March 26th 2:00pm

Dame Dash Blames Money Problems on Being Generous

Posted by Bossip Staff Everyone knows that Dame Dash is in the hole, going through a divorce, and maybe a midlife crisis. He says the reason that he has financial problems is because of his generosity:

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March 26th 9:27am

Keri Hilson Says Haters Crashed Her Release Party

Posted by Bossip Staff Keri Hilson is saying a hater somehow made it into her album release party the other day…Word got back to Keri that this person was saying that she and her album ain’t sh*t. Pop the hood to watch Keri personally say it…

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March 26th 9:20am

Ri Ri’s Got a Gun

Posted by Bossip Staff It really doesn’t look like Rihanna has changed much since her world renowned beat down. She’s still getting tats, hanging out at bars, taking random photos, and keeping up her goth steez. Resiliency is a fantastic quality to possess. Pop it to see her out last night at NOBU and more…

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March 26th 9:08am

Make A Decision Ray J!

Posted by Bossip Staff Certified cougar lover, Ray J, has a hard decision to make. Is he going to spend the rest of his days pulling turds out of Whitney’s @ss, or journal Lil Kim’s metamorphosis into a teeny weeny Asian rap star?

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March 26th 9:05am

It’s the Dress, Not Beyonce’s Jelly

Posted by Bossip Staff Beyonce and her camp are dispelling rumors saying her ass is spreading like the plague, per the gown above: After an outfit when terribly bad and rumors began circulating that she has gained weight, Beyonce’s rep is firing back at critics. Beyonce, 27, was recently photographed in NYC (Mar 8.) for…

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March 26th 9:00am

Mariah Carey and Nick Looking Forward to Baby Girl in Late 09

Posted by Bossip Staff Mariah and Nick have been rumored to talking about planning a baby for a while now, well it has gone from talk to action:

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March 26th 8:51am

Michael Jackson is Wanted by PETA

Posted by Bossip Staff Michael Jackson is joining Michael Vick PETA’s Most Wanted list:

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March 26th 8:50am

The Bryants Speak Their Piece

Posted by Bossip Staff Kobe and Vanessa Bryant are appalled at the vicious allegations their ex-housekeeper has made about their treatment of her, and they had a little something to say, via their legal counsel, about it: Kobe and Vanessa Bryant are striking back at the maid who accused Vanessa of various abuse on the…

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March 26th 8:45am

In White Folks One-Time News: Shawn Johnson Barely Misses Stalker With Loaded 45

Posted by Bossip Staff This lil white fire plug, Shawn Johnson, is a U.S. National Team gymnast…and seventeen. A thirty four year old man said they needed to be together forever. The man was armed with a shotgun and pistol when the police stopped him. He was on his way to get her:

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March 26th 8:30am

“Life After” Starring Al Reynolds and Bel Biv Devoe

Posted by Bossip Staff It hurts to say, but it looks like some has-beens and a never was in the form of Bel Biv Devoe and Al Reynolds, respectively, are getting together for a reality show: R&B trio Bell Biv Devoe and Star Jones’ ex-husband Al Reynolds are confirmed to appear in the forthcoming TV…

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March 26th 8:20am

J-Hud and Punk Set a Date

Posted by Bossip Staff Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga have set a date on their marriage:

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March 26th 8:10am

Akon: What Beef With Suge?

Posted by Bossip Staff Akon is saying he doesn’t understand why the beef with Suge Knight is turning out this way:

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March 26th 8:10am

A More Intimate Affair

Posted by Bossip Staff Sure, LeToya had a big bash with friends not too long ago to celebrate her birthday, but this little gathering at Soul Kitchen was much more up close and personal, and we can all dig that.  Happy birthday, girl (…again). More pics of a pretty thang on the flippy.

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March 26th 7:45am

High Fashion

Posted by Bossip Staff Ladies, if trend-setting fashion is what you crave, you need not look any further than Serena Williams‘ Signature Statement Exclusive Fashion and Accessories Collection via HSN. That’s right, she revealed it for your viewing pleasure and purchasing consideration. Anyone sold?? More pics of Serena looking like a cutie in her gear…

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March 26th 7:40am

Jim Jones Dry Snitching?

Posted by Bossip Staff Jimmy Jones told on himself yesterday in a childish attempt to be cool and portray the thug personality:

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