November 17th 6:40am

The “King of R&B” Spends Quality Time with the Fam

Awww, how precious. The King of R&B seems like he’s trying to get this “Daddy” concept down with child number five. Here’s Bobby Brown photo’d out on a lovely afternoon with Alicia Etheridge and baby Cassius. Pop it to see the baby up close…he’s a cutie

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November 17th 6:37am

Some Morning Halle

Halle Beeerrrrrrry. Halle Berry. Is fine and hosted “An Evening Of Awareness” To Benefit The Jenesse Center in NYC last night. More including full body shots when you…

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November 17th 6:27am

For Your Information: STD Rates Hit An Alarming New High

Please protect yourself: America seems to be going through a second sexual revolution of sorts, with this foray into one of man’s most carnal acts, proving to be more harmful than good. A recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, showed that the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is steadily continuing…

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November 17th 6:20am

Neffe With The Fruity Bunch… Pregnant And Drinking

Neffe… and her crew were kicking it in a hotel lobby restaurant and this chick had the nerve to be throwing dranks back while pregnant. Pop the top and watch this debacle

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November 17th 4:32am

Mannerisms Suggest That Joe Camel Checks Bossip

This is Jay & Bey in London retreating to their separate beds after attending the Rihanna private album launch party for “Rated R.” Check below to see more of the couple mixing it up with Julius in tow

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November 17th 1:44am

In White Folks News: Guess Which Hollyweird Power Couple’s 4 Year-Old Is Still In Diapers?

This is little Violet and she is 4 years of age. Her parents are Hollyweird geniuses when it comes to milking movies, yet they can’t quite figure out how to train little Violet to take a potty in the toilet. Pop the top to see who has Violet running a little behind schedule

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November 17th 1:01am

Say Cheese

Pleasure P was seen at the Coca Cola Lounge with high beams on full blast. Pop the top for more

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November 16th 4:45pm

50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather Jr. Deliver A Blow To Rick Ross That Will Be Hard To Recover From

Bugsy and Floyd Mayweather are holding Rick Ross’ son, Willie, in the picture above. Guess where Rick Ross’ family watched the Pacquiao fight??? In Vegas at Floyd’s mansion. WTF. Pop the top to see Ross’ kids and baby moms at Floyd’s mansion with 50 taking family photos. This ~ish is getting out of hand!!! Rick…

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November 16th 4:30pm

Walt Disney’s First Black Princess Lives in Louisiana and Turns Into a Frog…

“The Princess and the Frog” movie premiere was this past Saturday at The Walt Disney Studios. Anika Noni Rose is the voice of Disney’s 1st black Princess and she is pictured above with her Prince. He doesn’t appear to be black??? Flip it for Angela Bassett and her Twins, Blair Underwood & More

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November 16th 4:10pm

Sammy “Light Bright White” Sosa Celebrated his 41st Birthday in Miami

This past weekend, Sammy Sosa got a chance to show off his new “Tannish-White” skin color, again at the FountainBleau. If Sammy is going to rock this look… He might want to check that dark hairline and lighten that up…

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November 16th 4:00pm

Rihanna… What Happened to Your Eye???

Rihanna is hitting up the streets of London right now, doing promo for her album, “Rated R.” We noticed that she has a huge knot over her eye. How did that happen… ROUGH NIGHT MAYBE?!?!? Pop it for a Closer Look…

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November 16th 3:55pm

Out of Pocket: UK Removes Black Couple in Popular Movie Poster

Universal changed “Couples Retreat” marketing for the film’s UK release. The company removed the black actors from both the poster’s photo and the list of stars in the type list.

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November 16th 3:00pm

My Daddy has a New Album Coming Out and He says My Mommy is Crazy

This little baby boy and his brother just had a photo shoot. Their Mommy is kinda crazy and their Daddy kicked her a$$ to the curb… Can You Name the Parents???

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November 16th 2:00pm

Someone’s “Ego” Is Making Trouble In Paradise

Beyonce was crowded in London by Joe Camel, and an insider tells Bossip that he is not fond of Julius hanging around so much:

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November 16th 1:30pm

White Couple Who Financed ‘Precious’ To Make Millions

The WSJ has an interesting piece about a Colorado couple who stepped up to the plate and put up $12 million of their personal money to finance the sleeper hit ‘Precious.’ What BOSSIP wants to know, is why can’t more Black millionaires step up, take some risks, and bring our diverse experiences to the screen?

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