August 20th 8:45am

What’s Going on in This Forum?

Take a trip over to the Bossip Forums to let your voice be heard! Yesterday people had a roast-a-thon on Monique and Sherri Shepard becoming skinny girls and today is no different.  Go and dish on topics including: Do the Atlanta Housewives Send out the Wrong Message to Young Women? Top 5 Reasons to Leave…

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August 20th 8:44am

Someone is Wearing Butt Pads or Has Some Newly-Found Backs!

Now, the only time her cake has been this full and plump is when this star was booty hole nekkid. In the last couple of days she has worn some accentuated clothes that show her round brown. We are not mad… Guess Those Newly Found Cakes? Pop it to confirm

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August 20th 8:44am

Jesse Jackson Crowned African Prince! Wow. Really?

Just when you thought Messy Jesse could do no more, here he goes again! Jesse Jackson took the place of the Agni people’s former prince, who recently passed away, Michael Jackson. Yes, the “King of Pop.” continue

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August 20th 8:43am

Who Dropped $2.3 Milli On This East Village Apartment and Who Bought This Brownstone???

Some people are downsizing while at the same time experts say this is a buyer’s market. A crooner and director just bought some extravagant places, one of them at a good “NYC” price of $2.3  million. Pop it to find out who and to see the whole digs…

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August 20th 8:22am

Bey Bey Beyonce’s Bodyguard Gets Charged by Croatian Paps!

Beyonce’s bodyguard Julius has been charged for the incident that went down between him and the Croatian paparazzi.

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August 20th 8:15am

Random Ridiculousness: The Simpsons in Black

What if the networks felt the need to advertise to the black community like in the picture above or do they already do this?

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August 20th 8:10am

On The Come Up: Kesha Nichols Stacks her Bread…

After Richard Jefferson left Kesha stranded like a contestant on survivor, she’s bouncing back pretty nicely and making moves. Pop the hood to see what she’s doing to stretch her dollar and two seconds of fame further than an Amber Rose G string.

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August 20th 8:09am

Snoop Wins 50 G’s and Talks About His Football League… Where He Was Scrapping In a Scrimmage the Other Day Against Some Bloods!

Snoop is seen in this video on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire from last night and he wins 50 grand for his football league. He also talks about the positive impact that the league has made on the youth in So. Ca., but Snoop failed to mention that just Tuesday he was about to…

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August 20th 8:00am

Your Daily Kanye West and Amber Rose Sighting…

SO-HO’s seem to appeal to Kanye West. Anyways, they say Amber had on a bracelet that read, “Yeezy.” The couple were out and about again, just doing what it do. Pop it for more of the couple, plus solo shots of Amber and her bald head smoking with her cake to the camera..

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August 20th 8:00am

Baby Hair Pumpin, Cheekbones is Shining…

Man, Lil’ Kim sure has come a long way….(even from last year when she was trying to trick everyone into thinking that she was an Asian woman) We’re glad her face is starting to look a little better, but the baby hair and make up game is on overload here.. More pics of the “Queen…

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August 20th 7:55am

Seen on the Scene: Cassie and Diddy Kickin it in NYC

Cassie, her half-shaved head, and Diddy hit up the “The September Issue” New York Premiere party in NYC last night, and are pictured with designer Zac Posen. We guess the shaved look on Cassie is growing on us, but what the hell is wrong with these young broads today. You really don’t have to shave…

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August 20th 7:42am

**UPDATE** Woman Pregnant with a Dozen Babies is a Phony!

Bossip has learned that the British woman who claimed she was pregnant with duodecaplets lied.

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August 19th 11:00am

*Exclusive* ‘Suspect’ Pictures Fuel Drake Gay Rumors

Bossip has obtained some exclusive pictures that appear to show some ‘suspect activity’ from the Canadian rapper Drake.

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August 19th 10:53am

SMH: Teenager Arrested For Shooting A Mother In The Face and Beating Her One-Year-Old Child!

The nutcase pictured up top giving the “thumbs up” has been arrested for shooting a mother in the face twice and beating her one-year-old, while trying to commit a home invasion robbery. The teen was out on bond for another heinous crime: An Atlanta teen was arrested Wednesday in connection with the shooting of a…

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August 19th 10:45am

These Cakes Are Seen Here Dripping In Croatia… But Whose Are They?

These cakes were seen on the yacht with her beau. The cakes just got off a jet ski overlooked by her man. Notice the glisten? Pop it to find out just whose cakes are looking like that and to see their body guard and boyfriend scrapping with some paps

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