March 17th 7:56am

Work That Pole!

Posted by Bossip Staff Singer D-Woods wrapped them thick ole thighs around a skripper pole at the Pajama Party at Club Bed in Miami last night. Pop it for more Pajama Party goodness, including more chicks in lingerie and what not.

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March 17th 7:30am

Kim K & Reggie In GQ

Posted by Bossip Staff Kim K and her magically delicious boyfriend, Reggie, are featured in GQ this month. We can’t even lie on this one. These swirlies actually look pretty darn cute. The theme was “The Saint + The Sinner”. Spot on, GQ. Spot on. Pop the hood to check out the rest of the…

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March 17th 7:15am

Nick Responds to Allegations That He Is a Broke Ass

Posted by Bossip Staff Nick Carey mentioned Bossip on his blog yesterday concerning our allegations that he couldn’t even afford to pay for his wife’s ring, which was allegedly $500,000:

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March 17th 7:13am

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff Your Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Denise Milani F-Listed Lindsay Lohan is Still Free Celebslam Gisele’s New DIOR Ads Lossip Idaho Man Faces Third Conviction for HIV Transmission Livesteez Gwyneth Paltrow to Joaquin Phoenix: Go Live In the Projects Cele|Bitchy How Does Kanye Do It? The Blemish It’s Twin Boys for Jenna Jameson ICYDK…

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March 17th 7:10am

Amber Rose Allegedly Taking “Sisterly Love” To a Whole New Level

Posted by Bossip Staff Since Kanye sent Q-Ball home she has been flashing all the high priced items he bought her…with what some are speculating is her sister. Pop the hood for the questionable pics. This better not be her damn sister.

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March 17th 7:08am

Hmmm…Where’s Tameka???

Posted by Bossip Staff We assume Tameka must be back home recovering from her near death experience. Meanwhile Usher decided to party it up at the VIP Room in Paris last night. The very same joint where a pre-beatdown Chris Brown was spotted getting into a little bit of trouble about a month ago. Usher…

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March 17th 7:00am

Keyshia Coles’ Sister Neffe Pregnant Again and Frankie Acts Like Cluck Head

Posted by Bossip Staff Neffe is pregnant with her 5th child, and doesn’t seem to be too happy with her fiance’, soullow, for spreading his unwanted seed:

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March 17th 6:57am

Are You Feelin This Get Up?

Posted by Bossip Staff Keri Hilson was seen hopping on a plane to L.A. to go film her new video. We’re not necessarily feeling the wrestler shoes, but Keri’s body is on point. Are You Feelin This Get Up? Pop it to see more

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March 17th 6:56am

Eddy Curry In Court for Custody of Son That Survived Murders

Posted by Bossip Staff Eddie Curry is going back to court for custody of his son. The little boy witnessed the death of his mother and sister a few months back:

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March 17th 6:55am

TI Denies Reports That Breezy Got the “Film” Boot

Posted by Bossip Staff TI is denying reports the movie that him and Chris shot is in trouble because of the Beat Down of Rihanna:

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March 17th 6:54am

Amy Crackhouse At The Courthouse

Posted by Bossip Staff Amy Winehouse went to court yesterday, acting the bit…looking all cross-eyed and crazy. She plead not guilty to assault charges: Troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE has pleaded not guilty to a charge of common assault over claims she punched a fan. The Rehab hitmaker appeared at London’s City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court…

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March 17th 6:50am

The Gayest Video Ever: Keep It In The Closet

Posted by Bossip Staff Sorry, but at the 4:50 mark, your boy definitely comes OUT of the closet and the gorgeous Naomi is gone! She rubs him down, and he runs away… to the closet. Pop the hood and get a good laugh…

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March 17th 6:45am

Swirling Mack Cakes

Posted by Bossip Staff Dig Russell Simmons’ boo trying not to laugh (too hard) as he exposes his aging manhood to her while on the beach. Damn, we thought BDR had a little more pride – and meat in the posterior region – than that. SMH.

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March 17th 6:40am

Moving Forward…

Posted by Bossip Staff Life goes on for Chrihanna. Sources say Rihanna may even be ready to move on (without Breezy?):

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March 17th 6:35am

Ginuwine Denies Lisaraye Jump-Off Reports

Posted by Bossip Staff Ginuwine talks with Sister to Sister, and states “other people” set up this whole, infidelity thing, with Lisaraye as a publicity stunt. He also says, Sole’, did get mad as a rabid dog at him when she heard about the rumor. Pop it to watch the video…

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