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May 25th, 2011
8:27 AM EST
May 25th, 2011
8:20 AM EST

It’s Official: Kim Kardashian Is Engaged To Her Baller Boo Kris Humphries!

Damn fellas, looks like Kimmy Cakes is officially off the market. This past weekend, her baller boo Kris Humphries popped the question with a 20.5 Carat ring:

May 24th, 2011
7:13 PM EST

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: New Black Model On The Block Nyasha Matonhodze Is The Face Of Louis Vuitton

Clap it up for Zimbabwe-born, British beauty Nyasha Matonhodze who at only 16-years-old has been chosen as spokesmodel for Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter campaign.

May 24th, 2011
5:13 PM EST

Which NBA Player Got A Damn Redwood Forest Tatted On His Chest? Doesn’t He Know Those Things Are Permanent?!

This is what happens when people have too much money and not enough to do with it SMH

May 24th, 2011
10:04 AM EST

Krishna Take The Wheel: Study Shows 12 Million Baby Girls Were Aborted In India Over The Past 30 Years

Where are those pro-lifers and their billboards when they are really needed?

May 24th, 2011
9:08 AM EST
May 23rd, 2011
5:28 PM EST
May 23rd, 2011
2:49 PM EST

Bossip Exclusive: Tamar Braxton Sets The Record Straight About Her Future Asian Adoptee, Climbing On Top Of Gaga And Getting Knifed Up

There’s no question that the breakout star of “Braxton Family Values” was Toni’s youngest sister Tamar — whose outspoken manner lead for many to label her a diva, a gold digger and just an overall brat.

May 23rd, 2011
11:47 AM EST

New Black Kid On The Block: Marvin Ambrosius “Download Me”

OOOWEEE! We didn’t know Marsha Ambrosius had a man banger for a little bro!

May 23rd, 2011
9:24 AM EST

Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: The “Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya Checks Himself Into Rehab

Maybe all those gay rumors and pictures of him wearing panties drove him to drugs…

May 23rd, 2011
8:55 AM EST

Shady Miami Heat Team Take Their Talents To South Beach And Beat The Baby Bulls!

Looks like Chicago is “back to life, back to reality”…

May 22nd, 2011
10:32 AM EST

Does The Sperminator Have More Side Seeds Floating Around Out There??

We’re not quite sure what makes actress Jane Seymour an expert on the activities of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s peen… but she seems fairly confident in her knowledge of what it’s been up to.

May 21st, 2011
5:23 PM EST

Sextra: She Doesn’t Feel The Same

I got a situation you could break down for me.

May 20th, 2011
2:28 PM EST

This End Of Days Mess Is Getting Out Of Hand: CDC Tells Us To Get Ready For A Zombie Apocalypse

They must really be smoking something serious in that CDC office in Atlanta.


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