December 27th 12:30pm

Tuskegee Airman And Lawyer For Malcolm X Dies At 89

Percy Sutton, a Harlem civil rights activist, politician and media figure, died Saturday, Dec. 26 at the age of 89.

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December 27th 12:27pm

Moviegoers Watch Out! 50 Cent’s Got His “Gun”

50 Cent is gearing up to shoot another film Gun which he wrote, co-starring Val Kilmer, in Grand Rapids, Michigan next year. Based around the illegal trade, the film will be directed by Jesse Terrero. Continue

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December 27th 11:59am

New Music: Jamie Foxx and Lil Wayne Head Straight to the Dance Floor

Jamie Foxx and Lil Wayne came together to drop this new jawn full of nothing but autotune called “Straight to the Dance Floor.” Jamie is a man of comedy so, we would hope to think that this song is a joke but something is telling us that he is serious. Take a Listen :

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December 27th 11:50am

Angelina Jolie says Cheating is Healthy for Married Couples

Angelina Jolie is no stranger to living an “Out of the Box” type of life. In a recent interview with Das Neue (German Magazine) Angelina says: “I doubt infidelity is absolutely essential fora a relationship… It’s worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterwards.” Oh Really Angeliana… We don’t think Elin felt…

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December 27th 11:17am

Nicki Minaj Gets a New Lace Front and It Looks Awful!!!

Nicki Minaj decided to display her new wig piece at M2 Lounge in New York the other night. If we had to rate this new piece on a scale of 1 to 10, this would get a 2. Sorry Nicki, the other wig looks better…

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December 27th 11:09am

Father of Flight 253 Terror Suspect Tried To Warn U.S. Months Ago

The father of the man accused of trying to blow up an international flight to Detroit on Christmas day says he tried to warn U.S. officials about his son months ago.

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December 27th 11:08am

Serena Williams Shoves Past Outburst, Named Female Athlete Of The Year

She might be the bad girl of tennis, but the Associated Press still named Serena Williams Female Athlete of the Year. It’s Serena’s second time winning that title; she also won the award in 2002. Continue

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December 27th 10:38am

Diddy’s Daughter Signed To Bad Boy? Little Chance Sings Christmas Songs

Diddy delivered a little extra Christmas cheer by using Twitter to spread a video of his daughter singing “Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

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December 27th 10:14am

Danger, FYI: This May Have Worked for Amber Rose but You Need to Try Again!!!

Danger, who recently just checked out of the looney bin, is trying her best to stay in the eye of the media instead of taking care of her newborn. What she was really trying to do in these pics… We can’t seem to figure it out!!! However, when Joe Exclusive, the weird stylist, starts looking…

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December 27th 10:02am

A Lil Positivity: MiMi Gives Deserving Kids a Plush Holiday Party in Aspen

A group of Colorado kids got an early Christmas gift from Mariah Carey, when she put together a lavish holiday party just for them in Aspen. More about MiMi spreading good cheer on the flippy.

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December 27th 10:00am

People Paying $25,000 to See Lady GaGa on New Years Eve

Lady GaGa is making it rain on hoes for New Years Eve (NYE). She will be getting $300 stacks to perform in Miami and people are paying $25 stacks and more just to see her perform.  Where They Do That At????

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December 27th 9:46am

Young Jeezy Gives Back by Going Door to Door, While Others Hold Benefits and Fundraisers

While other celebrities hold benefits and fundraisers, Young Jeezy takes it a step further for the holidays. Young Jeezy does “Toyz N Da Hood” every year to give back to kids that are less fortunate but instead of having someone else deliver the toys to the kids, he goes door to door himself. Flip the…

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December 26th 1:38pm

Obamas Spend Holiday In Hawaii But Prez Still Worked On Christmas

The Obamas planned for their Hawaiian holiday to be a private vacation, but the President took time away from his family to be debriefed about a would-be terror attack and make a surprise visit to Marines stationed in the area.

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December 26th 1:33pm

Mom Of Dead Brooklyn Toddler Has Surviving Kids Taken

After the death of 3-year-old Kyrah Martin, who fell off a roof to her death right before Christmas, the child’s mother Nefertiti had her three other young children taken away by child-welfare authorities.

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December 26th 12:20pm

2009’s Top 10 Shockers

Good day Bossip readers! With another year that came and went with ferocious speed, 2009 is coming to an end. The last year of the first decade of the 21st century was no different from any other year in terms of seasons, holidays and the twists and turns of everyday life. But 2009, in particular,…

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