February 27th 1:45pm


Posted by Bossip Staff Oh, sh*t; it’s Beyonce, and she’s on the cover of Ebony in one of her most intimidating Sasha Fierce stances ever.  Grrrr… Pop the hood to get an early snippet of the Ebony interview, more pics, and other stan-related info.

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February 27th 1:30pm

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff Your Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Saffi Karina F-Listed Jessica Simpson Hires Diet Coach Celebslam Rosario Dawson is Bizarre and Fabulous Lossip Miami Piano Teacher Kills Kids, Wife, and Self Livesteez K-Fed is a Kid’s Clothing Designer The Blemish Bow Wow Defends Chris Brown Hollyscoop Octo Grandmother “Opts” for Adoption if Daughter Can’t Afford…

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February 27th 1:25pm

“Sugar” Shane Mosley’s Wife Throwing in the Towel

Posted by Bossip Staff “Sugar” Shane’s Chi-Pooh is calling it quits on a marriage and business relationship of over six years:

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February 27th 1:20pm

*HHW Preview* Lil’ Mama: Hip-Hop’s Newest Black Pearl

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s another preview of MMG’s newly launcing hip hop web portal, Hip-Hop Wired: Lil” Mama seems poised to fill the vacant slot as the “Queen of Hip-Hop.” Blessing us with her infectious debut VYP: Voice Of The Young People last year and easing her way into America’s hearts as a judge…

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February 27th 11:45am

Kanye on Chrihanna Saga: “He Made a Mistake, Give Him a Break”

Posted by Bossip Staff Every gossip lover’s dream come true, Kanye West, is sure to mix things up a bit (for some people) with his recent comment concerning the Chris Brown and Rihanna fiasco: Kanye West has made his reputation as a controversial quote machine, and his new comments defending Chris Brown over his alleged…

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February 27th 11:30am

Chicago Man Sends Obama Camp Envelopes Filled with HIV Infected Blood

Posted by Bossip Staff Some nut job sent the Obama Staff some envelopes drenched in HIV blood:

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February 27th 11:15am

Slum Dog Kid Gets Dog Sh*t Slapped Out of Him

Posted by Bossip Staff The Slumdog Millionaire kid has it rough at home. When the kid finally expressed his dislike for dealing with reporters… his dad slapped the dog mess out of him: One onlooker said: “It was like a scene out of Slumdog Millionaire.” The lad’s dad has since apologised for striking his son.…

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February 27th 8:42am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Woman Wins Herpe Suit for 7 Milli

Posted by Bossip Staff A woman sued a 77 yr old man for giving her the herp. Well, she won the suit and received  7 milli for the blisters:

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February 27th 8:41am

Name That Ho

Posted by Bossip Staff Aubrey O’Day was seen at the Harrah’s Hotel doing her thing, which is nothing. Her Black Halo dress was “aight”, although her skankiness shined through. Look below to see more of the ho…

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February 27th 8:40am

DMX: “The Pigs Are Trying to Destroy My Credibility!”

Posted by Bossip Staff Earl is still fighting them demons y’all. He is saying that his “celebrity” is the reason they are picking on him and making false accusations:

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February 27th 8:26am

Out of the Doghouse (Kinda)

Posted by Bossip Staff Start dusting off your number 7 jerseys, y’all, Michael Vick will be exiting the big house and heading to his own crib very shortly: Michael Vick has been approved for release to home confinement, possibly in May, a government official told the Associated Press.

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February 27th 8:26am

One Slick Cat

Posted by Bossip Staff The pimp of all things petroleum, Jermaine Jackson, is looking to get sole custody of his 2 sons behind some questionable abuse allegations: JERMAINE JACKSON is seeking sole custody of his two children with ex-wife ALEJANDRA amid allegations of abuse. The former Jackson 5 star received a call from the Los…

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February 27th 8:15am

J-Hud to Sing on the Oprah Show Today

Posted by Bossip Staff As if J-Hud needed any more validation for star status, she’s going to grace the Oprah show with her beautiful voice today: Jennifer Hudson will return to her hometown of Chicago to sing on The Oprah Winfrey show Friday.

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February 27th 8:00am

The Start of Something Good

Posted by Bossip Staff E-V-E was seen in the mean streets of Beverly Hills along with a chocolate fellow.  Could this be the start of an emotionally and physically rewarding relationship, or is this just some dude trying to holla?? More pics of Eve looking cute and the gentleman when you…

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February 27th 7:44am

20 Years of “Doing the Right Thing”

Posted by Bossip Staff If you question whether it’s actually been 20 years since “Do the Right Thing” came out, a quick glance at Spike’s beard that has been relentlessly overrun with wild grey hair should put all doubt to rest.  And Rosie, well, she could still get it. Pics of Malinda Williams, Spike, and…

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