April 17th 9:00am

New Video: London Wants To Go “Back To The Way” Things Use To Be

We introduced you to London back in February. London’s video just debuted on 106th and Park to accompany his new jawn, “Back to the Way”. We’re happy to see some real effort went into his video, instead of a back drop with groupies and a Bentley. Pop the Top for a Peek…

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April 16th 7:38pm

Breaking News: Danny Glover Hauled In By The Five-Oh As “Veep” Stands By

Death At A Funeral star, Danny Glover, got the cuffs slapped on him at a labor protest in Maryland. Also, SEIU President Andy Stern sure looks like Vice President Joe “I Dropped An F-Bomb On You” Biden in this shot, don’t he? Pop the hood.

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April 16th 4:40pm

Tracy Morgan Profited Off Michael Jackson’s Death

It’s rarely easy to see a loved one or icon die, but every once in awhile there is a silver lining for the folks left behind. Pop the hood to find out how Michael Jackson’s death paid off for Death at a Funeral Star Tracy Morgan.

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April 16th 4:30pm

True Or False: Did Jenny McCarthy Walk Away From Her Relationship With Jim Carrey $25 Million Richer???

We know Rachel Uchitel banked big off keeping quiet about Tiger, but after their breakup did Jim Carrey really pay Jenny McCarthy $5 million a year for the five years they spent together as a couple, just so she wouldn’t go public about him being completely wacko??? That’s what some folks are saying. Pop the…

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April 16th 3:35pm

A “Li’l Positivity”: Dwight Howard Raises Money For Displaced Haitian Children And Personally Donates 100K

Orlando Magic hoop stars Dwight Howard and Adonal Foyle recent held a Gala Dinner to raise money for displaced children in Haiti. Inspired by the success of the event, Howard also announced the launch of the Dwight Howard Fund, a new organization to help at-risk children worldwide. More details on Howard’s positive efforts when you……

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April 16th 3:23pm

Making It Rain On These Hoes: Obamas Report $5.5 Million In Income

Politicians are certainly quite baller-rific these days. According to HipHopWired: The Obama’s tax records were made public by the White House Thursday and show that the First Family made $5,505,509 in income in 2009.

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April 16th 3:00pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Is Marques Houston Jacking Trey Songz??? (GO) Legalize It… Country Singer Willie Nelson Smokes Out Before Appearance On Larry King (GO) Biggie’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Dismissed [Court Documents Included] (GO) HIV Predator Who Infected More Than 50 Women Released From Prison (GO) Chief of Police During Rodney King Riots Dies (GO) Celebrity ‘Recolonization’ of Africa?…

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April 16th 2:48pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Cherry Hill Chucklehead Upchucks On Child

Meet Matthew “Left Eye” Clemmens. After being asked to stop cursing and spitting at a Phillies game, he decided to show what a gent he is: This buffoon stuck his fingers down his throat and barfed on a little girl and her dad. Oooh, guess what? Her dad is a police captain. Needless to say…

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April 16th 2:32pm

*Bossip Exclusive* Tila Tequila Shows Her A$s: Talks RihRih, Kimmy Cakes and Perez

Tila Tequila, who is now going by the name “Miss Tila” (if you’re nasty?),  sat down with BOSSIP, talked smack about Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Perez Hilton, discussed that pregnancy story and had some crazy talk big news for Vietnam. Continue.

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April 16th 2:28pm

What In The Hell…

These two “girls” showed up and vogue’d down the red carpet of the J’Adore Magazine launch party in ATL last night.  All we can say is what in the hell? Pop the top for another pic and to comment on this foolishness.

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April 16th 2:04pm

Kanye And Camel Ready To ‘Run This Town’ For Russell Brand’s Bachelor Bash

Russell Brand and Katy Perry are really ROC’ing out with their pre-wedding festivities. While Perry has Rihanna plotting out her bachelorette party, Brand has Camel and Yeezy rounding up the big dogs for Brand’s bachelor bash. Pop the hood for details.

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April 16th 1:23pm

The “Hemperor” Moves On To Greener Pastures: Father Of The Weed Legalization Movement Dies

Sad day for the tokers, Jack Herer, who was a leader in weeder movement has died. The 70-year-old, who dedicated his life to the right to light up, had a long illness after a heart attack last year.  Though he ended up in a health-care facility that didn’t allow the use of medical marijuana, his…

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April 16th 1:20pm

Can You Guess Where Diddy Is Going???

Diddy was caught walking the streets of LA yesterday. Can you guess who he was going to visit? Pop the top to find out and see more pics.

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April 16th 12:34pm

Thong Thief Had The World On A String

Another panty perv has been popped by the Po-Po. A crazy-for-crack Michigan State University student was busted by campus cops with 79 snatched thongs in his room. An investigation was launched after 15 dainty drawers disappeared from a dormitory dryer last month. Pop the hood.

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April 16th 12:11pm

Officer Ricky Ordered To Pay 300 Stacks For Entourage Brawl

Rick Ross was found liable in a 2008 brawl where his entourage broke Vlad “DJ Vlad” Lyubovny’s eye socket and was ordered to pay 300 stacks. Check the details on the flip.

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