January 8th 2:00pm

Plaxico Burress Denied Get Out Of Jail Early Work Release

Former New York Giants wide-receiver Plaxico Burress has been denied acceptance into a work release program that would have cut down his time on his two-year prison sentence. Continue

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January 8th 1:06pm

Jesus Take the Wheel: A Mo’Nique Show Employee is Killed by Husband and He Rides Around with the Body for 2 Days in his Pick-Up Truck

Maureen Allaben was the set decorator for “The Mo’Nique Show” that’s being filmed in Atlanta and also a Food stylist. Her husband, Dennis Allaben, killed her on Sunday night and then put her body in the back of his pick-up truck. He drove to Virginia to tell his family what happened and then got back…

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January 8th 12:50pm

New Jawn: Monica is Giving *Everything*

Monica’s got a new jawn called “Everything” that she just released. If you listen closely, it has the melody from Silly by Denise Williams in the background. Nice song with an old school vibe to it, but some people aren’t feelin’ it!!! Pop the Top and See if You are Feelin’ It:

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January 8th 12:27pm

Madonna’s Cougar Meat Appears to be Slackin’ in His Package!!!

20-year-old Jesus Luz, better known as Madonna’s man meat has some new pics. From the looks of it, Jesus doesn’t look like he’s working with much. On the other hand, Madonna is skin and bones, so it probably doesn’t take much to please her. Pop the Top and See What Else Jesus has to Offer

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January 8th 12:13pm

Panel of Judges Could Restore Voting Rights For Millions Of Felons

A recent 2-1 ruling by a panel of federal judges in the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals could restore the right to vote to felons in several states. Continue

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January 8th 12:12pm

Throwback Comedy: Bodybuilder With Suspect Tendencies And Voice (Video Included)

Here’s a video that’s old as hell, but still amusing nonetheless. Pop it to peep it…

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January 8th 12:09pm

Certified Links

Promoter Faces Prison Time For Making $25 Mill In Fake Shows (GO) Legal Wrangling Could Restore The Right To Vote For Millions of Felons (GO) Woman Sues Popular Gym After Suffering Pole-Dancing Injury (GO) Despicable Father Facing Serious Jail Time For Forcing Daughter Into Active Clothes Dryer (GO) Pharrell Making Music For Animated Film (GO)…

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January 8th 12:06pm

Portugal Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Same-sex marriage is now allowed in Portugal: Portugal’s parliament passed a bill Friday that would make the predominantly Catholic nation the sixth in Europe to permit gay marriage.

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January 8th 12:00pm

In White Folks News: Kate Gosselin Drops 7 Stacks on a Weave

Kate Gosselin showed off her new extensions this week, but what we didn’t know was that she dropped 7 stacks for the whole thing.  Pop the top for the details.

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January 8th 11:50am

Bey Bey Clears Things Up; Shook Cakes For Other Son Of A Terrorist, No Mention Of Camel

Sasha Fierce has had enough of folks talking about her taking terrorist dollars!!! Her booking agent and management company want everyone to know they told her to shake her cakes for the terrorists son and by the way it was his other son, not the violent wife-beating one. The gospel according to Beyonce’n’em under the…

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January 8th 11:47am

Snoops Kids Know He Is Trifling – Because He Told Them!!!

In a recent interview Snoop revealed he hides nothing from his kids. And we mean NOTHING!!! Pop the hood for more:

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January 8th 11:20am

Out of Pocket: CNN Anchor Calls President Obama a Liar on National TV

CNN’s Jack Cafferty has some nerve calling President Obama a “LIAR” on national TV. This Re”pube”blican a$$ kisser is just mad because the Re”pube”blicans are on the back burner for once. For years the Democrats have taken nothing but sh*t from the Re”pube”blicans, so now it’s their turn to sit down and listen. Pop it…

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January 8th 11:13am

Only GaGa Would do Some Sh*t Like This

Lady Gaga introduced Monster Cable’s headphones ‘Heartbeats in Las Vegas’ yesterday with this fan thingie attached to her head. More flicks of Lady GaGa and her headwork under the hood.

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January 8th 11:07am

Stephen A. Smith Weighs in on Dumba*s NBA Players, Speaks On Genocide In the Black Community

Stephen A. Smith, who is known for his opinion and little rants, did a piece recently on this Gilbert Arenas foolishness and the Black community. Flip the script to check it out…

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January 8th 11:06am

Pole Dancing Gone Wrong; Woman Sues After Upside Down Injury

Some things should really be left to professionals!!! A woman has filed a class action lawsuit against the parent company of a popular fitness chain after she injured both of her shoulders while attempting to perform a trick during the gym’s pole-dancing class. Continue

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