March 1st 11:17am

Trey Songz Tries To Prove He’s A Heterosexual in New Video “Neighbors Know My Name”

With all the talk a few weeks ago about Trey Songz being gay, he hasn’t verbally spoken on the situation but he does continue to address it indirectly in his videos. Check out his latest video “Neighbors Know My Name” and see if you’re convinced.

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March 1st 10:52am

Mother Of Slain Five-Year-Old, Shaniya Davis, Released On $51,000 Bond

This is a damn shame. Antointette Davis, the mother of slain five-year-old Shaniya Davis, is free on bond while she awaits trial for charges that include filing a false police report, child trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution.

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March 1st 10:20am

Amerie Is Finally Off The Market…Gets Engaged To Her Manager

Amerie and her longtime boyfriend and manager Lenny Nicholson have decided to jump the broom. Check the details on the flippy and a pic of Amerie’s ring.

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March 1st 10:01am

Gangstarr Rapper Guru In A Coma Following Cardiac Arrest

Sad news for hip-hop fans! Rapper Keith “Guru” Elam is currently in a coma after suffering cardiac arrest.

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March 1st 9:44am

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Lady GaGa was spotted leaving her London hotel wearing this pointy-shouldered see-thru lace unitard with a ginormous big black hat contraption on the top of her head.  Compared to her latest get ups this one isn’t that bad. More pics under the hood.

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March 1st 9:24am

Poor Thang

Whitney Houston was seen at the Sydney airport gearing up for departure after her awful performances down under. We are really hoping that someone steps in and helps good ole Nippy because she ain’t looking too hot. Perhaps she needs to rethink things and get some rest before trying to make this great comeback…

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March 1st 9:04am

New Music: Diddy Sounds Like a Cat Dying Of Strangulation In “They Don’t Love Me”

Diddy had to be ALL THE WAY TURNED UP on the Ciroc when he was in the studio creating this new jawn, “They Don’t Love Me”. It’s the usual ‘I’M SO FULL OF MYSELF’ lyrics but he sounds “WORSE” than Rihanna in ‘Run This Town’. Hate It or Love It?!?!

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March 1st 8:48am

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Actor Leopoldo Mastelloni was spotted at the 5th Annual Los Angeles Italia Film and fashion event in LA yesterday looking like this. All we want to know is… Are You Feelin This Get Up??? Pop the top let us know your comments and find out who this guy is.

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March 1st 8:45am

Somebody Get Old Cranky Cosby A Pudding Pop, Bill Wilds Out On Publicist!

It’s no secret that Bill Cosby has pretty much lost his sense of humor in his old age but now we’re wondering if the crotchety comic is losing his marbles too. The Cos spazzed out last week after he started to answer a question and was interrupted. Continue

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March 1st 8:40am

Pure Comedy Or Out of Pocket???: Saturday Night Live Makes Fun Of The “We Are The World” Remake

Recently dropped on her a$$ by her label, Jennifer Lopez hosted SNL over the weekend. Apparently, Saturday Night Live thought it would be funny to spoof the newest version of “We Are The World” and have J-Lo imitate Rihanna. Some people didn’t find this to be funny… Pop the Top and Tell Us What You…

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March 1st 8:40am

While Kelis Is Hitting Up Stages And Taking Back Beers… Nas Is Tryna Get In Where He Fit In

Kelis has been out trying to make some money since Nas is having issues supporting their son Knight.  She’s been spotted everywhere performing her new single and partying it up. Pop the top for details on her and Nas reconciling and her thoughts on the whole single parenting drama.

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March 1st 7:55am

Amazing Amie Tells Bossip To Chill, She Loves CoCo

Amazing Amie decided to write BOSSIP a personal letter to tell us that the beef between her and CoCo is never going to happen. Pop the top to check out the details.

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February 28th 12:51pm

Twitter Files: Joe Budden Putting People On Blast Via Twitter

Joe Budden tweeted some information about everyone’s favorite broad, then quickly deleted the tweet. One of our loyal BOSSIP readers was able to catch a screen shot. Pop the hatch to see who this guy tried to throw under the bus…

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February 28th 12:24pm

For Discussion: Pro-Choice Vs. Pro-Life In The Black Community

Black women account for 40 percent of the abortions in America while only being 13 percent of the population: For years the largely white staff of Georgia Right to Life, the state’s largest anti-abortion group, tried to tackle the disproportionately high number of black women who undergo abortions.

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February 28th 11:49am

Live And Direct: Camel Stan Gets On Stage And Comes For Bey Bey

Jay-Z decided to bring a fan on-stage to help him perform “Song Cry”.  Everything was fun and cute until ole girl came for Beyonce when she freestyled and added some lyrics of her own. Check the video under the hood.

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