September 11th 11:40am

Fashion Week in New York: Mz. Rih Rih… Can You Even See What’s Going On???

It’s Fashion Week in NY and all the celebs that are fashionable or at least THINK they have style, will be flooding the streets. We all know that Mz. Rihanna would not miss these events for “NOTHING.” Those glasses are definitely fashionable but the blonde piece, with the red lips and the electric blue eye…

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September 11th 11:25am

Fill in the Blank: NeNe Leakes is _____________

Last night on the RHOA, Nene Leakes, the cookie cutter mother, sat down with her son about getting a job. Well, it seems like he took momma’s advice. One of our Bossip readers was out shopping in Atlanta and saw Nene’s son, Brice, working

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September 11th 11:10am

Sir Lucious Left Foot Performs at the BMI Awards

Big Boi performed at the BMI Awards in NY last night. We when first saw this picture, all we could do was SMH but then we found out that he was perfoming with the infamous George Clinton and Bootsy Collins. Pop it to Everybody that Came Through…

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September 11th 11:05am

Oldie but Goodie: Janet Jackson– That’s the Way Love Goes

Today we decided to do a “Oldie but Goodie.” We went to Twitter and asked everyone following Bossip what do they recommend. Janet Jackson’s video won. This is a good one because the old J.Lo is in it, before Ben, Diddy, Marc Anthony and the twins… We value you your input… So hit us up…

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September 11th 11:00am

Who Helped Whitney Get off the Pipe?

An intervention was placed on Whitney in order for her to break the drug addiction but who did it?

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September 11th 10:22am

Certified Links

‘Donda West Law’ Passed By Senate (Go) Congressman Wilson Apologizes to Obama Again; Enjoyed the Speech (Go) Jay-Z Scalpers To Donate Funds To Charity (Go) Kid Cudi Shows Support for HIV/AIDS Awareness (Go) Drinking Your Own Urine Is the Surefire Way To Become Good at Boxing (Go) Wake Up, People! Lady GaGa Is in the…

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September 11th 10:10am

Remember Beyonce’s First Love…

Rumor has it, Beyonce got pregnant by the dude in the picture, Lyndell, at age 15 and had an abortion. If you personally think Hova looks bad, you will never believe what Lyndell looks like nowadays. Pop the top and see if Bey Bey made the right choice

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September 11th 10:00am

What The Hell???

John Legend was spotted on the beach…lathering up his boy? Come on; he could have just put the sunscreen in his hand… What Is Wrong With This Picture??

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September 11th 9:30am

NYC Remembers 9/11

Today marks the eighth year anniversary of September 11th.  Mourners observed a moment of silence at ground zero which is where the World Trade Center once stood.

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September 11th 9:25am

Who Is This In The Parachute Jumper??

This chick was spotted in SOHO yesterday in this get up. Guess who it is? Pop the top and find out

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September 11th 9:20am

Update: Neffe and Soullow Introduce Their New Baby Girl

Neffe’s baby girl wasn’t even a day old yet before she introduced her to the masses via youtube and the web.  Flip the hood to meet Nayla Noel Lavern Lower.

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September 11th 8:10am

New Video: Whitney Houston “I Look to You”

Whitney Houston just debuted her new video for “I Look to You” and it’s a classy look. Pop the top and peep the video

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September 11th 8:05am

What the Hell???: Skin Whitening Cream Sales…Blowing Up

Lightening creams are blowing up with crazy commercials being pushed overseas. You won’t believe it. Pop it and see

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September 11th 8:00am

50 Cent Says “Weezy Has Been on TV Since He was 14, So None of His Lyrics Are Factual, He Didn’t Even Know What Color Bandana to Wear!?!”

At Howard University, Bugsy spoke to an auditorium full of students. 50 went in depth on why he feels certain MC’s, lack substance…Lil Wayne was the only name thrown out. Pop the top and see for yourself

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September 11th 7:45am

Tyler Perry Wants Bey Bey Beyonce…

Bossip has learned that Tyler Perry is courting after Beyonce for a new film.  Damn…

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