December 14th 11:21am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Teacher Cuts Off Student’s Braid For Punishment

An elementary school teacher in Milwaukee is being charged with disorderly conduct after cutting off one of her student’s braids in class. The student, 7-year-old Lamaya Cammon, says her teacher cut off one of her braids, which are adorned with beads, because she was playing with it. Read the rest of this entry

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December 14th 11:16am

Where is PETA When You Need Them???

Whitney Houston was spotted performing in Russia rockin this floor length fur coat. Nippy is dead wrong for wearing that ~ish on stage, she could have caught a damn heat stroke under all those lights with that on. More flicks under the hood.

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December 14th 11:07am

Mario and Kelly Rowland are Sexin’ It Up: Thinkin’ About You (REMIX)

Mario and Kelly Rowland are spicing it up in a new remix to his original song Thinkin’ About You. It’s nice to see she didn’t forget about _____________ completely. Check out this jawn with Kelly’s verse added.

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December 14th 10:40am

Dwight Howard Suing Baby Mama For $9.2 Million!

Dwight Howard isn’t playing with the mother of his 2 year-old son. He wants $500 for each time her “Dwight bashing” has been viewed online : Another Orlando sports superstar is trying to clear his name. Eyewitness News discovered Dwight Howard filed two lawsuits in Orange County court this week against the mother of his…

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December 14th 9:43am

Floyd Mayweather is a Diva

Floyd Mayweather Jr. pulled some diva antics at a recent photo shoot for Interview magazine. Flip the hood to read more on Floyd Money’s out of pocket a**.

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December 14th 9:40am

Catch Fade: Fan That Kid Cudi Hit Says “It Wasn’t Hard Enough To Press Charges”

Kid Cudi punched this dude at a show in Vancouver after a melee over a tossed wallet. The guy is saying that Cudi punches like a girl and he got the wrong guy anyway: Michael Sharpe says that someone behind him threw a wallet onto the stage.

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December 14th 9:33am

First Legal Male Brothel Coming to Nevada

Male prostitutes are coming soon: The owner of a brothel, located more than a two hour drive from Las Vegas, said she hopes to hire Nevada’s first legal male prostitutes within…

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December 14th 9:12am

President Obama Grades Himself a Solid B as a President

President Obama told Oprah Winfrey on Sunday night that he gives himself a good “solid B-plus” for his first 11 months in office. Pop the top to let us know how you rate him.

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December 14th 9:07am

Twitter Files: Chris Brown Goes On Spiel About Being Blackballed

Breezy is pissed at Wal-mart for blackballing his CD. Pop the top and peep him cussing on twitter and to hear an interview that went completely wrong when the DJs started asking about Rihanna.

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December 14th 7:00am

Tiger Gets Dropped by Consulting Firm, $15M Per Year Deal

Yet another endorser has given your boy Tiger the young boot. The major consulting firm, Accenture, announced Sunday that they would be ending Tiger Woods’ sponsorship. Here is what they had to say: “Given the circumstances of the last two weeks … the company has determined that he is no longer the right representative for…

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December 14th 6:54am

You Must Be Kidding: Colt 45 Shoes???

Our jaws dropped open when we saw this. This is random ridiculousness at its finest. Pop it for the close-ups

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December 14th 6:26am

Disney’s First Black Princess Takes Over the Number One Spot in the Box Office

Disney’s first black princess rocked the theaters this weekend bringing in a nice $25 milli: “The Princess and the Frog” earned a big wet kiss from family audiences as the animated musical leaped to No. 1 with $25 million in its first weekend of nationwide release, according to studio estimates Sunday.

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December 14th 6:20am

Kelly Rowland Always Looks Happier in the UK

Every time we see Kelly Rowland across the pond, she is having the time of her life. Here she is seen eating it up at some posh spot in London and is all smiles as usual. Perhaps it’s because that’s the only place where poppa Mathew Knowles allowed her to have a fanbase. SMH. Pop…

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December 13th 10:40am

Poor Thang

The Blast From the Past R&B concert went down in ATL this weekend, and your boy K-Ci was doing all of his typical freaky tongue-licking basehead gyrations… Man, this poor guy needs to just throw in the towel and get some help. SMH. Pop it for the video

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December 13th 10:15am

Elin is in Talks With Divorce Lawyers; Gillette Limits Tiger’s Role

Tiger’s “bottom Becky” is reportedly dumping him after Christmas: Shattered Swedish model Elin Nordegren is in talks with divorce lawyers but keeping up a show of normal family life for the sake of their two children.

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