents dress this fly!!! Pop it for this Seed’s Parents

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