February 7th 8:00am

The Game Will Plead Guilty to Gun Charges

Posted by Bossip Staff The Game will plead guilty to gun charges for an incident back in back in June where he allegedly pulled some heat out on someone at a park. He pleaded not guilty to the charge in September but has decided to do the opposite now. Here is what The Game aka…

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February 6th 5:13pm

Fill In The Blank

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is Soulja Boy posing on a bed holding onto something under his shirt. Fill in the Blank: Soulja Boy looks like he is packing ________________.

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February 6th 12:00pm

Prince and The Time Are “Dirty”

Posted by Bossip Staff Janet Jackson reflects on a memory in a recent Parade interview: “When I was 16, I was promoting my first album and I went with Mother to see The Time’s concert with Prince. I did not want to sit next to Mother because I knew they were dirty. I was trying…

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February 6th 9:55am

Trina’s Assets in the Black History Issue of Smooth

Posted by Bossip Staff The “baddest chick” Trina is featured on the cover of the Black history issue of the prestigious “Smooth” magazine. It’s nothing like some ass in your face to get your day going. Trina discusses the “liquid cleanse” diet and weight loss: “Every time you’re hungry, you gotta drink the liquid. It’s…

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February 6th 9:50am

Which One Would You Hit???

Posted by Bossip Staff Biz Markie and Prodigy hit up the official Giant’s Super Bowl victory party last night in NYC. If you HAD to hit one of these special characters, Which One?? More images from that event: View more pics under the hood…

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February 6th 9:50am

Tyra Lying on TV

Posted by Bossip Staff Tyra Banks took a lie detector test on her show today and when asked if she was jealous of Oprah Winfrey she said “No”. The results showed that her answer was false. Watch the video clip under the hood..

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February 6th 9:50am

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff Obama tops in projected delegate leads: In a surprise twist after a chaotic Super Tuesday, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) passed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) in network tallies of the number of delegates the candidates racked up last night. The Obama camp now projects topping Clinton by 13 delegates, 847 to…

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February 6th 9:49am

Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff We know we’re a little late on this one, but here is a video of some teenagers getting their ‘kiddy freak on’ to some Keith Sweat. SMH.

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February 6th 9:48am

712K A Day

Posted by Bossip Staff Forbes has made it’s list of top-earning Black celebrities and of course Oprah tops the list with $260 million which is equivalent to $712,000 a day. Damn that’s a lot of paper. Oprah has definitely got the game on lock and will probably hold that number one spot for a minute.…

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February 6th 8:59am


Posted by Bossip Staff Will someone please tell Omarion to braid that sh*t up?  Thundercats Hooooo! Image via WENN

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February 6th 8:33am

Making It Rain on These Hoes

Posted by Bossip Staff The banger that is Rihanna made an appearance at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC to promote her new line of umbrellas. It’s just refreshing to see someone who is able to switch it up on the regular and still look fly. View Rihanna’s Cosmopolitan cover and more pics under the hood…

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February 6th 8:00am

Coupled Up

Posted by Bossip Staff It’s about time that this cat showed up. Here is Halle Berry and her K-Fraud picking up some lunch at P.F. Chang’s in Beverly Hills. Halle looks like she’s holding up well to be due next week, those ankles are still looking slim. Source

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February 5th 1:19pm

Blast From The Past

Posted by Bossip Staff Before there were fake ass implants, men used to lust over real women like Stacey Dash (remember her spread in Playboy back in ’06). She was spotted outside of the Waverly Inn in NYC looking like she hasn’t aged a bit. She is still making it rain on these hoes. Some…

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February 5th 1:16pm

Ho Sit Down

Posted by Bossip Staff After admitting on Howard Stern he liked getting his

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February 5th 1:15pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In

Posted by Bossip Staff Teddy Riley’s studio is for sale and he’s in having financial woes: At one time, Teddy Riley was the reigning king of R&B and hip-hop. Now he’s just another fallen star who owes $1 million. In a courtroom Friday, two lawyers agreed to seek a buyer for Riley’s recording studio in…

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