June 10th 8:20am

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Does Tyrese have Pig Sars? WTF? Tyrese tweeted this pic of himself on a private jet. Looks like the dude next to him is wondering if he should change seats. Ridiculous.

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June 10th 8:12am

Sweet Like Halle or Stank Like Bugsy

Looks like more celebs have decided to join the perfume game. Halle and 50 Cent are the latest two celebs to start whorin’ their fragrances around town with ads, commercials and promotions. Flip the script for more

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June 10th 8:10am

The Queen Graces Essence with the Truth About Sexual Abuse

Even though we’ve always wondered about Latifah’s sexuality, it looks like she finally gets real with who she is and is ready to talk about it in the next issue of Essence. Pop the hood for more

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June 10th 8:05am

Who Looked More Bangin’?

Auntie Viv and Gabby were workin’ the room at the Children Uniting Nations 4th Annual National Conference Gala Dinner in D.C. It’s hard to say who took the prize on this one. Auntie Viv looks like a cougar on the prowl in that little black dress while Gabby goes the demure route in a strapless…

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June 10th 8:00am

Fail of the Day: Maino Ft. Chris Brown “Don’t Be Scared”

Seriously, y’all? Breezy’s publicist couldn’t have warned him that it might not be a good idea to be singing a hook that goes “Don’t be Scared”….this ish definitely tickled us.

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June 10th 7:56am

Natalie Cole’s Ready to Hit the Road

We’re glad to hear that Ms. Natalie is feeling better. Well enough to launch her comeback tour. Pop the hood for more

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June 9th 10:17am

Update: Nivea is Having A Baby By Weezy and Getting Married Too!?

Check out this radio interview Nivea recently did with Ryan Cameron in Atlanta about her recent “engagement”:

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June 9th 8:41am

Tameka Gets Blasted on Twitter for Ush’s “Affair”

Usher has been photographed without wearing his wedding ring lately and hasn’t been seen with his wife publicly in months. This has led some to suspect that things between he and Tameka Raymond aren’t going all that well. Pop the lid for the Twitter war that is currently raging on between Tameka and a blogger…

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June 9th 8:37am

Shell Oil Execution Scandal Case Settlement $15.5 Million

As if the oil industry didn’t already have enough drama to contend with, Oil Giant Royal Dutch Shell is getting sued for the execution of nine oil industry opponents who led non-violent protests against the company. These are serious allegations. Pop the top for more

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June 9th 8:36am

Bey Hustles Japanese Water Ads for More Mulah

Bey is repping Crystal Geyser Water in Japan for some of that extra mulah. Not that she needs it.. We’re sure the stans will go crazy for these pics. What would Lace Front do without Photoshop? Pop it for several more promo pics

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June 9th 8:35am

T-Pain Defends Big Chain: “My Kid Already Has 4 Milli In Da Bank, Yo”

T-Pain responded on Twitter to our Coon of The Day post yesterday :

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June 9th 8:31am

Tiny Gets Her T.I. On In Prison and Addresses RiRi Rumors

T.I. couldn’t stand not seeing his baby moms for longer than three weeks so he finally broke down and requested for her to come see him in prison. Pop the hood for more

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June 9th 8:30am

RiRi and Hov’s Nephew Star in New Rocawear Campaign

Rihanna doesn’t seem to be hiding from the limelight or the paps. She took Hov’s little nephew to the movies on Sunday. They look cute here, but wait till you pop the top and see their jean and shoe game. Both of them look like they came out of a Rocawear commercial.

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June 9th 8:29am

Bossip Certified Links

The LiveSteez Lounge: Music Mogul Devyne Stephens LiveSteez Jessica Alba is a Menace Celebslam Sightings: Demi Soaks Up the Bahamas Sun Lossip Get This: The Condom Pillow F-Listed Heidi Says Her Body Will Bounce Back After Fourth Baby Cele|Bitchy Zac Efron Starring in Saturday Night Fever Remake I’m Not Obsessed American Idol’s Runner-Up Adam Lambert…

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June 9th 8:27am

Kim K Parties Hard in London with New BFF CiCi

Kim Kardashian has a new “spread” in Oceans Magazine and is in London at the moment kicking it with Cici.  Her and her boytoy Cici seem to be kicking it pretty tough. Pop the top for Kim K with CiCi, Oceans pics and more

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