December 11th 12:42pm

Five U.S. Men Try to Join the Jihad

The plans of five men from Alexandria,Virginia have been foiled by the authorities. The men were arrested in Pakistan on Tuesday for allegedly trying to join an extremist Jihad organization.  The men were hopeful that they would be selected by the Jihad  so that they could fight the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

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December 11th 12:28pm

Would You Hit This???

Cher’s “son” and “former daughter” Chaz Bono was seen trying to get his exercise on in Cali yesterday. We know somebody would let him smash with the lights off… More pics on the flippy…

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December 11th 12:04pm

The Bald Headed Beast Spotted Shopping Without Kanye

Amber Rose was spotted toting some hefty bags from the Timberland Store in Soho.  Since Kanye isn’t around, we can only speculate that maybe she was doing some holiday shopping for him. More flicks under the hood.

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December 11th 12:00pm

Danger Flew Over The Coo-Coo’s Nest And Shaves Off Her Crop Saying She Doesn’t Take Her Lithium (Video)

Yesterday, we told you that Danger was committed mentally because of her “interrupted” and disturbing behavior. Well, she has not been taking her medication and according to what she believes, she doesn’t think she needs to take the Lithium, which is for Skitzo’s: The “For the Love of Ray J” star claims she buzzed her…

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December 11th 11:41am

Jersey Shore Looks Like A Good Train Wreck To Witness

Jersey Shore is a new show on MTV where they place young Italians in a house and wait for them to rip each other’s heads off. The best part about the show is the guys’ ignorance and the different colored fake tans. Snooki, one of the cast members, was socked in the face when she…

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December 11th 11:23am

True or False: Casual Sex is NOT Emotionally Harmful

It has always been said that casual sex is considered to cause emotional stress, especially among women. Well, now there is a study that discredits that theory. The University of Minnesota did a case study on young adults from the ages of 18 to 24 and found that casual sex has no emotional harm at…

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December 11th 11:12am

This Just In: Cops Invade Nelly’s Mansion

Cops rushed to Nelly’s St. Louis Mansion after receiving a call about a break in.  Get the details under the hood.

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December 11th 11:04am

Erykah Badu Hits the Scene

Erykah Badu and her baby’s father Jay Electronica were on the party scene for Erykah Badu’s listening session for her upcoming album New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh.’ Damon Dash and Corrine Bailey Rae were also on deck. Another pic on the flipside.

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December 11th 10:40am

F*ck A Thug: 14-Year-Old Shot And Killed While Walking With Mother

A boy was shot in the head and killed while walking down the street with his mom. The killing looks to be gang related: A 14-year-old boy was shot in the head while walking with his mother in the Northwest Side Logan Square neighborhood Tuesday morning. Police say the shooting may be gang-related.

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December 11th 10:38am

Sherri Shepherd was Broke as Hell Even While Hosting The View

In a recent interview, Sherri Shepherd reveals that even though she’s a co-host on The View, she had nothing to show for it in her bank account at one time.  Flip the hood for the details.

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December 11th 10:01am

T-Pain’s Ex-Group Members Mad and Putting Him on Front Street in New Book

‘T-Pickaninny’s‘ old group, Nappy Headz, were left behind by T-Pain when he blew up. The group has a new book coming out saying that they will “expose” T-Pain: This is a feature length documentary chronicling the history of a rap group in which hip-hop and R&B sensation T-Pain was a member of the Nappy Headz.…

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December 11th 9:19am

Bolitics: Angelina Jolie Gets Hammered With Muhammad Ali And Talks Darfur

Brangelina is seen here with Muhammad Ali, attending the UNICEF ball last night in Hollyweird. Angelina was wasted and hanging all over Muhammad. (SMH) Anyway, she also said some interesting things about Darfur, Sudan and the Obama administration: Angelina’s speech: “Today we observe Human Rights Day, founded more than half a century ago when the…

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December 11th 9:16am

When the Checks Stop Coming In: RHOA NeNe and Kim May get the Boot

The third season of the Atlanta Housewives could reveal some major shifts in the new season, including new cast members.  Pop the top for the details.

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December 11th 9:09am

Guess Who is Coupled Up in Paris???

Someone is finally showing a little affection by being seen publicly together in Paris. The chick is looking a lot better than she was yesterday. Pop the top to see who is putting it on front street

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December 11th 9:00am

Ho Sit Down: Rachel Uchitel Says She “IS NOT A HO” (Video Included)

We don’t know how Tiger didn’t see this cheap trick coming. Just look at her… she oozes whoredom. Anyway, Rachel and her attorney are pissed off that one of the women from The View called her what she is: Rachel Uchitel is threatening to sue the ladies at “The View”

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