December 3rd 11:42am

Certified Links

Jay-Z Worships Satan? (GO) Jim Jones Dropped From Sony???  Runs Back To Koch (GO) 50 Cent Plays Jay-Z’s Numbers Game (GO) Janet Jackson Arrives In London (GO) Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Thy La (GO)

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December 3rd 11:30am

Twitter Files: The Dream is Pissed Off at Being Left Off The Grammy List

The Dream is unhappy about not being nominated for a Grammy and called some folks out of their name over it. He said this is not a “Kanye Moment,” but it is. Pop the top and peep him b*tchin

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December 3rd 11:20am

Kimora and the Family Want to Wish you a Happy Holiday

Kimora, Djimon and the kids sat down for a holiday portrait.  Peep the happy family under the hood.

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December 3rd 10:34am

Is Chris Brown Hittin’ Another Bad Girl??

Natalie Nunn was the first piece that Chris Brown chopped down from the Bad Girls Club, but now Breezy is allegedly hitting a cute one… Pop the top and see for yourself

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December 3rd 10:07am

Crazy Convicted Rapist Pleads Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

Ain’t this about a b*tch: A registered sex offender accused of killing 11 women and leaving their remains in and around his Cleveland home has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to all charges.

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December 3rd 10:01am

Surprise-Surprise: Rocsi Is Letting ____ Beat That Thang Up Now…

Some rapper is smashing Rocsi’s used up cakes. Pop the top and peep who it is

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December 3rd 9:44am

Pure Comedy: Radio DJ Ed Lover Goes in on Tiger “You Would’ve Been Better Off Messing with Tahiry.”

Power 105.1 personality Ed Lover went off on Tiger Woods and Shaquille O’Neal in an internet clip that is pure comedy.  Pop the top to watch.

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December 3rd 8:40am

Rihanna Gets Caught at LAX Without a Bra On

 Rihanna was spotted at LAX airport with her “I just don’t give a fu*k” steez on, complete with hair pins and no bra.  Pop the top to see more flicks of Rih Rih on the airport scene. 

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December 3rd 8:32am

J Lo Tries to Redeem Herself and Performs Again After the Fall

Looks like J-Lo is ready to give performing another try after busting her a** at the AMA’s. Check under the hood to see if she got it right this time.

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December 3rd 8:30am

“Evil” Naomi Still Throwing it in the Uppity Wife’s Face…

Although Vlad’s wife believes Naomi is beneath them, apparently, he could give a rat’s booty because he is constantly spotted with her. These two liaison-pals were spotted in Miami, living it up, even though Naomi seems happier than ever in each and every pic, and we NEVER see that Vladislav Doronin character smiling. Pop the…

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December 3rd 7:06am

Some Snowflake Ball Swirl

Bryant Gumbel is one of those black men like Ahmad Rashad and OJ Simpson who left a beautiful black wife for a Becky. Here he is at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball in NYC with his wife of 7 years, Hilary Quinlan. “Snowflake Ball” how appropriate. Peep pics of the ‘two flakes’ Mariah and Nick…and Chrisette…

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December 3rd 6:05am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Marion Jones Wants To Play in The WNBA

Marion Jones must be hurting for a check badly because she said she is ready to play in the WNBA now:

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December 2nd 5:15pm

Certified Official: Keyshia is Rocking a Gut Full of Human

For all those non believers Keyshia Cole is definitely pregnant and due in March.  Pop the top to see video of her baby bump on full blast.

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December 2nd 4:45pm

Self-Proclaimed “Head Case” Ron Artest Speaks on Drinking Henny During his Games, Smoking the Kush, and Being Ghetto

NBA “Bad Boy” Ron Artest sure is one interesting character: Ron Artest—best known as the central figure in the infamous Malice at the Palace in 2004—bared all, including a startling admission that he drank alcohol during games

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December 2nd 4:20pm

Random Ridiculousness: $1500 Worth of Twinny Twin Twin was in a Goodwill Donation

An Ohio Goodwill took in a metal water jug as a donation and ended up finding a package of weed already labeled, sorted, bagged, weighed and ready for it’s debut on the street. The Goodwill glady turned it into the police station…

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