December 12th 12:18pm

Ho Sit Down: Tiger’s Main Ho In Talks With Playboy Now

This Attention Whore is doing whatever it takes to cash in on this Tiger scandal. Now, Rachel Uchitel is trying to get into Playboy:

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December 12th 10:00am

RNC Chairman Steele Takes Some Stereotypical Pics With His Interns

Young RNC interns received a special treat yesterday when Republican National Committee Chairman , Michael “Moo” Steele, felt like shucking and jiving for picture day. The picture up top is just the beginning. Pop the top to see more, including him with a young white girl

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December 12th 9:51am

Rumor Control: Tiger Woods Finally Admits He Cheated And Quits Golf!

All of these rumors are NOT just rumors. Tiger has admitted his guilt and retreated into privacy by withdrawing from golf. Here is Tiger’s statement: I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children. I want to say…

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December 12th 9:19am

Mother Of Child In Pleasure P Molestation Rumor Speaks And She Is Thuggin!

The rumors of Pleasure P’s molestation allegations all stem from his baby moms. She answers the question of his molestation charge, straight up! You gotta listen to this

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December 11th 3:20pm

Claudia Jordan Talks to Bossip About the Khloe K Brawl

After getting wind of the alleged Khloe Kardashian brawl, Claudia Jordan hit up BOSSIP to dispel the rumors. Pop the top for the details.

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December 11th 3:08pm

Like Father, Like Son: Diggy Simmons Hits the Stage and Also has a MixTape

The Simmons family was in attendance at the RUSH Philanthropic Holiday Party in NYC. This family is full of entrepreneurs but now they finally have one of the Simmons boys showcasing their talents. JoJo had something going on at one time but obviously it didn’t work out. Can Diggy follow in Rev Run’s footsteps???

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December 11th 3:02pm

Random Ridiculousness

This is crazy: Tiger Woods’ popularity may be plunging, but at least some are still cashing in on the No. 1 golfer’s name — including homeless men. More than half a dozen women have so fair laid claim to bedding the golfing great, and now another individual has alleged he had an affair with the…

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December 11th 2:06pm

Diddy Talks Stint As An “Unsuccessful” Drug Dealer

For Diddy, it may have been all about the Benjamins but it wasn’t by any means necessary. In his interview with Playboy, he revealed how almost getting popped made him reconsider his “Frank White” and King Of New York dreams. Read the rest of this entry

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December 11th 1:59pm

Twitter Files: Que Says He and Dawn Are Still Getting it In…

Que decided to put his twitter account to use again, this time for good.  He shut down the rumor about he and Dawn calling it quits.  See it for yourself under the hood.

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December 11th 1:58pm

Certified Links

100-Year-Old Child Molester Set Free!!! (GO) Drake Speaks on Jay-Z Collab for “Thank Me Later” (GO) Nas and Damian Marley Bringing Debate to D.C. (GO) McDonald’s Manager Fired For Gay Slurs & Not Hiring Transvestite (GO) Michelle Duggar Has Baby 19: Emergency C-Section To Premature Girl Josie (GO) Nick & Vanessa Shill His & Hers…

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December 11th 12:47pm

Sextra: Fellas, Pay Attention to Her Body!

Good day Bossip readers! Here’s to another fun-filled Friday Sextra post! So let’s just dive in, shall we? Fellas go on and on in these threads about what they do and how they do it. While they’re good reads and most of you guys seem to know how to make a woman feel good, it’s…

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December 11th 12:42pm

Five U.S. Men Try to Join the Jihad

The plans of five men from Alexandria,Virginia have been foiled by the authorities. The men were arrested in Pakistan on Tuesday for allegedly trying to join an extremist Jihad organization.  The men were hopeful that they would be selected by the Jihad  so that they could fight the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

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December 11th 12:28pm

Would You Hit This???

Cher’s “son” and “former daughter” Chaz Bono was seen trying to get his exercise on in Cali yesterday. We know somebody would let him smash with the lights off… More pics on the flippy…

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December 11th 12:04pm

The Bald Headed Beast Spotted Shopping Without Kanye

Amber Rose was spotted toting some hefty bags from the Timberland Store in Soho.  Since Kanye isn’t around, we can only speculate that maybe she was doing some holiday shopping for him. More flicks under the hood.

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December 11th 12:00pm

Danger Flew Over The Coo-Coo’s Nest And Shaves Off Her Crop Saying She Doesn’t Take Her Lithium (Video)

Yesterday, we told you that Danger was committed mentally because of her “interrupted” and disturbing behavior. Well, she has not been taking her medication and according to what she believes, she doesn’t think she needs to take the Lithium, which is for Skitzo’s: The “For the Love of Ray J” star claims she buzzed her…

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