April 29th 9:27am

*Bossip Premiere* Rasheeda “Bedrock Remix” Ft. Toya, Diamond, Lola & Kandi Video

This must be THEE most horrible job on a remixed video in a long time! We have heard the song, but the visual makes it hard to fathom… WHY WOULD TOYA RAP? Toya, the boys on the staff thought you were banging until… Click Here To Watch Video For More Videos Go To BossipVideo.com

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April 29th 9:08am

Coupled Up: CiCi Still On The Hollyweird Steez…Spotted Out With Kim Kardashian

Wait, hold up…we thought lil CiCi was off that Hollyweird ish?? After hearing her “Basic Instinct/U Got Me” track (the one where she’s rapping, SMH), we were under the impression that Ciara was back on her music grind and done with all of this stuff. Guess we were wrong. Peep more pics of Ciara and…

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April 29th 7:57am

New Music Snippetry: Hov’s Maybach Music And Yeezy’s New Jawn “F*cking With Me”

Remember the good ole days when Kanye West was just a mini-douche and not a total Douchebag, and The Roc was one big happy family? Obviously those days are over, but we have some little clips of new music from Young Hov and Kanyeezy when you pop it…

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April 28th 6:14pm

Rumor Control: RHOA’s Nene Leakes And Husband Issue Statements

Charles Grant can go ahead and forget about Nene Leakes standing behind him as he faces involuntary manslaughter charges… Nene and her husband Gregg both released statements today pledging their devotion to one another. Pop the hood to check ‘em out!

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April 28th 5:17pm

Larry’s Ex-Wife Says Both He And Shawn Were Having A “SWINGING” Good Time

Apparently all these folks working themselves into a frenzy over the scandalous affairs of Larry King and wife Shawn Southwick have been wasting their time! If Larry’s last ex-wife — Julia — is to be believed, both Larry and Shawn were well aware of each others dalliances and perfectly okay with it. Pop the hood…

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April 28th 5:02pm

What Did She Ever See In Him?

It’s time for an honest discussion about what women see in thugs. Tumi McCallum was a beautiful girl, her parents were NYU professors. She obviously had options. What on earth did she see in someone like Michael Cordero who ended up killing her in a jealous rage with his bare hands? Pop the hood.

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April 28th 4:17pm

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Henry Simmons Is Tying The Knot Next Month!!!

Mmmmmm some sexiness is going off the market! After being previously linked to Michelle Williams and Eva Pigford, Henry Simmons has reportedly found him a Mrs.!!! BOSSIP sources say that Henry is set to be wed this May. Pop the hood for details and photos of the happy couple.

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April 28th 4:10pm

Playing Platinum Life Vs. Being A Real Rapper

Last week, R&B newcomer Shontelle shared with us how much she loves playing Platinum Life. So, that got us to thinking: Could playing Platinum Life be better than being an actual, real-life rapper. In a word: HELL YEAH! Pop the hood to find out why.

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April 28th 4:01pm

New Basquiat Documentary Uncovers How Madonna Caught A Beatdown From Artist’s Girlfriend

We’ve seen a couple of films about Jean-Michel Basquiat, so we already know the guy was a major bad boy of the art world, and even had white girls like Madonna going crazy over him back in the day. But we didn’t realize quite how bad a*s he was until we saw a clip from…

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April 28th 3:30pm

Caption This

Here’s everyone’s favorite bachelor Dhani Jones stuntin in a little “so-wrong”…SMH. Caption This and pop it for another pic of Dhani in a lil loin cloth…

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April 28th 3:16pm

Right-Wing Pol Refuses To Sell House To Muslims

Well, ain’t this some $hit? Australian politician, Pauline Hanson, who has been known to talk some smack about Asians, has now turned her hateful eye toward Muslims. The old bag is selling her house, but no Muslims allowed. Pop the hood.

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April 28th 3:11pm

Kate’s Gut Game Is On Point After Pushing Out Eight Kids…

Damn. Kate Gosselin’s knifed up stomach is looking good for having eight kids and a tummy tuck. Her belly button looks a bit suspect as well. Thoughts? Via TMZ

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April 28th 3:00pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Katherine Jackson Gives Grandkids The Boot Out Of Her Home (GO) Obama Pushes for Wall Street Reform on Main Street Tour (GO) Common Speaks On New Album With Kanye West (GO) Tiger Woods Fires Back At Criticism, Says Business Is Still Good (GO) Police Search For Texas Man Who Decapitated Wife With Chainsaw (GO) Perry…

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April 28th 1:11pm

Dear Bossip: I Love My Husband But . . .

Dear Bossip, I am torn between following my heart or my mind. I am really stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am 26 years old and my husband is 36 years old. We have been together for almost four years but only married for a year and seven months.

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April 28th 12:18pm

*BOSSIP Premiere* Ludacris Wants YOU To Be Counted!!! Rapper Goes Door To Door For The Census

In his effort to make sure the people who need federal funds most get them, Ludacris has been visiting communities in Dallas, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana, Washington, D.C. and New York to spread the word about the importance of the 2010 Census. Still nothing quite compares to how he made his quest a personal one…

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