March 21st 11:15am

Kanye and G.O.O.D. Music Kill Austin

Posted by Bossip Staff Kanye West, Common, Fonzworth, Kid Cudi, and…Solange were at the last Levi’s Fader Fort held at SXSW in Austin, Texas. We hear the show was off the hinges and that Solange looked out of place. SMH Peep the rest underneath…

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March 21st 11:10am

Mother and Son

Posted by Bossip Staff Kim Porter, those spectacular pearly whites, and her oldest offspring, Quincy, attended a UNICEF event out in Cali.  Kim looks young enough to be that fella’s high school friend.  Damn. More pics on the flippy.

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March 21st 11:05am

“Siked” by a Kid Named Kudi

Posted by Bossip Staff The Kid wants errybody out there to know that he was merely having a moment when he was talking all that retirement ‘ish. Kid Cudi nearly missed a SXSW show he had booked in Austin, Texas this week. Actually, the promoters thought he was a no-show, and told a booing crowd…

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March 21st 11:05am

Regina King in the Swing of Things

Posted by Bossip Staff Regina King can hardly do any wrong. Here she is trying out the Reebok’s New Jukari Fit To Fly at the Jukari Fit to Fly Studio in LA. Regina still looks fly and fit, nevertheless, would you wife her? Pop it to see more…

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March 21st 11:04am

Hey, Cutie

Posted by Bossip Staff Tichina Arnold attended the Backstage Creations celebrity retreat to hop up on some of the free swag they were dishing out and looked pretty darn cute doing so.  Hold on, just what the f*ck is poppin’ off on the side of her head??  Uh-uh, Tichina baby. SMH To look at more…

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March 21st 11:03am

Angela Davis: F*ck a Prison, Get Rid of Them

Posted by Bossip Staff Angela Davis, the pioneer and revolutionary, is calling for an end to the prison system: The U.S. prison system, in its present state, must be abolished, says University of California-Santa Cruz Professor Emeritus Angela Davis. Davis, a longtime prison reform advocate, is scheduled to speak at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Tuesday, March…

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March 21st 11:00am

Swirling Up Coco’s Birthday Cake

Posted by Bossip Staff Old man Ice-T and classy Coco celebrated her birthday last night in N.Y.C. at the Imperial Club. Damn, that cellulite needs to be taken care of if Coco wants to continue mediawhoring. Pop the hood to see more birthday cakes

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March 21st 7:57am

Are You Feelin’ This Makeover??

Posted by Bossip Staff Estelle, who normally takes pics that can make one’s eyes bleed, gets a couple of cool points from us for the new ‘do’ and make-up being on point.  There’s still much room for improvement, but does she get an A for effort? More pics of Estelle and recording artist, Se7en, at…

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March 21st 7:30am

Neffe Talks Ignorance and Her New Baby Daddy Sounds Like Trained Chimp

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s Neffe taking it to nuccas far and wide who have something to say about her sh*t load of kids, compare her to Octomom, or think she’s benefited from Keyshia’s success.  She’s gutter, through and through. Her slightly touched sperm donator opened his grill and had equally entertaining stuff coming out…

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March 21st 7:15am

Question of The Day: Is Skinny Jeans and Jerkin Gay???

Posted by Bossip Staff We have all laughed at the kids and this new skinny jean fad. In the hoods of L.A. the highschoolers are taking it further than just skinny jeans. They have created a dance to compliment their new steez, Jerkin. We here at Bossip can’t fade it, but, we understand these are…

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March 21st 7:00am

It’s a Miracle

Posted by Bossip Staff The green eyed crooner, Smokey Robinson, along with the rest of the Miracles were honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  They gave the world some fantastic music that transcends all races and ethnicities.  Congrats to the Miracles and their families. Stevie Wonder was there to show support. …

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March 21st 6:40am

Random Ridiculousness: Ugly Kid Kicked Off Bus and Suspended for Stank @ss Gas

Posted by Bossip Staff Ladies and gentleman, this is Jonathan Locke Jr.. He was banned from riding a school bus and suspended from school because of his putrid  farts:

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March 21st 6:37am

The Don Gets Probation

Posted by Bossip Staff According to Livesteez, Don “Still-Swirlin” Cornelius just received a slap on the wrist for whipping his white piece upside the head:

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March 21st 6:35am

The First Lady

Posted by Bossip Staff Yesterday our First Lady, Michelle Obama, partook in a groundbreaking event for the new White House Kitchen Garden being built. She teamed up with some kids from Bancroft Elementary School. The boots are banging and the lady can handle a shovel… Pop it and see more

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March 21st 6:30am

Bowling With the Stars

Posted by Bossip Staff Fine ass, Aleesha Renee, along with Juelz and DJ Whoo Kid hit up the Bowling With the Stars event at Harlem Lanes in NY.  It looked like they had a lot of fun, but where exactly were the actual stars?  We’ve been had…SMH More pics up under the hood.

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