March 5th 8:10am

Rumor Control: Will Tyler Perry Kill Off Madea???

Posted by Bossip Staff After the success of Madea Goes to Jail, Tyler Perry is admitting that he would be a fool to shut her down now:

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March 4th 10:35am

Man & Wife????

Posted by Bossip Staff WTF??: To the shock of many, Rihanna reunited with Chris Brown over the weekend — but they did more than that!

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March 4th 10:10am

Keri Hilson To Bey: “Sit Cho @ss Down & Have Some Babies”

Posted by Bossip Staff We stand corrected – Little Miss Keri Hilson is putting Bey on blast in her Turnin Me On remix ft. Lil Wayne & T-Pain?? Pop it and listen for yourselves.

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March 4th 9:30am

Russian Scholar: U.S. Will Collapse Next Year

Posted by Bossip Staff A Russian scholar is predicting a total collapse of the United States by next year: Panarin argued that Americans are in moral decline, saying their great psychological stress is evident from school shootings, the size of the prison population and the number of gay men. Turning to economic woes

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March 4th 9:05am

Super-Ho, Sit Down

Posted by Bossip Staff Ladies, if you’re looking for that little edge on how to get your game on point to snag that special nucca, look no further than Supahead’s new book: Former rap video vixen Karrine Steffans is gearing up for the release of her new book, The Vixen Manual: How To Find, Seduce,…

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March 4th 9:00am

Some Afternoon Linkage

Posted by Bossip Staff Are You Feelin’ J.Lo’s New ‘Do? Lossip Angela Bassett is An Actress Turned Director Livesteez WTF? Fishbowl Dildos F-Listed Which One Would You HIt? Denzel Washington or Idris Elba Bossip Throwback

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March 4th 9:00am

On a Short Leash: Riri Will Never Let Chris Go

Posted by Bossip Staff OK! Magazine provides a tad more insight into the shenanigans of these two wacky love-birds, starting with a quote from Diddy – who will use ANY and EVERY excuse to get a little media attention:

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March 4th 8:27am

Blast From the Past Wednesday: Wreckx-N-Effect “Rump Shaker”

Posted by Bossip Staff “All I wanna do is a zooma, zoom, zoom, zoom and boom, boom ________” If you can’t fill in the blank, then you should be forced to shake your rump in public and have people point at you and laugh. Pop the hood for this old school booty-poppin’ session.

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March 4th 8:25am

Odd Couple

Posted by Bossip Staff Kathy Griffin and TI were hanging out like old chums in Hollyweird while she was filming her reality show.  No, it’s not exactly what one might have pictured, but we can sorta, kinda dig it. Peep more pics of extremely odd couple when you…

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March 4th 8:22am

Livin’ The Best Life

Posted by Bossip Staff Jay-Z covers the Special Personal Success Issue of Best Life Magazine. Inside he gives 6 rules for living your best life, which probably translates as: Make mad stacks by any means necessary.

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March 4th 8:21am

Just the Two of Us

Posted by Bossip Staff Awww, would you just look at that little princess, Shayla, and her child-support coughing up daddy, Black Ty.  “Daddy loves his little angel, yes he does.”  Too precious, y’all.  It’s just too precious. More pics of Tyrese and Shayla having lunch in Beverly Hills up under the hood…

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March 4th 8:20am

Weezy Beat The Rap….This Time

Posted by Bossip Staff Lil Wayne is probably throwing a few pints of Dimetapp behind this sh*t:

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March 4th 8:17am

Musiq’s New Vid “Sobeautiful”

Posted by Bossip Staff Check out Musiq’s new vid for “Sobeautiful” directed by our New Kid On the Block, Taj Stansberry. You know the drill…

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March 4th 8:11am

Oh Hell No

Posted by Bossip Staff Apparently the folks at Glamour Magazine must think we all look alike if they thought posing Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama was a good idea. Peep more glam shots of Paula Patton as Billie Holiday and Chanel Iman – with smashed down titties – as Althea Gibson when you

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March 4th 8:10am

Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff This interrupted broad got 5-0 involved behind some Chicken McNuggets:

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