September 20th 9:45am

Uncle Russell Says Bro’s before Ho’s… You Have Just Been DENIED!!!

Russell Simmons’ new friend, Ashley “the $5K Ho” Dupre was about to make an appearance at the Tommy Hilfger Party held for Fashion Week at the Jane Hotel until Tommy told Russell… No Ho’s Allowed. Russell let Ashley know that “It’s bro’s before ho’s so…. You can’t come.”

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September 20th 9:32am

Knocked Up C Milli and Husband “The Dream” Return Home After Rome Wedding

Wow, although it’s been confirmed, it’s now visually obvious that all of that fu*kin for tracks raw has produced a human in Christina Milian’s gut…

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September 20th 9:31am

Some Weekend Swirl: Kid Cudi and His Piece

Kid Cudi has been celebrating the release of his new album “The Man on the Moon: The End of the Day” is Vegas. Peep his jawn under the hood…

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September 20th 9:30am

Name That Donk

Damn, we didn’t realize she was packing this much weight from the back. Flip the script to see who it is..

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September 20th 9:26am

Nick Must Be Chopping That Thang Down Something Proper

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were on Oprah the other day, smooching and freakin’ each other on the stage. We don’t know what Nick is working with, but MiMi is looking thick as hell… Peep more pics on the flippy

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September 20th 9:19am

Are You Feelin RiRi’s Fit??

Rihanna was spotted headed to the 40/40 Club last night in this sheer bustier, oversized white button up, and gray tights…we’ve seen better days. Pop it for more..

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September 20th 9:15am

Kimmy Kakes Loves Dogs…

No we’re not talking about men, Kim hit up the grand opening of Pinks at Planet Hollywood Resort And Casino Las Vegas over the weekend. More pics under the hood.

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September 20th 8:19am

Damn Lupe, Get a Haircut Bruh…

Lupe Fiasco had a concert on Governor’s Island in NYC over the weekend and debuted this nappy shag for the audience to see.  We aren’t feeling it not to mention that style was retired months ago. More pics underneath the hood.

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September 20th 7:37am

Sunday Surgery Slips…

Jocelyn Wildenstein was spotted leaving a restaurant with her man last week with this face on full blast.  Unlike most surgery slip ups this victim paid to look this way on purpose.  Flip the hood to see why.

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September 19th 12:44pm

Jay-Z says “He Feels Like the King of Pop and Kanye West was Rude… Let’s Move On”

Jay-Z is overseas promoting his new album and conducting interviews. Of course, they asked him about his protege, Kanye West, jumping up on stage at the MTV VMA’s. Flip the Lid to Hear Jigga’s Take…

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September 19th 10:00am

Amber Rose Is Coming Up

Amber Rose did a shoot with Cameron Krone. The photos actually allow you to use the phrase “high-end” and the name Amber Rose in the same sentence. This is proof that she can leave the crotch shot and cross over into high fashion. Kanye West, of course, was present the whole time. Pop it and…

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September 19th 9:40am

What Exactly Did Beyonce Mean When She Said “Jay Is Not The Most Important Man In Her Life?”

This is Bey Bey on the cover of a Polish magazine where she answered some questions about her marriage to Jay-Z in a very weird fashion: Peep this… Q:Since we’re on the subject of children, your husband Jay-z said recently: “Most of the people dream of having children, I am no exception.” Are you both…

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September 19th 9:35am

BET Shows Kanye West Love with 9 Nominations for the BET Hip Hop Awards

Kanye West, the topic of everyone’s conversation, is leading with 9 nominations at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, GA that airs next month. BET is the sister company to MTV, so we really wonder how all this is going to turn out… especially if he wins.

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September 19th 9:30am

Confessions of a Gold Digger: RHOA Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciack has to be the biggest gold digger of all time. She has taken it to a more than disrespectful level. What happen to the side chick PYP… Playin’ Yo Position???… SMH. Under the hood she maps out her financial budget with Big Papa’s money.

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