July 12th 11:23am

Soulja Boy In Danger

Soulja Boy is on the cover of Urban Ink (obviously) looking like his normal hypebeast self. There are some interesting characters inside this issue… Danger from “For the Love of Ray-J“, for one. Pop it and see some tatted cakes and more ink

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July 12th 11:17am

In White Folks News: John Gosselin Flaunts New 23 Year Old Jump Off!

Jon Gosslin doesn’t give a rats ass what you think about his fertile loins, he is getting it in with a young tenderloin. It appears as if Jon and Kate Plus Eight is missing a valuable member of the cast. Jon, what are you doing? Kate must have really been letting that body-guard chop her…

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July 12th 11:09am

Arturo Gatti Found Dead In Brazil…Foul Play Suspected!!!

Arturo Gatti was found dead in Brazil with blood on the back of his head, and they are suspecting foul play. If you do not know who Arturo Gatti is, well that means you may have missed out on three of the best boxing fights of all time, Arturo Gatti Vs. Mickey Ward:

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July 12th 11:08am

Kim Kardashian’s Cakes Push Pepsi

Kim Kardashian is still campaigning to get a check from Pepsi. We know y’all don’t care about anything other than seeing if her backs looked straight. They were in attendance. Pop it and find out…

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July 12th 11:07am

Pure Comedy: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Gropes Reporter While Dry Humping Her!!!

Rampage Jackson is as crazy as all hell. When this little pale reporter hints towards giving him the panties he instantly goes into “Vert” mode and ravishes her space. The funniest part is his handlers having to snap him out of it…lmao Click Here to Watch

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July 11th 7:46pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In: BabyPhat Heading for Bankruptcy?????

Bossip has just learned that, Kellwood Co., the owner of Baby Phat, is considering filling for Bankruptcy due to its inability to meet a big debt payment. Vibe Magazine closed down last month after facing the similar problems

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July 11th 6:13pm

The Game Drops New Jawn Going at Camel and Hints That Chris Brown Chopped Down Amber Rose

The Game has a new track going hard at Jay-Z  . He also hints Chris Brown chopped up Amber Rose.

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July 11th 10:35am

Clearing The Air: Barack and the Backs

Too many people are up in arms about this picture we posted yesterday of President Obama checking out some tenderloin’s backs.  After looking at the video, we are not sure if President O. was gawking at that girl, but the French President sure damn did! Peep it below:

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July 11th 9:09am

Doctors Speak Out About MJ’s Knifed-Up Tendencies

Dr. Wallace Goodstein, who worked alongside Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon, sheds some light on Michael Jackson’s numerous rhinoplasties, etc. and dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein (Paris and Prince’s biological father) discusses skin issues…

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July 11th 9:04am

Question of the Day: Should Nas Drop Album #10??

Now that Nas will have another mouth to feed and a brokeass ex-wife, he’s planning on dropping yet another album after the one scheduled for August: Even with the collaborative release of Distant Relatives expected to be hitting stores in August, Nas is already in the works of prepping his tenth studio album. Serving as…

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July 11th 9:00am

Some Weekend Honeymoon Swirl

Kendra Wilkinson and her new husband Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett were caught grubbing on something during their honeymoon in St. Lucia. You can even tell that Kendra’s womb is getting a little swole too.. More when you…

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July 11th 8:58am

Seen on the Scene: What Happened to Free???

Free decided to crawl from under the rock she has been hiding under to attend the Battle For The Crown Artist Showcase last night in NYC. She’s not looking quite like she did back in the 106&Park days, but she is looking better than she has the last few times we’ve seen her….age must be…

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July 11th 8:53am

NeNe and Kim Are Still Beefin’

Kim and Kandi from the ATL Housewives visited V-103 in Atlanta the other day. Funny that they are already close, and both have a mutual dislike for Nene. After we talked with Nene regarding her feelings about Kandi, we are sure the dislike is mutual. Besides all that, Nene damn near threatened Kim while she…

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July 11th 8:43am

Coon of The Day : “I Love Chicken” Song

This is a brother singing about how he loves “chicken” in front of mostly white people. SMH&LOL at this coonin sh*t and the chicken in the studio giving him the “OK”. Click Here to Watch

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July 11th 8:37am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Brandy Gets No Love From Record Labels

Looks like Miss Humm Breath doesn’t belong to a record label anymore:

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