August 19th 12:02am

Ci-Error Switches out Her Wigs on You Fools!

Ci-Error was spotted leaving Nobu restaurant rocking her normal 16+ inches of someone else’s hair. Flip the hood for more flicks.

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August 19th 12:01am

How Good is Your Gaydar Game??? Scientists Finally Have Something to Say About Gaydars

Do you think you have a natural skill for telling who is straight, gay, and in between? Well, scientists say there may be an evolutionary explanation for this

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August 19th 12:00am

Spike Lee Planning an MJ B-Day Celebration in NY

Director Spike Lee has planned a birthday celebration for the king of pop in Brooklyn, NY.

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August 18th 4:30pm

*Exclusive* R. Kelly Comes Back with his Album “UNTITLED”

With all of the controversy that surrounded the Pied Piper in the past couple of years, Kells is back to doing what he does best… creating baby making music. Last night, Bossip was invited into R. Kelly’s home to listen to his new album. When we asked him about Trey Songz challenging the King of…

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August 18th 3:30pm

Jessica White Lets TO’s Girls Mo and Kita Know There’s a New Head B*tch in Town!

Watch TO’s new girl Victoria Secret model Jessica White go in on his best friends and publicists Mo and Kita during a recent episode of Terrell’s  reality show.

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August 18th 3:02pm

SMH: Beanie Sigel Arrested For Drug Possession

There comes a certain time in a person’s age where certain behaviors should be deemed as unacceptable. Beanie Sigel is one that comes to mind as he was recently arrested Sunday after a traffic stop resulted in a search where police found weed in the rapper’s vehicle. Continue…

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August 18th 10:28am

Which One Would You Hit??? Yeezy or Johnny Boy

Kanye West and John Legend are seen on the set for the video Whatever You Want featuring Consequence, at LIV Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, FL. Amber Rose was there and strutting cake, but first things first… Ladies, if you were at this shoot and received an invite back to the casa with one of these…

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August 18th 10:17am

The Swirl Chronicles: Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hugged Up With a Chocolate Piece?

Leonardo DiCaprio is out in France making sweet love to many pieces. Last night he decided to swirl it up with this cute piece. SMH Pop the top to see the goods…

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August 18th 10:00am

The Vick Roast Fest Continues…

In case you didn’t get a chance to talk your ish on Michael Vick yesterday and his new leaf, go over to the Bossip Forums and speak your mind. If you’re over Vick and you want to scream on someone else we have a plethora of topics for y’all to dish out on like: Black…

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August 18th 9:30am

Freaks: New R Kelly Featuring Keri Hilson

. R Kelly is singing about what he sings about best…sex. Keri and Kelly made a track called Number One. Keri Hilson is proving to be quite the freak. First Keri gets her loins soaked on stage… doggy style, now she is getting down with a known bedroom weirdo. Pop it and peep… it’s pretty…

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August 18th 9:15am

New Beyonce Jawn “Slow Love”

Beyonce’s people know how to keep her name buzzing, and one way is to release “leakage.” This new jawn is called, Slow Love. Pop the top and enjoy…

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August 18th 9:10am

Phylicia Rashad Gets her Claire Huxtable Swag Back

After becoming the spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Phylicia Rashad has lost 35 lbs. Flip the hood to see her now!

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August 18th 9:05am

Coon of the Day: Protestor Packs Assault Rifle at Obama Speech…SMH

Just when you think things are hot, it’s suddenly stifling! It’s starting to get scary out here y’all. Granted we’re not a generation of activists, but we might have to bust out the black fists and afro picks in the near future.

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August 18th 8:57am

Our Favorite Maphy Visits Jerusalem

Lady GaGa covered up for a recent trip to Jerusalem.

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August 18th 8:13am

What Were You Thinking: Tranny Arrested for Stealing Drag and the “Broad Shoulders” Were a Dead Giveaway

Jonathan, aka Jon-Jon, was popped for stealing a Chanel dress out of Saks, pepper spraying a guard, then fleeing the scene in some choclas : Montgomery County police have charged a man with theft and other offenses after he allegedly dressed as a woman last month, entered the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Chevy Chase,…

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