December 9th 6:55am

Who Looked More Bangin??? MiMi vs. RiRi

Mariah Carey and Rihanna hit up the launch of Vevo last night in NYC. Y’all already know what we’re gonna ask…Who Looked More Bangin??? Peep Ciara in some gold and red ‘Wonder Woman’ get up below: Images of Mary J., 50 Cent, Lady Gaga and more on the flippy…

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December 9th 6:13am

Listen to Audio Inside: Tiger’s Wife’s Frantic 911 Call After Mother Collapses

It’s getting real trashy and hood like at the Woods’ residence with folks fainting, overdosing, and who knows what else. In the tape below, Elin ‘Woods’ calls 911 frantically after her mother collapses. You can hear loud TV’s, kids crying in the background, and her mumbling incoherently… Pop the top and listen

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December 8th 6:27pm

Beyoncé Sets Jay-Z Out for his Big 4-0

Beyoncé cut no corners for her husband Jay-Z’s 40th birthday party at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic. The bash was star-studded and included a password only entry. Meaning it was like Fort Knox to get in that piece. Details once you pop the top.

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December 8th 6:00pm

VIBE Plays Captain Save-a-Ho and Tries to Help Keep Amber Rose’s Image Clean

Amber Rose has really gone from rags to riches and now she has companies like Vibe Magazine helping her maintain a non-ho-ish image. They gave the bald headed beast a spread in the issue that hits the stands on Dec. 15th. In the meantime, catch a sneak peek of what Mz. Amber is looking like.

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December 8th 5:58pm

True or False: Is Janet Using Colin Farrell To Get Jermaine Dupri Back

Bossip has learned that Janet may still have her eyes on Jermaine Dupri and is pulling out all the stops to win him back. Including a possible fixed date with actor Colin Farrell to gain JD’s attention.  More details under the hood.

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December 8th 5:12pm

Ashanti is in Love Since Nelly is Way Out of the Picture

Ashanti was in New York representing and honoring her first love. Since Nelly is out of the picture, it’s only right that she gets back to the basics.

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December 8th 4:42pm

What is Wrong with This Picture???

Some loyal Bossip readers felt the need to go in to a Betsey Johnson store in Tennessee and this was the final result… Thoughts???

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December 8th 4:29pm

*Update* Tiger Admitted to Hospital For Over Dose, Mother-in-Law Released

More updates on the Tiger Woods scandal” Health records from Health Central Hospital showed that Tiger Woods was admitted to the hospital on the day after Thanksgiving for what appears to have been a drug overdose.

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December 8th 2:51pm

Coupled Up: LaLa and Melo Have Fun in the Snow

LaLa and Carmelo were spotted in Denver enjoying a weekend with family and friends during a ski trip. They look really happy but the hesitation to put a ring on it, has us wondering if it’s all for show. More pics of the couple under the hood.

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December 8th 2:30pm

Only MiMi Would Put her Chest on Display for Album Sales…

Mariah Carey is on the cover of the latest issue of Papers Magazine. Why the photographer felt the need to put her boobs on display, we can’t really put our finger on it. Maybe this is what you have to do in order to sell more albums.

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December 8th 12:20pm

Are Ya’ll Feelin Jada’s 90’s Prom Do???

Jada Pinkett Smith emerged on the scene with this 1990 inspired prom sculpture. She was spotted in Germany to promote her TV series Hawthorne.  More pics once you pop the top.

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December 8th 11:24am

Some Early Afternoon Fug

Khloe Kardashian was spotted arriving at JFK airport in NYC looking worn out and run down.  Kim also tagged along.  More pics of the duo under the hood.

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December 8th 11:17am

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Check out the promo trailer for the Jackson’s reality show which debuts on A&E this Sunday at 9PM.

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December 8th 11:08am

In White Folks News: Everyone Loves Gaga, Even Royalty

Lady Gaga is making major moves…the singer performed for Queen Elizabeth II at England’s Opera House last night.  Pics of Lady Gaga meeting the Queen under the hood.

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December 8th 10:58am

Tiger “Cheetah” Woods Has A Vegas Rat Pregnant From Orgies Under The Name “Roy”

What in God’s name is wrong with Tiger? Some of our staff went to high school with this guy, and he was the most quiet kid on campus. Come to find out, this dude is a freak to no end and may have a bastard child on the way which is the real reason his…

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