December 21st 11:16am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: No Tour for Homo Thug

Posted by Bossip Staff It looks like Remy is stuck in the US to battle the lesbo rumors. A Manhattan judge denied her from going to Europe for a five country tour: Justice Rena Uviller shot down the request even after the rapper’s lawyer claimed she desperately needed the money the tour would bring in.…

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December 21st 11:15am

A Z-List Christmas

Posted by Bossip Staff Nick Cannon held a “Young Hollywood” Christmas Party and Toy Drive the other night in LA. No comment on Nick’s underarms or the “Young Hollywood” theme, but it’s nice to see them collecting toys for those less fortunate. Even More Z-Listers right about now…

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December 21st 10:57am

Halle Berry’s Magic Game

Posted by Bossip Staff Some doctors are shady K-Fraud doesn’t take too much money when they break-up.

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December 21st 10:56am

Bill Cosby and Beanie Sigel March in Philly

Posted by Bossip Staff Bill Cosby is promoting his

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December 21st 10:47am

Where Did Those Come From?

Posted by Bossip Staff Jurnee Smollett is featured in the January 2008 issue of Vanity Fair as a 50′s Pin-Up Girl. By the size of those boobies someone has their Photoshop game on smash. She was a walking wall just a few days ago at “The Great Debaters” premiere. Here’s the “real” Jurnee:

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December 21st 10:32am

Jesus Take The Wheel, Part 2 of DMX Edition

Posted by Bossip Staff The

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December 21st 10:30am

Picture Me Rollin’

Posted by Bossip Staff For those who always wanted to live out the “Thug Life”, get your checkbook ready. Tupac’s 1996 Hummer is up for bids on ebay. The starting price is $200,000 with a BUY IT NOW tag for half a million dollars! This isn’t Gary Coleman’s Saturn so broke wannabes thugs with past…

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December 21st 9:32am

No Justice for B.I.G.

Posted by Bossip Staff Poor Ms. Wallace. An LA judge dismissed the wrongful death lawsuit of the Notorious B.I.G. and postponed the trial indefinitely: District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper ruled that the family had not filed a claim within the required timeframe. She then granted a request made by the city and imprisoned former cop Rafael…

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December 21st 9:11am

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff Mary J. Blige on these little girls in the industry acting a damn fool: “In a business like the music business, too much success too soon for a young person can drive them crazy. If there’s no parental guidance to say, ‘You know, your environment isn’t right. Change it up,’ or…

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December 21st 9:10am

Pinky and the Brain’s Top Bangers

Posted by Bossip Staff Irv Gotti is hilarious. Here is a video of him and Ja Rule discussing the hottest female bodies in the industry right now. They didn’t give Janet Jackson any love. SMH. Via SOHH

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December 21st 9:09am

Blast From The Past

Posted by Bossip Staff Ananda Lewis attended a holiday party in Hollyweird recently. One thing is for sure, she took a tip from someone regarding her fashion choices. She’s looking pretty good. We wonder if she’s still celibate, if so she might want to do something about that. At 34 years old, that biological clock…

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December 20th 1:21pm

Random Ridiculousness: The Joke Is On Smiley

Posted by Bossip Staff Comedian Rickey Smiley was ordered to pay $233,000 in a child support settlement for the daughter of a former friend. Smiley and Rebecca Nalls, a friend, arranged an agreement in 1998 to give her daughter his last name for legal benefits. Nalls, who formerly worked for an attorney, presented legal papers…

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December 20th 10:57am

Who Looked More Bangin?

Posted by Bossip Staff Look who’s all grown up. Jurnee Smollett was at the NYC premiere for “The Great Debaters” and Raven Symone hit up Criss Angel’s birthday party in LA. We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin? More images from the premiere: Click here to read how Denzel donated $1 million a college debate…

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December 20th 10:34am

D-List Love: Kenya Moore Puts It Down!

Posted by Bossip Staff The beautiful Kenya Moore tied the knot with her beau this weekend in the Caribbean. Sources tell us that things got a little hectic when her ex, an NFL player, showed up at the wedding and caused a scene. Wedding crashers? Kenya must have that good stuff! Update: Sources confirm that…

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December 20th 10:07am

Which One Would You Hit?? Ridiculous Chain Edition

Posted by Bossip Staff Rick Ross and Sean Kingston show off their interesting chains… If you HAD to hit one of these master tubby bears, Which One?

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