September 2nd 8:27am

Remember the Girl Who Escaped an 18 Year Abduction… Look Where She was Kept

Jaycee Dugard, who was abducted when she was 11, was returned to her family last week, but you’ll never guess what the compound where she was hidden looked like.

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September 2nd 8:23am

Madonna Collapses On Stage…Twice!

Madonna was performing in Bulgaria and lost consciousness singing Holiday. Her dainty dancers had to hold her up to finish the song and it was a crazy scene. Pop the top and watch it

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September 2nd 8:18am

Joe Come Get Your Daughter…

Latoya Jackson debuted the official video for her song “Home,” a tribute to her brother Michael.  We really need for Joe to go and get a switch and sit this ho down because this sh*t is getting out of hand.

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September 2nd 8:13am

Bossip Supporter is “Back”

Remember a couple of weeks ago, we started this new category called, Bossip Supporters, and Courtney Starrburst was our first cake? She sent in some more pictures, and we support her backs back. Pop it to see the latest of  Courtney

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September 2nd 8:00am

D-Lister Claudia Jordan Does Birthday Sex…In the Woods?

Claudia Jordan and her homegirls thought it would be funny to do a spoof of Birthday Sex, by Jeremih, in the woods. Well, we did not find it funny, but didn’t mind seeing Claudia and her friend doing the booty shake in spandex…Attention Whore!!! Pop it and watch it

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September 1st 12:59pm

Who Cares About Talent???

RiRi has turned on her modelesque swag. In the September Italia VOGUE she is doing it heavy, almost like she is a natural. Pop the top to see over 10 more shots, including one of her topless

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September 1st 12:45pm

SMH: Lisa Raye Is a Gold Digger??? Noooooo!!!

Lisa Raye was on the Jamie Foxx Radio Show and had some things to get off her voluptuous chest. If you thought Lisa Raye had it all together… then you must listen to this interview, and hear her say some out of pocket-ignorant ish. Pop the top and take a listen

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September 1st 12:40pm

Another Snippet of the Chris Brown Interview

Larry King really goes in on Chris. He gives him a line for line of what he said when he was whooping up on Rihanna’s billboard forehead. The kid seems a little angry, but at the same time regretful. Pop it and watch it…

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September 1st 12:35pm

Halle Berry… Halle Berry… is Pregnant AGAIN!?!

Oh My… Halle Berry at the age of 43, is allegedly 3 months pregnant by artificial insemination. Baby Nahla was conceived through the process of in vitro fertilization. Congratulations for Her!!! Quick question… Do Halle and Gabriel have sex???

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September 1st 12:30pm

For Discussion: The Phrase “NO HOMO” is Completely Getting Out of Hand

For some reason, the phrase “NO HOMO” has become apart of the urban community’s everyday conversation. Why do people feel that when they pay a compliment, for example, “I love your jeans,” it has to be followed by a “NO HOMO” disclaimer. This makes absolutely no sense. Jermaine Dupri brought this up in a recent…

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September 1st 12:25pm

Trey Songz Tells Charlamagne The God About Adrienne Bailon and R. Kelly

Trey Songz chopped it up with Charlamagne on his radio station and talks about Adrienne Bailon, Chris Brown, R Kelly, Bossip and… Amerie, and catching crabs? Charlamagne is pure comedy. Pop it and watch it

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September 1st 12:00pm

Certified Links

GOP Rep. ‘Great White Hope’ Remark a Regular Phrase? (Go) Ludacris Announces LudaDay Weekend Schedule (Go) Roccet Speaks on Gang Life (Go) Buju Banton Shows Cancelled Due To Protests (Go) Video: You Will Not Just Come in Here and Take Away My Bacon (Go) Aubrey O’Day Talks Hitler and Child Masturbation on “The Sean Hannity…

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September 1st 11:50am

What In Michael Jackson’s Name…

Please stay as far away from this house as possible. This is where your boy Norwood stays. Your boy threw an MJ tribute party and his “fit” is nuts. The only other mentionable that was there was Lisa Raye. Pop the top and peep the debauchery and tomfoolery

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September 1st 11:45am

Guess What ATL Housewife is Getting a New Reality Show

You’ll never guess who’s shopping around for a new reality show.  Hint: Her veneers could light up a room? Still don’t know? Flip the hood to find out.

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September 1st 11:40am

Cassie’s Fully Spread…Again

A week ago, we gave you a taste of the Cassie Dimepiece photo shoot, via Diddy on twitter; today we have mostly all the photos from the shoot. Poor Cassie can’t sell a record to save her life, but the girl sure can model… clothes or without. Pop it for the full spread.

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