March 3rd 11:00am

Black Men Jump Ship Because A Black Woman Doesn’t Know How To Be Submissive!!!

We have accepted that this topic is not going away. One thing we always hear is a woman’s perspective, this time we have a man who speaks his mind on “WHY BLACK MEN JUMP SHIP ON BLACK WOMEN!!!” Flip the Lid for his Thoughts

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March 3rd 10:36am

Quote Of The Day: Paula Patton Is Offended By The Term “Biracial”

We posted a quote from Paula Patton’s interview with Women’s Health magazine last month about her husband Robin Thicke being super duper proud of his super duper sperm. And here’s another gem from that article where the knocked up banger reveals she’s offended by the term biracial.

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March 3rd 10:36am

SMH: Principal Arrested For Having Sex With Students On School Grounds

North Carolina police arrested an assistant high school principal after they say he had sexual relations with two of his students, often on school grounds. Continue…

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March 3rd 10:13am

Bey Bey Beyonce Looks a Little Slizzed…

Beyonce hit up the 40/40 club last night after her hubby’s concert at Madison Square Garden.  From the pictures she looks like she had one too many glasses of bubbly.  Good to see her out…next time she should leave Julius and his big pink lips at home though. Pop the top to see who else…

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March 3rd 10:01am

Elderly Babysitter Takes A Bite Out Of Crime!!! Stops Molester By Chomping On His Arm!

If you normally call on a local teenager to do your babysitting, this story about a 74-year-old caregiver (who is not Madea) might make you consider hiring someone a little more mature… An elderly babysitter is being praised after she fought off an intruder who allegedly sexually assaulted a young girl as she slept in…

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March 3rd 9:47am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Leona Lewis was photographed for Grazia magazine. Something is a bit off, but we can’t put our finger on it. Perhaps you guys can help us out… What Is Wrong With This Picture???

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March 3rd 9:42am

Cry Me A River: T-Pain Tells Wendy Williams That He And Jay-Z Kissed, Hugged And Made-Up At The Grammys

T-Pain hit up The Wendy Williams Show promoting his new cartoon that with be on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim March 7th. Wendy asked him about the D.O.A. beef that he had with Jay-Z… Pop the Top to Hear What Happened at the Grammys…

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March 3rd 9:27am

New Video: Estelle Is A “FREAK” With A Missy Elliott Swag

Estelle is back on the scene with a new video, “FREAK”, featuring Kardinal Offishall. It looks like someone took all of Missy Elliot’s videos and put them in this one. This jawn doesn’t really feel like an Estelle track but she is from overseas and they like to flip the script. Lets see if it…

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March 3rd 8:51am

Forever Fly: GQ Takes A Look At 20 Black Pioneers Of Style

Yeah Yeah, we realize Black History Month is over, but at BOSSIP we like to celebrate year round. GQ Magazine came out with a list of 20 black men with a history of serious style and we wanted to share it with you. Take a look at Sidney Poitier’s style then pop the hood for…

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March 3rd 8:39am

Usher’s Album Already Declared An EPIC FAIL… Because He Can’t Compete With Trey Songz Or Tameka Destroyed His Career???

Usher’s label is pushing his 6th album, Raymond vs. Raymond, back again and this time it may be indefinitely. Rumor has it that Trey Songz has taken over the R&B scene and has left no room for Usher to even come in and be successful. Another rumor blames Tameka Foster…

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March 2nd 10:47pm

Monica Confirms Keyshia Cole Is In Labor!!! Baby Boy To Bust Out Of That Gut Any Minute Now…

Monica has just confirmed that Keyshia Cole is FINALLY in labor delivering her first child! Continue…

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March 2nd 9:51pm

Supermodel Still Interrupted!!! Naomi Campbell Wanted For Questioning By NYPD After Decking Her Driver

Naomi Campbell is still in dire need of anger management – and we don’t mean the kind that involves Dr. Dre and Eminem! During a drive in New York earlier this afternoon, the model menace allegedly let her fists fly into the man behind the wheel and now the NYPD want to have a chat!…

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March 2nd 8:20pm

Michael Vick Is Back In Atlanta And Bobby V Looks More “SUSPECT” Than Ever!!!

Michael Vick is back to doing what he does best… MONEY, PARTIES minus the HOES!!! He had a welcome home party at the Velvet Room in Atlanta on Sunday night and from our understanding all the chickens came-a-cluckin’. The chickens were very disappointed since Vick brought wifey with him. Pop the Top for Bobby V…

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March 2nd 7:57pm

After The Show It’s The After Party: Young Jeezy, Plies, Trey Songz And Three Baby Mamas

Saturday night after the Jay-Z concert in Atlanta, Young Jeezy had an afterparty at the Compound. Plenty of people came through to show love. We already showed you Lauren London and Nivea kickin’ it with no drama and believe or not Tameka Foster was there not showing her _________.

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March 2nd 5:31pm

More Preciousness… Laila Ali’s Son Is A Serious Knockout!

We’ve seen some unfortunate looking celebrity kids in our line of work, but Laila Ali’s son, Curtis Muhammed Conway Jr. is definitely not one of them. How handsome is this kid? Laila and CJ were photographed in the airport recently and we think he’s absolutely adorable. Pop the hood to get a little more cuteness…

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