June 6th 9:05am

The First Family Does France

Yup, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, was in Paris yesterday taking a tour of the Eiffel Tower with daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7. The look on their faces says it was a good time had by all. We also have a gang of photos from the President and his wife attending the 65th D-Day…

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June 6th 9:00am

Lebron to Cavs: Kiss My @ss Goodbye In 2010!

After the epic fail that sent the Cavs crying home to their mamas last week, some speculate as to whether this might be the last straw for Lebron: Over the past few seasons, the New York Knicks have apparently been dumping players to make salary cap space for the King himself, whose contract is up…

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June 6th 8:55am

Is Webster Getting It In???

Emmanuel Lewis was spotted a club doing the damn thang’. We don’t know the name of the chick, but forget that, Webster looks like he struck gold!

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June 6th 8:50am

Question of the Day: Are We Being Too Critical of President Obama?

We all got exactly what we wanted – A Black president. The critics have bashed President Obama since he decided to run. Conservatives fear that his liberal views will ultimately destroy the nation and some in the African-American community

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June 5th 8:40am

Kelis Gets Her Tweet On: “Coward Husbands and Less Than Impressive Sluts Unite”

Kelis is lettin’ all of her Twitter followers know that she has no patience for cheaters, male or female. Sounds like she has some first hand experience with the subject matter. Pop the hood for Kelis’ tweets

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June 5th 8:35am

Lil Weezy Puts Kobe On with New Jawn

Kobe already thinks this NBA Finals between the Lakers and the Magic is all about him but now that Lil’ Wayne’s dropped a Kobe song, his head can only be inflating by the second. Pop the top to peep the new joint

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June 5th 8:25am

First Black Playmate of the Year Steals from Children

Why does it always have to be drama when it comes to our people? The first Black Playboy Playmate of the Year Ida Ljungqvist can add homewrecking, sloppy slut to her resume now.

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June 5th 8:23am

White Boys Get Off for Committing Crime Against Black Man

Can you believe that the charges were dropped against these two PWT losers? They were drinking and driving and murdered a black man and nothing happened to them? We could be crossing the street, minding our business and get ticketed for looking suspicious. Pop the hood for more

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June 5th 8:17am

Lakers Game: Lil Cube

Ice Cube and his family are regulars at the Lakers game. Notice his son channelling that old Cube with that afro? Pop the top to see a gang of stars that made it out last night, Tyrese, Denzel, Kanye West, Weezy, and… Randy Jackson

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June 5th 8:15am

Bossip Certified Links

New Jersey Set to Legalize Mary Jane LiveSteez Jessica Simpson Bought Tony Romo a Boat Celebslam Rosario the Merciful Lossip Early Morning Mistress: Sheryl K F-Listed Halle Berry’s Hottest Pics Complex Jennifer Lopez Worried that She Might Have Forgotten How to Act Cele|Bitchy Kristin Cavallari Gets $63,000 an Episode for ‘The Hills’ I’m Not Obsessed…

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June 5th 8:10am

Keri Hilson Exposes Herself in 944

Keri Hilson is in the new issue of 944 Magazine, wearing an itty bitty Grey Ant denim t*tty sling.

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June 5th 8:05am

Em Gets Gaffled for His Family Jewels

Em needs to go back into hiding for a while. Seems like ever since he dropped his new album, all kinda crazy ish has been happening to him.

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June 5th 8:04am

What is Going On in This Forum?

Want to get into some real discussions that go beyond the comments on Bossip? Head to the Bossip Forums for your chance to get real and let your voice be heard. Check out the latest going on in Bossip Forums. Social Networking Sites: Are You Addicted? Video Vixens Dealing with the Ex of a Friend?…

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June 5th 7:54am

The Legendary Rocks His Model Chick’s Sweater

The Legendary is usually on point fashion wise but this smedium cardigan is fittin’ a bit too snug for our taste. Come on John, stop borrowing your model chick’s clothes. Pop the hood for more

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June 5th 7:53am

EMT Posted Photo of Murder Victim Corpse on Facebook…Fired for Ghoulish Behavior!

Earlier in the week an ex-con killed Caroline Wimmer for her Myspace rumors about him. After she was killed, an EMT posted pictures of her dead body on his Facebook for the world to see:

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