December 21st 1:33pm

My Mommy and My Daddy had me FRESH and Louie’d Out for My 3rd Birthday!!!

This little seed just celebrated his 3rd birthday. His parents had him straight fresh and Louie V’d out for his party. We don’t even think his parents dress this fly!!! Pop it for this Seed’s Parents

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December 21st 1:29pm

Chris Brown Is Mean To RiRi, But Nice to Skrippers

Despite manhandling Rihanna earlier this year, Chris Brown recently got the thumbs up from some skrippers on the receiving end of his chivalrous behavior.

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December 21st 12:10pm

MiMi Caked Out in Aspen

Mariah Carey, her little goofball of a husband, and her cakes were in Aspen this weekend living it up. Where in the hell is MiMi getting all this booty from?? Those backs have been looking nice and round lately. Pop it to see more cake shots…

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December 21st 12:08pm

DC Cops Goes Crazy After His Hummer is Hit with Snowballs

The blizzard that went down this weekend on the East Coast northern parts, left people stuck. One off-duty police officer in D.C. went a little bizerko after his whip was hit with snowballs: An off-duty Washington D.C. police detective went berserk and began waving his gun around when his Hummer was pelted with snowballs during…

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December 21st 12:06pm

Certified Links

Rihanna: Battered Woman Or Media Junkie? (GO) Prison Population Declines For First Time In 40 Years! (GO) Brittany Murphy’s Husband Simon Monjack: Who Is He? (GO) DJ Kay Slay Sued (GO) Lindsay Lohan Still Topless for Muse of the Day (GO) “The Boss of All Bosses” Gunned Down By Mexican Navy (GO) Tiger Woods Surrounds…

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December 21st 12:05pm

OH Ladies, This is STRICTLY for YOU: How Many of You Would Try This???

This is for all the ladies that like to have a little boost when it comes to the bedroom. It’s called the Sqweel and is said to have a woman bouncing off the walls. The invention of the wheel has been around for 6000 years but now it has a new purpose. How does this…

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December 21st 12:04pm

The Family That Swirls Together, Skis Together…

One of our favorite swirly couples, Seal and Heidi Klum were spotted on a family ski retreat in Aspen this weekend. Awww, look it’s little Lou making a public appearance. More pics on the flipside…

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December 21st 11:59am

Avatar Opening Weekend Banks $232 Million Worldwide

20th Century Fox banked big this weekend thanks to Titanic” director James Cameron’s epic sci-fi flick “Avatar” clocking in No. 1 at the box office, also setting a record for a 3-D opening with $73 million in US ticket sales and $159.2 million overseas, for a $232.2 million worldwide total.

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December 21st 11:49am

In Attention Whore News: Tila Tequila Knocked Up???

Tila “Trashy” Tequila is apparently pregnant, carrying a surrogate child for her brother and his wife. Check on the flippy to peep the “attention whore of all attention whore’s” Gut Full of Human announcement…

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December 21st 11:37am

Anthony Anderson and His Man-Boobs Rub All Up on Chad OchoCinco

Anthony Anderson hit up the SD Chargers vs. Cincinnati Bengals game in San Diego yesterday, and showed a mourning (R.I.P. Chris Henry) Chad OchoCinco a little manly love and affection. Flip the script to see more pics of Anthony’s man-breastesss, his son who looks just like his a*s, and more…

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December 21st 11:27am

On the Road to Health Care: Bill Set to Pass Christmas Eve

Another roadblock has been cleared in favor of the Democrats: Democrats won a major victory in their push for health care reform early Monday morning as the Senate voted to end debate on a package of controversial revisions to a sweeping $871 billion bill.

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December 21st 10:19am

True or False: Lil Wayne Quit Sipping Sizzurrp???!!!

Double cup all you like Drake, but keep that drank away from Lil Wayne. According to Young Money member Short Dawg, Weezy F. Baby finally put down the purple stuff — well, the other purple stuff anyway.

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December 21st 10:17am

Brittany Murphy Used “A Lot” of Prescription Drugs Before Death

More details on the sudden death of actress Brittany Murphy: Brittany Murphy was very ill in the hours before she went into cardiac arrest and died.

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December 21st 10:04am

Beanie Sigel Injured in Car Accident Over the Weekend

Over the weekend, The Broad Street Bully/Beanie Sigel was involved in a very bad car accident in Baltimore. The car was ran off the road by a tractor-trailer. Sources say he was

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December 21st 9:29am

MaShonda Uses Twitter to Promote Herself Instead of Using it to Stalk Swizz Beatz Tweets!!!

MaShonda seems like she’s definitely “ON TO THE NEXT ONE!!!” January Joy is her new line of intimate and swimwear apparel. It’s about time this girl started focusing on something else besides Swizzy and A. Keys Twitter Pages. MaShonda is “On to the NEXT ONE!!!”

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