September 21st 8:50am

If That is Michelle’s Boyfriend…We Have a Problem

The flaming dude next to Michelle is probably not her rumored boyfriend, but he resembles him a little, huh? Michelle Williams was at London’s Fashion week and was spotted attention whoring like a mug. Pop the top and see her weird friends, her super-skinny-ness and gestures…

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September 21st 8:44am

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Victoria Rowell hit up the red carpet at the Emmy’s rockin this homemade Obama frock. Are y’all feelin it?? Peep under the hood for more..

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September 21st 8:40am

Some Mafia Swirl

This old time actor was spotted at Jerry’s Deli with his… date. Pop  the top to see who it is

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September 21st 8:40am

Ryan Leslie Was a Star in 1994… Who Knew??

Flip the hood to see a video of Ryan Leslie before the girls got addicted.

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September 21st 8:35am

Three Arrests Made in Possible Terrorist Attack…

Three arrests were made yesterday for possible terrorists who were plotting an attack on American soil.

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September 21st 8:30am

What Happened in Vegas Didn’t Stay in Vegas: Diddy at WET REPUBLIC

Everybody and they mama was in Vegas this past weekend for the Mayweather fight. President CIROC Obama had a pool party at the Wet Republic. They said Cassie was there also but Diddy made sure he kept that a$$ out of sight. Pop it for More Pics of Diddy, Tyrese & Floyd Mayweather…

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September 21st 8:30am

Random Ridiculousness: Janet Sends Taylor Swift Flowers

Looks like Beyonce wasn’t the only one who felt sorry for Taylor.  According to Taylor, she received flowers from Janet Jackson.

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September 21st 8:20am

16 Year Old Boy to Have Gender Reassignment: “I Always Wanted to Be A Girl”

Meet Kim Petras. He is a young singer that will be the first to undergo gender reassignment so young:

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September 21st 8:00am

A “Lil Positivity”: Beyonce Sings “Halo” to Little Girl

Beyonce sings Halo to a little girl with cancer. It was a nice gesture to offer support…

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September 21st 7:40am

Mary J. Blige’s New Jawn Is Hotter Than Fish Grease

Mary has a new cut called, Said & Done,  that is produced by Ryan Leslie. We don’t know if it’s the rough times or whatever, but music has been pretty good lately. Pop it and hear the new Mary banger

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September 20th 10:00am

Speechless Are We???

  Tyra appeared on Nightline and found it difficult to answer a certain question. Flip the hood to find out what the question was.

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September 20th 9:45am

Uncle Russell Says Bro’s before Ho’s… You Have Just Been DENIED!!!

Russell Simmons’ new friend, Ashley “the $5K Ho” Dupre was about to make an appearance at the Tommy Hilfger Party held for Fashion Week at the Jane Hotel until Tommy told Russell… No Ho’s Allowed. Russell let Ashley know that “It’s bro’s before ho’s so…. You can’t come.”

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September 20th 9:32am

Knocked Up C Milli and Husband “The Dream” Return Home After Rome Wedding

Wow, although it’s been confirmed, it’s now visually obvious that all of that fu*kin for tracks raw has produced a human in Christina Milian’s gut…

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September 20th 9:31am

Some Weekend Swirl: Kid Cudi and His Piece

Kid Cudi has been celebrating the release of his new album “The Man on the Moon: The End of the Day” is Vegas. Peep his jawn under the hood…

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