September 5th 3:50pm

Kanye vs. The Paparazzi AGAIN: Should They Back Off or Should He Just Get Over It???

Kanye is SPAZZING on the Paparazzi AGAIN. In L.A., celebrities are so popular that the paps just follow them or they’re so whack (Ci-Error) that they let the paps know where they’re going to be. Even though Kanye is in the limelight, do you think that he should just accept what comes with the territory…

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September 5th 3:10pm

Jesus Take the Wheel… GOTTT DAMN SHE FINE!!!!

This woman is thick in all the right places and we still wonder how in the world her husband got so lucky. It must be the “Magic Stick.” Pop it to see who this body belongs too…

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September 5th 3:00pm

Chris Brown Finally Comes to His Senses!!!

In an upcoming interview, Chris Brown finally starts speaking like he has some sense and talks about his plans to better himself… so he won’t put hands on another female: While Chris Brown vows he’ll abide by all the conditions of his recent sentencing for assaulting Rihanna – including six months of community labor and…

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September 5th 2:50pm

*UPDATE*: Kanye’s Ex Brooke Responds to Bossip’s Question: Do You Think Brooke ver says… Kanye, That Should Have Been Me!!!

Yesterday, we proposed a question to ya’ll: Do you think Brooke ever says… Kanye, That Should Have Been Me!!!. With all the attention that Amber Rose gets from the media and Kanye himself, we had to ask. Before the end of the day, Brooke’s publicist contacted us and here is her response: “Brooke is happily…

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September 5th 2:30pm

A Black Family Has White Kids

Yup, we mean… really white. The “Black” Brazilian couple have a total of five children and three of them suffer from albinism. We have more pictures of them and their mother below:

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September 5th 12:00pm

Blueprint 3 Pushed Up…Instead of Back

The Blueprint 3 release date has been moved up:

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September 5th 10:30am

End of Days: President Barack Obama is Being Compared to Adolf Hitler

Now that we have a black president, a lot of American’s true feelings have been surfacing. This video is more than unnecessary, it’s just out right degrading and disrespectful to compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler… Spoof or Not!!! A**holes!!! SMDH… FILL IN THE BLANK: ________________________________

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September 5th 9:50am

Nene Went Back to Her Roots With Nip-Slip and Strip Show

Nene was on RHOA show, dropping it like it was burning hot. It was all fun and games till her tit-tays popped out and Derek Blanks cracked a smile before Fee-Fee came up and…just pop it and watch it.

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September 5th 9:40am

A “Lil Positivity”: Diddy Supporting Howard Student Protest

Since Diddy looks at himself like a Howard University Alumnus, he decided to support the cause they are protesting against: Diddy reached out to his Howard University alumni as they started protesting Thursday evening which carried over to Friday. The students are upset over housing and financial aid packages. Giving his support, Puff Tweeted on…

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September 5th 9:30am

Kimora the Amazon is a Soccer Mom

After a day of shopping earlier that day, it looks like Kimora took the girls to soccer practice but it wasn’t to much practicing going on. Pop it for the Soccer Mom …

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September 5th 9:05am

Wedding Bells: Lala Announces Wedding Plans With Carmelo Anthony

Lala was interviewed by RollingOut Magazine and said she is finally in the works of her planning her wedding.

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September 5th 8:30am

In White Folks “Pay Yo Bills” News: If You Thought Only the ATL Housewives Were the Only Ones Losing Homes… You Are Sadly Mistaken

Orange County Housewife, Lynne Curtin, has been evicted from her old spot. The little bottom feeder didn’t own the house she was living in for the show and they say she took some things “with” her on her way out… straight jacked: Not only did “Real Housewife of Orange County” Lynne Curtin not own the…

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September 4th 12:59pm

ATL Housewife “Sheree Whitfield’s” Divorce Details Emerge

The details of the Sheree and Bob Whitfield divorce are out. Pop it and see what she made out with

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September 4th 12:45pm

50 Cent in New Video Flight 187: “Jay Rockin That Urkel Look”

If Jay-Z thought that a Bill Maher interview, Oprah ordeal, bobbing his head at golf courses with white people, and the fact that he changed his swag up to metro was going to go over easy with all of Hip-Hop, he was wrong. Bugsy is taking shots at the Camel.. something awful on this one.…

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September 4th 12:30pm

Khloe Kardashian Out Flauntin Her New “Chocolate Piece” Lamar Odom Around Town

Just the other day, Bossip confirmed that Khloe Kardashian was dating yet another NBA player. Last night, she and her new black man meat, Lamar Odom, were spotted having a “date night” at STK in Hollyweird. Pop the hatch for more pics…

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