June 22nd 5:05pm

In White Folks News: The Official ‘Baby Mama’ Finally Files For Divorce

The tragedy of Kate and Jon Gosselin and the kid pimpin’ appears to be coming to an end.

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June 22nd 3:50pm

UK Newspaper Puts Jay Z’s “Secret Baby” On Blast

Um, so…apparently the UK didn’t get the memo on the rumor from like five years ago that Jay Z has a “secret child”. All the panties that Jay was slingin’ back in the day and you expect us not to believe that there aren’t several hundred big-lipped children floating around? Get real. Peep the story…

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June 22nd 8:30am

Face Off: RiRi and Breezy Go to Court

Today’s the day. Breezy and RiRi are going face to face in court and with all of the rumors and drama that have been goin’ around these past few months, its hard to say how things will turn out for these two. Pop the top for more

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June 22nd 8:25am

Happy Father’s Day- Twitter Style

Even though Father’s Day is over, looks like Bow Wow wants to be sure his deadbeat @ss Dad gets a nice sentimental message

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June 22nd 8:17am

Some Mid-Morning Tranny

Lacefront got it in this weekend during her tour’s first stop in NYC at Madison Square Garden. Pop the top for a review of the show, more pics and one shot where she looks like she’s packing more than Hov. Right from the opening number, “Crazy in Love,” Beyoncé showed off pipes of steely power.…

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June 22nd 8:16am

Some Afternoon Linkage

First Father’s Day in the White House: “Father’s Must Step Up” LiveSteez Sightings: Eva on Conan Lossip Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Chelsea Fujisawa F-Listed Lil’ Kim Gets Out of Pocket with Biggie’s Mom and Faith Bossip Throwback

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June 22nd 8:15am

Kelis Commits TMT – Too Much Tweeting

Kelis must have read Nas’ Father’s Day blog over the weekend since she decided to respond via her favorite form of communication Twitter! Pop the top for more

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June 22nd 8:14am

Drake and RiRi: We’re Just Good Friends

Drake’s doing what all Hollyweird people do, trying to shut down rumors by saying that RiRi is just a “good friend”. We know what that ish means. A “good friend” that you chop down on a regular basis and party with as often as possible and shout out about at your concerts. Flip the script…

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June 22nd 8:12am

Iranian Woman’s Death Caught on Video: “Neda” Becomes Face of Revolution

The protests and revolution raging on in Iran has come to a boiling point that will forever cast this horribly tragic situation into the history books. A protester was shot and killed on tape at a peaceful protest over the weekend. Pop the top for more

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June 22nd 8:10am

What is Wrong With This Picture?

We’re not sure to laugh or offer Lady Gaga some soothing balm. Damn girl, we’ve heard of itchy ta-tas but when they start bursting into flames like that, its time to head to the clinic. Pop the top for more of Lady Gaga’s bombastic boobs at the Much Music Awards and Kim Kardashian flaunting her…

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June 22nd 8:09am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Father Hands Son Loaded Gun

This is one of the most disturbing videos we’ve seen in a while. The fact that this dumb @ss muthaf*cker handed a loaded and cocked gun to his toddler son means he deserves whatever happens next. Pop the lid for the vid

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June 22nd 8:08am

Coon Fest 2009

This past Saturday night, Atlanta was swarmed with iced out coons and their stank @ss entourages for 107.9’s Birthday Bash. Luckily, no one was shot, stabbed, shanked or stomped on which is a first. Flip the script for more Birthday Bash pics

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June 22nd 8:07am

Foxy Brown Was on Some VIP Mess in the Joint

Foxy Brown didn’t do the pen like Lil’ Kim did. She had her designer clothes, accessories and groupies while she did her stint up at Rikers’ Island. Pop the hood for more

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June 22nd 8:06am

Pimps Up – Blogger Down

Supposedly, there is a Twitter war and accusations raging on between Perez Hilton and Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas. All we know is Perez accused Will.I.Am of beating his @ss at the Much Music Awards in Canada and Will.I.Am’s sayin’ he doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on.

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June 22nd 8:05am

LeBron James Needs a Time Out

LeBron needs to let the MVP battle go. He didn’t win it this year, Kobe did and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Stop bitchin’ and whinin’ and runnin’ all over the globe wearin’ dumb @ss t-shirts with stupid slogans like “Check My Stats” and “LBJ MVP”. Let it go. Grow up. Pop the…

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