July 2nd 7:56am

Jackson’s 2002 Will Names Diana Ross as Backup Guardian

Michael Jackson and Diana Ross have had a very close relationship ever since he was a little boy in the Jackson 5. Even in his death, Michael viewed Diana as a possible guardian for his children. That’s the ultimate sign of respect and love. Flip the lid for more

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July 2nd 7:54am

Which City Has the Flyest Sisters?

There are fly women from coast to coast but some cities seem to have the flyest sisters per square mile. Who has the flyest sisters between Atlanta and New York? Pop the lid for more

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July 2nd 7:53am

Neyo Loves the “Taste” of Chi-Town

Lets see here, a Ne-Yo show consists of a couple essentials; an ugly tranny looking dancer that he looks at with disgust, check; goofy dance moves, check; and of course those funky looking hats, check! Ne-Yo and Keri Hilson both did the 2009 Taste of Chicago Festival. Pop it to peep

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July 2nd 7:51am

LeToya Luckett: “Bey Broke Her Neck Just to Say Hello at the BET Awards”

Gotta be honest here y’all, LeToya Luckett sounds real hood. Something about those Destiny’s Child chicks and proper English. LeToya sat down with no-hairline having DJ Skee and talked about Beyonce jocking her backstage at the BET Awards. Click Here to Watch

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July 2nd 7:50am

Electrik Red Strips Down at Jeremih’s Album Release Party

Jeremih got the best gift a guy could want – four bangin’ @ss chicks serenading him at his album release party. Electrik Red performed and kept the crowded heated while the ladies got their chance to get freaky when Jeremih took the stage. Flip the script for more party pics

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July 2nd 7:48am

Maino Hosts a “Sausage Fest” in the NYC

Maino hosted his album release party for “If Tomorrow Comes” at Prime in the NYC last night. We’re not sure if its just us but there are hardly any chicks at this set. WTF? Damn Maino, was this a homo thug gathering or what? Pop the lid for more suspect pics

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July 2nd 7:45am

Some Morning Swirl: Kim K Drags Reggie to Date Night

Kim K and Reggie did their boring @ss date night thing on Sunday night with the family. Why does Reggie always look like the odd man out whenever he’s with Kim and her family? Pop the top for more date night pics

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July 2nd 7:40am

Oscars’ Let Black Folks Get in On the Mix

The Academy has finally realized that black people have talent too! Thank God they are letting some of us into the Academy even though its taken centuries for this to happen.

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July 2nd 7:35am

Halle Gets Harrassed at Airport

Halle, her daughter Nahla and baby daddy Gabriel Aubrey almost missed their flight out of LAX yesterday because of the paps. Halle doesn’t look too happy here. She’s got that – “back the f*ck up face” going on. Flip the lid for more pics

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July 1st 2:50pm

Tameka Foster: “Usher and I Got it in Just a Week Before He filed for Divorce

Wow, this chick just won’t stop. Tameka is still holding onto the fact that she had no idea her marriage was falling apart even though the two of them had been living separately for over a year.

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July 1st 2:47pm

Michael Jackson Will: Debbie Rowe…You Are Out!

We know you didn’t think Rowe was going to cash in, especially since Joe didn’t: Michael Jackson’s 7-year-old will was filed Wednesday in a Los Angeles court, giving his entire estate to…

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July 1st 2:14pm

She Said: Is It Cool to Date a Deadbeat?

We’ve all either met someone who was down on his luck or have a girlfriend who was dating a man who couldn’t hold it down if he tried. Would you date someone who didn’t handle his business and wasn’t trying to take care of his responsibilities? Pop the top for more

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July 1st 12:45pm

72 Year-Old Ex-Boxer Whoops the Purple Out of Robber: Before and After Pictures of The Thug’s Face!

The 72 year-old boxer up top put a whoopin on a would be robber. You don’t get it, he beat his face all the way up…lol Vicious Gregory McCalium, 23 – jailed for 4½ years yesterday – looked like a “car accident” victim after he was punched by battling grandad Frank Corti Frank – woken…

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July 1st 12:24pm

Michael Jackson Tried to End the 50 Cent and The Game Beef???

The Game has gone on record saying that Michael Jackson personally reached out to him during the 50 Cent beef and tried to squash things: A Nobel Peace Prize should be given to the late “King of Pop” for his valiant attempt to forge a peaceful co-existence between the new King of the West Coast…

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July 1st 8:15am

Ho Sit Down: Al Sharpton Gets Gully Onstage

What the hell is this about? Al Sharpton knows he needs to sit his geriatric pimpy @ss down instead of shucking and jiving at MJ’s tribute at the Apollo in Harlem. Something about this man irritates the hell out of us. He’s always the first on the scene whenever something goes down in the black…

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