January 26th 7:18pm

S.C. Stand Up!!!

Posted by Bossip Staff Update: Obama made NY Times: I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired them. But for the first time, I believe I have found the man who could be that president — not just for me, but for a new generation…

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January 26th 6:48pm

What a Banger Looks Like

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is Rihanna at the NRJ Music Awards tonight at the NRJ Music Awards. Are you feelin’ her new swag? It’s refreshing to not see a lacefront wig every now and then.

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January 26th 5:15am

Jesus Take The Wheel

Posted by Bossip Staff We don’t know if the King of R&B was sleepy or came off a high while bailing through LAX recently. It looks like he is still with his manager girlfriend. Is the King of R&B trying to pull off some

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January 25th 11:34am


Posted by Bossip Staff Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian discuss their relationship in Sports Illustrated: Reggie on being in a happy relationship with Kim: “We have a great relationship. We’re both in the limelight so it’s actually good for me and her. We both understand what goes with that and it’s going to make us…

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January 25th 9:30am

Are You Feelin This Get-Up???

Posted by Bossip Staff Cassie, whose body is the exact opposite of Angel Lola Luv, showed up to the Pepsi Stuff event in some killer Pretty Woman thigh high boots. There are few women who can get away with wearing these boots without looking like they’re out selling the poo for a living. Cassie manages…

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January 25th 9:27am

Henny and Rocks Are Not a Good Mix

Posted by Bossip Staff Here are some pics from the Bizzy Bone ft. DMX video shoot for the track “A Song For You”. Hopefully DMX laid off the rocks for this one. View more images under the hood…

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January 25th 9:26am

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff Somebody Throw this B*tch a Pork Chop Lossip Jamie Lynn Spears is Giving Up Her Baby Celebslam A Little Trip Down Memory Lane with Eddie Murphy’s Best Man Livesteez More pics of Kim Kardashian in a Bikini F-Listed Angelina Jolie Pregnant with Twins? Hollyscoop Heath Ledger Overmedicated? Evil Beet Are You…

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January 25th 9:25am

Are Her Backs Suspect? Part 2

Posted by Bossip Staff See why more and more people think video ho Angel Lola Luv’s backs are suspect, under the hood

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January 25th 9:25am

Flavor of Love is Back

Posted by Bossip Staff So once again it starts, the alleged final season of Flavor of Love, where people who choose to watch will have to stomach dozens of broads acting a damn fool and kissing this ugly little treasure troll just for some publicity. Lucky for you here are pics of the new cast:…

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January 25th 9:24am

Blade to IRS: I Will Bust a Cap In That A*s

Posted by Bossip Staff It seems Wesley Snipes is getting his action roles twisted with real life. He sent a document to the IRS with the following words: He chastised the IRS and prosecutors, saying their position toward him was “simply false, fraudulent and misrepresenting.” The document also warned the government’s “illegal collection action” would…

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January 25th 9:20am

Fill in the Blank

Posted by Bossip Staff Jamie Foxx hit up the Pepsi STUFF launch without his clip on earrings and looking real sickly. Fill in the Blank: Jamie Foxx looks like he might ____________. More images from that event:

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January 25th 9:11am

Quote of The Day

Posted by Bossip Staff Bill Clinton, AKA Slick Willy, continues to play the recent poll, Obama is leading Clinton in S.C. and Florida. It looks like rounding up all those old-time chittlin’ civil rights negroes in S.C. is not working for the Clintons.

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January 25th 8:38am

Ready For Commitment

Posted by Bossip Staff Tyra Banks may be looking to make it happen with investment banker boyfriend, John Utendahl: “She’s at a point in her life where she wants a serious commitment.” Sure she’s at that time of her life. That biological clock is about to stop ticking in in a few years. We don’t…

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January 25th 8:35am

Rainbow Bright

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is a shot of Keyshia Cole at the handprint ceremony of her new movie “How She Move” in NYC. Nice to see Keyshia looking happy, but what’s up with ole girl rockin those combat boots (see thumbnail). Not a good look. Images via WENN

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January 25th 8:30am

Diddy’s Dark Angels

Posted by Bossip Staff Danity Kane covers the recent issue of the “prestigious” King Magazine. First, we must say that we’re surprised these girls are still together with Diddy’s track record. For their sake, let’s hope they can stay together long enough to crank out a new album. As for this cover…aside from them looking…

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