September 2nd 10:30am

Busta Rhymes Jacks the Microphone… NO HOMO

Busta Rhymes was performing at Body English in Las Vegas last night. During his performance the paps caught these random a** poses of Busta getting it in on stage.

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September 2nd 10:20am

Bolitics: A War For the Souls of Black People

This video is deep. It talks about the decline of the African-American and what we should be doing to better ourselves. Please…watch it. The voices are pure comedy though…

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September 2nd 9:26am

Can You Turn a Man Whore Into a Husband?

As the old saying goes, you can’t turn a h*e into a housewife, but is this true on both sides of the fence? Is it a double standard? It is not cliche to say that this is a “man’s world” when guys are encouraged as young men to “sew their wild oats.” But what does…

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September 2nd 9:25am

Fizz and Boog Do What It Do…

Fizz and Boog, formerly of B2K, have been making ripples with their new music. They performed their new single for the Bring It On soundtrack at BB King’s for the Power 105 fans. They say that the boys can actually blow and killed it that night. Pop the top for more pictures

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September 2nd 8:40am

Whitney Performs Again… and Her Voice Cracked More Than Bobby Brown

Whitney Houston performed at Central Park in New York yesterday. Whitney wasn’t sweating as hard as she did back in the day, but did have some voice cracking incidents that she said were due to taping the Oprah show. Hmmm… Pop it to watch the new Whitney do…not so good

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September 2nd 8:37am

Bad Boys 3…

Bossip has learned that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are teaming up for a new Bad Boys film.

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September 2nd 8:35am

Trey Songz Album Better be “Ready”… The Album Release Party was WHACK!!!

Bossip was in the building at the Trey Songz album release party last night in NYC and it was a zoo in there. Flip the hood for the details and flicks of Trey trying to hold his liquor.

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September 2nd 8:28am

40+ Year-Old Bangers: Stacey Dash’s Shirt Steez

Here is Stacey Dash in LA looking like the 40 year-old banger that she is….

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September 2nd 8:27am

Remember the Girl Who Escaped an 18 Year Abduction… Look Where She was Kept

Jaycee Dugard, who was abducted when she was 11, was returned to her family last week, but you’ll never guess what the compound where she was hidden looked like.

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September 2nd 8:23am

Madonna Collapses On Stage…Twice!

Madonna was performing in Bulgaria and lost consciousness singing Holiday. Her dainty dancers had to hold her up to finish the song and it was a crazy scene. Pop the top and watch it

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September 2nd 8:18am

Joe Come Get Your Daughter…

Latoya Jackson debuted the official video for her song “Home,” a tribute to her brother Michael.  We really need for Joe to go and get a switch and sit this ho down because this sh*t is getting out of hand.

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September 2nd 8:13am

Bossip Supporter is “Back”

Remember a couple of weeks ago, we started this new category called, Bossip Supporters, and Courtney Starrburst was our first cake? She sent in some more pictures, and we support her backs back. Pop it to see the latest of  Courtney

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September 2nd 8:00am

D-Lister Claudia Jordan Does Birthday Sex…In the Woods?

Claudia Jordan and her homegirls thought it would be funny to do a spoof of Birthday Sex, by Jeremih, in the woods. Well, we did not find it funny, but didn’t mind seeing Claudia and her friend doing the booty shake in spandex…Attention Whore!!! Pop it and watch it

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September 1st 12:59pm

Who Cares About Talent???

RiRi has turned on her modelesque swag. In the September Italia VOGUE she is doing it heavy, almost like she is a natural. Pop the top to see over 10 more shots, including one of her topless

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September 1st 12:45pm

SMH: Lisa Raye Is a Gold Digger??? Noooooo!!!

Lisa Raye was on the Jamie Foxx Radio Show and had some things to get off her voluptuous chest. If you thought Lisa Raye had it all together… then you must listen to this interview, and hear her say some out of pocket-ignorant ish. Pop the top and take a listen

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