June 9th 8:23am

Mike Tyson Upgrades Baby Moms to Wifey After Daughter’s Death

Mike decided to marry his baby moms. We assume its because she’s helping him grieve the loss of his daughter or maybe she’s the only person who will deal with his drama

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June 9th 8:19am

Barry Bond’s Wife Hits a Multi-Million Dollar Homerun

Barry’s soon to be ex-wife, Liz Watson, just filed for divorce: The second wife of disgraced baseball player Barry Bonds has filed for a separation. According to nydailynews.com, Liz Watson who has been married to Bonds since 1998, has filed for the separation in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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June 9th 8:18am

What Were You Thinking: Patient Dies Because Ambulance Driver Changes Shifts While In Route to Hospital

An EMT driver decided to change shifts while he was supposed to be rushing a passenger to the hospital… the passenger died:

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June 9th 8:15am

What is Wrong With Taraji P. Henson?

Taraji P. was spotted coming out of a medical building in Beverly Hills yesterday. We hope Taraji just has the sniffles or a cold of some sort. Oh yeah, what do you think about those purple Pocahontas boots, ladies? Pop it to see the notorious Hollyweird clucker “The queen of the scene” rush her. How…

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June 9th 8:05am

John Forte Swirling It Up, Already???

Jamie Foxx and John Forte attended the DJ Sky Nellor Birthday Party last night. It looks like John is blending back into society well, might need some gear, but is blending in well, nevertheless. Pop it to see more love in the air…

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June 9th 7:56am

Schizophrenic Man Gets Sanity Whooped Into Him By One-Time!

A schizophrenic man was walking around with his shirt off when one-time hopped out the cruiser and got in his rectum with a baton. The video clearly shows the pig was releasing way too much anger and is as dangerous as a Tijuana firecracker. Click Here to Watch!!

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June 9th 7:54am

Soulja Boy Doesn’t Vibe with Hov

Soulja Boy says he used to be too ignorant to understand Hov’s lyrics:

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June 9th 7:45am

In White Folks News: Leonardo DiCaprio Calls It Quits With Bar Rafaeli

Leonardo does not like settling down with his model chicks. He dumped Giselle and she got married to Tom Brady. Wonder who Bar will end up with next? Tony Romo?:

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June 9th 7:43am

Random Ridiculousness: Top 60 Black Women Names!!!

Check out this video of a couple Hispanic kids clowning the boots off of ghetto names. LMAO Gets kind of racial at the end, huh? Click Here to Watch!!!

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June 9th 7:43am

Black Hollyweird Hits Up Harlem

Black Hollyweird was out in full effect last night at the 75th Anniversary Gala Concert and Awards Ceremony at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY. Mariah Carey was sucking in the gut while Jamie Foxx was workin’ his head tattoo and shades. Pop the hood for more red carpet arrivals

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June 9th 7:43am

John Voight: “Obama Really Thinks He Is Julius Caesar…He Is A False Prophet!”

No wonder Angelina Jolie doesn’t talk to her dad, John Voight. He talked real crazy about President Obama at a Republican congressional fundraiser dinner at the Washington Convention Center last night:

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June 8th 3:32pm

Kelly Rowland: “Bye Bye Matty, I’s Got Me a New Manager, Na!”

Bossip caught wind that Kelly Rowland recently acquired a new manager. We reached out to her management to get the final confirmation:

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June 8th 8:40am

Rihanna Hits LA for Lakers Game and Andrew Bynum

Rihanna was seen courtside at the Lakers game last night with her girls, laughing, drinking, and watching her “friend” Andrew Bynum. Ole girl has been going through it with the @ss kicking and nekkid pics. At least RiRi is just living her life now. Diddy, Snoop and Shante, Fishburne and more when you pop the…

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June 8th 8:35am

Breezy Leaves RiRi Behind in the MIA

Your boy Breezy, Omarion, Bow Wow, Richgirl and Mario were at the Pleasure P album release party acting like big dawgs. Breezy’s trying to bring back his superstar steeze rollin’ in expensive cars, poppin’ bottles and actin’ a fool. On a side note, Khloe Kardashian was there with…Terrance J? New Swirl couple on the horizon?…

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June 8th 8:32am

Mama’s Boys: Will They Ever Detach from the Teat?

There’s nothing wrong with a man lovin’ his Mama but when he has to refer to her for every move he makes, decision he decides and choice he considers, that’s when it goes too far. Can a Mama’s Boy actually grow a pair and become a man? Or is he a lost cause? Pop the…

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