March 10th 9:16am

Where’s Johnny Gill?? Eddie Murphy Spotted Holding Hands With “Sex Chronicles” Actress

Eddie Murphy was seen on the scene all coupled up after the Lakers game with Skinemax soft core actress Maya Gilbert. She’s pretty damn cute, but Eddie is not fooling anyone!!! SMH. Flip it for more pics of the two…

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March 10th 8:40am

Guess The Little Leopard Man Slippers…

Some ‘trendy fellow’ was seen wearing these nice little animal print kicks. We’re not sure how masculine these slippers are, but if you’re curious as to who was spotted roking these things, you must

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March 10th 8:00am

Random Ridiculousness: NYC Chef Uses The Sweet Nectar From His Wife’s Teet In A Cheese Recipe

This is kinda really gross: Chef Daniel Angerer is letting diners at Klee Brasserie munch on cheese made from his wife’s breast milk.

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March 9th 7:18pm

**Exclusive** Big Boi Tweets It Up About His Boom Boom Room and His Upcoming Projects

BOSSIP called in Big Boi for our live Twitterview today and he dished on everything from him and Andre 3000 recording to the status of his infamous “Boom Boom Room”. Check below to see our live Twitterview.

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March 9th 6:59pm

Tina Knowles Is Ready For Bey Bey To Take A Break And Give Her Some Grandbabies

Look like Jay-Z isn’t the only one ready for Beyonce to take a break.  Tina Knowles recently voiced her opinion when the two sat down for an interview. Pop the top for the details.

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March 9th 5:14pm

Drake Stays Reppin His Set… Can Somebody Please Tell Us Why Rich Azz Rappers Are Throwin’ Up Signs???

We were looking through our copy of the GQ issue that featured Drake and wondered if you guys could tell us why he’s throwing up signs and shizz??? Pop the hood for more Weezy and Drake!

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March 9th 3:30pm

Put On Blast: Howard Stern Goes In On Precious And Oprah

Howard Stern recently used his radio show as a platform to go in on Gabourey Sidibe, saying she was as big as a planet and calling Oprah a liar.  It’s something you have to hear for yourself. Check out the video here.

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March 9th 3:30pm

Somebody Get BeyBey And Gaga On The “Telephone” And Tell ‘Em We Said Fu*k All These Preview Pics! When They Gonna Let Us See The Dang Video Already!!!

The pictures from Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” video continue to do a slow leak. The video is not supposed to drop until Thursday at 11:30 pm, but if they keep playing with us, we will go to the barbershop and find the bootleg. Pop the hood for a look.

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March 9th 3:22pm

Katt Williams Facing $1 Million Lawsuit Over Dog Attack

Katt Williams’ troubles with the law are continuing to add up.

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March 9th 3:00pm

Lawmakers Consider Banning Sex Offenders From Social Networking

Georgia lawmakers are looking to put an end to pedophiles and sex offenders trolling for unsuspecting victims on Facebook and MySpace. Pop the hood for more.

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March 9th 2:54pm

PAUSE For Politics… Gay Scandals Rock The House AND The Senate

The government has always been a hotbed for sex scandals, maybe because, despite all their interests in “ethics” and “morals,” politicians get some pretty freaky urges too. Case in point Roy Ashburn ( above right)– the anti-gay Senator who opposed same sex marriage in California who recently got popped for a DUI — after leaving…

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March 9th 2:09pm

Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement

Amy Winehouse was spotted making her way to a London gym yesterday.  Compared to how she was hitting the streets a couple months ago she has made some major improvements. Keep it up girl. More pics of Amy on her healthy steez on the flippy.

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March 9th 2:01pm

Alfamega Reignites Beef With T.I., Drops New Track “Greenlight”

The King officially made his comeback yesterday with “I’m Back” and now his one-time enforcer/Rapper Alfa Mega has made his return as well. Pop the hood for a listen to “Greenlight”. Continue

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March 9th 12:46pm

Tyler Is Leaving From Lunch In LA With…

Tyler Perry was spotted leaving BOA restaurant in LA with a very special lady in his life. Find out who once you pop the top.

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March 9th 12:29pm

Fantasia “Barefoot Country Bumpkin” Barrino Needs A Stylist… NOW!!!

Fantasia performed at the Jackie Robinson Foundation event last night rocking this get up. WHY does she continue to take her shoes off when she performs??? WHO continues to let her show up at events like this??? Someone Needs to be Fired… NOW!!!

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