February 16th 11:29am

Thicky-Kins Is Still Trying…

Ashanti brought her thick as* legs out to play at the Gifting Services showroom in LA yesterday. We’re not sure if she’s really expecting to make a “comeback” with that music career of hers, but we do know one thing…her body is lookin quite bangin…SMH. More pics under the hood.

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February 16th 11:13am

For Ballers Only: MJ Is Set To Drop Some Major Scrilla On A Purchase This Year

BOSSIP has learned that NBA great Michael Jordan is planning to make a major purchase within the next couple of months. Pop the hatch for the details…

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February 16th 11:04am

Valentine’s Day Is A Bust For Foxy Brown… Ill Na Na Still Unlucky In Love!!!

Once the hottest female rapper on the block, Foxy Brown is now sad, lonely and irrelevant. And so thirsty for your pity she’s not above crying about it on Twitter. Pop the hood for Fox Boogie’s sad Valentine’s Day tweets.

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February 16th 10:52am

Separated at Birth

Jermaine Jackson was spotted in Sydney promoting his TV show looking like an overgrown California Raisin. More pics of Claymation JJ once you pop the top.

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February 16th 10:43am

BootLegging At Its Finest: Nivea and Rasheeda’s New Video for Drake’s “Say Something”

Remixing Drake’s jawn “Say Something” wasn’t enough for Lil’ Wayne’s Baby Mama Nivea… She and Rasheeda decided to shoot a whole video for it. We still can’t help but think that Nivea is singing to Weezy. Pop the Top for Peek

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February 16th 10:16am

Question Of The Day: Does This Baby Look Like Mathew Knowles???

Although good ole Matty Knowles keeps denying this little precious baby, we want to know what you guys think… Pop it to have a look at the newest member of the Knowles clan

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February 16th 10:15am

Seen On The Scene: Camel & BDR Share A “Special Moment”

Jay-Z and Russell Simmons were in the building for the 4th Annual Bing Two Kings Dinner And After Party this weekend in Dallas. The two music moguls were spotted having a ‘close’ and ‘intimate’ conversation. No comment.. The Two Kings Dinner was apparently the place to be, because everyone and their mama was in attendance…for…

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February 16th 10:14am

Quote Of The Day: ‘Twilight’ Star “Really Hates Vaginas”

Twilight actor Robert Pattinson just let the world in on a big secret. He hates vag… Yup. We can’t understand what beef he could possibly have with the greatest organ ever invented, but go head and pop the hood for his exact words.

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February 16th 10:11am

Who’s My Mommy???: My Auntie Cut My Mom and Grandma Off Because They Were Doing Too Much!!!

My mommy and my grandma have their own reality show and my grandma likes to cut the fool at any given moment. My auntie is a famous singer that wants nothing to do with my family… Who is My Mommy???

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February 16th 9:19am

Random Ridiculousness: Pregnant Woman And Husband Kicked Off Plane For Asking For Water

A New York doctor says he was booted off a Spirit airlines flight after asking for water for his pregnant wife. Dr. Mitchell Roslin says that he was asked to leave the plane with his pregnant wife and two children…Continue.

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February 16th 9:10am

Coupled Up: All-Star Edition

Jason Kidd and his new baby mama Porschla Coleman were seen at the 4th annual Bing Two Kings Dinner And After Party. They “seem” like they make a nice and sane couple, and Porschla’s post-baby body is looking good and “healthy.” Pop the hatch for more pics including Luda coupled up with his new lil…

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February 16th 8:49am

Fashion FAIL, BeyBey’s Copycat Bikini Costs Her The Right To Rock “VideoPhone”

Beyonce is finally paying the price for her swagger-jacking ways! Apparently a Bulgarian bikini designer decided to sue over a bootleg version of their bikini which BeyBey rocked for the “Video Phone” video and a German judge agreed, ruling that the clip can no longer be distributed in Germany. Pop the hood for the dirty…

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February 16th 8:33am

Doesn’t Soulja Boy Remind You Of Pookie The Crackhead From New Jack City???

Soulja Boy was on set for his new video, “All Black Everything,” in L.A. Whoever told this boy he should take his shirt off should be fired!!! Soulja Boy needs to hit the gym because that skinny boy bird chest… THAT AIN’T IT!!! Flip it for Flicks

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February 16th 8:26am

Black Eyed Peas New Video: “IMMA BE”

The Black Eyed Peas is the type of group that doesn’t need to make videos, they just need to release songs. In their new video “IMMA BE”, a person would swear this group has swag until they see them perform. Pop the Top for a Peek at the “IMMA BE” Video

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February 15th 9:30pm

Camel Spotted At The Airport In London… Is He Rocking Bey’s Cargo Pants???

Jay-Z was spotted walking through Heathrow Airport in London. He is in town to perform at The Brits… We just wonder what’s up with those feminine-looking cargo pants he’s rocking. More flicks of Camel under the hood.

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