July 2nd 3:05pm

Sasha Fierce Wants You to Look Like a Cheap Trick this Fall

As if the “House of Dereon” wasn’t crappy enough, Bey’s dropping a clothing line based on her insane alter ego Sasha Fierce. These sh*tty fashions are supposed to be just right for back to school. They look more like streetwalker chic to us. Pop the top for a sneak peak at Sasha Fierce’s new clothing…

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July 2nd 1:03pm

Jermaine Jackson Interview On Michael Jackson: “I Wish It Was Me!”

Jermaine Jackson was on the today show and said some intriguing things about his brother Michael passing away:

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July 2nd 12:28pm

Piglet, Toya, and Kandi Celebrate New Shows

Tiny and Toya celebrated their new show, Tiny&Toya, and Kandi came out to celebrate her new found checks coming in from ATL Housewives. The girls look cute and in the pictures below Toya and Kandi look like bangers, but Tiny? Pop it to take a gander…

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July 2nd 12:27pm

He Said: Is It Him Or Is His Baby Mama Really All About the Drama?

Baby Mama Drama is a category unto itself. Most men try to avoid this drama like the plague but end up falling into it as soon as they get their girl knocked up. Harrassing phone calls, threatening court dates, verbal wars and more, this type of drama takes it toll on everyone involved, especially the…

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July 2nd 12:02pm

Drake Video Premiere: “Best I Ever Had”

Drake debuted his Best I Ever Had video today and its pretty hot. You technically can’t call this new music, but whatever. What do y’all think of the vid? Click Here to Watch

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July 2nd 11:26am

On the Come Up: Jay-Z Says “Sony Is Roc Nation. That’s Where Roc Nation’s Going Through”

Jay-Z has inked another deal. Not with Camel’s, like you would expect, but for big bucks with Sony: As there has been constant speculation on Jay-Z’s developing label, Roc Nation, the businessman known as Shawn Carter clarifies. The Roc Nation is a deal with Sony and also is in part with Atlantic Records. “Sony is…

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July 2nd 8:10am

Ho Sit Down: Michael’s Estranged Wife Comes Out of the Woodworks

Michael was definitely on some weird mess but this broad needs to be locked up in an insane asylum. Nona Paris Lola Ankhesenamun Jackson is MJ’s long lost wife who is looking to collect on her dead husband’s money and property and be reunited with her three white babies. WTF? Woman, seriously, we know everyone…

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July 2nd 8:05am

Amber Rose Goes From Ho to Household Name

Amber has figured out that she has finally graduated from cheap video trick to full fledge working whore after signing her contract with Ford Modeling Agency. We love how she waxes all philosophical about her ascent from a rented side piece/jump off to a real model/actress. Pop the top for the ridiculousness

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July 2nd 8:04am

13.8 Pound Baby Born Last Thursday: Chelsea Rose Mackay

Chelsea Mackay, a 13.8 pound baby girl, was born last week in Australia. The moms says her womb is stretched something serious:

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July 2nd 8:01am

OK Magazine Feeling the Wrath After Purchasing ‘Last’ Picture of Michael Jackson for $500,000

Most agencies are reporting on the Michael Jackson incident with respect in their journalism, but some are not. If you have not noticed, we have not shown ‘The Last’ picture of Jackson on Bossip; however, a magazine will be making it their front cover and payed $500,000 to do so: All of the weekly magazines…

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July 2nd 8:00am

Ole Michael Vick Loves the Kids

Michael Vick has signed on to work at the Boys and Girls Club, which is a definite step in the right direction: Suspended NFL quarterback Michael Vick is leaving his federally ordered construction job and is working for the Boys & Girls clubs in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. President and CEO of The Boys…

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July 2nd 8:00am

North Korea Is Serious About Wiping U.S. Off the Map

North Korea is displaying aggressive behavior still: North Korea test-fired four short-range missiles Thursday, South Korea’s Defense Ministry said, a move that…More

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July 2nd 7:59am

Damn RiRi, Clean Up That Kitchen Girl

Actually, Rihanna’s kitchen needs a major touch up. Last night she was taking a tattooing lesson at “East Side Ink” in the NY. RiRi loves tats, rough sex, taking nekkid pics, piercings and dressing up in fetish clothes… sounds like a good date. Pop it to see her in action

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July 2nd 7:57am

Rumor Control: R Kelly’s House Was NOT Raided for Teen Molestation

There are some very unreliable sites reporting that R Kelly’s house was raided. We called the police department and checked more credible news agencies and found out that it’s a lie: A representative of recording artist R. Kelly released the following statement in response to an inaccurate Internet report about a supposed police search of…

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July 2nd 7:56am

Jackson’s 2002 Will Names Diana Ross as Backup Guardian

Michael Jackson and Diana Ross have had a very close relationship ever since he was a little boy in the Jackson 5. Even in his death, Michael viewed Diana as a possible guardian for his children. That’s the ultimate sign of respect and love. Flip the lid for more

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