December 26th 9:04am

16-Year-Old Girl Scared and On The Run After Reportedly Killing Attacker

Wow: The 16-year-old girl suspected of fatally stabbing an ex-con lashed out after he and a bevy of men chased her onto a Queens subway train and tried to fondle her, her mother said Friday. Thomas Winston, 29, and a pack of thugs tried to pull Cyan Brown out of a subway car at the…

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December 26th 8:58am

On the Party Scene: Chrisette Michele and her Girls Bring in the Holidays

Chrisette Michele was seen on the scene at NJ hot spot 501 looking a mess.  Of course Bossip spies were in the building, and they say she only performed one song and was M.I.A. for the rest of the night. Sidenote: did she rock a thermal to a club??? SMH. More flicks under the hood.

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December 26th 8:56am

In White Folks News: Charlie Sheen Popped for Being a Wife-Beater

This Domestic Violence has got to stop as well: Charlie Sheen was arrested Friday at 11:20 a.m. on domestic violence charges.

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December 26th 8:53am

Gilbert Arenas Under Investigation for Possible Gun Possession

As if this guy didn’t have enough drama with his fiancee situation: The Washington Wizards and the NBA are investigating Gilbert Arenas for possibly violating league rules regarding gun possession.

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December 25th 1:38pm

Holiday Wishes From Bossip!!!

We want to wish you and yours the best this holiday season!!! Thanks for your support and readership throughout the years!!!

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December 24th 4:36pm

40 Glocc Still Mad At Young Buck For Fighting With 50 Cent

40 Glocc is still beefin about Young Buck not being loyal to G-Unit, claiming the Tennessee rapper wanted 50 Cent’s spot and should have been disciplined for his wack behavior. Pop the hood to hear what he has to say. Continue

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December 24th 4:19pm

Would You Buy The Home Where Jennifer Hudson’s Mother And Brother Were Murdered?

We can understand why Jennifer Hudson would want to sell the Chicago home where her family was brutally murdered, but we imagine it’s going to be pretty hard to get new tenants…

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December 24th 3:25pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: 3-Year-Old Brooklyn Girl Dies After Climbing Out Window

Three-year-old Kyrah Martin was found dead in the snow outside her apartment building during the early hours of Christmas Eve. Continue

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December 24th 3:07pm

Twitter Files: Kim Kardashian Gets 10K to Name Drop Companies in Tweets

According to a UK media outlet Kim Kardashian makes 10 stacks to tweet about certain companies.  Pop the top for the details.

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December 24th 2:27pm

The Dream says He is NOT to BLAME for Mariah’s Wack A$$ Album

There is only a couple more days left of 2009, so how many more times is the Dream going to pull a ‘Kanye B*tch Fest’ on Twitter. Mariah Carey fans are a little pissed off with The Dream and are blaming him for her album sales being so low. Flip it for Dream’s Tweets

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December 24th 1:52pm

Melyssa Ford: When I Started in the Business, There was No Such Thing as a Video Hoe

Melyssa Ford is trying to get away as far as possible from what help put her on the map. In a recent interview with J’adore magazine, she says: “When I started doing videos, things were different from they are now. I came in when there was no such thing as a ‘video hoe’ and most…

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December 24th 12:17pm

Jay-Z is Changing his Name to Mrs. Shawn Knowles-Carter

Rumors are spreading that Beyonce, we should probably say Mathew, has convinced Jay-Z to hyphenate his last name. Between Tina and Matthew, they only have two daughters, so once both of them are married, the Knowles name will disappear. Beyonce Knowles and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter

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December 24th 11:37am

Mom Calls Cops On Video Game Crazed Son

A Massachusetts mom refused to back down, calling police on her 14-year-old son when he continued to play “Grand Theft Auto” throughout the night despite her orders that he shut the system down and go to sleep. Continue

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December 24th 11:20am

YouTube Clip of the Day: Birdman’s Remix to MONEY to BLOW

Birdman’s single ‘Money to Blow’ featuring Drake and Lil Wayne has been remixed by these five girls, Candy Slice. They put this acapella version together for an audition for NBC’s show, The Sing-Off. Even if they didn’t make it on the show, this remake is PURE COMEDY!!! Flip the Lid for a Laugh

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December 24th 11:12am

Rumor Control: J-Hud says She is NOT Knocked Up

While it was reported that Jennifer Hudson was expecting baby number 2, a recent statement from her publicist denies the claim. More details on the flipside.

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