March 27th 9:45am

T.I Confirms That JD and Janet Jackson Are Already Married?

Posted by Bossip Staff On the last episode of T.I’s Road to Redemption, T.I. slipped up and said that Janet Jackson and JD are already married:

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March 27th 9:30am

Method Man:”I Blaze So Much That I Forgot to Pay the Tax Man”

Posted by Bossip Staff Meth is saying that his Navigator getting repossessed was no big deal. It’s simple; his stacks are in order, but his Buddha habit merely cause him to forget: Method Man was going to pay his bills … but then he got high. Despite recent reports that the rapper is so broke…

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March 27th 8:57am

Nick Cannon a “No Go” for Duet With Mariah, But Ready For WHATEVER With Bloggers

Posted by Bossip Staff Nick Cannon keeps it 100 about appearing on a Mi Mi cut and let’s bloggers know what time it really is: While Mariah Carey’s husband Nick Cannon has his own burgeoning recording career, the 28-year-old says he’s not quite ready to go down the duet path with the missus.

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March 27th 8:55am

No Entry for Jim Jones

Posted by Bossip Staff Jim Jones is pissin’ mad over the fact the boys in blue prevented him from entering his own album release party: Rapper JIM JONES has blasted New York police for allegedly threatening him as he tried to gain access to his own album release party this week (begs23Mar09).

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March 27th 8:30am

Sinful Behavior

Posted by Bossip Staff It looks like the problems for Bishop Weeks didn’t end with his divorce from Juanita Bynum. A former employee wants him thrown under the jail for not paying her the dough she’s owed per a previous court order: A former employee of Global Destiny Church has asked a Gwinnett judge to…

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March 27th 8:10am

President Obama Talks About Sasha’s Fight For Life

Posted by Bossip Staff President Obama says that when Sasha was three months old, she was hospitalized with life-threatening meningitis:

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March 27th 8:05am

TI Sentenced

Posted by Bossip Staff TI was just sentenced this morning:

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March 27th 8:00am

Blow A Kiss….A Minty Fresh One

Posted by Bossip Staff To keep your breath fresh, (or to get fresh breath) *ahem* check out Colgate’s MaxFresh with Mouthwash Beads. Max Fresh, which is infused with mouthwash beads, fights cavities, whitens teeth and reduces plaque. Pucker up!

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March 27th 8:00am

Ashanti and Her Bowl Cut

Posted by Bossip Staff Besides the fact that her feet resemble pirate planks, Ashanti looks good with the short crop and frolicking: Ashanti has a ritual that she follows to get ready for warmer weather. “I rearrange my closet,” she tells OK! as she slips in and out of a dazzling rainbow of fashions at…

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March 27th 7:55am

How Much Remorse is Enough for Michael Vick???

Posted by Bossip Staff The NFL’s Commissioner, Roger Goodell, isn’t letting Michael Vick out of the doghouse that easy. There’s some tough sledding ahead if he wants to earn a living in the league again: Michael Vick, in the final stages of serving a 23-month sentence for bankrolling a dogfighting ring, will apparently have to…

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March 27th 7:15am

Toni Braxton Impersonator Asking For Your Help

Posted by Bossip Staff The Toni Braxton impersonator we reported on a while back, Trina Johnson, is pleading for your help with her legal woes: A rep for celebrity impersonator Trina Johnson-Finn who was arrested in Suriname and charged with fraud for performing as Toni Braxton, has released a statement saying her client has been…

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March 27th 6:17am

Blade Might Be Banned From Traveling

Posted by Bossip Staff Wesley Snipes might have to put a halt on all this world traveling and enlightenment bullsh*t: Shamed actor WESLEY SNIPES could be restricted from traveling abroad after he attended a lavish party in Dubai in November (08) while appealing a tax conviction.  The Blade star was handed a three-year prison sentence…

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March 26th 2:30pm

Mr. and Mrs. Nelly in ’09??

Posted by Bossip Staff Ashanti and Nelly have been killing the marriage rumors from day one, but it looks like it’s going down this year fareal:

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March 26th 2:20pm

Some Cottage Cheesecake From Kim Kardashian to You

Posted by Bossip Staff They say the truth will set you free, but in Kim Kardashian’s case we’re not so sure. She addressed this photo of her sloppy, cellulite-ridden thighs yesterday:

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March 26th 2:10pm

Still Coupled Up

Posted by Bossip Staff Meagan Good, her infamous black tights/leggings, and her boo, Thomas Jones, hit up the Sony Ericsson VIP Party at Liv Nightclub in Miami. They look as peachy as can be, despite the gross accusations of his lewd philandering. Serena and Venus Williams and more when go ahead and

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