January 11th 6:05pm

Woman Who Mothered Sisqo’s Son At 14-Years-Old Wants Child To Meet His Father

The Swiss woman we told you about who claimed Sisqo hit it and quit it ten years ago, when she was only 14-years-old, says despite the new orders granting her child support, all she really wants is for the Dru Hill singer to stop being a deadbeat dad and meet his son face to face.

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January 11th 5:49pm

Was Rihanna’s Haircut Inspired By A Dog?

Rihanna gets plenty of props for her wild sense of style, but lately her wig has us more in the mind of a wild animal. Pop the top to get a look at the puppy that might have spawned her cut, the one it ended up looking like at the end of the day and…

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January 11th 5:00pm

Alicia Keys Just Doesn’t Give A Fizzuck

Feel free to call Alicia Keys a pizza-faced, thunder-thighs having, homewrecking ho… she doesn’t give a fizzuck and recently said as much. Pop the top for her exact words.

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January 11th 4:19pm

*I Am Not Suspect* Ray-J Responds To Danger and Her Gay Rumors

If you didn’t already know, crazy a*s Danger is spreading rumors that Ray-J is ‘man-lovers’ with Young Buck formerly of G-Unit. Well, little William Raymond Norwood, Jr. dispelled those rumors with the quickness…pop it to listen…

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January 11th 3:10pm

Marrying for Tracks: C-Milli and The Dream *Welcome to Vegas*

Christina Milian and The Dream are collaborating on much more than making babies, the two have released this new track “Welcome to Vegas”.  Take a listen to see if fu*kin marrying for tracks has paid off for C Milli. Audio under the hood…

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January 11th 2:35pm

Vivica Gets Her Cougar on With a New Piece of Young Meat

Vivica was spotted at ATL airport this weekend to visit her new man.  Pop the top to find out who he is.

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January 11th 1:24pm

Some Afternoon Cakes

Pop the hood to see why this pint-sized piece calls herself the 8th Wonder

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January 11th 12:43pm

Wonder What Nicki Minaj and Drake Looked Like in High School???

Nicki Minaj and Drake have completely reinvented themselves since high school. Nicki, real name Onika Maraj, has done a complete 360. Then you have Drake, real name Aubrey Graham, he definitely wasn’t choppin’ anything down back in the day Pop the Top for a Good Laugh

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January 11th 12:36pm

Making It Rain on These Hoes

Newcomer Melanie Fiona, whose current single is literally making it rain on these hoes, is featured in the upcoming Source magazine. Pop the hatch for the pictorials….

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January 11th 12:07pm

Coupled Up: Toya and her New Boo MempHitz All the Way on Front Street

Last week, Toya’s little boy toy was finally revealed, so now the two have come out of hiding. Toya and MempHitz attended Lil Scrappy’s birthday party at a bowling alley in Atlanta. He’s not the best looking thing but Toya appears happy, so we guess that’s all that matters. Pop the Hood for More Pics…

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January 11th 12:07pm

Certified Links

Bill Clinton On Obama: “A Few Years Ago, This Guy Would’ve Been Getting Us Coffee” (GO) Minka Kelly in a bikini engaged to Derek Jeter (GO) Steve Stoute Comments On Jay Z’s Success in Mainstream (GO) Clooney’s girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis is the new crotch of Cavalli (GO) Granny Beatdown of the Day (GO) Kate Gosselin…

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January 11th 12:06pm

Casey Johnson’s Fam Tells Attention Whoring Tila to Kick Rocks

Tila “Attention Whore Extraordinaire” Tequila is pissed that she didn’t get an invitation to attend her late fiancée’s burial service.  Pop the top for the details.

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January 11th 12:05pm

Remember Me???

Remember Shirley Murdock??? Want to see what she’s looking like now??? Pop the hatch to have a gander…

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January 11th 12:03pm

SMH: Former Baller Pleads Guilty To Accidental Shooting

Jayson Williams was a formidable foe on the hardwood; with any luck, he has retained some skills because they will surely be needed where he is going. The Former NBA all-star plead guilty in a New Jersey courtroom...Continue…

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January 11th 11:33am

Random Ridiculousness: Gilbert Arenas Pooped in Teammate’s Shoe???

Gilbert Arenas, aka “Agent Zero,” got a little support this weekend after his indefinite suspension without pay from the Washington Wizards thanks to that little gun incident and Twitter BS. While, it is pretty obvious that there would be fans and teammates backing good ole Gil, this is not the most interesting part of this…

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