December 6th 8:47am

Vivica Booked

Posted by Bossip Staff After all this time, Vivica Fox finally got booked yesterday for her drinking and driving incident that occurered back in March. She was stopped for going 80 mph and swerving in her 2007 Escalade on a Los Angeles freeway.: Vivica A. Fox has been booked on a drunken driving charge that…

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December 6th 8:45am

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff NY Giants players Antonio Pierce and R.W. McQuarters and former NY Knicks guard John Starks attended the Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year event honoring Brett Favre the other night. When asked which women in the industry they were attracted to, here are their responses: “I’m old school,” said the Giants’…

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December 6th 7:42am

Would Someone Please…

Posted by Bossip Staff …Save her soul for real. Here is the poster child for why drugs are bad in all her splendor. Amy Winehouse was photographed at a bar in London last night rockin the same clothes she had on the night before. Seriously, that’s what the caption of the photo said. Real talk,…

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December 5th 6:43pm

Her Bank Account Got Swole’ After The Second Date

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is ‘Blood Diamond Russ’ and his rebound deal, Porschla Coleman, getting their yoga on at the beach yesterday. It had to be the Yoga game that pulled this model. We are sure her bank account got swole’ real quick after the second date. We were not only the first media…

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December 5th 2:27pm

Camel Swag

Posted by Bossip Staff Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted leaving the Costes hotel and head to the Chanel store for some shopping in Paris, France. The couple celebrated Jay’s 38th birthday last night by hitting up a

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December 5th 2:13pm

Pimp C’s Mom: We Know He Died in His Sleep

Posted by Bossip Staff Despite rumors of a murder investigation, police are still investigating the tragic death of Pimp C as a likely ‘natural death”. Authorities say they found prescription drugs prescribed by C’s doctor but there were no signs of rocks or foul play. C’s mother spoke to a local news station about the…

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December 5th 2:10pm

Which One Would You Hit??

Posted by Bossip Staff Baby hit up the LIVE BEATS Honoring Stephen Hill event in NYC last night and David Banner was at the Ed Hardy store opening recently. If you HAD to hit one of these kind fellows, Which One? More images from the Live Beats event:

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December 5th 2:00pm

Bobble Head

Posted by Bossip Staff Maybe it’s the “angle” of this shot, but Nick Cannon’s ex publicity stunt Selita Ebanks looks as if she may topple over. Her head is definitely disproportionate to her small frame…not even the new bangs hairstyle can hide all that dome she’s working with. View pics of Nick Cannon outside of…

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December 5th 1:50pm

Snoop Dogg Coming to TV

Posted by Bossip Staff There is much more to Snoop than pimp cups, Now and Later gators, pimp cups, and pressed out Shirley Temple curls…there is a side to Snoop that no one has ever seen before: fatherhood. New to the realm of reality TV on E! Is Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood a show on the…

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December 5th 11:21am

For The Stans: Beyonce Crotch Shot

Posted by Bossip Staff This image has been removed. Slow news day today, so we leave you with a nice pic of Beyonce and her cooch. You know what to do to get a better view. She working the sh*t out of that pole. Via Rhymes With Snitch

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December 5th 11:20am

For the Ladies

Posted by Bossip Staff Since you ladies have been such good sports with all the crotch shots…here is a little something to make up for that. Although these pics are from September’s issue of Playgirl, we’re sure you wouldn’t mind viewing CSI: Miami actor Marcus Patrick in his underwear. Enjoy…

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December 5th 10:20am

Cassie Denies Fu*kin for Tracks

Posted by Bossip Staff Cassie recently explained she is still in the game because of talent, not fu*kin for tracks: No I haven’t ever dated Diddy. I’m his artist, and we are actually friends. We really are friends. I am fortunate to have that connection with him, we just happened to have really hit it…

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December 5th 9:55am

Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is Slick Rick performing in Atlanta this past weekend wearing an excessive amount of jewelry. Yeah we know that this cat is known for wearing more ice than your average person, but this is a bit much. Image Source

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December 5th 9:54am

Miss Goat

Posted by Bossip Staff Following in the footsteps of her boy Ray-J, Lil Kim is coming out with a mixtape titled “Ms. G.O.A.T”. All we can say is Photoshop works wonders. We all know that Kim is just one procedure away from looking like Michael Jackson. Watch a video of the lispy “Ms. Greatest of…

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December 5th 9:52am

Chappelle & Sons

Posted by Bossip Staff All these pics of Dave Chappelle out in public is making us hopeful that he will return to TV. Here he is with his two sons in Hollyweird recently. Dave also made a record breaking performance on Sunday by performing a stand up act for six hours and twelve minutes, and…

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