July 3rd 8:32am

*LiveSteez Exclusive* Carlos Watson “The New Celebrity Journalist” Talks About What It Takes

Carlos Watson has been making a name for himself lately and infusing a little of our style in with his own: LiveSteez: Be a little smarter a little faster, huh? That is catchy. But in order to have that edge in the media, especially the news media, you do have to be smarter faster, no?…

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July 3rd 8:31am

Kobe Bryant Says “F*ck a Cav and a Shaq… We Have Artest!”: Ron Artest Signs With Lakers

Kobe Bryant is already setting up the pieces to win next season. Ron Artest has just signed with the Los Angeles Lakers:

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July 3rd 8:30am

Gary Coleman’s Wife Beat His @ss!

This Hollyweird divorce just gets weirder and weirder by the minute. Gary Coleman’s wife was beating his little ashy @ss the other day when she got arrested for domestic violence. Pop the top for more

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July 3rd 8:27am

Bossip Certified Links

Live Coverage: New Orleans’ Women Uniquely Highlighted in Ford’s “Freedom Sisters” Exhibit LiveSteez Shia LeBouf Didn’t Hit Megan Fox Celebslam Shakira Headed to Motherhood? Lossip Swine Flu Killed Us All When We Weren’t Looking F-Listed The Ultimate Archive: Janet Jackson Photos Complex Brad Pitt Breaks Down and Gets Saved by Paps Cele|Bitchy Eva Longoria and…

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July 3rd 8:26am

Sextra: Top 10 Kama Sutra Positions

Doggy style? Missionary? Lotus Flower? There are thousands of sex positions out there but there are only 10 special sex positions in the Kama Sutra that you’ll be practicing over and over and over again. Flip the lid for more

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July 3rd 8:25am

Quincy Jones: “Michael Jackson Wanted to Be White… You See His Kids?!”

Quincy Jones got real gangsta when doing an interview about Michael Jackson saying “Michael wanted to be white”

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July 3rd 8:24am

Whitney Houston Drops New Jawn: “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”

We love seeing comebacks and Whitney’s comeback is long overdue. Whitney Houston is playing off of the fact that she was addicted to rocks. Pop the top and take a listen.

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July 3rd 8:24am

Trey Songz Starring In Wendy Williams Tranny Film??

Trey Songz is set to star in a Wendy Williams movie. The only thing we could think of is her transformation: After showcasing he could hang with the O.G.’s after paying tribute to the O’Jays at The BET Awards, Trey Songz is now waiting to unveil his third LP, Ready, dropping August 4. Already rocking…

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July 3rd 8:23am

They are Coming Out of the Shadows Now: Michael Jackson’s Ex-Bodyguard and Friend Talk About Drug Abuse

This white man up top is Michael Jackson’s former right-hand-man/ bodyguard, Uri Geller. He is trying to cash in now, but does tell a grim tale of all the people around MJ feeding him dope, including his pasty behind…Continue

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July 3rd 8:20am

Rihanna’s in Trouble Again…

RiRi can’t stay out of trouble no matter how hard she tries. Those “tat” lessons she took the other day are going to cost her a penny or two:

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July 3rd 8:15am

Hollywood Studios Seek Johnny Depp to Play MJ?

The world is still saddened by Michael Jackson’s passing so its hard to even think about casting someone to play him in a big screen biopic but when the news that Johnny Depp was rumored to play MJ surfaced, that just sounded like another Hollyweird incident. Flip the script for more

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July 3rd 8:05am

Drake Gets Personal About Injuries, Michael Jackson and Controversy at BET Awards

Drake sat down recently and discussed the Kanye collaboration on his new video, the BET Awards melee, and his ACL tear: Complex: Kanye is known as kind of a control freak. How was it working with him on set with him directing? Drake: Me and Kanye have a great eye to eye. I can’t speak…

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July 3rd 8:00am

Nia Long Has An Arm

We were not going to report on Nia Long throwing the first pitch out at a Dodger game until we saw her… arm! Good lawd! The arm is bangin’ on Nia… still! Pop it to see her spend this quality moment with her son, Massai Zhivago Dorsey

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July 3rd 7:55am

Watch Michael Jackson’s Last Dance Rehearsal On June 23rd at The LA Staples Center

Michael Jackson looked frail but he looked well enough to perform. It looks like his death really was an accident. Click Here to Watch

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July 2nd 4:56pm

*Breaking News*: Debbie Rowe “I Want My Kids and A Restraining Order Against Joe Jackson!!”

This is really going to get ugly. Debbie Rowe wants custody of the children and a restraining order against Joe Jackson. Ironic since news just surfaced of her being left out of Michael’s will:

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