June 14th 10:10am

Kim Kardashian: “Lady Gaga Better Watch Her Back”

Seriously, why does everyone in Hollyweird think they can sing? Kim Kardashian thinks she has what it takes to be on top of the pop charts like Lady Gaga or Beyonce. Uh, fareal though Kim, play your position and stick with “reality tv”, photo shoots and pressuring Reggie Bush to wife that @ss.

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June 14th 10:05am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Seven Children Found Living in a House of Horrors

This is just disgusting and sad. Those poor children went through more than they ever should have at such young ages.

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June 14th 10:00am

Michelle Obama and The Queen are BFFs?

Michelle Obama is a true example of what a First Lady should be like. Not only did she make a great impression on the people of Great Britain, now she’s getting in real tight with the Queen.

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June 14th 9:55am

Will and Jada Love to Role Play

We knew Jada had Will on lock. She’s got him bringin’ home the bacon, fryin’ it up in the pan and holdin’ down the little ones. We guess if you allow your man to get a little on the side from time to time, he’ll say how high when you ask him to jump

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June 13th 9:47am

*Exclusive* Insider Says: “Usher’s Throwing Tameka Under the Bus”

The drama continues. Bossip spoke with an industry insider who shed yet another side of this Usher/Tameka divorce melee: Usher is currenty living in LA working on his album, which comes out in October. He normally not one to take many photos, however recently he’s been photographed quite often. He’s doing the same thing that…

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June 13th 9:30am

Why Was Rihanna At the Playboy Office?

Yesterday, Rihanna was seen coming out of the same building that houses the infamous Playboy Headquarters and seen going into her hotel. It looks like it was a long day for Princess Rih. Pop it and see

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June 13th 9:25am

Geriatric Pimpin’ – BDR’s Smashing Noemie Lenoir?!

Damn, first this chick was making out with Terrence Howard, now she’s supposedly Russell’s new tenderoni. And y’all know how Russ gets down: According to one of our sneaky sources at BET.com, Uncle Russie just might have met his match.

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June 13th 9:22am

Quote of The Day: Terrence Howard “Reagan Has Been More Revolutionary in Reaching Ethnic Communities Than President Obama”

Terrence Howard sells lemonade outside of the Ritz-Carlton to raise money for the child cancer charity, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, with his son. Also, the other day he was talking about the relevancy of President Obama and got severely out of pocket: Hustle and Flow” actor Terrence Howard came to Washington last week and revealed to…

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June 13th 9:20am

Columbus Short Gets It In During Rehearsal For Album…Yep, Album.

  Columbus Short’s camp reached out to Bossip to let us know that he has been working hard on a new pop and R&B album.   He’s so passionate and people don’t really know that he’s going in like he is.

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June 13th 9:16am

Saturday Style: Brian Lichtenberg

Keri Hilson, Lady Gaga, Santogold, Ciara, Lil Wayne, and Beyonce are supporters. Stars are always seen sporting his leggings, tanks, T’s, and catsuits. Who brought that 80’s swag back you ask… Brian Lichtenberg. Our peoples from Personamagazine.net caught up with BL for some questions: Personamagazine.net: When, where, and how did you get the line started?…

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June 13th 9:12am

Who Looked More Bangin: Seasoned VS Freshman

Keke Palmer has been moving up the ranks, gracefully, and we know how Paula Patton has been putting down the “banger status” for a minute. They were both seen at the Women In Film’s 2009 Crystal And Lucy Awards. You knew we would ask… Who Looked More Bangin??? Pop the top to see Tracee Ellis,…

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June 13th 9:05am

In White Folks News: Bret Michaels Gets Nose Broken and Wig Split

Bret Michaels, from the Rock of Love Show, was performing at the Tony Awards the other night and was leveled by a prop. His nose was broken and his wig was split in the accident. You’ve probably seen the video already, but watch it again because it was damn hilarious. SMH Pop it and watch…

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June 12th 4:53pm

Usher and Tameka Foster Divorce is the Real Deal

Despite the spin job that went out yesterday stating that Usher and Tameka were not splitting up, the truth is, the two are heading for divorce and fast. Pop the lid for all of the details

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June 12th 8:12am

You Are Still On Trial… What the Hell is So Funny Chris?

Chris Brown was seen out last night at the NBA Finals having a good old time, just a cackling it up, with Rihanna present at the game too. Why is he acting like he’s not on trial? He’s lucky RiRi didn’t show up with her new side piece Drake. We’re sure Breezy wouldn’t be smiling…

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June 12th 8:06am

Reverend Jeremiah Wright Angry With ‘Them Jews’

Reverend Jeremiah Wright has been a controversial figure from the moment he got his media shine on as Barack Obama’s pastor. Unfortunately, this man doesn’t seem to know when to sit down, shut up and hold it down for the black community. Once again, he’s spouting his extreme views, not that we want to hear…

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