December 13th 9:10am

Seen on the Scene: Melyssa Ford Parties in ATL

Melyssa Ford was spotted hosting a party at Utopia in Atlanta over the weekend.  She’s really trying to make her rounds now with her new reality show coming out.  We know the fellas aren’t complaining. More pics of Ms. Ford on the flipside.

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December 13th 8:57am

Damage Control: BeBe Winans Brings his Kids to the Red Carpet

With his domestic abuse charge behind him, BeBe Winans put on his “Sunday Best” and hit the red Carpet for BET’s Celebration of Gospel over the weekend.  He brought his kids along to add some family values back to his image.  Flicks of Fantasia, Elise Neal and more under the hood.

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December 13th 8:44am

Rihanna Gets a New Tat, but…WTF Does it Say???

Rihanna revealed her new tattoo recently, but what it says is causing people to wonder if she is ok in the head. Pop the top for the details.

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December 12th 2:40pm

DAYYUMM, This is Getting Ugly: Swizzy Shouts Out A. Keys on Twitter and MaShonda has Something to say About It

Swizz Beatz and ol’ flame MaShonda had it out on Twitter. Swizzy tweeted about haters and rising above and then shouted out that his boo’s album drops on the 15th and it’s FIERCE (ummmm… not so sure you should use that word Swizz). Well, Mashonda wasn’t having it and had to put her two cents…

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December 12th 2:30pm

What is Wrong with This Picture???: Shaving Half the Head Has Gone too Far… SMH

Do you recognize this little girl??? Her family has made a name for themselves in the movie industry, but what we want to know is… Why would you allow your 8-year-old little girl do this to her hair???

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December 12th 2:20pm

For Discussion: If Tiger Woods was Not Tiger Woods, Would All This Infidelity Matter???

November 28th, 2009 marks the day that Tiger Woods‘ world turned upside down. Since then, his secret life of infidelity has unfolded. To-date, there has been a total of about 10 girls confessing that Tiger has soaked up their panties and sent dirty text messages. But… If Tiger was just the ‘Average Joe’ that worked…

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December 12th 1:30pm

If You Haven’t Heard It: Invented Sex ReMix with Trey Songz, Usher the Panty Droppa, and Keri Hilson

Earlier this week, Trey Songz released the remix to Invented Sex with Usher and Keri Hilson. Usher really seems like he has a point to prove because he goes a little over board. Maybe he’s just, well just listen and tell us what you think…

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December 12th 1:00pm

Saturday Style: Live Mechanics

We keep seeing everyone in these jackets and leather this cold season. Keyshia Cole, 50, Diddy, Damian Marley, Luda, Cudi, Travis McCoy, to white folks like  Ryan Sheckler and Shannon Elizabeth are all finding comfort in Live Mechanics jackets and denim. We caught up with the owner based out in L.A.: Bossip: Let’s start from…

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December 12th 12:50pm

Ashanti’s Little Sister and her Friends are Ballin’ with Bottles and Louboutins!!!

Ashanti’s little sister, Shia Douglass, is living the life with her home girls. Popping bottles and rocking the infamous red bottoms. They call themselves the Presidential Dymes and this past week had a party for one of the members of the crew at the Penthouse in NY.

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December 12th 12:40pm

Dude Where Is My Hair Stylist?

Toni Braxton was spotted in this wig out in Germany. Her hair is not the business… in the least. Pop the top to see some of Mary J. Blige out in NY rocking her blonde do, showing Toni how it’s done

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December 12th 12:30pm

Have Not Seen These Two In A Minute: Will And Jada Speak Out

Will and Jada joined Wyclef to announce the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. The Smith’s have been off the radar and probably taking care of those kids. Other Hollyweird couples should bite their style. (But not the part about Scientology) Pop the top for more

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December 12th 12:18pm

Ho Sit Down: Tiger’s Main Ho In Talks With Playboy Now

This Attention Whore is doing whatever it takes to cash in on this Tiger scandal. Now, Rachel Uchitel is trying to get into Playboy:

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December 12th 10:00am

RNC Chairman Steele Takes Some Stereotypical Pics With His Interns

Young RNC interns received a special treat yesterday when Republican National Committee Chairman , Michael “Moo” Steele, felt like shucking and jiving for picture day. The picture up top is just the beginning. Pop the top to see more, including him with a young white girl

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December 12th 9:51am

Rumor Control: Tiger Woods Finally Admits He Cheated And Quits Golf!

All of these rumors are NOT just rumors. Tiger has admitted his guilt and retreated into privacy by withdrawing from golf. Here is Tiger’s statement: I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children. I want to say…

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December 12th 9:19am

Mother Of Child In Pleasure P Molestation Rumor Speaks And She Is Thuggin!

The rumors of Pleasure P’s molestation allegations all stem from his baby moms. She answers the question of his molestation charge, straight up! You gotta listen to this

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