March 11th 9:17am

On The Come Up After Getting Knifed Up: Lady Wins $3.5 Milli For “Double Bubble Deformities”

SMH: A Staten Island mom who said her botched boob job left her looking like she had four breasts was awarded $3.5 million for pain and suffering yesterday.

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March 11th 9:15am

Family Guy Tyrese Still Spending Quality Time With Ex-Wife

Tyrese was spotted spending some good old fashioned QT with ex-wife Norma and their daughter Shayla. It’s great that they can still act decent towards each other after being divorced. Good for them. More pics when you…

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March 11th 8:51am

Oldest African Dies In Detroit, Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Passes Just Shy Of 114th Birthday

BOSSIP loves the elders! We’re sad to report that the oldest African-American in the world died this week in Detroit. 113-year-old Daisey Bailey left this earth Sunday leaving behind 79 grandchildren, 70 great-grandchildren, 30 great-great-grandchildren and 69 great-great-great-grandchildren. Her secret to long life? Bourbon baby! More details under the hood.

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March 11th 8:44am

Some Morning Spandex Cakes

It’s Thursday party people, and to get your morning started off with a little “jolt,” here are some pictures of Yeezy’s bald-headed boo Amber Rose in some skin-tight black spandex get up…rockin some weirdo shades with her t*tties out for all to see. More Amber shots when you pop the hatch…

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March 11th 8:27am

Kush Chronicles: Nene’s Son Bryson Popped For Holding Some Mary Jane

Nene’s son is dumb as hell: The son of a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member is in real trouble with the law. Twenty-year-old Bryson Bryant was arrested Sunday while visiting an inmate at the Gwinnett County jail.

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March 11th 8:15am

Calling All Tweet-A-Holics…Bossip Presents!!!

Wanna check what all your favorite celebrities are tweeting about, but don’t have time to filter through all the retweets and the bullshizz?? Well we here at Bossip have created a site that aggregates tweets to keep up with all of the colorful characters constantly twittering. Be sure to hit up for a constant…

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March 10th 6:56pm

Exclusive: Bossip Tweets It Up With Reality Star And Author Tionna Smalls On Her Tig Ole Bitties And Dancing In Gay Burlesque Clubs

Nothing was held back when we had our LIVE Twitterview with Tionna “Not So Small” Smalls.  The new reality show star from “What Chilli Wants” talked about sex in strange places, her new reality show and why she loves the “girls” that everyone loves to hate. Check below to see our live Twitterview.

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March 10th 6:16pm

A Mid Day Banger For The Fellas

Letoya Luckett was spotted at MBK Entertainment’s “We Got The Next Showcase Part II” at the Highline Ballroom in NYC all close and comfy with her makeup artist AJ Crimson.  She’s been on the market for a while, are the fellas still checking for her??? More pics of Letoya coupled up under the hood.

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March 10th 6:00pm

Twitter Files: Ochocinco Goes In On ESPN Radio Personality Colin Cowherd

Chad Ochocinco had some words for ESPN radio personality Colin Cowherd who insulted the Bengals player on his show. Pop the top for the details.

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March 10th 5:09pm

When The Checks START Coming Back In: Disgraced Athlete Marion Jones To Play For The WNBA

After losing five Olympic gold medals amidst a performance enhancing drug scandal and a federal prison sentence, Marion Jones will return to sports through the WNBA. Continue…

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March 10th 4:11pm

Assault? What Assault??? Roethlisberger’s Teammate Says He Didn’t See Alleged Incident

While they share losses and victories on the field, Pittsburgh Steeler’s tackle Willie Colon is trying to separate himself from his buddy, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s, alleged sexual assault mess with a quickness! While Colon was in the building on the night of the alleged attack, he claims he didn’t witness anything because he was busy…

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March 10th 3:10pm

Is Nicki Minaj The Music Biz’s Hottest Accessory??? Rapper Hops On “In My Head”

It’s interesting that Nicki Minaj calls herself a Barbie, since it seems like lately everyone from Mariah Carey to Ludacris has been snatching her up like the flavor of the month. Pop the hood for Nicki’s latest collabo with pop singer Jason Derulo.

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March 10th 2:31pm

What Was The Deal With The Lady Who Pulled A “Kanye” At The Oscars?

We’ve done a lot of Oscar talk this week, but one story we haven’t covered was that “Kanye moment” when Music by Prudence producer Elinor Burkett interrupted Short Film winner Roger Ross Williams’ Oscar acceptance speech. Williams directed and produced the film, about a disabled Zimbabwean musician, but barely got any words out before he…

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March 10th 12:09pm

Jennifer Hudson Looks Rough And Stuff With A Nice Size Rock On Her Finger

Jennifer Hudson was spotted at LAX looking pretty rough. She probably didn’t expect the paps to catch her but then again she is in LA. We’ll give her a break since she was rockin’ the hell out of that blue dress. Who do you think really paid for that ring: Jennifer or Punk???

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March 10th 12:06pm

Dear Bossip: My Man’s a Little Too Rough!

Hey Bossip! First of all I want to say that I love your site and your love and relationships posts. I have a slight dilemma that I need to address but I’m not sure how to. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year in May. We dated for some months and waited a while

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