October 7th 2:30pm

Tila Tequila Turns Racist On Twitter Real Quick

The other day, attention starved Tila Nguyen, aka Tila Tequila, was tweeting about a suicide, no doubt for attention. Well, Charlamange The God clowned her on it and the racially fueled spiels just rolled out. She tried to erase them, but come on… Pop it and peep this little bum talk about what a good…

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October 7th 2:10pm

Khloe and Lamar’s Prenup Leaves Khloe With…

No wonder Khloe and Lamar’s wedding almost didn’t go down because of the prenup, apparently Khloe doesn’t get anything from Lamar not even half of his assets as his wife. Flip the hood for more details and their pics from the OK Magazine spread.

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October 7th 2:05pm

Certified Links

Jay-Z Becoming A Rockstar (GO) Kevin Federline Renovates Home With Taco Bell Bags and Cigarette Butts (GO) Fat Joe’s Album Released, Thanks 50 Cent (GO) Video: Mischa Barton in “Assassination of a High School President”(GO) Young Gunz Bringing Back Tough Luv (GO)

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October 7th 2:00pm

In White Folks News: Jon Gosselin Says “That Chick is Lying… I ONLY Took $22,000″

The other day, we told you Kate said Jon took $200K out of their bank account. Well, Jon wasn’t about to let that go down. He interviewed with ET and told them he ONLY took $22K and that he still pays child support and bills every month. Pop it to See Who You Think is…

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October 7th 1:45pm

SMH: The New York Post Fires Editor For Her Opinion of Racist Obama Cartoon

The New York Post, known for its bold headlines and outrageous stories is making headlines of its own, this time for firing one of the paper’s top editors. Sandra Guzman is an Emmy Award winning Journalist who edited the paper’s Black History Month section and the Harlem Week Section for years. Guzman is also the…

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October 7th 1:30pm

AJ’s Ex-Wife, Danah Lewis Tells a Blog…Ho Sit Down

The other day, AJ’s ex-wife, Danah Lewis, posted information on Twitter for friends and family, detailing the plans for AJ’s homegoing service.  A certain site put the details up and the comments pissed Danah off… Here’s What She Had to Say

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October 7th 1:15pm

Prince Steps Out Fresher Than a Mug

Prince and some chick were spotted in Paris last night. He’s the only man we know that can dress in drag and still be called a man. More pics of Prince when you…

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October 7th 1:00pm

Tyra Banks Lets Lil Mama Get Her Shine On

Lil Mama talked to Tyra and discussed her only significant reason for being in the press, her impromptu crashing of the performance with Jay and Alicia: Lil Mama: “I don’t think it was as serious as everyone…

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October 7th 12:45pm

Jay-Z Hires a Babysitter for Rih-Rih

Jay-Z has hired a party guard to watch over Rihanna because he thinks she can’t handle herself in the club.

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October 7th 12:30pm

The Bald Headed Beast is Missing Something…

Amber Rose was spotted in NY the other day missing her accessory. If you’re thinking Kanye… You’re wrong. Take another guess!!! Pop the Hood to Figure it Out

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October 7th 12:20pm

OHHH SH*ZZZZ!!!! Mike Epps’ NEW JAWN: Ain’t Chu You

Mike Epps is a damn fool. He has come out with a song titled Ain’t Chu You featuring Young Dro, Dorrough and Nitti. It’s pure comedy and as soon as they do a video, that will be even better. Pop it for a Listen

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October 7th 12:00pm

10 Tips to Impress Your Potential In-Laws (Part II)

Okay, okay! So y’all didn’t like the Part I! But please keep in mind, it was a topic from one of our readers who is terrified to meet her potential in-laws in the near future! This is a very important event for a relationship that could turn

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October 7th 11:40am

Attention Whore Ray J Will Return to VH1 in November

For the Love of Ray J got the greenlight for a second season. Looks like Ray J is still trying to convince everyone that he’s looking for love in all the wrong places

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October 7th 11:25am

Coupled Up: Paula and Robin

Robin and Paula were coupled up at the New York City Premiere of the Milton Hershey School Documentary in NYC last night. More pics under the hood.

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October 7th 9:40am

Health Officials Silent About the Bigger Impact Swine Flu Has on Blacks and Hispanics

In the past few months, city and federal health officials have been silent about the higher cases of Swine Flu outbreaks amongst Blacks and Hispanics.

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