April 24th 1:11pm

WTH: Strip Club Manager That Hired A 14-Year Old As Topless Dancer Who Was Making $350/Night Is Facing 20 Years!!!

Andrew Hutson has to be one of the dumbest muthaf**kas alive for hiring a 14-year old girl to be a stripper. He was the manager of the strip club in Detroit called All Stars and apparently knew the girl was under age… Where in the Hell is This Girl’s Mama?!?!

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April 24th 1:09pm

Fill In The Blank: Whose Lips Are Better For ________________

Lil Cheetah Ho Adrienne Bailon and Famous for No Reason Teyana Taylor hit the runway for the Cavi Juniors Spring 2010 Fashion Show at Macy’s in New York. In the pic above, we couldn’t help but think between Ne-Yo and Teyana… Who’s Lips are Better for ___________________…

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April 24th 1:02pm

Former Shoeshine Boy Has A Fat Chance Of Forcing Obama To Testify

Shady Illinois ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich, who once claimed his past as a shoeshine boy made him “blacker than Obama” and who recently got axed from “The Celebrity Apprentice” wants to subpoena President Obama in his corruption trial. Blago alleges that Obama tried to use his influence to pick his own successor as State Senator. Getting…

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April 24th 1:00pm

Guess Whose Curvy Cakes Dressed Up Like Marilyn Monroe For George Lopez Birthday?!?!

George Lopez’s new show, Lopez Tonight, has been a hit since its debut on the late night scene. A certain someone with crazy curves dressed up like Marilyn Monroe to sing Happy Birthday to George, we didn’t think this chick still had it like this!!! Pop the Top to Found Out Who These Curves Belong…

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April 24th 12:10pm

Agree Or Disagree: Game Thinks Ashanti Has Amazing Vocals And Nicki Minaj Is A Force To Be Reckoned With…

Game has been hitting the studio hard with Dr. Dre. Just in the past couple of months he has worked with Ashanti and Nicki Minaj. Aside from Nicki’s jolly rancher raps, we haven’t heard too much from Ashanti or Game.

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April 24th 12:00pm

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Michael Knight Dishes It All On Project Runway And Celebrity Clients

BOSSIP bumped into fashion designer and “Project Runway” alum Michael Knight in Atlanta at the Meet & Greet Cocktail Reception for Maurice Hennessy of the Moët Hennessy Family hosted by Ryan Cameron. Since appearing on the show, Michael has been busy working on his latest collection Carte Blanche. Click Here To Watch The Interview.

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April 24th 10:47am

Wonder How Kimmy Cakes Feels About Lala Having The Baller, The Baby And Being The Bride???

The upcoming issue of Juicy magazine is throwing it all in Kim Kardashian’s face. LaLa Vasquez has the baller and Kim doesn’t, LaLa has the baby and Kim doesn’t, LaLa has the dream wedding and Kim has been kicked to the curb… Sounds like Juicy is taking shots!!! Tell Us What You Think…

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April 24th 10:45am

*Exclusive* Blitzberg Boys Drop New Skinny Jean-Dope Fiend-L.A. Teen Joint!

Our peoples in L.A. have been raving about some new young crew out of Inglewood who are pretty dope and avid Bossip readers, so we thought we would give them some shine. Blitzberg Boys spit some pretty clean 90’s style lyrics, but flipped with that skinny jean-high fashion-dope fiend steez. They sent Bossip and HHW…

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April 24th 10:30am

Florida Ritz-Carlton Honors “Whites-Only” Policy

The fancy Ritz-Carlton in Naples rolled out the welcome mat for a British family, The Morgans, who wished to not be served by “people of color” or workers with “foreign accents.” (Foreign from what?) Instead of politely saying, “My good man, keep your racist behind at home,” The Florida luxury hotel went along with a…

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April 24th 10:20am

Are You Feeling Cassie’s 90s Chiffon Get Up?!?!

Apparently, we missed the memo that chiffon has made a comeback. Cassie showed her support by attending the I Love Africa Private Send Off Dinner for celebrity activist Suzanne “Africa” Engo. Even though the shoes are rocking, we’re not so sure about the fit… Are You Feeling This “I Dream of Genie” Get Up?!?!

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April 24th 9:30am

In White Folks News: Bret Michaels In Critical Condition

We thought that when Bret Michaels got rushed to the hospital it would be because he caught something nasty from one of the skankarellas on his dating show “Rock Of Love,” but the rocker who is now on “The Celebrity Apprentice” has a different kind of medical crisis. Pop the hood.

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April 23rd 5:59pm

Coupled Up: Prez Barack And First Lady Michelle Take A Vacay

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are having a romantic vacation this weekend without daughters Sasha and Malia. The couple left Washington, DC and headed to Asheville, NC for some fun and relaxation that included barbecue for lunch followed by a hike. Pop the hood for more photos and details.

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April 23rd 5:17pm

Guess Who This Little Chubby Cheeked Cutie Belongs To?

This little chubby faced guy was spotted at the airport with his adorable self! His Mommy and Daddy are both in the celebrity spotlight. Can you guess who he belongs to? This should be a cinch.

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April 23rd 2:11pm

Guess The Sandy Beach Body…

This is a no-brainer. Peep who it is when you…

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April 23rd 2:00pm

Ron Isley Released After Serving Tax Evasion Sentence; Plans To Work With T.I., Rick Ross And Lauryn Hill

One of the legendary Kings Of R&B, Ron “Mr. Biggs” Isley has been released from prison after serving three years for tax evasion. Pop the hood for his plans for his next project. Continue

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